How We Met, Makeup Collection, & Etc. | Q&A

Good morning everyone. Today I’m starting off in front of Forever 21 I just had a meeting with them and now I’m waiting for my Uber Because I’m going to go to a coffee shop to edit some videos and then I’m going to meet up with Ivan Alright, let’s wait for my Uber Back at Verve Just finished editing and now I am walking over To the salon that I was at yesterday, Miju Van Salon Because I’m going to go film with Ivan It’s kind of windy, but I’m loving the breeze. What are you looking for Ivan? – I want, I think like lashes
– Okay – Cause I don’t want the dramatic lashes
– Yeah Plenty are very, very like… simple If our tutorial is up before this vlog, I’ll link it up there. If not stay tuned – That’s a small lash
– Whoa. Ardell I’ve heard so much about this These actually are really good, but I think I would like you to just wear like a couple of these tiny ones Like Ivan does lashes, but I really want to get them done by you – but I like to use oil to remove my eye makeup
– Yeah and then you cannot do that Yeah but he does lashes At Ivan’s place and well first off, hello kitty! And hey Timmy Hi! Don’t look at me, I’m disgusting He came back home at 5 – 5, and my left eye is swollen, I don’t know what happened
– Okay – Good seeing you again
– I’m gonna let you guys do your thing – Bye!
– Bye! – You’re leaving?
– Oh yeah, I was just waiting for you to come back so I could leave You should’ve texted us I was going to but I was watching stuff on Facebook and I kinda lost time But here’s the setup. He has all his makeup out and take a look at his collection I might help him organise this later because I love organising makeup Yes please – Have you tried this? This is one of my favourite products
– Mm, I have. I really like it too It’s great. Oh my gosh this is so exciting He loves Gudetama – It’s so cute
– Yes But we’re gonna film. Since my hair’s purple, we’re gonna do Jisoo’s makeup on my face He just did my makeup and I asked on Twitter to… – Ask us questions
– Like a Q&A? Yess – Are you still wearing contacts?
– I am, you’re gonna have to help me take it out Remove it, oh my god – But this is the final look
– Yay – It’s her first time wearing contact lenses which is crazy
– It is So for you guys that wear contacts everyday, like she’s never even like touched – I’ve never. It took us 20 minutes to do it
– Off camera it was like – And I put it into her eye
– I know I was like, “Okay, go Ivan” Yeah, it was crazy Alright, so we’re going to do a quick Q&A because I asked on Twitter for some questions – We received a lot of questions. So we might do it for a different video
– Yeah But today, we’ll just answer like five questions Okay first question is – Two years
– Two years I met her when I went to Korea for the first time and I didn’t even know her and then – Edward is the one that
– Yeah Introduced us because we were hanging out and then we just hit it off Yeah, and then we were like Facebook friends before we even met so we were talking on that – Yeah, yeah, yeah
– So it’s like weird how like media brings you together nowadays – How did I find…
– Right? – Oh yeah cause then Edward was the one that told me about you
– Yeah And like on the Facebook too – And then that’s so crazy That’s how we met Well actually a lot of you guys asked me, how I met Ivan, Eddy and Sunny So I’ll give you guys a timeline. I always answer this whenever I meet people like at meet and greets They always ask questions, and I answer it but when I moved to Korea – I was in a teaching program, and I met this guy named Liam who you know from tumblr
– Yeah And then Liam knew Edward, and I met Edward that way And then Edward, on the second day we met he was like, “Show me what’s in your pouch” and he filmed it – And that’s kind of what ki-
– How you roll, like YouTuber right? Yeah, and then I met you and then you inspired me to like upload more videos And then we did the Christmas swap and it was really cute, and then you introduced me to Sunny Yeah, I’m met Sunny in when I was in Malaysia She was visiting for like I don’t- I’m not sure it was an event but then we hit it off like right away and she’s so funny And then like she would be texting me. She’s like, “Oh my gosh if you’re Ivan’s friend you’re my friend too” – And like Sunny is just like super sweet
– She is so sweet And I was just like lucky to have like you three because it’s really hard to make friends in vlogging – I think so. I think there’s like a lot of unnecessary animosity
– Yeah Honestly we’re I feel like we’re all just really nice and chill and like I don’t understand that – So I’m really glad that Joan’s here
– Yes – I’m so glad
– Yeah, she actually like, I stopped vlogging for a while – Yeah
– And she was like, “You have to like come back” And I was like, “Okay, I’ll come back” Next questions is – You did a vlog like back last year I think
– Yeah – showing it
– No even like recently Yeah okay, so like I put two layers of sunscreen on my face And I put one layer on my neck – I wear a flannel when I go out
– Even if it’s a hundred degrees Yeah so I cover myself. I try to find stuff that’s like really lightweight And then when I drive I have like a piece of paper, and then you know that thing – What is this called?
– Like uhh – I’m just covered like that
– He just covers himself 24/7 – Sunscreen is important guys
– Yes – So that’s how he stays very pale in California
– I don’t go to the beach – Really? You don’t?
– No. Only at night. I’m so excited to tan, I’m going to Palm Springs, and I’m gonna look so different – It’s gonna be soo hot
– I knoow Next question is – I think our answer is always going to be the same for this
– Yeah, yeah, yeah Like the second time we met, I just made him walk so much in Korea – We walked from to Dongdaemun all the way to Samcheondong area
– It was almost the whole day – Yeah, and we talked so much, and we got to see a lot of Korea
– The weather was so nice too Yess – Best day
– It was one of the best days ever And then next question is Here it is, link up there – He’s really good
– Be nice We both have the same Jennie!! Age difference? 92. 91 and that doesn’t mean we’re 92 years old and 91 years old – People really think that?
– Yeah! So it’s like 1992 – Born 1992. Born 1991
– Is that an Asian thing like saying 92 I think so because they go by the Chinese calendar right? So when we’re born we’re one years old and then every new year you get it, you’re a year older – It’s complicated
– It is – I don’t even know like honestly I just follow the numbers
– Yes – How many questions was that?
– Four, five? – We’ll just do one more, “First impression”
– Oh, first impression? I thought you were just super cute I thought she was so cute and so chill cause I feel like we got along really really like quickly too – Yes
– Like no I feel there was no awkward phase where you like get to know each other We just like clicked really well and our personalities are very close – ENFP, ENFJ. So it works out
– So one letter apart – We’re really chill, I feel like
– Yes So that was a quick Q&A. We’ll try to answer more because we received like over 40 Maybe for another video, but I’m going to help him film his very first vlog today, so – Oh maybe we’ll do like 5 questions on my vlog
– On yours too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay She’s gonna help me clean my makeup drawers and stuff cause yeah – Cause
– It’s messy – It looks like that
– There’s a towel on top like why? – And then his filming set up.
– Yeah – Okay are we ready?
– Yeah We’re on our way to – Grab a quick snack at Joan’s on Third
– Yeah Yay and I’m making him vlog using my G7X – It’s my first time vlogging
– He never vlogs but you need to – Okay, I will
– It’s fun I’m currently at EP&LP waiting for my college roommates Judy and Christine. Joanne is in San Francisco, but the four of us lived together for two years We’re finally reuniting and gonna have dinner soon, so I’m here My hair looks super purple in this lighting, so I thought it was cool But yeah, waiting I’m here with Judy – This is her first time in my vlog but she’s
– Oh the camera’s so small Yeah. She looks like a squirrel And then this is Christine A lot of you guys asked like why I’m in California I’m here for her bachelorette, and then I’m leaving back to Korea and then coming back for her wedding – Yes, good friend
– Yeah, I know right All right guys. I didn’t really vlog after dinner because I was too busy catching up with my friends And it was a great time, but I’m going to end the vlog here It’s currently 11:30 And I definitely need to finish up editing, approve all of the translations and get ready for bed So I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog Here’s the shoutout of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribe my vlogs And see you guys tomorrow Have a Joan day. Annyeongg ~

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