How You Are Doomed To FAIL In Your Affiliate Marketing Online Business

hey guys Rachel as Li and in this video
I want to talk about how you will be doomed to fail and your affiliate
marketing online business and I don’t want that for you I don’t want that for
you so that’s why I want to go over a little bit first though I really want
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believe in the guys there’s holding even though I’m not holding I’m kind of like
spending uh-huh so I just have like a couple notes why
the heck you might fail and here it here it goes
it’s from not being adaptable no not sticking through it being persistent and
not finding the answers to your questions so just going into this a
little bit more being adaptable and as the technology changes the
technology’s cheating so much oh my god how many times I have had to redo the
affiliate business in a box duplicatable system and that makes me like thousands
of people signed up for it and like not everyone goes through it and these are
the reasons why they’re not going through it or finishing it or getting
results with it is because they’re not being adaptable also the technology
changes burned since the original version and the current version I say
get convertkit for email marketing like that’s how you do it so I could do it
all steps but then the technology changes it’s like things change on the
internet and these software’s and you got to update a lot of like work around
it and you might have an outdated version so you don’t adapt and you’re
like oh I have to follow the steps that are in there and all the steps didn’t
work so no it’s not gonna work and I can’t do it and I’m not gonna do it and
screw this I knew this was a scam that is going to you’re doomed to fail of
course you’re not gonna get results because you’re not being adaptable and
figuring out another way it’s for me I didn’t want to have to re-record the
whole video so I was adaptable and I just recorded a little extra video to
put it in there and put that on the top that’s good enough for now it’s good
enough for now later maybe I can take all three parts of the video and combine
them into one you’re always going to be updating it being adaptable um number
two so similar just not sticking through it so this past weekend when I was at
funnel hacking live I was working with my 14 year old student Kalina and we
were running to some issues with Facebook and Gmail we like literally had
to sit down and do the tech work and it wasn’t this glamorous Hollywood look at
us at the conference with our eyelashes than our lipstick and saying hi to our
people and according our videos and ready for our close-up and going our
snapchat and taking our selfies and taking videos of each other
and be like look at me look at us we had to be total nerds go through the tech
stuff on the computer and we were hungry and we were tired
go get videos with Caleb Maddox and like other youtubers but we’re like crap we
have to get this tech stuff done because we are not ready to be driving this
traffic to the stage we have to do it so we stuck through and we did it if you’re
gonna do that in daytime in the morning in the nighttime to the tech stuff once
it’s done it’s not just done you’re always gonna be like adaptable and
updating in and fixing things I know you guys want to be building passive the
business and online business for your passive income but in the beginning it’s
a lot of active work to be setting it up then the automation comes just gotta
stick through it payouts affiliate payouts take some are sooner some are
longer click funnels honestly I have the metric wrong I thought its 14-day trial
and then a 30-day billing cycle then maybe a few more days so it’s Tuesday
and you get paid no it’s working day trial 45-day billing cycle and then
still a few days to get paid so is when you guys start getting here first click
funnels trials I’m gonna get you paid for a couple more months doesn’t mean
stop it means go really freaking hard so in two months you’re getting really cool
emails of commission pounds and then the thirdly not finding the answers to your
questions because you’ve got questions and people got the answers the people
that are getting the results are asking the questions in the group in my free
group in my paint group they’re getting extra coaching they’re finding the
answers they’re helping each other for asking good questions for emailing tech
support I got questions my questions how do I better segment my email list how do
I get better Drive paid traffic how do I check better analytics on my every
and like I’m asking these questions and I’m finding the answers and you can’t
always do it all yourself eventually as you grow your online business you can
start hiring getting a BA and then expanding from there if you’re getting a
consultant or a coach getting accountability partners asking good
questions I’m not that smart you guys the people in my group you guys are some
more I swear most my target market you guys are parents not all of you but a
lot of you are parents or people soon-to-be parents er not all of them
but for the majority like these parents that are so smart well like as soon as I
feel it done oh my god you want such a good push it why don’t I get the answer
before like oh my god am i scam well no I love hearing you guys questions
because there’s things that I didn’t even think of it I I need you guys to be
thinking of these things because then we can have the answers to these things and
then put them on you to actually put them in our course in our daily
Commission’s Club and cook other people on it and just share the knowledge and
share the wisdom and ask really good questions so you are doomed to fail
you will for sure fail if you’re not adaptable in your online business and
you think you know you’re gonna just follow the steps of something that’s
outdated and things can get outdated in a day these get outdated in the day
again right now like facebook chat box apparently you can’t like sign up for a
new one or something don’t blame me like be adaptable and find other ways to get
your messages out they’re not sticking through a given up great way to stick
through it is accountability and make a part of our community and showing up to
the calls and the live streams and making friends and having must be a part
of your life in your community and then not finding the answers to the questions
you have you have questions please ask them I personally won’t be able to
answer all the so busy now but I still want you to leave them in the youtube
video here below like I will get my VAD helped me and my community
manager will help me and just as people ask you questions if you have the time
answer them if you time starts getting bigger than you can start hiring and
getting them an answer all right guys um leave comments leave questions because
I’m still gonna pick people to win the ten dollars of free litecoin we don’t
have affiliate business in a box comm get that it’s a free system training on
how to get started with an online business doesn’t mean this should be
your new lives there’s other things to add to it get started on that and if you
are already for next level of higher level support with the serious action
takers and with me you can go to daily Commission’s club comm and the goal is
frickin daily daily daily daily Commission’s so you can live a life of
more freedom and take a nap good night just kidding I’d work also do
okay bye guys


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