hey guys I am so excited to be filming today’s video because it is something I have never done before on my channel which is so weird right and kind of unacceptable um but yeah first of all I changed up my location I’m in the exact same room as I have been for the past six months but on my last video where I had the purple paper backdrops I’m kind of fighting purple paper um so many people told me that they just prefer my natural home in my background and not a backdrop and I completely agree it felt so weird to fill in that video it just didn’t feel like me and just my surroundings and I was kind of uncomfortable editing it it took me like several days to edit it cuz I’m just kind of like oh I just didn’t feel right so hopefully you guys enjoy a more real background because this is my Beauty room right now I’m just sitting in the corner kind of weird the things that youtubers do like why am I just sitting in the corner and now with lights and cameras facing me it’s so weird anyways for today’s video I’m going to be doing a drugstore makeup on so I’m excited to be doing this I was actually snapping about a week ago or so and I was just talking about how I had just spent so much money at the drugstore and I was so excited I was gonna start doing some first impressions of drugstore makeup cuz I’ve had so many requests for drug store looks recently anyways as I was talking to guys on snapchat I had kind of like a lightbulb moment and I was like oh my gosh you know what I should do is actually do a drugstore makeup haul and then put my first impressions using that makeup and when I said that I’m not even joking I got so many snaps from you guys that my snapchat literally froze and shut down like literally shut down and I couldn’t get it to open back up like five minutes my phone got really hot which happens maybe every like six months or so when you guys like get really excited about something and the snaps start flooding so hard so I was like alright if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is that’s when you know what’s real I’ve got a Hema makeup haul for you guys so I have a lot of products the first box that I have is in Ulta calm order that I plays just because there’s not almost like right next to me it’s like a 45-minute drive to the closest Alta so I ordered a pretty large order several hundred dollars worth from Ulta calm and I have here in a box and then I also went to just like my local Walgreens or CVS right down the street all right you guys gonna dive into this box I’m gonna pull things out and just talk about it as we go there might not be any rhyme or reason but hey it’s makeup so we’re gonna have a good time all right all right okay so one of the main things I was determined to get was this positions formula butter blush because I love the positions formula butter bronzer so when I saw these came out I saw on Instagram that they had just launched and I was super excited to try that maybe I should say this for the first impressions video but I don’t really care I’m so naughty I want to smell it now on camera because the bronzer has the most amazing that coconutty like paradise smell hold on hold on I’m really excited yeah this just smells like paradise like this I want to take this brush just on a tropical vacation and be like mmm that’s right mm-hmm okay so speaking of luscious I got a couple of L flushes and I got three me too I only got two yeah I guess I only got two I have actually tried the elf blushes and like the quad there’s like a palette that comes with four blushes and I used to love that quad actually I use it quite often so I wanted to try their individual blushes as well cuz I’ve never tried these my favorite blushes from the drugstore hands-down are the Knicks blushes I love that said really small and square and they are so pigmented they feel so high-end not the packaging necessarily but the actual product itself which honestly guys that’s a big thing at the trip I’m like destroying this I’m ripping it open but that’s a big difference between drugstore and more like high-end products is the packaging is usually a little bit cheaper and typically at the boxes they come in as a little bit cheaper and that’s how they are able to save their money and keep the price so low put the formula on the inside you never know sometimes it can be made in the exact same labs as these high-end bougie brands you never know working behind the scenes in some labs recently I have gotten to find some stuff that I’m just like oh yes okay that feels nice this one is in the shade mellow mom that’s really pretty I really love the formula because it just feels really creamy and it honestly feels kind of like a hydrating kind of like moisturizing feel which in my opinion is usually the most beautiful looking blushes and bronzers when they feel really hydrating and really creamy I was like there’s a lot of water in it and that’s what this one feels like right here and it’s it’s got like a sheen to it but no no glitter not on the face I like glitter on the eyes all day our day for not so I finally got this elf baked highlighter I have been so excited to try this it’s always sold out at my target so I just ordered it on Ulta calm and I’ve heard so many good things about this from you guys it is in the shade movement pearls there’s been a lot of like reviews from people saying that the first initial swatch is really bad and you have to like get to the top layer yeah because there’s literally no swatch like at all but I’ve seen a lot of people say that you have to like dig through I want to scrape this off but I’ve heard that like if you get to the top layer like if you scrape it off I’ve heard that it’s like beautiful underneath I’m getting this one cheapo in the back of my hand I’m really excited to actually try this this will probably be the highlight that I use in my first impressions I got a couple of highlighting products and I’m going to wait I got the elf naked prism eyeshadow palette so much yes oh my god even when I was a little girl I never have used these I always said these things away I’d rather use my fingers you guys this looks so pretty okay I’m so excited to swatch hold on hold on hold on please be please be good please be good else please fun guys I’m getting a little horny okay so some of these are swatching better than others but this is promising like these swatches are looking pretty good they’re like very metallic they’re not like a shimmer or I don’t know how to explain it but they have like this really really intense metallic almost like foiled but they’re like a sheer foil but like it’s got pigment in there oh my god I’m really excited about this this would honestly be really beautiful on the cheeks I bet because I actually have a sleek palette that is in this exact same packaging pretty much and very similar and it’s what I used to highlight today and this reminds me a lot of it so I bet that this would be a gorgeous cheek highlight palette I mean I just like doing I like using eyeshadows as highlights and blushes and stuff like that so I ordered several different things from NYX and one of the things that I’m most excited about for sure is this eyeshadow palette and when it came in the mail but I busted it open and broke this blue shot but just doing like a few little like finger swatches these look really promising like I’m really excited let me do this blue one that actually broke hey but I’m really really looking forward to using these like they look so oh they’re really exciting me especially in that top row oh girl you know that top row is screaming at my name I got a little Nick’s flawless finish blending sponge just because I’m always curious about trying new Beauty sponges I’ve tried a lot of them at this point now and my favorite one is still by morphe their newest one because of the shape I love it so much but I’m always down to try new sponges and I was oh it feels nice and I like how it’s flat on one side see how one size rounded like the original Beauty Blender and then this side is straight that’s what I love about the morphe sponge is that it has one side is completely straight because I love that to really get like underneath your eye on your face I like that flatness so that is promising in the texture feels really nice too honestly feels pretty similar to the original Beauty Blender so you see one of the things I am most excited about is this NYX total control drop foundation I got it in several different shades because I cannot wait to try this I just have a good feeling about it and I took one out and I dropped it on the back of my hand and it looks like I mean I have it feeling I’m gonna like it I just do and then NYX actually sent me this package in the mail which I was kind of freaking out over because it’s a collaboration between NYX in Ferriss ollie farce elite I don’t know you guys I’m not trying to be disrespectful I don’t know how to actually pronounce it but I’m so excited because it’s like that little unicorn dropping thing that everyone uses on Instagram you know and like they like drop it all over their face and blend in their foundation it’s cream sauce so I want to use this in my next video for sure when I drop this all over my face like all the cute girls on Instagram and then use the NYX total cover foundation over top and see how it goes and also can’t like a little brush too so I’m really excited about that so now I definitely will have my shade because they sent me this which is awesome Thank You NYX and then I also picked out one two three four shades online because I didn’t know what my Shay was gonna be and if I end up loving a foundation I always like to have several shades just so I have my color when I’m light when I’m dark when I’m tan I can also use it to contour like cream bronzer and all that jazz so I got four shades there another foundation I think I’m gonna love I don’t know I’ve had these Ives you know I had these good vibes like these foundations and it is the Milani conceal and perfect two-in-one foundation and concealer I honestly feel like someone has raved about this I don’t know who is on YouTube somewhere maybe or I don’t know but I took a pump of this on the back of my hand and just the swatch I was like oh my god it is so much coverage it’s definitely a little too dark for me right now but just like a little pump it feels so creamy you guys like this does not feel like any drugstore foundation that I have ever used this feels so high-end and so luxurious and then another foundation I’m excited about so this is the Maybelline fit me foundation and is the dewy plus smooth one so I’m excited about this because it’s a dewy foundation from the fit me line which I love fit me but I also get nervous about trying three foundations especially now I’m getting a little bit older I know I’m not old obviously I’m only 27 26 oh my god I’m 26 I’m turning 27 in July I need to go together the older that I get like the more skin issues I have it I’m not 18 anymore my skin is not perfect like a baby’s ass like I do have a little fine lines and I do have little wrinkles I do have a little bit of texture so using like dewy foundations it’s hit or miss sometimes it’s amazing and sometimes I’m like I got the NYX HD studio photogenic concealer I’ve heard great things about this as well I actually believe I own this but it’s really old I bought it a long time ago so I started to get a new one cuz I don’t know if I ever even tried it I think I bought it and then just put it somewhere I forgot about it which I hate it when I do that it really bothers me but this is the concealer I’m most excited to try I remember back in the day like back in like the old days here on YouTube back in olden days this is the concealer that everyone raved about I also got the NYX angel veil skin perfecting primer this is oil free too because I have heard so many people say that this is the best drugstore primer and I personally love the L’Oreal Lumi primer I don’t think of the L’Oreal Lumi primer makes a foundation lasts longer or anything like that or like makes your pores look better but I just think that it makes your foundation look very beautiful and luminous and that’s always been like my main thing is I just want my skin not to look dry and then I got the NYX micro brow pencil just because so many people have told me that this is an amazing dupe for the Anastasia brow Wiz which I used to be right or die for the brow is before I got obsessed with the brow definer so I want to try that one I think I have tried it before in the past and it did not work for me at all and I had so many comments when people saying I must have gotten a bad one because they typically aren’t like that so it could’ve been like an old dried out one that happened to the other shelf for a long time I don’t know but we’re gonna try it again you guys told me on Twitter that the Rimmel lip pencils are amazing so I just got two colors oh yes these look so nice it’s not color right there that color is my jam for sure this is in the shade 0 for 9 natural and then I also got 45 cafe nut we ate something Wow yeah these are really really creamy oh my gosh I put all of my oh my god Walgreens stuff into a Amazon box because it was so much I was like I can’t keep this stuff in bags anymore it’s just I already opened a couple things up in here not too many but a couple things just cuz I was excited I wanted to swatch them and this is the Physicians Formula bronze booster it says it’s the airbrushing bronzing veil deluxe edition in the shade light to medium so I thought this was gonna be lighter and when I saw it in person it is too dark for me but I will say the formula and the color would look gorgeous on deeper skin tones for all of the darker complexion ladies and gentlemen out there watching this like that chocolate skin tone this will look so beautiful like it really is gorgeous I just won’t work on me I did pick up some lashes and these are the ardell demi wispies lashes I’ve heard everyone say that these are like the best lashes from the drugstore so I thought why not give them a shot they look like they’re really natural and you know my bitch ass I typically don’t do the whole natural situation I’ve got another highlighter this is like a shimmer strip from the brand revolution yes and it’s called the shimmer brick a radiant I think kathleenlights might have talked about this I might be wrong but I think she did and it swatches really really beautifully the only like yeah the highlighting power is really gorgeous the only thing is I don’t know if this is gonna work for my skin tone because the overall highlight seems like it’s gonna be maybe a little bit too dark for me but the highlighting power is beautiful so if you are more of like a golden bronze color or have a deeper skin tone I would definitely grab this for a highlighter from the drugstore because like I said the formula on the swatch is gorgeous like really truly gorgeous but I just think that it might be a little too dark for my skin tone I got the Maybelline strobing a liquid these look amazing look at that right there it’s like the metallic it’s kind of like um the custom cover FX drops that are really metallic but this is just a little bit more sheer doesn’t have as much of like a punch to it I got the Maybelline master camo color correcting kit which I was actually really excited about because I have in color correcting on and off recently my under eye area especially when I’m fair just because I can have like really intense dark circles like the more fair that I get like they peek through more so I was excited to try this is really really really really creamy I prefer them to be a little bit more on the dry side just because they’re gonna sit underneath the concealer and foundation so when they’re so creamy they’re gonna break up your foundation um and a little bit more pigmented these don’t have too much pigments my favorite are the Make Up For Ever ones as far as like amazing color correcting power they are the best in my opinion I got another pair of ardell lashes which I was I am the most excited for these are the double up double dummies and they look really really sassy these are the ones I plan on using it first because these look like they’re gonna be awesome I got the Maybelline master fix setting perfecting loose powder this is it’s at sass sets mattifies blurs and smooth so I’m really excited try this to just look like it trance as a powder to me so I thought that when I did my first impressions if I have to bake this is what I shall use instead of my coverfx or my RC ma they did not fill this up all the way okay so I just realized a lot of the stuff that I purchased at Ulta is in this box right now that was supposed to just be my Walgreens and CVS stuff but somehow it got into here because I have some NYX in here to have some elf in here like this stuff was not at my CVS and Walgreens so whatever it is what it is it’s all a drugstore you get to point I got the NYX HD finishing powder in the shade banana just cuz I was really excited to try a banana car from the drugstore because I’ve never tried that before and I love a good banana powder it all started with the Ben Nye banana powder that was like my first obsession and then it went from that to all different ones so any banana powder I’m always willing to try I got the elf illuminating palette which I’m excited to try this because I used to love their blush palette that looked exactly like this then I got this mad format eyeshadow palette that is all brown shades which is why I was so interested in it sounds like yes give me that neutral eyeshadow palette these swatches do feel kind of creamy some of them are more pigmented than others but they do feel like they are creamy so therefore they are promising and then this one is the elf baked eyeshadow palette and it is called California I want to open this one right now this palette looks flippin gorgeous are you kidding me these colors wait okay so this feels exactly like the highlighter did so that tells me that I probably have to scrape off the top layer because the very top layer literally has no swatch like the that’s like nothing right there do some scraping and see if that makes it any better this is the Maybelline master prime face primer and it’s supposed to blur and illuminate and I was like ooh it’s like very rare that you hear primer is gonna blur and illuminate typically you hear blur and mattify cuz it’s gonna like really smooth you out and mattify you down so blur illuminate I was like okay then I got to face palette by Maybelline this is the master contour face contouring kit contour a blush and a highlight the highlight doesn’t look like it’s actually gonna highlight me the way I wanted to but that contour color looks really really promising so I’m hoping that that would be a good shade this on the other hand I’m so excited for and this is the master blush palette it says its color and highlighting kits these blushes look amazing and I cannot wait to use these that highlight has some pigment in it I also got the Loreal blush palette which looks so dope it’s got like a little brush right here oh my god this brush is so cute I can like be me me me me four shades that look so beautiful so bright and vivid let me do a swatch yes I’ve got another Physicians Formula products and this said that it is nude and is the highlighting and contour palette which I’ll be really would not use this to contour because it has three different shades in it and all three shades are very shimmery so I will use this only specifically for highlighting just me personally it looks like this it’s like a little door you think it’s so cool let’s see Oh beast okay well for all the fair girls out there honey I just found your drugstore highlight here it is Physicians Formula this is a wet and wild eyes shadow palette in the shade poster-child I love house is a brow bone eyelid crease definer yes give it to me wow so cute but I still love these colors I love these bright colors it reminded me a little bit of the poor girl there’s so much stuff here a little bit of the Knicks one right here except the next one I’m more excited about because the colors are like way more like and vivid and intense but yeah I wanted to try this out – I got a Milani lipstick in the shade match naked because I love little Milani boilin I can’t talk to Milani lip six these Milani lip sticks used to have a really weird scent and they don’t smell like that maybe I’ll just like a specific collection that had a weird sense that I used to have but this smells really good Milani lipsticks are one of my favorites Milani and Maybelline they’re both really beautiful from the drugstore and look at that color that’s so pretty and it’s matte it doesn’t have any shimmer in it any glitter whatsoever and it’s nice and pigments and then I got the Loreal infallible it says it is new and it says it’s up to 16 hour where silky I pencil in the shade true teal I just love this color just popped out to me on the wall when I was at the drugstore and I wanted to see the pigmentation because I don’t know why I don’t wear oh my god yes speaking of teal I got a couple of them got several actually I got four of them and they are from the L’Oreal infallible paints it says and they are eyeshadow so this one right here is in the shade mint detox and it has two different sides so one side is literally like a paint that looks intense like that right there like so pigmented right and then the other side over here is a metallic paint like look and how cool that is like isn’t that awesome I kind of like some champagne shades and like peachy shades and orange e1 and then this mint one which is mint one is just like so so cool I got this mua makeup academy a lip gloss it’s called the luminizing lip gloss in the shade 1:08 nude and i already tried it on and I really liked it I only wore maybe 10 minutes around my house but you guys this packaging is so heavy if you feel so luxe and it’s so big and thick that’s what she said and the color is gorgeous and look at happy ones that is one swipe I got the Loreal infallible eight hour ProGlide I was really excited shei because it reminded me so much of the lancome mirrored nude the gloss I was like raving about recently which is obviously this is like a core of the price where am i squatching at this point this is a hot mess um okay so it’s definitely not as metallic but it’s a really beautiful to like sheer gloss with like a little bit of shimmer underneath of it which looks really pretty and eight hour I’m like damn that’s a bold statement eight hour wear and a gloss that’s crazy I got this Milani a more matte lip cream so kind of like a liquid lipstick but a more cream so creamy in the shade adorable and I love this color look how pretty that is I tried this on the other night as well work first a few minutes around my house but it looked really nice I’m really excited about this I got another Milani lipstick in the shade matte innocence which this color looks so pretty let me see yes I love that pinky nude okay last but not least I got the Maybelline master fix we’re boosting setting spray says prolong locks and makeup for a long-lasting finish translucent and oil-free I hope that you guys enjoy this haul please make sure to leave your favorite drugstore products in the comment section down below because even though this is so many products that does not mean that I am done I am so open to your feedback so open to what you guys want to see as far as looks incorporating drugstore products I hear you guys I see all the requests recently so I am totally down to do this so after I upload this video I will film a first impressions using a ton of these products I’m really really excited as hopefully I’m gonna find some gems because it has been such a long time so I have ventured out at the drugstore I feel really excited about this and really excited to find some dupes for more high-end makeup so I’m really looking forward to it so yeah make sure you leave me your drugstore favorites in the comment section down below especially powders I think that’s the one thing that I’m like lacking on like drugstore powders I don’t know leave me comments for everything like I’m into it all so anyways then you so much for watching you guys I love I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys next time bye oh I did get that fit me foundation in three different shades just because a ho never knows hello oh I have 14 that again you can let them in okay thank you hmm there’s nothing like a cold brew coffee in the middle a hot afternoon hey guys welcome back to my channel Lee and I was kind of talking to no there to say y’all Who am I [Music] we could go herself about a week ago


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