I Bet 2 Playboi Carti’s You’ll Laugh !

Dave, I didn’t know you were a cop quick
life hack all you need is a piece of clear scotch and you put it over your
front camera just like this and there you have an Android age Lena past the
mill so stay tuned because we’ve got all this and more coming up in the next hour disap in disa hats disick up
disappointment oh hey what’s up nice to meet you
frisbee peace so I’m at chick-fil-a right now and look what there where what
is that dude what what the hell you look like traffic cones you have
enough room to leave you have enough room you can clearly fit I’m not gonna
open for you you came in here from that same crack you can get out go I gotta
open it for you this isn’t enough thing to you I’m gonna show y’all how to do some
pull-ups this is me one day living in Texas this is me two months living in
Texas thank y’all McCarran where’s my freaking
dick go ahead go ahead Superman well 50 bucks Josh do it now David tries stop eating the cord do not talk back to
me you’ve got man she’s not looking okay which one is it in which one let’s
watch this dude what the fuck so Lina Gomes said that she wants to cut
your hair yeah did you hear that I didn’t hear
that but what do you think it sounds like something she said I like that
laugh so as Becky and the good Lord said Oh where’s my son
arise and you shall be healed so
another dozen oh yeah a little bit had me and waggling
will ever know a shop like you like it


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