I bought a $65 Mjolnir Replica off eBay! Is it WORTHY?! REVIEW

hello YouTube since Captain America’s
now worthy of Thor as of Avengers endgame I thought it would be an
appropriate time to do a review of this nice little Mjolnir prop that I got
from eBay a while back like the last review of the Captain America helmets
I’m going to be covering a few different categories including where to buy looks
features durability and some bonus things like the pull me off test oh my god
the hammer pulled you off? so I bought this hammer for a total of 65 dollars and 98 cents
including shipping oh by the way the link is in the description when I bought
this hammer I had absolutely no idea what to expect when it comes to cosplay
props it was actually even before I got this costume so I’ll be honest it was
kind of an impulse purchase now I’m not going to pretend to know a
whole lot about raw materials but I can tell you that this particular hammer is
made of resin which as far as I know is basically unprocessed raw plastic and it
certainly does feel like plastic oh that’s nice looks wise you can see that
this hammer is quite detailed and pretty much looks exactly like the one in the
movie the color is accurate and look you can even see the inscriptions right
there so now Mjolnir has a reputation of being terribly well-balanced and it’s
true this particular Mjolnir is a very light weight wise I’d say about as heavy
as a baseball bat for kids but at the same time it’s got enough weight so that
when you swing it around it feels very satisfying like you can really bash them
skulls with it and send your enemies screaming to the gates of Hell haha in
fact I’ll let you in our little secrets when I think no one’s looking I’ll play
with my hammer all right all right in all seriousness
there should be no skull bashing with this hammer you could feasibly knock out
your annoying roommate with it but I would not be bringing this along if you
are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse it has no head cracking power
but if you do feel like bashing something you can bash the crap out of
the like and the subscribe button if you’re enjoying yourself so far
also most conventions have a mandatory weapon strike so you really don’t want
to bring a hammer that could feasibly pass as an actual
weapon so points for eBay milna not an actual weapon all right now I’m going to
do the pull me off test which literally just involves me taking the hammer out
for a little spin quite literally and as you can see the strap is embedded
within the handle so I don’t think it’s gonna fall off when I spin it but
there’s only one way to find out well I’d say that the pull me off test
was a raging success overall I’d say that this Mjolnir know is a really great
value for the money and I honestly can’t see myself getting a replacement anytime
soon and there are definitely some expensive hammers out there so if you’re
looking to start a Thor cosplay or a Captain America end game cosplay with Mjolnir well this is definitely an option I think you should consider and of
course all the relevant links will be in the description all right thank you for
watching and as always if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to smash the
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cosplay videos just like this one so my fellow super soldiers and Asgardians
I’ll see you around


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