I BROKE MY FOOT IN 5 PLACES (on my daughter’s birthday)

I get to go home with some crutches, a cast So I wasn’t going to vlog today but of course like always something crazy
happens because my name is Stephanie I was coming down the steps for my early
steps appointment for Liam. She was here earlier than expected so I was trying to
hurry and get down the stairs and I slipped, twisted my foot, did something
and now my foot hurts like crazy I’m waiting until we go get Danielle from
school and then Lonnie’s gonna drop me off at the ER. We’re going to the ER instead of Urgent Care in case I broke something so I figured that would make
more sense just in case. I don’t know if I broke anything. I can’t even move it. Yeah like- ahh- I can’t. See right here That looks like a bone to me
Noah: That is a bone I did a live stream and I wasn’t going to
do the vlog but I figured why not bring you guys along with me and it will give me
something to do while I’m in the ER Honestly I just want some pain medicine at this point.
Noah’s watching his daily Frozen Planet on Netflix. When I fell
Lonnie was like I can just tell the therapist that we can’t do therapy today
I was like nope we’re still doing therapy. But therapy went really good
with Liam I love love love his Early Steps therapist
Guys like I can’t I can’t move it. It’s so weird
Well guys I did it. I got in the car with a lot of Lonnie’s help
Today is Danielle’s 15th birthday, so glad we celebrated it early because gosh that
would have sucked if not. Let’s go get this thing look at Ok, so they are like super quick here. The doctors come
to see me, they’ve already done the x-ray, they’re gonna get me some pain medication Hallelujah! but that’s kind of where
we’re at currently. I mean, I can like move my toes but it hurts to. Hopefully
we can get in and out, it’s something quick it’s not broken, it just needs to be
healed and me take it easy. It is not easy being Stephanie. I wanted to do
something fun with Danielle for her birthday tonight and now I’m like stuck
in the hospital. Alright guys I get to go home now. I get to go home with some
crutches, a cast and why are we doing that you ask? That is because only me
and me alone can trip down stairs and then break their foot in five different
places. He actually said 5+ places So we have the cast. I mean, it’s kind of
like a split, not really like a cast you think but he sent me with a lot of pain
meds because it is really painful That is kind of how I knew something was
going on. I’ve hurt my foot a couple times. I’ve sprained it, I’ve even
hairline fractured it before. Nothing has ever felt like this did. It’s been a couple years before I hurt my foot My foot was feeling neglected. In a week I
will see Ortho to see if I need surgery to have pins put in and then they’ll
also put a proper cast on my foot so this sucks. I need to take it really
easy though because he said keeping my foot stable is gonna be really what is
going to give me the best chance of not needing pins put in. Thankfully the pain
medicine that they gave me at the hospital is starting to kick in
so it’s making my foot pain much much much more bearable. So I guess I’m gonna
be hanging out downstairs. You can bring that one bed down and I can just sleep
on the first floor ABA finally finished their assessment yesterday Hopefully in the next month or so we can start ABA. He’s still on the
waiting list for PT and speech. With all these other therapies they’re kind of
touching on what PT and speech would anyway It’s Our LANDing Mom on crutches
How am I going to get up the stairs? You gotta swing I- I can’t What are you doing baby girl? I missed her Hey princess. Hi! Is that Daddy? Yeah so I went on live, I’m kind of just kinda
stuck so I’m gonna be on live a lot so if you don’t follow us already on YouNow
definitely go follow us, it’s free to sign up. You can go to younow.com on a
computer or you can download it on a tablet, a phone, anything like that if you want
to hang out and watch us but I’m about to go to bed so I love you guys, good
night. It’s my foot, umm, I broke my 4th and 5th metatarsal on the left-hand
side of my left foot [montage music] Just ignore my laundry pile right here You guys destroyed my play room Good afternoon LANDing Crew. Today is going to conclude my broken foot vlog
I’m going to my family doctor to get a referral to ortho but it feels amazing
to have my makeup done because I feel like I looked like a crow the last week
but it’s given me a chance to really work on the channel, do some extra things,
some exciting things that I’ll talk to you guys later about but right now it’s time
to go to the doctor and hopefully I have enough time to go by the post office to
get our keys so let’s go guys. I think I think it’s been like 3 days since I hurt myself
I’m still in pain meds but I’m not on pain meds right now. I took one
last night when I went to bed and I’m not taking one today because I don’t
want to be driving while under the influence. Thankfully I broke my left
foot and not my right foot so I can still drive I’m definitely gonna need some
meds when I go but I wanted to be safe and I didn’t want Lonnie to have to
drive me all over town. It’s easier for him to just stay home with the babies
Hopefully the ortho can either see me today or Monday. It’s kind of later in the day
So I was hopping in with my crutches which is a lot of work guy,s I
never knew how much work it is to actually walk through like a parking lot
with crutches on. Thankfully a worker here saw me, ran and got a wheelchair for
me so I’m in a wheelchair. Ohh. I’m just waiting on the doctor and hopefully
they’ll have some answers soon Alright guys, so we are at the post office.
Got the referral from the doctor, we’re just gonna have to kind of wait and see
because I’m in so much pain. I cannot wait to get this P.O. box keys, go
home and take some medicine and I know I’m so late getting this P.O. box, like
we’ve been in the Clearwater area for three months now and I’m just getting
around to it but it’s like one thing after another has happened. Let’s
get her done. Alright guys, we have a P.O. box
I will link it down below in the description So for the many many people who’ve been asking.
I couldn’t find the keys and there they are. Time to go home and hopefully the Orthopedic place calls me. Okay so we are home now
and I’m going to go ahead and talk to you guys because I know the minute I get
in there it’s gonna be super noisy, you guys aren’t gonna be able to hear a
thing I say So last year I decided to close out our
Patreon. There was a lot of questions about it and kind of like what happened. Basically
when our channel started growing really quickly last year, a lot of our viewers
were like ‘hey you open up a Patreon’ I didn’t look into it too much, I just kind
of modeled it after what I saw other channels’ Patreons were. Even before I
decided to do it, after, it just made me feel really really really uncomfortable
I don’t have this idea that just because we have a YouTube channel that we
deserve everyone’s hard earned money. I had just decided to close it down until
I could find the time to provide something to you guys that I feel is
tangible and worth what you would be putting in. I’ve had a lot of time guys
my broken foot. I’ve had so much time it’s ridiculous. I’ve been on YouNow
live streaming a whole lot, talking to you guys. I am excited about this Patreon
I am no longer embarrassed. I used to be kind of ashamed and embarrassed that we
had a Patreon when we did but I’m not embarrassed and ashamed. I’m excited about
this. I can’t wait for this to happen It has your basic run-of-the-mill like
behind the scenes photos and videos and fun little things that you would expect
to see on any creator’s Patreon but I But I wanted something extra and I didn’t know
what I wanted and that was always my hold up and I had a lot of time to think
about it because again I got a broken foot I love our YouNow community. Someone comes
on there and asks a question. I give what I think, others talk about what they
think. I love when I see in the comments section you guys supporting each other. I
can’t get to every single comment so I’ll see you guys just responding, giving
advice, tips or whatnot and I love that and that’s what I realized that I wanted
to create a community within Patreon Like a real community, not just saying
it’s a community and it’s really not. So we are gonna be doing a Discord server
where it’s basically a forum board so we’re gonna have like for autism, we’re
gonna have YouTube, and then we’re gonna have like healthy living about diet and
exercise. We’ll have like parenting. We will have mental health so if you guys
want to share your struggles or what’s helped you. We’ll of course have just a
general one so it’s just gonna be a place to go to. Just have support, like
support one another. It’s going to be a place of acceptance, a safe place that we
can share how we feel and it’s not going to be just you guys posting. If I have a
question, maybe I’m wanting a new car seat for Penelope cuz she’s getting so big and she needs a new one.so I’m like hey guys what car seat do you personally recommend kind of
thing. Before I was a YouTuber a long long long time ago when I was a teen mom
18 19 20 21, I actually had an online teen pregnancy and parenting group. I
managed it for like 750 members so I’m very aware of what it takes to kind of
manage a community like that. Our group was actually a group that a lot of
people would suggest to other teen moms Teen groups get really dramatic and get
a lot of just stupid stuff so I worked really hard to keep the drama out and to
just keep it a fun place. We’d do like member of the week. I’m gonna add extra
benefits of course as we go on but I only wanted to put things down that I
knew I could keep up with for right now And this isn’t gonna change our channel
in anyway. It’s not gonna change the YouNow streaming, it’s not going to change
social media. Everything will be as it was but if you’re wanting to maybe
support us or maybe you’re wanting to just be a part of this community. I’m
really excited about the community aspect. Like I am all about supporting
other moms, supporting other human beings and just being there for each other
Being a mom is hard, being a special needs parent’s hard, and just being
an adult is hard. I would love it if you guys went over and check it out.
If you don’t want to, if you can’t that is completely fine. And we’re also working
on merch, we’re updating our channel art. Guys I have so much time it’s
ridiculous. I was actually told it’s gonna take 3 to 4 months for me
to completely heal. I’d be in a cast for like 6 to 8 weeks. I’m gonna have a
lot of free time. I need to rest, I need some pain medicine. My foot is hurting so bad
I haven’t had pain medication in like 14 hours so it’s like ehh!
it was nice to kind of fix my hair, put on makeup just kind of feel like a person again So we have been working so so hard on
getting all of our channel art updated I’m about to go live on YouNow. If you
don’t know, we go live on YouNow I usually go live once or twice a day
sometimes a little bit more now that I’m kind of laid up in bed with my broken
foot and we’ve also just been working on merch. We’ve just been really really busy
Once alll the merch is done, I will let you guys know and I will kind of link
everything. There are some items that are already available in the store so the
link will be in the description. Just know that this isn’t even close to
what’s going to be there. It just takes time to design and make sure it fits
right and make sure it’s the right quality and all of that so I love you guys we will
see you guys tomorrow [ending song]

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