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– [Jamerrill] Okay friends. This is gonna look pretty insane. We are doing a total
disaster clean with me video. I’m showing you, basically I’ve picked my worst messes in my house
that I was going to tackle. Right now you’re seeing my bathroom, toys, laundry on the floor. I don’t know whose laundry that is. Who could that be? Looks like mine. Now look at this. This is my office. It doesn’t get much worse than that. I’d also like to thank Hello Fresh for sponsoring today’s video. Get started with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code largefamilytable80. So look at this. The room disaster just continues. Oh, I have stories to tell you. What in the world Jamerrill is going on? So, on this particular
complete disaster cleaning day which just could be any day (laughs), the kids had already worked very hard. They pretty much have the
whole upstairs to themselves. Hey, who’s that blonde lady
that just walked through? That’s my momma. You get a little peek
at my momma and there’s my oldest son at home right now, Zion. He’s 16. He’s got real cool hair. Anyway, let me just, I’m gonna try to tell you all the dynamics going on on this day. So, I just finished doing a
couple hours of freezer cooking. I did eight loaves of french
toast for the freezer. I did, oh my goodness,
eight dozen, four dozen, a whole lotta dozen of blueberry pancakes. Some blueberry waffles. I gave up on the blueberry waffle idea, and then Travis did about 75 to 100 of the freezer peanut butter and jellies. This was for my feeding my
freezer freezer cooking challenge I was leading this week
with about 5,000 ladies who were participating online. So on this particular day we were trying to get some breakfast
meals in the freezer. While I did all this cooking, kids totally took care
of the upstairs zone. They deep cleaned their bathroom, their bedrooms, the
hallways, their closets. It was tip top shape. Now they’re going through. Travis is getting ready to take trash, and yes Amelia’s in the trash can. What is she doing? Well, listen to this excitement. She found a baby box turtle and her and Daniel were just
in all of their glory. Grandmother’s looking there too. They found, Amelia found an old jelly lid. She asked me if she
could take the jelly lid from the trash and put some
water in it for her turtle. Then she also took carrots and tomatoes and scraps that we save
for our chickens now and she was feeding those to
her turtle and it was so fun and so I’m also doing
some Insta Stories here and I’m just sharing live for this live freezer cooking challenge that I was doing this week. It’s a little bit of,
this is what it looks like when you see my stuff
come up on Instagram, and you can see my 30 quart bowl there. Yes, grandmother again. Yay. You’ll just see her
running back and forth. So on this day, okay. Freezer cooking challenge. Kids deep cleaned rooms. I was gonna try to get
to my total disaster mess that has just been growing for the last six weeks or so back in my room, but before I can do
any of this other stuff I have to clean up my
freezer cooking mess. So I’m wipin’ off my shelf. I’m wipin’ the walls
and I’m just goin’ after all the basic stuff
that’s catchin’ my eye. What am I doin’ there? Oh, my instant pot was on the floor. Okay, pickin’ up the instant pot. Pickin’ up my 14 court pressure cooker, pullin’ my pants up (laughs). Tryin’ to keep myself together. I finally got myself
a little bag of sugar. I needed that for the pancakes. Gabriel’s running eggs for me outside. Now I’m just goin’ with my basic cleanup to get my counters together. Now, I keep tellin’ you there’s
stuff goin’ on on this day. Let me tell you what else. You’re gonna see me runnin’ my mouth a whole lot because my momma’s there and I don’t know about you but when my momma visits my mouth just
goes to runnin’ even more. So we were sharin’ our
stories while I’m cleanin’. Just a few minutes before I started this kitchen cleaning,
we’re gonna get to it, I heard this crazy alarm sound outside. This is what I’m here tellin’ my momma. I went outside, followed the sound. Well, we have a septic system like lots of people who live rurally do. The red light was flashin’, somethin’ was happenin’ with the septic. Travis went out, he felt the
motor, it was hot to the touch. He had to turn the whole thing off. I call the emergency septic repair guy. Meanwhile again, now
right now at this point, 10 people were at our house. For added fun we had four cousins comin’. Kid cousins and their momma were comin’ to spend five days with us. So I was about to have
14 people at my house. I’m filmin’ a cleanin’ video, we’re gonna cook up some good Hello Fresh, septic’s now turned
off, lots of excitement. So the following morning the septic guy does come and we needed a new, the septic system is about 15 years old and a lot of the times the
pumps and motors and such, you might get 10 years out of ’em. Ours apparently have
got 15 years out of ’em. We needed a new septic pump. Apparently that burned up and
then that burned up the motor. One thing lead to another. Gee, Jamerrill why do
you do sponsored videos? $2,300 later all new septic
machinery (laughs) goin’ down. So, glad it’s replaced and now we should get many years out of it. Crisis handled. Yay. Now I’m wipin’ off my waffle irons. I’m drinkin’ my water. Now these waffle irons are interesting and you ladies can tell
me how you handle these. The inside pieces don’t come out. Of course you cannot
immerse them in water. So what I have done for
years is I spray ’em down with vinegar spray and then I use a hot soapy wash cloth and I
just hand clean the griddles. Same thing with my flat griddle there. I spray it down with vinegar spray and I just start scrubbin’ the thing off. Now, I do take a butter
knife for around the edges. Of course you have to be
careful to not scrape the metal, but again this is real life momma here. Wipe off my chords,
put my waffle irons up. Obviously I’m sayin’ somethin’
very entertaining to my mom, so (laughs) you can
watch that interaction. And it’s also fun during this video because you can watch
my purple shirt slowly get more and more mess on it. I don’t know. I’m hard headed. I should wear an apron but I don’t, so. I’m scrapin’ off the
outside of my griddle. I was also happy to use,
my mom had passed us down awhile ago a big square griddle
and I hadn’t used it yet, but I got both griddles going on this day and I will have a fun video coming out very soon that shows my whole
freezer cooking challenge that I lead these ladies on. It’s a lot of my classic recipes, but I know you’ll be happy to see that video too if you like
my freezer cooking stuff. So, yes. Wipin’ down this griddle so it’s all fresh and clean for
next time we need it. And then I decide there you go. That’s good enough. Get it down in the cabinets and then we have to clean off this counter still. It’s like when you clean and then your cleanin’ makes more of a mess but eventually it’s
all cleaned and put up. There’s Naomi runnin’ around. She’s goin’ through doin’
different jobs for the house too. I know some folks will
say where’s your kids whenever you’re doin’ all this cleanin’? Don’t they help? Oh yeah. Everybody has their assigned jobs and they get to it but you
only get to watch me mostly on the actual video evidence footage doin’ my deep cleaning parts. And I am just gabbin’. Oh look, I’m obviously, let’s
see what am I explainin’. Oh, I was explainin’ to my mom, I also on this day I had
gone to the chiropractor in the morning and it’s
always so fascinating to me, he’ll have me lay down and then with my left arm I try to push out against his hand and I can hardly do it and then he’ll go
through and I don’t know, tap on my arm a few times (laughs), and he says it’s sending signals to the brain and once he’s done then I have full strength in my arm again. So I don’t know, God bless him. Hope he never retires but he
always gets me in good shape and I go about twice a month to make sure my neck is stayin’ on my shoulders. That’s real important. Lots of talkin’ with my hands. Oh, there’s the big bowl. So the other thing I do
is get all the food I did for freezer meals that
day and I get in my big, that’s my 30 court mixing bowl. Lots of people have ordered this bowl after seein’ me use it in daily life. It’s super helpful. But enough about freezer
cookin’ breakfast. Now, we’re gonna do
Hello Fresh for dinner. We do their fantastic
beef tacos for dinner. It has a fancy name. You can read it on the card and it has pineapples in it and we also, we use the pineapple chunks in the homemade salsa and then the last part, that’s what I love about these directions, things I didn’t think of, we
put the pineapple juice in to finish cooking with the ground beef, and I am just there
analyzing the directions. They come all laid out for me and I just follow, I follow along. I behave and I obey and
I get all the food made just how they say and I get to try a lot of new recipes this
way that my family loves. Now with this particular
order of beef tacos, so on this evening it fed 10 of us. Then cousins came the next day and we still had it for
lunch that day for 14. So, awesome that I got
several meals out of it. And I’m lookin’ at the time
’cause I’m pacin’ myself. Man, I really wanted to get
my Hello Fresh cooked up and then deep clean my bedroom but I knew the deep cleaning of my
bedroom and my bathroom and my office was going to
probably take me realistically, I mean let’s be realistic
Jamerrill sometimes, it was probably gonna
take me about three hours, and you can see it’s just gettin’
darker and darker outside. So the added excitement of the septic going out on us after 15 years, I get all this Hello Fresh made but you’re gonna see here real soon, we’re gonna attack that bedroom but I have to do it the
following afternoon. And I’m still stretchin’ my neck. My neck has been doing well but whenever I sat for that week or
so with my other ailment I just sounded like I was silly
with all my little ailments, it jammed up my neck a bit just from the compression of sitting. Usually I get about 10
to 13,000 steps a day and for that week and a half or so I was done to 500 steps a day. So it just goes to show the
difference in the movement, but after that chiropractor adjustment within a few days it was
back to itself again. The kids will come and wanna talk to me about things but they’ll see that I’m filming and I always say when I do these sped up cleaning videos or voiceover videos I say now, we can still keep talkin’ ’cause I’m not gonna have the audio. So who knows what we’re sayin’? (chuckles) So I just added the
seasoning packs to the meat. I was doin’ the peppers
and the onions there, gettin’ those goin’ and doin’ the cilantro which cilantro makes everything better. It’s my favorite. So I put about two
thirds of the cilantro in with the salsa and the
rest in with the meat or I might have it vice versa but I did listen to the directions. The fun thing about Hello Fresh is you can easily change your delivery days or food preferences and you can even skip a week if you need to which is helpful if you’re goin’ on
vacation or you just have other things goin’ on and you know you don’t need your Hello Fresh that week. It’s nice that you can change it up. And we’re doing lots of
limes in the homemade salsa. And so I just, I caught myself trying to squeeze half a lime and I went through and I quartered them but even my chickens ate the rinds from the limes. I’m gettin’ myself in
a tongue twister here. And then we do some onions and some of that goes in the salsa and some of that goes in the taco meat mix
that’s cooking on the stove now. Stir it all up and I
love this trick I learned from Hello Fresh is they take salsa, I’m sorry they take sour
cream and you squeeze a lime in the sour
cream and it’s delicious and it goes wonderful
on tacos of all kinds. So here we go. We’ve got the veggies done and now I’m going to start
adding in the meat packs. Okay. Here I’m doing the sour cream trick. Squeezin’ in the sour cream packs, and then I squeeze the lime in. Hello Fresh is now from 6.99 per serving. Get started with America’s
number one meal kit. You can get started with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code largefamilytable80. You get $20 off each of
your first four boxes. From step by step recipes
to premeasured ingredients, you’ll have everything you need to get wow worthy dinner on the table in just about 30 minutes and
that’s always my favorite. There’s something for everyone from family favorite
recipes to calorie smart and even vegetarian and fun menu series like hall of fame and craft burgers. You can even add extra
meals to your weekly order as well as yummy sides and desserts like garlic bread and cookie dough. Easily change your delivery
dates or food preferences or skip a week whenever you need. Now I’m gonna start servin’ ’em up and those brightly colored plates, those are from my new IKEA haul that will be out here real soon. We had such a fun IKEA trip. There is Daniel’s plate with
his Hello Fresh beef tacos, soft taco and I’m shoving mine in my face. I usually feed myself while I feed others. And then Amelia’s got her pink plate. I’m givin’ her her salsa,
a little sour cream. Yes. Lovely. Okay. So then this is Gabriel’s
because he gets two. Obviously they can have all they want but I just know once kids
reach those double digits you just give ’em two to start. Oh, that was mine apparently. I thought I was makin’ that
for someone else but no. That’s just goin’ right
in the pie hole there huh? Okay, now I’m fixin’ up Travis’s here. He gets three to start. Also fed a teenager or two or
six somewhere and my momma. There we go. Okay, next day. ♪ Duh duh duh ♪ All the cleaning all the time. So while I had that unexpected illness where I had to have some bed rest for about a week and a half or so, just all my papers and
mail and various things, just anytime a kid
would bring me somethin’ I said put it back on my
sink, put it back on my sink, put it back on my sink and
this is the result of it. Now you also get to see me, here we go, talkin’ to some friends,
sendin’ some text messages. I love talk to text. I don’t know about you but I always get the best talk to text errors, sometimes awful talk talk to text errors. I have to make myself slow down and read my text before I send it. So there’s various things,
floss picks and such and contacts that are out that just need to get in that cabinet and then with my papers I just start makin’ a stack. I make a stack of stuff
that needs shredded, I make a stack of stuff I need to file and a stack of stuff I need to deal with. Also, lots of kids artworks,
pictures had gathered up and I have a file for each of the kiddos. I think I learned that
originally from Andrea Mills and it’s just the best tip because that way all the little loose
art pictures after they’ve been hung up and celebrated,
we still get to save. So each kiddo has their own file and yes, lots of pictures and
creative things going on which of course we encourage, and then Travis had brought me a strawberry lemonade from town. Yee-haw. So you get to watch me suck that down through most of this cleaning. Had some clothes hangin’ around. Just, yeah. Needed to find the countertops again. Oh yes, and I’m workin’ on gettin’ diapers to stay back in that cabinet. So I go through and I’m just doing a basic cleaning where
I have bleach wipes. I’m wipin’ everything
down, every single surface, so we can get it fresh smelling. I finally throw the head
away on my toothbrush. Need to get a new pack of those. Wipin’ down the water pick there. Lots of exciting stuff. And there’s Daniel. He’s, kids are gonna come back and they get little samplings
of my strawberry lemonade and any little new thing in the house that momma has everyone wants to share. I had some birthday
presents hangin’ out there. Naomi made me a beautiful
concrete stepping stone that says love ya on it. Cleaned around it and
put that back on my sink. The white trim as beautiful as it is, ugh. Look at that. It just, I mean that’s
crud and filth of course. So we’re gonna pick stuff up. I’m gonna wipe it. The trim needs painted again obviously. At least it’s fresh but it just seems like any little piece of dust
or crud it just shows it. So, there you go Jamerrill. Get down on your hands
and knees and clean it. And there you go. That’s as good as it gets. And then I do decide to take a bobby pin and go after crud in the corners. I’m gettin’ my other wood trim. Now I’m wipin’ off my doors. Of course, all the dust
shows in the cracks. And that’s a new beautiful
picture that my aunt sent. I set it there beside my sink. My momma had gone to visit her sister and then she came to visit us. And now I’m just about to just go back and attack that bathroom. It really needed it. I had had kids, Zion
and Naomi in particular take turns with bathroom
cleaning but it still, it had been at least a week and I knew I needed to do a deep momma clean on this, but they do a good job as well. They had cleaned the other
two bathrooms on this day gettin’ ready for company and
everything we had goin’ on. So there I’m just, oh yeah double hats. Double trouble. That’s my other new summer hat. Why not just wear two? Figured if I put it on
my head I’d remember to get it out of there. That’s my stack of Bibles
and journals and cookbooks. Whenever kids take the bubble baths back there I just camp out with ’em. But I decided to get that extra table out of my back bathroom
and then if the table’s not there I’m not stackin’ stuff on it. So (laughs), I also go through and work on gettin’ toys out of there and again, just deep wiping everything
with those bleach wipes. If I don’t use bleach wipes I just use vinegar spray for the most part. Sometimes I’ll use Mrs. Meyers or some other cleaning products
but my go to’s vinegar and when I’m very fancy
it’s these wipes (chuckles). Okay, and now it’s the real deal. It’s cleanin’ around the toilet. It must be done. Now I’m gettin’ the toys outta the tub. I don’t believe that I show it but I called Amelia back
and had her wipe all those down with the wipes as well. And now I’m just really
gettin’ that tub wiped out. I’d like to go through
and do fresh calk around that bath tub and the
trim in the bathrooms. On the long list I just
got a new septic pump and a new septic motor. That was my (laughs) upgrade for that day. And I was goin’ through listening to one of my upcoming
videos while I was cleanin’. I like to watch ’em a time
or two before I publish ’em. Now we’re gettin’ the sweepin’ done. I absolutely love these floors. They are so easy to care for. Okay, so that bathroom is done. Now my office. I just, oh yeah. I’m showin’ you my hat collectin there. When people ask about my
hats, I probably have 50. Why do you wear hats Jamerrill? Well, I like hats. In the summer I hike and there’s bugs and there’s sweat and there’s
sand and there’s travel. In the winter it’s chilly and we still, we’re just outdoors people a
lot of the time each day so. And then also on days like today when I have not gotten a shower and I still need to keep on truckin’, throw a hat on and it
makes it easy for me. Repackin’ my stuff I
got for my camera there. So honestly this office just looked pretty overwhelming and hopeless to me. It’s gotten like this four or five times and it’s actually not as
bad now as it can get. But again what will happen
is if I’m not actively usin’ it everyday it’s just easy to open the door and set stuff on the desk and we’ve had several birthdays and such so wrappin’ paper was in there. We got fishin’ rods that never got opened. I have extra bags in there. I have a big box of paper so the kids use that to refill their drawing paper. So it just needed me to, I do have, I know the saying what it is? A place for everything and
everything in its place? I do have places for things in there, but again when it gets out of hand I need to go back and remind everything where its place is and get it
back in its place (laughs), and handle my business and I got a big bag in there of craft supplies that were left over from
vacation Bible school. If anybody needs 600 cotton
balls that’s where we keep ’em. Now I’m goin’ through workin’ on trash. And then those are my big cases of consumable spiral notebooks. Oh, look at this. There’s little Travis, little mommy. Look. Little Jaden, little Zion. Yes, and that’s my mom
and I the day we met. Showed you some pictures
I have back on my desk. And here’s a picture of Travis and I on our wedding rehearsal evening. Of course little did we know that that court yard we had our rehearsal in and our wedding planned for was going to flood that night but it all worked out. And then this is a
picture of my momma and I. I think I was about four here. Super cute. Love these things. So now again, with the papers I’m makin’ a stack of things to be shredded, a stack of things that need to be dealt with and then a stack of
things that I need to file. All my little sticky notes, yes. And sometimes if you let things
sit long enough they just, it’s not a need anymore. You’re done. So, sometimes that’s how
I handle certain things and that’s just not the best way to handle ’em but there’s my confession. But look at that. All fresh. This is as good as it
gets and that yarn there, one of the kids braided that for me and had that up as a surprise. Here’s my little top shelf. Now I’m gonna get the crud by my bed. Now the very best, I have saved the best for last here in terms of crud for you. You’re gonna see it. Just stick with me here ’cause you’re not gonna wanna miss this amazing thing that we’re gonna clean in a minute. But right now I’m getting along my bed and I’m sweeping under my bed. There’s a little sweeties head. I think that was Daniel
comin’ and talkin’ to me. The other day I pulled
up and I saw Gabriel and Liam and what I thought
was Daniel walking together in the backyard but it wasn’t
Daniel it was Benjamin. Benjamin’s just gettin’ so tall. So I’m wipin’ off my trim there, gettin’ back behind my bed,
behind my little shelf cart. And then again I’m goin’
through throwin’ stuff away, filing things, puttin’ ’em where they go. Those boxes are some giant zip lock under the bed storage bags. I need to do that but I just realized I’d already put a good three hours into this cleanin’ and there was no way I could do like in depth
organizin’ on this day. I just needed to do a basic clean, but yes I do end up
setting that little table up by my bed because if
I’m not doin’ business in my office I have my stuff by my bed and my budget notebook there too to keep on track of, on top of at least. So that big momma mess is comin’. Remember, get started
with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code largefamilytable80. Look at this mess. So I started just a little
sweep under the ottomans and then I moved the ottomans and then I got under my bed. Boy, that’s where those shirts
were that we couldn’t find, and that’s where those sippy cups were and that’s where those LEGO pieces went. All of that was under our
ottomans and under our bed. Just big fat crazy nasty happens. So I’m just fully
committed now at this point in my cleaning to just
get under everything. So I got under the exercise bike and under the laundry basket
and under the bed over here. Cleanin’ up all the things. Sweepin’ it, get the rug up. I don’t know the last
time I did this level of sweeping in my bedroom obviously, because long story short our bedroom, also we use it as a family room between the ottomans and the TV. Yes, the trials of life but
we are still very blessed. Thank you Lord. So I’m gathering up a
pile of kitchen stuff that needs to go out and
now we have various toys and bags and paper plates
and this is probably oh, three or four months since I’ve done this. Thank you all so much for watching my complete disaster clean with me. Thank you Hello Fresh for
sponsoring today’s video. Be sure to check the first link in the description below to get your awesome hello fresh deal. I can’t wait to chat with
you in those comments below. Bye bye.

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