I Crashed My KLX110!

hey what’s up guys been here for almost
three weeks in the hospital and today is a day I get to go home so let’s get the
hell out here cancer hanging out here in from the
hospital waiting on my ride see who shows up look who it is good what’s wrong get out here
yeah you Cassie thank you get out of this joint live in
this dance yeah open doors for us I think
hurry celebrity good this thing’s ready to feel so fast to you you’ve been
sitting in a bedroom in the car yeah I have not lived in a car for
freaking three weeks my first jump into freaking 500 horsepower you oh man you
shit myself Oh the hydrogen yeah we can wrap it along
there dude I’m still a little on drugs – and that are you let me drive no driver
now yeah I eat a dick
we’re doing it so I decided to let my big bro to camera and drive the width he
hasn’t driven a car in three weeks so if he’s a little rusty give him give him a
break guys but I told him if he doesn’t if he trips we start before 75 he ain’t
going nowhere you got a shed like at 8,000 say this give me good time so Appel
let’s prove myself there’s so much different tune writing
over here I know thanks for driving too excited over there you can hold on to
the steering wheel I did it’s not so dummy possible whoa yeah watch the speed on this mother’s
name you catch 100 sofa and it doesn’t feel like 100 there feels
good to be home that’s for sure I gotta get a big shout out to my brother Devin
he’d pick me up in the hospital did all the shipping when I was in the hospital
big big thanks to him so go check out his channel I will put it first link in
the description I have cool cards and stuff you want to tell them like exactly
what you had of what you went through yeah so I was diagnosed with lymphoma
stick leukemia do you sell this was two half weeks ago so spent you know about
two and half weeks in the hospital and it was rough it was super rough so got
past the worst that got a little bit more chemotherapy coming up here but I’m
back home back to normal life for a little bit but it feels good to be out
so yep doing pretty good right now I swear this dude is like the strong suit
I know yeah he had is he had little downfalls and setbacks in the hospital
but seeing what he went through and Mike how strong he was going through your
thing is it was absolutely wild so mad props my bro he’s one strong
motherfucker that’s for sure Home Sweet what are you doing my turn it’s gonna be weird it’s probably not a
good idea so I figured I’d give you guys a little
update I’m back home and I’m actually feeling pretty good right now so I’ll be
here for two weeks and then on the 20th of August I’ll head back into the
hospital for four more days of chemotherapy and then following that
I’ll head over to Seattle for an evaluation and possibly a bone-marrow
transplant but that’s kind of dependent on how well my bone marrow responds to
that chemotherapy so I’ll keep you guys updated as I go through all that but for
right now I’ve got something pretty cool to share with you guys so bolt
motorcycle Hardware they are sponsor of the channel and they sent over all this
stuff for me to use on the t-50 build so as that thing goes together I’ll be
using these drilled aluminum washers got some axle blocks and then the full
hardware kit here got a bunch of goodies in here so what they’ve decided to do is
donate a day’s worth of sales on their website to my recovery fund so helping
out with medical bills and all that what I want you guys to do is head over to
the website bolt motorcycle Hardware comm check out what they’ve got and
everything sold today Thursday August 9th will be donated towards my recovery
fund so like I said both motorcycle Hardware calm
go check it out and maybe they’ve got something you could use you guys enjoyed
the video give it a big thumbs up and just know that this channel is not
slowing down anytime soon I’ve got so much in the works between the cr250
build I’ve got CRF 250 to work on coming up pretty soon here writing videos
working on the dirt bike track and there’s so much more in the works as
well so definitely hit that subscribe button down below and you will not be
disappointed all right guys I’m sweating my butt off out here I need to go inside
but thanks for watching the video and keep it Prime


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