I Cried Over “Normal”

– [Asa] Abbie, look who’s here! Are you excited to see Miss Brandy? – [Brandy] As long as she
keeps that schedule away. (laughing)
A swing? I don’t know if you have a swing. Oh you have a pool? – [Asa] There’s a swing out there, yeah. What do you think, are you
happy to see Miss Brandy? – She’s like–
(speaker drowned out by Asa) (laughing) – [Asa] Yup, probably gonna vacuum. Abbie we have a new vacuum. – Do you want to vacuum? Do you wanna vacuum? You wanna take a break, that’s cool. Vacuum, do you wanna vacuum later? Maybe, yeah? – You can do the laundry room. ‘Cause it needs vacuuming actually and that’s where the vacuum is. (Abbie vocalizes) Now, come back. What’s up guys welcome to the vlog, we’re finally getting back on
a little bit of a schedule. Brandy’s here, Crazy Nanny’s
gonna be here this afternoon, getting some therapy done, some respite, we’re getting internet
hooked up, thank goodness. Need it so badly. So Brandy just asked about Abbie and a lot of you guys
have asked about Abbie jumping in the pool. And I told her that the
only time she’s done it is to avoid work. She was helping Isaiah carry stuff in, so she jumped in the pool. Like “Nah, you can’t make
me work, I’m swimming.” But it’s funny, my reaction to you because you’re a behavioral therapist is, but it’s not a behavior we
need to work on right now. (laughing) Like I need to tell you
to slow your rollers down, it’s not something we’re concerned with. Let’s not make it an issue. – Yeah, like I was asking
’cause I don’t wanna nonchalantly walk out there– – Right, no.
– She jumps in the pool. – No, she won’t bolt for the pool. – I just wanna prepare myself. (laughing) Now she’s also heard us– – You know her.
– She’s going to absolutely– – Oh, for sure. You know her, you’ll
know when she’s like– (chattering) Yeah. You’ll know, but she’s been, when she’s gone to do it a
couple times, we just tell her no or stop and she’ll stop. – Okay, cool.
– She does that smile she does. – I want to know what level
of going into the pool. Are we blindly diving with no checking. – Right, no, no. – Is it like a testing of the water. – Yeah, absolutely. She’ll walk towards the edge,
you’ll say something to her, she’s like “Just joking.” No, it’s definitely for A
to get a response from us, and B to void work. That’s totally the purpose of it. It’s not even sensory seeking
or anything like that, it’s not like elopement or anything, as far as that’s concerned. (laughing) – [Brandy] She hears us talking about it. Are you gonna try to jump in the pool when I go outside, you’re not? Well that’s nice of you. – Good job. – [Brandy] That’s a good choice. (laughing) – Ab we have to show our
friends, and we have to show mom, ’cause this is a reenactment
of what happened earlier, where’d you go? So Abbie was doing dishes earlier and Brandy noticed
something pretty awesome as far as how the brain works. (sliding) (clinking) – [Brandy] There you go. – [Asa] Isn’t that super interesting? – So she’s standing on the opposite side, so in the old house
the dishwasher was here so between, to get between the dishwasher, nice try, between the
dishwasher and the drawer she’d be standing where I’m standing but she came naturally to there, so she’s putting them in. She’s memorized the motor movement of it. – [Asa] Right, so it’s more motor movement than it is sight. Isn’t that interesting? Your brain works in amazing ways, Abbie. (clinking) – There you go.
– So now she’s gotta– (cheering) – [Summer] Good job! – [Asa] So now she’s gotta relearn how, the motor function for
putting the silverware away. Isn’t that cool? – [Priscilla] That is cool. – [Asa] I mean it’s y’know, it’s a challenge for her
but it’s just interesting how her brain works. – [Summer] Nice listening Ab. – Yeah, it was so cool. So another interesting thing
is well we could teach her to awkwardly stand over there so she would probably do it right but it’s like well it’s
also good for her to learn that it’s different in different places, so who knows where she’s gonna be living in 10 more years. – [Asa] Right, she’s
generalizing the skill. – [Priscilla] That’s crazy. – Hi sweet girl, I love
you, can I’ve a kiss? Love you, have fun with Nanny. ‘Kay, we’re gonna go recruit
people for the booster club. Booster club meeting, Summer
are you excited to go with us to the booster club meeting and
to Isaiah’s football meeting and all that cool stuff? It’s gonna be fun right, so are you gonna go to
the volleyball meeting with Priscilla too? – Sure!
– Wow, so yeah, we’re gonna go pitch the
booster club to everybody. Priscilla does not like
talking in front of people which is ironic. – Not like this. – [Asa] You don’t mind livestreaming with 1000s of people, but. – [Priscilla] Nope, this is not my thing. – [Asa] It’s not the same, right? – [Priscilla] Hello. – [Nanny] Ooh. – [Asa] Did we scare ya? – [Nanny] Still scared me. – [Priscilla] Sorry. – It’s all right.
– Hi kiddo. How was your afternoon and evening? – [Priscilla] Hi. – [Nanny] Ab would not
get in the pool for Nanny. – No? – And just kept repeatedly
asking for a bath. (Abbie vocalizes) So we took a prolonged luxury bath. – [Priscilla] Oh good. – [Asa] It’s like a big bath Ab. Dad rules, pool is the same as a bath. Oh, livestreaming! First livestream back on YouNow. Let me know down in the
comments if you can see yourself commenting on YouNow. And we built a bus. (laughing) We have a couch back here. Where’s Ab, there she is. Anslee Family says you should do a midnight Dunkin’ run on the vlog. Challenge accepted. Okay, done with the livestream, Abbie is fading fast, but. Kiddo come here, y’know
what we’re gonna do guys? – [Isaiah] What’s that? – You know what we’re gonna do? Right here, stay right here. ‘Kay, late night Dunkin’ run. (cheering)
– Let’s go, Dunkin’! – I need my seatbelt. Stupid transition didn’t
put my seatbelt on for me. Gonna get a donut hole, a munchkin? Just one. Guys, guys. I feel bad though. – [Isaiah] Why? – It’s kinda like cheating. – [Summer] It’s just the donut part. – Yeah. – [Isaiah] America runs on Dunkin’ and sometimes Krispy Kreme. – There is a Krispy Kreme right next to the Dunkin’ you guys holy crap, the hot now
ones they’re still hot so we got donutsed. – [Isaiah] Hot now. – We’re a mess. – [Asa] Abbie was that awesome? Are you glazed? – Yes.
(laughing) – [Asa] Are you covered in it? – [Summer] Yeah, look at our laps. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh. – She’s just not helpful
in that process at all. – [Asa] Girl. – [Summer] I’m sorry, I did my best, I tried to make it not a mess but it just happened. (laughing) – [Asa] Look at you, look. It’s all over you, come on. Here just step out, just slide. Just slide. Oh gosh. – [Summer] Slide to the left. (grunts) Slide to the right. (slams) – [Asa] Gotchu, I gotchu. Hey, look, wait, I gotta get my coffee. – [Isaiah] Doing out here, dad? – [Priscilla] Maverick, come on. – [Summer] There’s a cat, no, Maverick! – [Asa] Maverick, inside. – [Isaiah] Maverick, here. – [Asa] That’s not a cat,
that’s just a small dog. – [Summer] There was a
cat there too. (barking) (laughing) Wait, wait, wait, wait. (barking) (mumbling) (laughing)
(barking) – [Asa] Maverick. – [Isaiah] Yeah, you
got scared. Huh, get in. Come here. (barking) – [Asa] Those two little dogs scared you? I’m disappointed. – [Isaiah] Never got out-dogged. – Are you so tired? Oh, you’re exhausted. You gonna say bye to everybody? Bye, close it out. (beeps) So I’ve been stressed
out and upset and bummed, about Abbie, y’know,
and the house, y’know. ‘Cause she’s been having a hard time going to sleep every night, and just been, her behaviors
and stuff like that and she wanted to go to bed tonight, and she was smiling when I tucked her in. – Aww. – [Asa] Yeah, I think it’s just
something she’s dealing with y’know I don’t think it’s the house or the comfort level at all, so. – No, I don’t think so. – ‘Cause so many parts of this house, like we picked this house because of her. Y’know and her future and stuff and it was breaking my heart a little. – Aww.
– So. Made me feel good that she was smiling and I kissed her and she
was happy to go to bed. – Aww.
– In her bedroom. – Yeah.
– So. I wanted to share that. – Aw, don’t get– – I’m fine. What are you talking about, I’m fine. Crying but, I (mumbles) see I don’t cry. – [Isaiah] Aw. – [Asa] Yeah, what d’you come
in here to see me vulnerable? (laughing) Feel like you did. – Dad’s not perfect! (laughing)


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