I Followed My High School Dress Code for a Week

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. So, school dress codes. This can be kind of a controversial topic, so just from my opinion,
my experiences, not a fan. I understand the point of a dress code, I don’t think there’s
anything inherently wrong with having some rules
about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate
to wear to school. But my problem is it seems
like a lot of schools really go overboard and the dress codes are disproportionately enforced on girls and even more disproportionally enforced on plus size and curvy girls. They make it about making sure our bodies don’t distract boys, which, first of all, is just creepy and kind of weird. I’m sorry, is my shoulder distracting you? You probably can’t pay
attention right now. There we go, I’m sorry, is that better? My apologizes to the 2% of my
audience that’s actually male, I’m sure that was just
impossible to focus. For real though, it all kind
of seems to come back to this idea that women’s bodies
should be a source of shame, which, again, not a fan. So, when I was in high school, I got dress coded a lot. And now I’m 23, I’m out of high school, I can dress however I want but I don’t think my style
is particularly provocative or anything, it’s pretty mild. So this week, and don’t know
why I’m doing this to myself, but this week I am gonna
see how hard it actually is to follow my school’s dress code. So I went onto my former
high school’s website, and here is a little rundown
on all of the dress code rules that they have listed. (soft classical music) Clothing
should be in good repair without rips or tears. Tops should adequately cover the chest, cleavage and midrift areas. Skirts must be appropriate length when both sitting and standing. Shorts must be at least fingertip length. No heels higher than two
inches and no stilettos. Undergarments may not be visible. No leggings, sweatpants, or pajama pants. No bandanas or hats. Clothing may not display gang related or hate related symbols. Clothing my not display
sexual based language or numbers such as 69. I’m literally not kidding,
it actually says 69 on my school’s dress
code conduct. (laughing) Sorry, back to my bad British accent. Examples of inappropriate
clothing include, strapless tops, halter
tops, exposed bralettes, spaghetti straps! Tank tops straps must be at
least three fingers in length and no off the shoulder tops. That was also just my audition
for Minerva McGonagall, but anyways, moving back into the video. So there are the guidelines
that I have to follow this week, I’m also going to be doing
polls on my Instagram each day. So let’s just get into the first day. Good morning, it is my first day following my high school dress code. Steven and I are just about to head out and do some errands, it is Saturday, and I’m gonna go take a little
adventure into my closet and see what I have that I
could actually wear today and would be comfortable for the weather. It is getting pretty hot,
I’m definitely gonna need to wear short or some
sort of flowy pants today. And that might be a little bit at odds with the dress code I’m following. So, hopefully I can find
something that will keep me cool and keep me from getting
dress coded by you guys. (laughing) (upbeat music) Okay, this top refers to drinking, so that’s not gonna be good. This one is sheer, that’s not gonna work. This is a crop top, also not gonna work. Crop top, crop top, crop top. This top I love but it’s a little bit cropped, maybe if I wear it with
high wasted shorts though, that could work. Okay, so I think the shirt is
not gonna pass the dress code when my arms are down it’s fine, but when I raise them
up, midrift is exposed, which would get me a quick
trip to the principal’s office. The shorts are actually fingertip length, which is nice, I usually cuff them, if I cuff them, they would be too short. But what I’m worried
about is they’re cut-offs, so is that distressing categorized as not being in good repair? I’ll try the other ones and we’ll see but I feel like these
shorts are a contender, shirt, not gonna work. These shorts are not
quite fingertip length, and they have the slits right here, which would be a hard no at my school. Why are all of my shorts
not fingertip length? Oh, this is pissing me off. I really wanted to wear these, they’re loose fitting, lightweight, really comfortable but not gonna happen. Curvy Crew shirt though, which, by the way, if
you guys didn’t know, this is my merch, link in the description, thecurvycrew.com. But I do think this would
pass the dress code, not showing my bra, not
showing my shoulders, it could work. I think I’m just gonna go
with these cutoff shorts since they did technically pass. So here is my outfit. Well, I would love to wear this hat ’cause my hair is kind of yucky, haven’t washed it in a bit and I feel like it ties
the outfit together, you know the denim with the denim but yeah, not gonna be able to wear this because no hats in my dress code. So, this is the outfit, that’s the outfit I wanted it to be. Pretty simple, pretty basic, but the shorts are comfortable, hopefully they are adequate coverage. So we’re just about to head out and run some errands. I have Steven here with me. Do you think this outfit passes
a high school dress code? – Yeah, it looks cute. – Good, good, well, I didn’t ask if you like it, I asked if it passes a school dress code. – Well, one, I like it. Two, I don’t think this would
get you trouble anywhere. – Okay, good. – I mean, t-shirt and shorts. – Yeah, I mean it’s pretty safe. I’m not sure about the shoes though. I’ll show you the shoes I was gonna wear. These are just my knockoff
Birkenstocks from Target, they’re my go-to comfy sandals right now. I got them three weeks ago for a video and the dress code online
didn’t specify anything about open-toed shoes
but I do kind of remember there being some sort of rule about that when I went to high school. So I just texted my little brother who goes to the high school
currently that I used to go to. I sent him a picture of my shoes and I asked if they would
pass the dress code. So, we’ll see if he says yes or no, I may have to change my
shoes before we go to, where we even going? – [Steven] Home Depot and Target. – Home Depot and Target. The dress code said
nothing about sunglasses, so I’m gonna go ahead and wear these but I have a feeling this is something that in real life, in high school, they would of been like no sun glasses. Like you’re trying to
hide that you’re on drugs or something but they’re
literally just sunglasses. – Yeah, I don’t remember
high school being that crazy. – Oh, well, you weren’t a girl. Guys never got dress coded. Guys could literally wear
what ever they wanted and nothing happened. Girls it’s like, literally, this might of even been dress coded ’cause it’s kind of a V neck. Seriously, ladies, let’s see
the know down in the comments how much dress codes suck for girls and how much they let slip for guys because it is no joke. Okay, second stop, well, first
stop you guys are seeing, we are at Big Lots, we
also went to Wells Fargo but I didn’t film that. I feel like this outfit is
still going pretty well, definitely keeping me cool enough but the shorts do ride up a little bit, so I find myself pulling them down a lot and I feel like when they’re riding up, they would definitely get me dress coded but when I pull them down they’re fine. I sent picture of my
shoes to my little brother he said those are fine, that he wears flip flops
every day to school. As far as my first day, I feel like I did a pretty decent job at
picking an outfit that I like and I’m comfortable in and also would probably
pass the dress code. (upbeat music) So on my Instagram poll,
which hey, by the way, if you want to be apart of my next video, follow me on Instagram, it’s @schultzzie. On my Instagram poll only 60% of you guys said that this outfit would’ve passed your high school dress code. I was really surprised because to me, this looks like a pretty
modest summer outfit but I know that some high schools do have differing rules on the length of shorts so I’m thinking that’s probably it. I do think that there’s
a chance that the shorts could of gotten me dress
coded at my high school but I probably would of been fine. Good morning, day two, it is
another hot day here today. So this is what I was thinking of wearing. I love flowy pants like this and these were not a thing
when I was in high school. They were not in style, they
were not in stores at all. And oh my gosh, if they were, it would of made following
the dress code so much easier because they’re light weight,
perfect for a hot day, very comfortable, I could sit
at a desk for hours in these. But they still pass the dress code, so I wish these would of been a thing, that would of been a lifesaver. At least I will get to
wear them for my week now following the dress code. I was gonna wear this shirt but I notice, now that I put it on, I thought it was gonna be long enough, that it would tuck in, but I think it is gonna show
a little bit of midrift, so I think I’m gonna go with
a different t-shirt on top. And I really wanted to
wear this pink bralette with my outfit today ’cause look at that, it matches the pink so perfectly and bralettes are just my favorite, they’re a lot more comfortable but yeah, I forgot about
the no halter tops rule. So, not bralette, I
will not be able to show any of my undergarments here. So I’m just wearing a normal bra, oops, sorry, dress code,
let me cover that up. So, just wearing a normal bra, I’m gonna change the shirt but other than that, honestly, this is gonna be so easy. This is the easiest day. This t-shirt I wear a lot with these pants but it’s a little see-through, you can kind of see my bra so I’m gonna wear this
little half tee underneath. A lot of you guys asked
where I get my half tees, I literally just get them
from a website called Halftee, I don’t have an affiliate code or anything but I will link it in the description. So, if I put on the half
tee and then tuck it in, maybe that’ll work. Ta-da, okay, I think we got it, I think this is gonna be my dress code following outfit for the day. I really like this outfit. So I’m at the gas station
filling up my car, I’m gonna get Starbucks,
then I’m gonna go to church. I’m going by myself today ’cause Steven is busy all day today so it’s just gonna be me. And then I need to go run a few errands, mainly I need to get
stamps so I can ship out my friend Kenzie’s baby
shower invitations, then I need to go home, take a mid-term for one of my classes and edit, let’s do it. (mellow music) Okay, I’m over at church now, I ended up decided to do
all of my errands first and then go to the 6:00 PM service, so my day is pretty much over but honestly, this outfit was perfect. Perfect for my comfort, great for errands, and church, and completely
follows the dress code. Not even boarder line, like
parts of yesterday’s outfit, high neck, not too form fitting, you know, the pants even tight or short. I wish I had an outfit like
this when I was in school ’cause it would’ve made it so much easier to not get dress coded all the time. But honestly, there’s not even that much to say about this outfit, it’s just easy and perfect
and I would be surprised if an outfit from the rest this week ends up beating this one
for passing the dress code and just being my favorite. This was such an easy outfit. This is actually something that I do wear and I didn’t have to modify it that much to make it fit my high school dress code. And y’all seemed to
agree because 95% of you said that this would have passed your high school dress code. So if any of you guys are
in high school right now and struggling to work with
a high school dress code, just flowy pants, flowy pants all the way. Good morning you guys, day three. So I actually just
showered and did my hair but it looks like I just got up ’cause I put my pajamas back on and that is because I am in a predicament. So the first two days
were relatively easy, I didn’t really have any
specific thing I needed to do, I could kind of cater my
outfit around the dress code pretty easily. But today, that is not the case. I am going out to a really
fancy dinner tonight with my friend Kinzie, the kind of place that
you get really dressed up and I had an outfit all planned in my mind but then I remember it has
to pass the school dress code and the outfit I was gonna wear definitely showed a bit too much cleavage. I’ll insert a Boomerang that it took when I wore this outfit to an
event a week and a half ago. I thought it would be perfect, dressy and comfortable but not gonna work. I need to to into my closet
and figure out an outfit that is dress code appropriate and fancy enough for
this boojie dinner place. Okay, this dress could maybe work but it might be a little low cut, easy to fix though with a tank top but I’m not sure on the length it is a contender though. This dress, also could definitely work, it’s a wrap dress, it’s long, it’s flowy. This red dress could maybe work. Oh, this dress my actually totally work this I wore to my senior home coming, I’m actually shocked I still have it. Here are my four options, hopefully one of these guys is gonna work. This dress still technically fits bit it is much shorter
on me that it used to be, especially the underpart,
so I’m gonna go head and say this one does
not pass the dress code. (buzzer blaring) This dress,
I think, is gonna be too short for the dress code. (buzzer blaring) This dress is my personal favorite but the cleavage and the length combined are not gonna work for the
dress code. (buzzer blaring) This dress I really like, I’m
not sure if it’s dressy enough for the restaurant though, I think I would be a
little bit underdressed. (buzzer blaring) Okay, this is it, this is
the dress I’m gonna go with. I somehow missed this
dress on my first go around on my dress section of the closet. The only thing I’m worried about is the exposed skin right here but if it was classified as a tank top. This is more than the three finger length, so it should be fine even though I’m showing some skin right there. And on my chest, this is
the tiniest bit of cleavage, I would totally fight getting dress coded for a neckline like this. I think this is fine. Ah, crap, I was just thinking about what shoes I was gonna wear and I remember my heals can’t be over, what was it, an inch
and a half, two inches. I don’t really wear a lot of heals anyways but I feel like this dress
definitely calls for heals and it’s a little bit long. So I guess I’ll just go with flats, it won’t look as dressy but they’ll kind of be hidden under the long hem of the dress. – [Together] Hey. – Okay, so I finally found a dress but it literally took my
forever to get dressed. – Is this dress code appropriate? – That’s what I was wondering.
– Are you allowed to show– – I have some skin. – Are you allowed to
show your arms at all? – I know, I don’t want to distract you. – I know, honestly. – Or our waiter. – We might get in a car accident. (laughing) – But honestly, the Ven diagram of dresses that were nice enough for tonight and things that pass the school dress code was just this dress. – Is this normal high school or is this our high school dress code? – Our high school dress code, specifically – Oh, you could not wear
that at our high school. – You don’t think so? (upbeat music) Okay, so we’re at the restaurant, it is very fancy but I
feel like this dress is appropriate enough for it, I don’t feel underdressed,
which, thank goodness. I got my beverage right here. After I took that clip, I realized this dress shows
a little bit more cleavage when I lean forward, which, definitely may have gotten me in trouble with the dress code. This dress in itself isn’t too low cut but I always got dress coded in things that other girls wouldn’t
get dress coded in because, yeah, this situation up here. But can’t go back now,
can’t change it now, but this one may have
gotten me dress coded back in the day. I think this was the
most difficult day for me since I needed to dress up but I also needed to cover up, this dress was pretty much my only option. And 78% of you guys said it
would pass your dress code. I think the main issue
with this was the cleavage, if I was wearing this dress in high school and sitting at the wrong angle, or not keeping my shoulders back, I definitely would of been at
risk for getting dress coded. Looking back on it, this one
is kinda on the boarder line. Good morning, it is day four, I am just getting ready and I’m actually gonna be
filming for another video all day today, which is why
my hair is actually done and my makeup is in the
process of being done. By the time this video’s up, you guys will have already seen it it’s my What $100 gets you at the outlet versus full price store, so if you haven’t seen that,
I will put a card right there. But that makes the outfit
I have to pick for today kind of threefold. First it has to be, you
know, cute, on camera outfit, I’m not gonna be wearing sweatpants. Even though sweatpants are
against the dress code, that wouldn’t be possible anyways. Two, I need to be comfortable and it needs to be easy
to change in and out of since I’m gonna be trying on
a lot of different cloths. And third, it has to pass the dress code, what this entire video is about. I was gonna wear jeans
today but it’s gonna be 85, I don’t wanna wear jeans. So yeah, we’ll have to
find a pair of shorts or flowy pants that are gonna work but that could be tough. Okay, so obviously this is not gonna work, the midrift, the cleavage, this would not pass a school dress code. But I just wanted to try it on because this is the way that I would of styled this outfit today if I had no other restrictions. The shorts, I think, are
kind of boarder line, if I pull them down a little bit and then put my hands at my side, they’re just at my fingertips. And honestly, these are
the only shorts I have other than the ones I
wore on the first day that are even close to passing. So, I think I’m gonna go with these but obviously I’m gonna
need a different top. Okay, so not the most original
outfit I’ve ever put together but it works, it passes the dress code, somewhat, it’s really comfy. But I think I’m gonna add
this flannel around my waist, this will add a pop of color, kind of tie the outfit together and this is actually a trick I used to use when I was in high school when I though my shorts
were on the boarder line of being too short, I would tie flannel or
a jacket around my waist and it would give me that
extra bit of coverage to let me kind of evade
the dress code police. Uh, I don’t know, flannel or no flannel. I like how the flannel
adds color and coverage but it also kind of makes me look like a mom going to Disneyland
with her 12 children. One last thought I had, what
about this kimono instead over the top? Makes it a little bit more of an outfit instead of just two
pieces that I’m wearing. Let me know which one you guys like better down in the comments, but I think I’m gonna go with the kimono, I kind of like it. Alright, so Skyler’s here. – Whoo hoo! – Woot, woot for Skyler. – Woot, woot. So we are just finishing up the video I told you guys I was
filming this morning, the outlet store video. And this outfit, honestly, Skyler didn’t even know
this was for a video. – Yeah, I feel like this is
just how you normally dress. – Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say, it’s a normal Sierra
outfit except that my go-to probably would have been a
crop top with these shorts. – Mm. – But the question is,
do you think these shorts would have been dress coded because they’re kind of boarder line? – [Skyler] For sure. – You think they would
of got me dress coded? – I think so. – Ugh! – Well, I also feel like
the people at my school didn’t like me very much, the people who dress coded. – Oh yeah. – I feel like they call me out. – Well, I was telling
Steven this yesterday, he’s like dress codes
aren’t even a big deal. I was like first of
all, you’re not a girl. Second of all, you’re not a curvy girl. – Dress codes were such a big deal. – Yes! But guys never got dress coded. – Gosh, I used to get
dress coded all the time for showing cleavage. – Hmm. – But then– – Like this, honestly, I might
of gotten dress coded in. – But other girls would wear that shirt who weren’t curvy. (mouth clicking) And
would get away with it. Which is totally fine. – Yep but also not. – But, I don’t miss that. (laughing) – So this outfit, like Skyler said, boarder line dress coded. I feel like the kimono does help. I think it would be an outfit where I was kind of
sneaking around, you know. – Yeah. (laughing) – This outfit felt very me. It took a few tries to put it together but I really liked the end result. Only 65% of you said it would
pass your dress code though, again, I think it’s the shorts. I saw a few DMs from you guys saying that your schools
didn’t allow shorts at all or if they did they had to be knee length, which must have been so difficult in the months leading up to summer and right after summer. It’s just so hard to be that covered up when the weather is so hot. I don’t think this outfit
would of gotten me dress coded at my school but those shorts
were barely fingertip length, so, it’s possible. Okay, it is the last day, I actually had a fun little girl’s night and slept over at
Skyler’s hous last night. So I’m just getting home,
just about to get dressed but she’s gonna be over here an hour to work anyway. So because I’m a lazy piece of crap, this is what I did instead
of getting a laundry basket ’cause I couldn’t find one so I just piled all my
clean cloths right here on a chair. But I do believe my only
pair of non-distressed jeans is in this clean pile of laundry because I really wanted
to wear jeans today and all just go upstairs and show you guys what my jeans drawer looks like. Distressed, distressed, distressed, distressed. (laughing) Literally every pair of
jeans I own except for one is distressed. But I wanna wear jeans today because it’s finally
not boiling hot outside, it’s a little cloudy and I wanna dress kinda cute
but also be really comfortable ’cause we’re gonna be
working most of the day. So these pants, for sure, and I think these are definitely
dress code appropriate. Totally wish high waisted,
mom jeans would of been in when I was in high school
instead of horrific, low-rise, just tight everywhere, skinny jeans. Yeah, that was not a good look for me. But mom jeans, big fan. And I do like tight jeans but just low-rise,
never come back, please. Okay, so this is the outfit
that I want to wear today and I see absolutely nothing
wrong with this outfit, I don’t think it’s provocative, I don’t think it should be
against the school dress code but I just know, if I would
of worn this to school, because this is a little
teeny, tiny V neck and I do and always did in high school have a larger chest. This would of gotten me dress coded when it absolutely should not have. I would wear this to church, I would wear this to my grandma’s house, I don’t thin there is
anything wrong with this. I guess I just gotta go find
a turtle neck or something so that I don’t break the dress code. Although, if that was
fitted, then it would still probably be inappropriate. This video’s quickly devolving from me following the school dress code to just a rant about dress codes. Anyways, I need to change,
or, you know what, no. I’m not gonna change
because I read the rules of the dress code and I do not think that this outfit right here
breaks any of those rules. So, I’m gonna keep it on
but I am interested to see what you guys say on the Instagram poll if this outfit is dress
code approbate or not. Okay, so it is about three o’clock now, I’ve been working at my desk for pretty much the whole morning just doing outlines for videos and that kind of thing and Skyler is here, she’s over there organizing some equipment,
getting ready to film. – Hey. – Skyler, I am so sorry
if my exposed chest is just really distracting for you today. (laughing) – Honestly, I’ve gotten no work done, it’s really unacceptable. – I know, it’s just terrible, if only my school dress
code had trained me better. Bella, you are so weird,
knock it off. (laughing) Okay, so I was telling Skyler this story while we were walking around. She’s like, you need to
say that in the video because it kind of demonstrates how much I hate dress codes. (laughing) – It’s so good and I remember it happening in real time. – As do I, unfortunately. So basically, I did independent
study my senior year so all of my work was done at home but I had one class that I
had to take my last semester that was in person, it
was a chemistry class. And I was just done, I was over it, I wanted to wear my comfy leggings when I went to my one
hour class every day. – Which is reasonable. – I think, or it wasn’t even
every day, it was once a week, it was a once a week lab
and all the rest of the work was independent study. I agree, very reasonable,
I wanted to be comfortable and the teacher told me that my leggings were against the dress code and I quote, “A distraction to my male classmates.” Leggings! And I had a long shirt over it and I basically threw a
teenage temper tantrum and I was like, okay, I’ll go change, ’cause she told me to go change, left the class, never came back, dropped the chemistry class and just didn’t take chemistry. That’s how much I love leggings. – That’s how much you love leggings. – And hate dress codes. (laughing) The wording in my high school’s dress code is just so subjective. Adequate coverage of the chest area could mean very different
things to different people. To me, this last outfit definitely has adequate chest coverage but maybe it wouldn’t have
to one of the teachers. 89% of you guys said this would of passed your high school dress code but I actually think that this is the one that would of landed me in trouble because of the chest. And I don’t think the
neckline is the problem, I think they would of made it
that my chest is the problem. I don’t think if a girl
with a smaller chest wore this that that would be something that could potentially be dress coded but if when I was in high
school I would of worn this, I think I very well could
of gotten dress coded. And that’s a really weird thing because we both would be
having the same coverage of this area but just
because I have a bigger chest I would have to follow different rules. And that’s one of my issues
with the dress codes, the wording is vague and
the actual implementation is very subjective. And I saw a lot of DMs from you guys that had similar experiences that it was less about the actual outfit and more about the body type of the girl who was wearing the outfit which is just super messed up. I also found it pretty
difficult to express myself through my clothes
because I was so limited on what I could and couldn’t wear. But anyways, based on the
Instagram polls from you guys, the most passable dress
code outfit of my week was day two, with 95%. Second place being at day five with 89%. Third place being day three with 78%. Fourth place being day four with 65%. And dead last, my day
one outfit with only 60%. If you guys aren’t
following me on Instagram and didn’t get to vote on those poles, sound off in the comments and let me know which outfits you think would have passed your
high school dress code. And make sure you are
following my Instagram so that you can be part of the next video that I do like this, I love getting to include you guys in the videos that I’m working on, I think it’s really fun. And it was just interesting to hear from other people’s experiences that had similar thoughts to me, or different thoughts on dress codes. So that being said I hope
you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching, especially if you are watching right now, you stayed all the way to the
end, you are the real MVP. And I will see you guys next time with another new video. Bye! (happy dance music)

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