I found a great KW but the volume is over 250, should I still write a post?

a reader sent any question and it was I
found a keyword that’s awesome the search volume is over 250 what do you
think I should do doc should I go for it this is one of the most common questions
I get and I mean unpack it for you a little bit because there’s a little bit
of context that is not listed in the question that I should tell you about
the key word golden ratio is a data-driven way to find keywords that
are basically easier to bring forth a lot of times you’ll be able to rank
without building any backlinks there’s a formula I’ll put a link to the video to
explain it in a deeper way but basically you look for the all entitled results
which is advanced Google search string and then you divide it by the local
monthly searches and you want to make sure the local monthly searches are
under 250 that is the subtext of the question and then if you find a ratio
that’s 0.25 or below then you should go for it
the thing is the formula is important right I tell you to aim for below 250
search results for a reason now I know a lot of people have said I’ve done it
with different search volumes with higher search volumes and it worked fine
and then a whole other set of people say I’ve tried it with 250 or below and
higher and none of them worked so who’s right probably both honestly there’s a
lot of ways to apply this formula incorrectly but here’s the deal if
you’re asking me if you should go for it I’ll give you a couple of scenarios I’ll
tell you why the search volume matters I’ll tell you who should go for it right
what kind of person should go for a search volume over 250 and I’ll tell you
if you should think twice about going after a search volume over 250 or not
and with that I’ll give you a little advice if you’re unsure what to do I’m
Doug Pennington I talk about Amazon affiliate sites and project management
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scenario I’m gonna put a link in the description and probably a card to show
you some of the key word golden ratio or kgr success stories so do check that out
if you’re new to it or if you’re unsure if this like kgr thing is gonna work
check out the videos cuz these are viewers just like you that tested it out
and then I talked about the results with them so here’s why the search volume
matters now I’ve so this stuff in a very like scientific
way at all but through my sites and through my students sites these are my
observations basically it seems like higher search volume takes longer to
rank for there’s a couple things in play here right so a higher search volume
usually means it’s more profitable so if you’re comparing a search term that gets
5,000 searches per month with one that only gets 50 per month that’s a huge
difference right so if you’re looking at 5,000 you could expect did that search
volume that keyword phrase is going to be a lot more profitable there’s also
going to be a lot more competition for it people vying to try and rank for that
keyword so just by default there’s gonna be more competition for 5,000 versus 50
so that’s point number one around why the volume matters now the other part
and this is the part that is untested and just my observations personally when
you go for a term that has more searches it seems like it takes longer for Google
to allow sites to move up the ranks right when I first started with
affiliate marketing in 2013 it seemed to be you know 2 to 3 months you’d be able
to shoot to the top you’d be able to buy a new domain start a site do a bunch of
link building and then you could rank number one in two to three months I did
a few times and I know a lot of other people that did too right now the Google
sandbox seems to have a much bigger impact and it seems to be about six
months but here’s the deal seems like there’s higher search volumes like I
said 5,000 to say 10,000 it may take you like 9 to 18 months to really move up
the ranks unless you’re doing you know some crazy link building and some crazy
outreach with a large budget so if you’re just building a site and you’re
kind of taking a slow and steady kind of approach it’s probably going to take you
longer to rank for those higher volume search terms so this way the search
volume matters number one if it’s a higher search volume term it’s more
profitable and basically more people are going to be competing for that same term
or set of terms that you’re after as well number two it seems like the Google
sandbox takes longer for higher volume search terms now let’s talk about who
should go for it this is kind of you know my personal advice you should
probably go for it right if you fail a term that you think is good and it’s
over 250 the cost of you writing an article or having an article written and
posting it is pretty low right the upside is high it could rank you could
make some good money it could be like the term that helps your site break out
and you should just go for it right if you’ve done the keyword research and it
looks good let’s say you google the term and the competition looks acceptable do
you have a good feeling about it go for it the consequence is very low and the
upside is high in the worst case scenario you will learn something by you
know taking a chance and doing something on your own right if you think it’s a
good move go for it expect it to take a little bit
longer and I would imagine sort of a progressive scale so if you have a very
high search volume it’s gonna take longer than if you have a lower one so
if you aim for 500 versus 5,500 is probably gonna rank sooner than the
5,000 searches per month so that is who should go for it most people most people
should go for it now who should think twice who should maybe not publish it
here’s the deal if you are just starting with affiliate marketing if you’re a
beginner right if you feel like you’re a beginner and your site’s brand new you
should probably go for the lower search volume terms now my previous answer on
who should go for it it still applies right worst case scenario you’re out a
few bucks to have an article written and to publish it to see what happens but
the thing is if you are just starting your site I am interested in getting
quick wins for you and if you publish a article that is targeting a low searched
flagging term that is going to be a quicker when then if you go for a
high-volume search term so my advice is if you’re just starting a site you
should probably aim a little lower I know the common knowledge the common
decision that a person is gonna make is well if I have the option to go after a
search term they gets ten searches per month or a thousand searches per month
they’re gonna think I’d prefer to get more traffic right I’d prefer to get
more traffic and probably earn more money but the problem with that is that
is what everyone thinks right everyone’s like hey you know what I’m gonna hop for
the thing where I could make more money it is literally the most obvious choice
but that means more competition so if you aim lower to
begin with you’re gonna get quicker wins you’re gonna understand this model works
and then when you’re ready you can go after the higher volume search terms and
you’ll be able to rank a little bit more quickly once your site has some good
momentum hey and don’t forget to check out the success stories again these are
viewers just like you who watched a couple videos on the kgr launched a site
did some work and they got great results so I talked to Ellen who made 3,000
bucks in a month right so she’s growing her site at least the last time I talked
to her in 8 months and then I talked to a gerund beginner right beginner and he
hit 300 bucks in about 4 months and then I talked to Wesley who got a sale on a
brand new site within 32 days all using the kgr so do check out that playlist
super interesting and I’m sure you’re gonna learn a lot thanks


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