I found the Worms 2 cutscene sourcecode! + Major Amiga 4000 museum news

– Yeah, I know you have a clearer picture, but it’s still emulation. – He’s right, you know. – Deal. Oh, hello, Chip Dippers. Welcome to Retro Recipes. And in today’s boring bumper episode, We’ve got a big Team17 update. I’ve got news about that Amiga 4000 with all the Worms original
files on, where it ended up. We’ve got updates on Witchwood,
got a charity auction, got a contest so you can win some of that Team17 stuff as well, from the 90s. But this does all mean that
I haven’t got Worms anymore. The Amiga 4000 has after all left me. – That’s great. That means you can move
in from the garage. – Oh, garage, but yeah. – Garage. – No no, it’s garage. – Well you can stay in the garage until you’re ready to
move out of the garage. I’ll be waiting. – No actually, you’re
right, I think it is garage. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – But I think this also means that you’re not gonna be
making anymore Worm puns. – Yeah, in fact you could say
I’ve wormed over a new leaf. So, welcome to Retro Recipes. – [Robotic Voice] Welcome. (upbeat music) – Well, all joking aside, I am sorry about the amount of time it’s taken me to get this update together, but we really underestimated
the complexity of sending stuff to, well,
I’ll tell you in a minute. But firstly, you remember the update video we did on Witchwood? – Welcome to Witchwood. – Exactly. – Welcome to Witchwood. – Well, I found out that that non-playable auto-playing demo, which would just move the
character around for you, if instead of running the batch file you actually ran the executable file, witch.exe, you can actually play the demo. (upbeat music) (dog sniffing) (yelling and crashing) So I’ve updated my Internet
Archive page on that, and if you go to the
link in the description you can now play Witchwood. I also put a couple of
other links in there, because if you want to
have the full experience, and play back that intro that we recreated from the original cut scenes, including. – Welcome to Witchwood. – Exactly. And you can then put
on Bjorn Lynne’s music in the background of our demo, and essentially be
playing an approximation of what the finished game would’ve been. So, that’s the update on Witchwood, and. – Welcome to Witchwood. – Yeah, that’s all she’s here for. – That’s it. So what happened to those
back-up tapes and drives? – Ah, good question Ladyfractic. So I was contacted by
Carl Perry, good name, of the Central Texas
Commodore users group. And he had the correct back-up drive that could read those
tapes that were backed up in what, 1998 or something like that. – [Ladyfractic] That’s convenient. – [Perifractic] Very convenient. So we shipped the tapes to him, and guess what we found? – What did we find? – You heard of Worms. – Yes. – You knew I had Worms. – Everyone knew you had Worms. – You know what came next? – A pill? – Worms 2. – Oh, well obviously. I think that’s the version
that I actually played. – Right. Then Worms 2, we found the
original cut scene files on the back-up tapes. (upbeat music) But there’s just one small snag. These cut scenes used the
puppet master plug-in, which was abandoned about 10
versions ago in LightWave. So we haven’t had any success
in re-animating these, but it’s still amazing
to see them like this. And I’ll put this hard disc image recovered from tape in
the description below. Know what that means? – You put them online. – Well, we’ll be doing that too, but it also means I’ve got Worms again. (sighing) Back in the garage? – Yeah. – Okay. And speaking of those drives, we actually were able to
restore most of those too, with the help of the guys
from the Internet Archive. And we’ll actually be tying it in with a live Q and A with Cris Blyth, that original Team17
developer who gave me Worms. I’m going to be putting that out initially as a Patreon only live Q and A, just because we’d get too
many questions otherwise and it makes it a lot simpler, but of course I’ll make the
video public, just after. And the PCB on the
underside of those drives. Know what that reminds me of? – PCBWay! – Way! – Because as we all know, PCB stands for. – Printed Circ- – Duh buh buh, Puppyfractic Can Bark. – Woof. – Very good. Do check out PCB’s website. Not only do they make what I think are the best quality PCBs out there, but they’ve got a PCB design
contest going right now, where you. – She wants to enter. – You want to enter the
contest, well you can design, send in your designs before
your dog smothers you. And maybe win! (yelling) (upbeat music) (dog barking) (snaps) Ah, that’s one way to get her off me. Now, speaking of the Internet Archive, I’ve actually also scanned things like Cris Blyth’s day planner, hope he doesn’t mind, and put all of that and some of the artwork and
sketches of Worms and Worms 2 onto my Internet Archive page. Exciting stuff, as you can tell. So you guys can look through it and so that most importantly
it will be preserved for future generations. (upbeat music) So what about the news
you’ve been waiting for? The Amiga 4000 from Team17
and those Worms mesh files on the hard disk. – The armpits. – And the armpits. Well, I did a poll on that video asking you guys where you
thought it should end up. And unfortunately, the results
weren’t very conclusive. (upbeat music) – Was it an aluminum pole? – Aluminum. But yeah, either way. ‘Cause I find tinsel quite distracting. – Happy early Festivus. – Happy Festivus. Same to you. So, I did get inquiries
from a lot of museums, and thanks to all of you that reached out to house the machine. I did end up deciding
on sending the machine to the National Video Game
Museum in Sheffield, England. There were a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, their tagline is, “Video games for everyone, forever,” and I think kind of says it all when we’re talking about
historic video game stuff. Secondly, they are just a
short drive from Wakefield, where Team17’s office still is, right. – So it’s kind of sending it home. – Exactly. And they’ve been in discussions since we made this decision
with Team17 themselves, and they’re gonna be
making that Amiga 4000 part of a larger exhibit
with even more Team17 stuff. So no date as yet as to when
it will actually go on display, but obviously check in
with them before visiting. As you should before visiting my lap. (snaps) Perfect. Now, I also wanted to make the images of the Amiga 4000 hard
drives and the back-up tapes and lots of other stuff available
to the six billion people who don’t live in Sheffield. And I thought that would be pretty simple. – It’s a JPEG, right? – The image? – Yeah. – It’s a bit bigger than a JPEG. Speaking of big things and JPEGs, I’ll show you those on
that TV in just a second, ..on the Amiga 12000 NSFW
update coming up in a moment. So, as I was saying, I
thought it would simple. Turns out, I would essentially
be pirating software if I gave that out, because
on there is Workbench, is LightWave, is Team17 source data. And I’m not a pirate, right? – Not last time I checked. – Oh, dunno how you check for that. What’s a pirate’s favorite
letter, by the way? – The C. – R. – In your case, arr. – Arr. Anyway, long story short, I reached out personally to Team17. We’d been in touch
throughout this process. And they were very gracious and they said, do what
you want, we trust you. – Big mistake. – Big mistake. No, that was very kind of them. I then reached out to NewTek, who incredibly are still around, still making versions of LightWave. And that’s kind of mind blowing to me, ’cause I used to use the
NewTek demos on my Amiga 500. – Hello, welcome to NewTek. Hello, hello hello. (static) – [Woman] Relax. (whirring) – So I e-mailed them. They had seen the video, and
they said, “We trust you. “Do what you want.” Again. – Big mistake. – Well, I’m quite trustworthy. As my other t-shirt says,
“Trust me, I’m a PCB Wayer.” – Yeah, it does say that. – Does say that. Then there was the issue of Workbench. Of course, Workbench is owned by Cloanto and I would essentially
be giving out free copies of Workbench on that hard disk image. But, very graciously, Cloanto have agreed to sponsor a free version of
Amiga Forever express edition to make this possible, and it’ll be pre-loaded
with the Amiga 4000. So when you boot up Amiga Forever, it will show that complete image as if you were actually using the machine. – Did the Spice Girls write that song? – Amiga Forever? I think you’re confusing that with. – Viva Forever. – Yeah. – Sorry. – Haven’t quite got
that image together yet. We’re working on producing
that special release. So, make sure you’re subscribed. I’ll be putting a post
out in my community page on YouTube and on social media when that’s available to download. I will also update the
description of this video when that’s available too. – There’s literally nothing there. – Yeah, it’s three cats. That’s why she’s so wriggly. – We have no cats. – Was he fractic? (dog whining) (laughing) (dog growling) (exciting music) Well, while Ladyfractic’s distracted, I’m going to talk to you about nudes. – Wait, what? – Oh, I thought you were busy. – [Ladyfractic] Nope. (laughing) – You’ll remember the Amiga 1200 that I went through and explored. We found some not suitable
for work images on there. (laughing) Okay, boy oh boy. I’ll have to. We’ll just, (clears throat) I’ll pixelate that out. Turns out, I should have just opened those in the program file that was sitting there in the same folder. – Duh. – Duh, yeah. So I did that a short time after, and well, Puppyfractic wasn’t
very happy with what she saw. (barking) (dog growling and barking) You’re a good girl, dog. You were very, very angry about that. (dog growling) But uploading those
outrageous 80s haircuts to the internet got me very concerned. – Yeah, it was the haircuts. – Yeah, got me very concerned
about internet privacy. So, I recommend Surfshark VPN! Sorry, sorry for shouting. VPN. And not only do they encrypt your data, they also protect your
banking credentials, your passwords and logins. And with servers in 56 countries, you can even access your Netflix and other accounts from
anywhere in the world. Because access is a
privilege, not a right. Oh, sorry, it’s the other way around. And because the Amiga was
first announced in 1984, I’ve teamed up with Surfshark VPN to offer you guys, how much? – 84% – 84% off. ‘Cause as we all know, VPN stands for? – Virtual Private Network. – No no, Very Private Nudes. (dog growling) And, as we all know, WORMS stands for? – Ew. – Ew? That doesn’t make sense. No, it stands for We Only
Randomize Major Sweepstakes. – Of course. – Because it is time, of course, it is time for the Worms contest. Yep, you wanna get Worms again, don’t you? – Not again. – Oh yeah, she’s pointing
her bottom at you. Be careful. (snaps) That’s better. Now, as you may know,
there was a lot of stuff in that treasure trove, and there were hard disks,
tapes, as we’ve already said. And the museum didn’t really
need all of that stuff. It doesn’t look that great,
just hard disks stacked up that you can’t really access or display. So we decided to keep some of it back, and that way the public, and you guys, subscribers and patrons, can
all join in and enter a contest and maybe win part of that treasure trove. So here’s what’s available to win. (upbeat music) Check out the link in the description to enter the contest now. But we also wanted to
keep a few things back for a charity auction. That way we can really
just spread the love of all of this, and the
enjoyment it’s brought us, to worthy causes as well as
just museums and contests. So, Cris Blyth, who actually donated all of this stuff to us, one of the charities that
he supports in Kenya, where he now lives, is Cura. And they raise, educate, and support orphaned children there. – That is incredibly sweet. – Yeah, it’s a really worthy cause. So make sure you check out the other link in the description which
is for the charity auction. (upbeat music) ♪ He made the whole worm in his hands ♪ ♪ He made the whole worm in his hands ♪ ♪ He made the whole worm in his hands ♪ ♪ He made the whole worm in his hands ♪ And that is it for this
mega, bumper sized, slightly boring wrap-up
of the Team17 stuff. Honestly, thank you guys so much for all of your interest in this series. I honestly am so grateful
that I even got the donation from Cris Blyth in the first place, and that we’ve finally been able to wrap everything up and do some
really good things with it. I am not wormy. – You’re not? – No, I’m not. – Great, out of the garage. – Yay, high five! – Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe below, and see you later. – No, it’s cheerio. – Back in the garage. (sighing) (upbeat music) – That’s a good girl. I don’t wanna live in the garage. Are you gonna live in the garage with me? – Yeah, just on a bed. – You’re gonna sleep in a bed? Watcha doing? – Murder, murder. (Perifractic yelling) – [Perifractic] Who’s got the kibble? (Perifractic yelling) – You okay? – Think I got worms again. – Ugh.

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