(upbeat music) (upbeat music)
(camera shutter) – In today’s video, my twin
buys my school clothes. But before it get started,
give us big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. ♪ You said that you needed me ♪ ♪ Like a cargo, you will carry me ♪ (gasp) – Jordyn, Jordyn, Jordyn! – What?
– School starts in a few days. – But I’m not ready. – Ahhh Let’s go shopping.
– Let’s go shopping. (panting)
(foot steps) – Wait! We can’t go looking like this. – You’re right. (door opening) (upbeat music) – We’re at our favorite
place to go shopping. – Target. – Yeah. – I’m so excited to get my school clothes. – All right guys, before we go in, I forgot to mention that this
is a special shopping trip. – Okay. – With a twist. – Really? Really, mom? – Yes. It’s my twin
buys my school clothes. – But we’re not twins. – But we’re not technically
twins but look at us, Jordyn. (swoosh) (swoosh) – Can you tell which one is which? – Fine, we look like twins. – So you guys will be buying
each other’s school clothes. – Let’s go shopping.
– Go shopping. (upbeat music) – Oh a bunch of Jojo shirts. I’ll just take this. – Payton, just to let
you know, I love Jojo. – And just to let you know, I love this. All right guys it’s
time to get to business but I know Jordyn very well so this should be easy. – So you better pick some good things. – Okay. Technically, all I have to
do is buy her Jojo things and then she’ll be happy. – That’s true. – These are the easiest
things I ever picked. – This totally looks like
something Payton would wear. I want one. Shopping for someone else is hard. I found another thing for Payton. – I just saw this and
Jordyn might love this. Guys, it even comes with a scrunchy. Scrunchies are the best. – Scrunchies? Payton has to have this. – Guys, my cart is filling
up at an alarming rate. Should I be concerned? – Ah yeah. You should. So guys, I have this one and I’m thinking I can
give Jordyn this one and we can kind of twins. Hopefully, she likes this. – Payton please please get
me this. Please! Please! – Okay. Calm down, Jordyn. – Yes. Best day ever. It even has a hoodie. Meow. I’m a happy woman now. Oooh. Sparkly. Payton deserves to sparkly. If only I had a phone. – Never. (sigh) – And guys, we can’t get enough leggings. – Jordyn, I have to have this outfit. – Hmmmmm. – Please! – Don’t do the face. (whines) fine. Fine. I’ll get it for you. Guys comment down below
if this is the cutest legging skirt choice. I should be a fashionista. – Or maybe I should guys. Look at this. Look at our full cart. – Let’s go to the shoes. ♪ You know that drama ♪ ♪ Is never ending ♪ ♪ Don’t let it get the best of you ♪ ♪ And all the fake friends ♪ ♪ Just keep pretending ♪ – Hmmm. Guys. Jordyn loves these shoes and she wanted them forever (gasps) and a size twos. I’m
gonna get them for her. – Guys, I just heard Payton
talking about the shh– about shoes for me. I hope she got what I want. (gasps) Wait, these are so cute. But I can’t get distracted. I need to find something for Payton. – Psst. Ehem. Jordyn. – What? – Um. I don’t know. There
might be some shoes that I absolutely like. – What about these? – Um girls? Um girls? Your shopping trip is just about over because this store is going to close but you guys have a fashion show to get to ♪ Tonight we’re running
on the right track ♪ ♪ I know we’re never gonna look back ♪ ♪ Oh I just wanna have a
good time, call me whenever ♪ ♪ Cause I’m up for anything like that ♪ ♪ Oh no ♪ – I like shopping. – Hopefully, you like what I
picked out for you, Jordyn. – All right before Jordyn and
Payton do the fashion show, I’m gonna let you guys
know that next video me and Steven are gonna
buy each other’s clothes. Wish me luck guys. Steven
has no fashion sense. – All right Jordyn, are you ready to see
everything I bought for you? – Yes. – One, two, three. (Door opening) – Viola!
(angelic music) – Jojo shirts. I’m so excited you got me Jojo. I love all my clothes. (popping bubbles) – Wow! – Now it’s your turn, Payton. – Okay. – All right Payton, are you ready? – I’m ready. Bring on the clothes. One, two, three.
– one, two, three. (foot steps)
(laughing) – See, I got you a scrunchy shirt. – This one’s my favorites. (popping bubbles) (gasps) – Unicorn. I love these things. – Payton has a thing for sequence. – All right girls, guess what time it is? – What? – Fashion show time (screams) – Get ready. – All right guys, you guys are gonna be the judges of our outfits. – Comment what your favorite
outfit is of the fashion show. – Or email us on the shotoftheyeagers.com (upbeat music) – That was so much fun.
Let’s go get another outfit. ♪ Taking a chance ♪ – Guys, we’re seriously twins. Guys, I’m so excited
about this next outfit. (upbeat music) ♪ Telling me to dance, taking
a chance, chance, chance ♪ – (grunts) I’m exhausted after that round. – I am finally wearing my Jojo shirt. Ready to walk this. (upbeat music) ♪ Pretty people dance. ♪ ♪ Pretty, baby, darling. ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Pretty people dance. ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Pretty, baby, darling. ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Pretty people dance. ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Pretty people dance. ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Come on. ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Pretty people ♪
(camera shutter) – Here I come! ♪ Pretty people ♪ ♪ Da-Dance. Pretty people ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Pretty people ♪
(camera shutter) ♪ Da-Dance. Pretty people ♪
(camera shutter) – All right guys. Are you
ready for the last outfit of the fashion show because it’s coming. – Jojo and Bowbow are coming. (swoosh) – Let’s end this fashion show with a bang! ♪ Pretty people ♪ ♪ Da-Dance ♪ (upbeat music) – All right guys, thanks
for watching today’s video. – Subscribe to our channel. – And comment below. – Gives big thumbs ups. – And see you guys tomorrow. Bye!
– Bye! – I love all my clothes! (popping bubbles) (acoustic music)

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