i lied about this …

I am for accessing juggling in a park there’s a dog here that is walking around the park by himself like on the path that’s awesome I feel like dogs should be freed and allowed to be their own citizens and I don’t know if the law was just passed or something like that maybe they are now I got to be honest like right now I feel like extreme frustration I don’t know an anxiety on the inside I feel it literally in my chest like right here lots of like frustration and anxiety some of its around the video that I posted today just that I feel like I can’t freaking pick a creative title and thumbnail I just suck at it it makes me so mad it’s part of creative process about I feel like if I was to create a person I’d be able to do that piece of cake fun cool and I can do it I wouldn’t put it past me but how come I can they make any sense about time for that dome to come full circle I’m actually back at the gym for the first time in like months months months [Music] [Music] Big Jim scammer and her screw with him let it kill the pose kick your nerds in the nose you can go play don’t let your mommy [Music] [Music] try to make me take back I don’t make me look stupid no I got the sound of stickiness this girl was talking on the phone here and she was like oh thank you and I thought about turning around and being like I don’t remember what the joke was there but anyway here in Connecticut and I think in Massachusetts – at least you need to bring your own bag you need to bring your own reusable bag or they charge you ten cents a bag I think so I forgot my stupid bags [Music] good morning it’s 9 a.m. we’re just having a little bit of breakfast it’s just half of a sub it’s half very small not definitely not like the size of my head oh my god my muscles look at my legs and but I can feel it from working out yesterday but it’s such a good familiar burn like that’s I want to feel oh my god that hurts so bad I just got laser treatment but my usual lady is like how the maternity leave I think the crank 2:11 dude Oh why’d you do that oh shoot who’s superstitious um hey folks how you doin today I’m going to a food festival I’ve chosen to wear this I don’t know why like this looks good but like is this good for eating because what happens is the food goes right here like so we get this area nice and plump top remains pretty pretty good usually just comes out a lot of portion here that Fupa area if you will no matter some of them with your Christmas tree cheese here it’s like some kind of food events look [Music] oh hi I’m back from the event I stole a plastic mini Fork I’m sure you can get a bunch of these at like the dollar store for a dollar but I still felt it was important that I take that home with me and then there was like this little tasting cup that I got I’m trying to work with this radio station they play like classic rock they told me to email them like some zany ideas that I have so that we can create like a little video or something so I have to think about like what we could do but yeah I mean whatever I told him I do juggling and contortion which like is I was laughing about on the way home because it’s pretty much a lie like I tried to do juggling and contortion but like I’m not good at it so I [Music] whoa whoa boy okay so it’s 9:30 a.m. I’m going on a morning date the date is like a car show at a brewery the guy said that he it’s too early for beer and I said it’s not I’m about to meet somebody for the first time have a morning bear on an empty stomach and see where it goes that’s a bad idea here you go sweetie thank Oh we look ready for a date cuz I’m about to go on one I have had this makeup on all day and I’ve done a million things of it eaten three Donuts no – I went to the gym and all this stuff and I’ve just packed on more freaking makeup this is way too much makeup and yet I’m still not not stopping what the hell yeah I’m actually going on a date so I’m I’m very very excited and well take it or leave it okay you don’t only mean along a meet all I can hope is that this person wears glasses and isn’t wearing them on the date I love a guy who wears glasses but doesn’t wear him on a date cuz then he can’t really see me hello oh my god I think I just overdid it with a perfume – I think I smell like a hooker oh my god it up okay well I smell like a hooker I look like a hooker yeah well here goes nothing look at these flowers that I got from a special person oh my god holy look at that eye her putting toothpaste on legs it’s helps so that’s definitely what’s on my chin I thank you guys so much for watching this video right now I’m going to try something new it’s a comment of the day so if you comment on my videos you have the chance of just being highlighted I guess I was Comet of the day so I’m gonna find my last video which was called me my girlfriend with my friend Ileana and I’m gonna see what the comment of the day yay all right for now let’s find out 96 comments okay randomly pick a winner ah Daniel VAW the juggling in you and your vlogs are so cool-looking and target it was good in the trail and your unboxing Tryon if you can spare the time have a great Sunday my love ha ha thank you so much Daniel for your comment thanks for being comment of the day [Music]


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