I Ran Away From Home

have you ever felt overwhelmed in life
and he felt like you just got to get away that’s what I did my friends I
packed up my bags and I ran away from home but I took my family with me
sometimes it just got to get away well we’re headed and I’m not gonna tell
you where we’re going you’re gonna have to guess so this is where I’ve been I’ve been
away from home and you didn’t even know it one year ago today I was at the very
same place and it is so nice to get away from home spend time on a off-grid cabin
with no plumbing and no running water taking baths by the creek it’s beautiful
isn’t it it’s very peaceful and very quiet you if I drop this camera in trouble hey
how’s that like I mean he’s recording so cool isn’t that neat look like a salamander but go get another job you thought maybe I
was a little bit over the top in my field you might build again go get
it go get it you it’s fun I could live up here
word and I would live here forever but we all have our places that we like to
go to for peace and quiet in her life and this is just what I like to come to
I’ve had a very stressful month in my life and I’m really thankful to be able
to get away and just have some peace and quiet and enjoy what life is really
about and that’s family so it’s been a good weekend for me now maybe you can
understand a little bit why I didn’t share with anybody what was happening
because I wanted to surprise you the state of Pennsylvania is a beautiful
state with a lot of forests wildlife it’s just a beautiful place to live we
experienced the four seasons and the climate is pretty nice it can be very
hot and humid though but up north here the temperatures are a lot cooler and we
don’t have the humidity we’re about four hours away from home so it’s not
terribly far but yet it’s far enough to get away so what does our cabin look
like no running water an outhouse a primitive way of living well you’re
gonna have to stay tuned for the next video as you see there’s a lot of going
on here in my life and I think you’re gonna really enjoy my adventures still
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