I REPLACED the back glass panel on my GALAXY NOTE 5

hey what’s up guys like I promised last
time I went ahead and I ordered the back cover for the galaxy note 5 as you guys
remember when I was trying to replace the battery I ended up breaking the back
cover and I was a little bit concerned but I ended up finding a couple of them
online from between 10 to $15 I want to give a quick shout out to Joe Bonney for
recommending this particular back cover that I got ended up paying about $15 he
got one at some time ago and seems that he worked out for him so I order it and
I install it so let me tell you all about it my name is Mario for those of
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channel so moving into the back cobras I mentioned to you guys I broke the back
panel and I went ahead and I ordered online it cost me about fifteen dollars
I got it in in a couple of days and installation was very easy so one of the
first thing that I had to do is make sure that I remove all the glue and some
of the glass particles that were left behind I had to make sure I remove it
all completely did use a wipe with some alcohol to remove some of that he saved
ended up using one of those blades to remove some of the gum that I couldn’t
get remove easily at the end I just make sure everything was off completely but
you do have to make sure that you remove all the glass and everything that stays
in there so when you put the new one make sure you eat stays flush between
adhesive you had the back plastic cover and you have the actual glass panel so I
had to be a little bit careful when I was removing the plastic cover I’m
making sure that I didn’t I wasn’t peeling off the adhesive that was in the
back panel after making sure it was laying out correctly I just went ahead
and put some pressure around it and just I was pretty much careful with I didn’t
want to scratch it or break it and overall I think you look really good
I was very impressed when I first put it in there it just looked like the
original the colors the lettering everything looked pretty much like the
original the only thing that I noticed and I did notice this on the reviews is
that it doesn’t seem to be a hundred percent the size from the manufacturer
seems like it’s like a pinch smaller maybe about one millimeter but honestly
it’s not a big deal for me so and from one side it looks like everything is
perfect on the other side I can see a little bit of gap but again I’m not
really concerned it was only about $15 and I’m not going to be able to see this
once I put the back cover and even if I don’t want to use a cover
on these I mean I’m just gonna walk around this and I know if I break it if
I drop it and it breaks again I mean it’s only about ten fifteen dollars that
I’m gonna have to spend on it again once I put a case on it I’m not even gonna
remember it as you can see on the very bottom on the edge and the corner it
didn’t went all the way in and no matter how much pressure I put in there it’s
not gonna seal completely and this is a very common problem with the last
protectors that you get for the Galaxy Note 8 or some of their infinity
displays glass covers that you get if you guys have tried them sometimes
they’re not a hundred percent perfect and on the corners you’ll notice that it
doesn’t it doesn’t line up completely it’s not flush but overall if you guys
need to replace your back panel and you don’t want to spend a lot of money
definitely check them out in Amazon I’ll have a link in the description below if
you guys want to order it again I only paid about fifteen dollars for this and
overall I’m pretty satisfied wireless charging works like I’m able to use the
case on it and there’s no complaints the color matches pretty much everything
it’s it’s like the original and I don’t know what do you guys think you guys
think is worth it the installation was very user friendly I wasn’t concerned
this was the first time that I installed at the back cover as you guys know I
ended up breaking the first one that I was trying to take off but again
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