I Styled the Ugliest Fashion Nova Clothes for a Week

– What is this new background? Okay, so what do we think? Obviously we’ve got a new
filming set-up over here. I absolutely love it. I think this change was long overdue, and if you watch my vlog channel, then you’ve already
seen the transformation, but if you haven’t– Hey! New background! So this week I ordered the ugliest items from Fashion Nova, and had to wear them. Obviously fashion is totally subjective, so just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that you’re
not gonna love it. So if there’s an item that you love that I am not a fan of in this video, I hope you’re not offended, and I hope it doesn’t stop you from rocking it because it’s
just one person’s opinion. It’s kind of gonna be like
when I styled clothes I hate for a week, except this time,
it’s all from Fashion Nova. (swipe) For my first day, we’re taking a stab at two things that I don’t like. Camo print and spliced clothing. These are called the Split
Personality Cargo Pants in olive. Now these do have two good things going from them from the get-go. The description says that they have a jogger leg and oversized fit which sounds like two things I would like. It sounds like it might
make them a little bit more bearable even if I
can’t stand the print. So, let’s see if I can
make these work for me. (swipe) Okay, I didn’t realize until I literally just turned on this camera, but this shirt with these Fashion Nova pants. I look like Kim Possible,
and I’m like here for it. Like I was just thinking
what would be cute with like half army pants,
half green khaki pants. I was like oh, maybe a
little black, tight crop top and uh, yeah, boom, Kim Possible. Oh my gosh, okay sorry,
Disney throwback vibes. Anyways, this is my first day wearing Fashion Nova items that I hate. First issue with these pants is um, the belt loop is completely broken. Like I literally just opened the package of these and it’s broken. So that kinda sucks, but,
ya know, it is what it is. The pants themselves fit pretty well and I’m really surprised at the length. They have that elastic on the bottom, and they actually fit my,
like, length really well. And I’m like five four
and a half, five five so a lot of the times things are a little bit long, but these. The fit is okay, it’s more just the style that’s not my thing. But I mean, now I just
feel like I’m dressed like Kim Possible, which
I kind of love, so. I like these pants more
than I was expecting. I’m gonna be wearing these
pants up to L.A. today. Skylar and I are going up there
for some meetings and stuff, and then we’re staying
the night in a hotel, because tomorrow I have a big
shoot at the Youtube Studio. So that means that this interesting outfit is gonna be seen all around L.A. And the ugly Fashion Nova item that I’m gonna wear tomorrow also needs to be packed up so I take it with me. So, let’s go to L.A. Kim Possible coming to
you live from L.A. now. We just checked into our hotel. You know we definitely started with like the more tame styles for this video, like it’s gonna get
progressively weirder as we go. But, even today’s outfit I didn’t expect to like these pants at all, and they actually fit pretty comfy. I feel like they look cute,
they’re not too out there. Honestly, even though these
are two things I don’t like, camo print and the spliced clothing, I think they look really cute. I don’t know why, I think
they’re just working. I feel confident, I feel comfortable, and I feel like the way that I paired them with the black crop top is pretty cute. – [Skylar] I feel like the worst part about this outfit is that you very much look like you’re a Youtuber on your way to a meeting with your manager. – I do. – [Skylar] Like you’re like let’s plan some really great Instagram content. – Let’s go take Instagram photos, and then go to The Grove, and then I’ll get my nails done, and then we can go get lemonade. (both laughing) Oh my God. (swipe) Styling these pants with
the black, fitted crop top totally made me feel like
Kim Possible in the best way. I’m actually really
surprised with how much I liked these pants throughout my day. Like, they’re not
necessarily my go-to style, but I kind of felt like
an edgier version of me. Like I felt confident, I felt comfortable, and these pants are something that I would normally right by in a store, but I actually kinda liked
the fit and the style, even if the print wasn’t my thing. I don’t think I would
wear these pants again, but they definitely inspired me to go on the hunt for a pair of like, green jogger cargo pants like this. It’s definitely outside
of my typical style, but I actually did not mind wearing these, and I felt pretty confident. (swipe) Okay, so the first day was pretty tame, right, but day two oh my gosh. We are jumping right into it with the weird Fashion Nova clothes. I saw this Cloud Nine Jumpsuit when I was scrolling through the site, and I new it was perfect for this video because like, what even is this? Where do you were this,
what is the appropriate occasion for the Cloud Nine Jumpsuit? It only has one review on Fashion Nova, and it’s five stars, and it
just says “Great outfit.” So, we’ll see if I feel the same way. (swipe) Oh my gosh, I’m Rainbow Fish. Do you guys remember that
childhood book about Rainbow Fish? That is literally me today. How is this a thing that is
sold in a normal fashion store? This isn’t like a costume, this isn’t like some weird like, I don’t
know, music festival outfit. This is from Fashion Nova, also I’m losing scales all over the ground, so I might not be Rainbow
Fish by the end of the day. I mean this outfit is so weird, I just can’t imagine people wearing this on a daily basis, but I guess I’m about to be one of those people. And I can not wear a bra with this. It is a deep back, like
I can’t even wear like a strapless bra or anything
like you just can’t. You can’t wear a bra with
this, there’s no way. And there’s this like random seem, wide seem, down the middle that, I don’t know what that’s for. I don’t know if it’s purposeful or if it’s an accident, but it’s there. So me being the lovely
Rainbow Fish that I am, I am about to head over
to the Youtube Space. It’s basically like this big studio that Youtubers can use to make videos, and I’m filming a video there today for my main channel that you guys will be seeing in a few weeks. So, uh yeah, I’m gonna be
wearing this to the shoot, and whenever I’m not like
in a specific costume this is gonna be my outfit for the day. Uh, you know what at
the very best at least I’ve seen a lot of people wearing like weird costumes around the
Youtube Space for videos. One time there was a girl
there dressed like a gladiator. Yesterday we saw someone
dressed as Harley Quinn. It’s like it’s kinda more
acceptable than wearing this to I don’t know
like Target or something, but it’s still gonna be fricken weird and I’m still gonna get a lot of looks. Oh man, alright, let’s,
let’s do this I guess. I don’t really, I don’t really wanna leave the hotel room
in this, but I have to. We forgot a few things
for the shoot today, so I’m actually going to CVS
right now in Rainbow Fish. I thought I was gonna luck out, and the only people who were gonna see this beautiful ensemble were going to be like the people at the Youtube Studio, but uh, yeah, no fate had
others plans, here I am at CVS. At least it’s L.A. I feel like in L.A. weird things happen so maybe this is more socially acceptable, but I’m definitely
getting some weird looks. Good morning. (footsteps) Is this what my life has come to? Oh, lost another scale in CVS. Alright, Reuben, the videographer just got here for today’s shoot. – Hello guys. – This is for a different video. – Oh my God, are we doing a dance video? (all laughing) – What do you think it is? – Uh, I don’t even know. What is, what is it? – It’s an outfit from Fashion Nova. – Oh my God, I was like are we recreating Little Mermaid?
– Rainbow Fish? – Gone Lady Gaga or what’s– – [Sierra] Okay. (laughing) This is Stephanie, the makeup artist. – Oh my gosh. – [Sierra] What do you think of my outfit? (lauging) – I was not expecting that. (both laughing) – [Sierra] So this is
Tony the photographer. – Hi. – [Sierra] What do you
think of this outfit, cause you know the outfit’s for the video. – Oh God, you’re like blinding me. – [Sierra] I know, I’m like a disco ball. – Literally, what is this? – [Sierra] It’s just an outfit
from Fashion Nova, like– – Interesting, good choice. – [Sierra] Yeah some street
wear, some daily wear. So we are about to start doing
my makeup for today’s shoot. Hopefully my shiny
disco ball scales aren’t too distracting for
Stephanie, our makeup artist. Because they’re super
reflective, and if you get it at the wrong angle it’ll literally like blind you because they’re so reflective. Also, I’m surprised at how much
I don’t mind being braless. Like I’ve always been someone who’s like I can not be braless, I need a bra. And like, I’m okay in this,
I’m okay being braless. I kind of feel like free and loosey goosey and just it’s comfortable, not gonna lie. (swipe) This one was so bad
that it was almost good, if that makes sense. Like I kind of ironically
enjoyed wearing it. It was so far out of
conventional clothing items and fashion that I feel like most people probably just assumed I
was wearing a costume. I think the thing that
surprised me the most with this jumpsuit was how
comfortable I felt being braless. I’ve always been someone who like insists on wearing a bra with everything, like I will not buy something if
I can’t wear a bra with it. Even when I was wedding dress shopping, like I told the bridal consultant like I need a dress that I
can wear a good bra with. But like, I felt kind of
like free and comfortable, and I think I might go braless more often. So, will I wear this again? No, I don’t see any world in which there’s an appropriate
occasion to wear this, unless I was invited to like a
Rainbow Fish dress- up party? Then I guess I have the perfect outfit. (swipe) For day three I wanted to do some sort of like really cringy graphic tee, because Fashion Nova
has a plethora of those. And I came across this one that says Baby Needs Money and I
knew it was the one for me. I’m just a girl on the lookout for my sugar daddy I guess. Baby needs money. (swipe) Alright, day three getting started. I’m going to SoulCycle this morning, which means that today’s
outfit is actually in this bag. And I’m going to be getting ready at SoulCycle in a very,
very cringy outfit. So I just finished at SoulCycle, wearing my Baby Needs Money shirt. I got like dressed and ready at SoulCycle, so I’ll give you guys a little pan of my outfit from the mirror in there. I am wearing, of course, the Fashion Nova Baby Needs Money shirt. I’ve got this pink bomber
jacket from Fabletics, and then just some leggings
and my Adidas Superstars. So this outfit is definitely on the more casual side, especially since I’m not wearing very much makeup. I just got my hair in a little bun. And honestly, aside from like the printing on the shirt, it’s a pretty nice shirt. I like that it’s long so
it works with leggings, like it covers my butt in the back. And the material is like
really lightweight and soft, like it’s a good t-shirt. This is just not really
the vibe I’m usually trying to give off, but I guess, today it is. Alright, so, baby needs money, we’ve already established that, but baby also needs to run some errands, so I’m going to Marshall’s. I am going to be traveling
to Montana next week to visit a friend, and if you wanna see all those adventures make sure
to check out my vlog channel. But, I do not have a big enough suitcase to fit all of my winter clothes, because it’s about 10
degrees right now in Montana. So, I am going to buy a bigger suitcase right now I just have a carry-on size and uh, we’re gonna do it in this outfit. Alright, I got the suitcase I need and I’m still rockin’ the cute ‘fit. Honestly, even though I cringe every time I see what my t-shirt says, I feel like this is probably the easiest thing to wear and to style because it’s just a big, oversized, comfy t-shirt. Like I don’t feel uncomfortable in this, especially compared to
like the Rainbow Fish suit I wore yesterday. Like I feel like this is
definitely more acceptable. Not a slogan I would
usually put on a t-shirt, but like I don’t feel
out of place, ya know? Like I’m just in leggings
and a little t-shirt, and half the people I walk by probably don’t even read the shirt. And baby also needs some food. Havin’ a little late lunch,
I think it’s like three-ish? But honestly, I’m like surprised at how much I don’t mind the shirt. I’m definitely gonna
wear it as a PJ shirt. Probably won’t wear this out again, but I love big, oversized PJ shirts, and this one is like
perfect, and soft and comfy. So yeah, this will definitely become one of my go-to PJ shirts. But for a normal outfit this is probably the first and only time. (swipe) So this shirt was so comfortable, like with my leggings and
my little bomber jacket I felt like totally relaxed chillin’ in this all day, running errands,
hangin’ out at the house. By the end of the day I almost forgot that this was an outfit
I was supposed to hate, and not just like a
comfy, oversize t-shirt that I’m wearing with leggings. Like don’t get me wrong, the slogan itself is still super weird. But the shirt was soft and oversized, and just really comfortable
so this is definitely gonna be one of my PJ
shirts from here on out. (swipe) Day four, we’ve got the
She Looks Like Fun Top. Now, I love bright colors. I’m someone who loves to play with color in my wardrobe, but like
muted bright colors. Like pastel pink, and
pale blue, maybe a little of like mustard yellow mixed in there. So all the bright neon
not really my thing, plus it’s with animal print, another thing that I’m not usually a fan of. So this shirt has a lot of things that wouldn’t normally be for me. (swipe) Alright, so there’s two Fashion Nova items left for the week. I gotta pick my poison, let’s
go with this one for today. So I just got back from the gym, just finished filming a little review that you guys have already seen now of the Sister’s Apparel workout gear. And I need to go get dressed for the day. And unfortunately, but fortunately for your entertainment, that
means putting on this today. We have this cheetah like running top lookin’ thing, I don’t really know. But uh, yeah, it’s crazy to think that this is pretty tame compared to the other things I’ve worn so far. And the dress that’s still
to come tomorrow, but. I’m gonna go put it on,
let’s go get dressed. Okay, so I was gonna do
like jeans or something with this, but I feel
like with the leggings I already have on, it kind
of works in a weird way. Like obviously, it’s still hideous. But, with the dark leggings
it at least kind of matches with the dark
spots on the leopard print. And I definitely need something as neutral as possible for this top, and it does kind of look like a workout, like running top. Ya know, with the quarter
zip and the material. The material is that kind of like spandexy stretchy workout material. So I think I might just
wear it with this today, and then I don’t even have to do my makeup or my hair, I can just
like keep it up like oh this is just my weird athleisure look. Just finished up at the gym. Well I mean I still need to shower, so I guess I’ll shower
and then put this back on. Cause I don’t wanna be like
stinky gym Sierra all day. But plans for the day,
first half of the day I’m just gonna be editing at my desk, and luckily this is
actually really comfortable. So I’m gonna be editing in this and then going over to Skylar’s house later tonight for a girl’s night, so
uh, some other people than me will get to experience the lovely leopard rainbow print. Okay, is it weird that
this is like growing on me? Like I’ve literally only been wearing it for five minutes, and
I like kinda like it. Like look it’s kinda
flattering, it kind of works. It’s loud, but it’s not that
bad and it’s really comfy. I’m not mad about having
to wear this all day today. (knocking) Hey! – Hi! Check in there. – [Sierra] What do you
guys think of my outfit? (all laughing) – Is that your belly button? – [Sierra] Oh yeah, that too. – I totally forgot you
were filming that, so. Oh my God your Sister’s leggings? – [Sierra] Let me model for you, hold on. And the slippers, right? – [Friend] My God, that is a look. – Also I’m kind of like a Cheetah girl. (gasps) – [Friend] But which one are you? – Oooooh. – That’s, let me know in the comments, you guys get to decide. What cheetah girl am I? Alright.
– No I’m forgetting her name. She’s the one who dated the
Kardashian, Rob Kardashian. – Oh, Adrienne Bailon, Bailon. – You’re such an Adrienne. – I am an Adrienne. – Cause your like a
strong, independent woman who like doesn’t take any crap. – What was her name? – [Friend] Chanel!
– Chanel! (swipe) This top was not nearly as
bad as I expected it to be. The fit was nice, the material was nice, and even though the print was definitely very loud and bright, styling it as like a workout athleisure
top made a lot of sense. I feel like it’s more common for gym wear to be more brightly colored
and have crazy patterns, so this totally like makes
sense as a workout top, and the cropped fit of the jacket was really flattering with
my high-waisted leggings. I felt totally confident in
this and pretty comfortable. I don’t think I’ll be wearing this again in the way that Fashion Nova intended it like as daily wear, but
I wouldn’t be surprised if I reach for this
again as like gym wear, for a hike, for a run,
somethin’ like that. (swipe) I saved the best for last, or maybe I just procrastinated on wearing this one ’til the very end because
I hate it so much. We’ve got the Nothing But
Darling Metallic Dress that honestly looks
like it is straight out of a Lady Gaga music video. Ooh, this dress is a lot. Let’s just, let’s roll the clip. (swipe) Oh man, today is going to be interesting. I have a very mundane day planned, but the outfit I’m going to be wearing is pretty much the opposite of that. I’m just gonna be doing some laundry, packing for a trip, going to Target, and I’m gonna be wearing this. (laughing) Oh my gosh, what even,
what even is this dress? Ya know the worst part is, it’s
not even that unflattering. Like the little slit here
is kinda cute, but like it’s definitely tight and like body-con, but like it doesn’t look
that bad, it’s just weird. Like what kind of occasion,
what event is this designed for? Like, is someone gonna
wear this to a wedding? Am I supposed to wear this out to a club? Like, what is the appropriate
occasion for this dress? The only appropriate
occasion I can think of is a dress up like Lady
Gaga costume party, and in which case I think
this would be amazing. I am just about to get started on my day, but before I get into
doing any of the things I need to do, I think first we gotta see what Stephen thinks of this. Hey Stephen. – [Stephen] Yeah? – [Sierra] Close your eyes,
I have a surprise for you. – What is that? (Sierra laughing) Oh no. – [Sierra] What do you think of my outfit? Pretty cute, huh? – That’s not an outfit, it’s
like a Halloween costume. (both laughing) – What sort of occasion,
what sort of event do you think this dress
would be appropriate for? – Halloween. – That’s it?
– That’s it. – I would agree with that. (basket hitting bed) Let’s do some laundry! Four years ago when I thought, hey, I’ll start a Youtube
channel, that’ll be fun, I never thought I would be in a hot pink, shoulder padded dress doing my laundry. Life is weird, okay, I’m
gonna do some laundry, and then I’m going to be
heading off to the store. What an interesting outfit
choice for a rainy day. As soon as I walked in,
there were three employees right there at the customer service desk, and like I was just like
lookin’ straight ahead, I’m like I know I’m gonna get looks I’m just gonna pretend I’m not. And I hear them stop mid-conversation and one of them turns to the other and goes, “wow, that’s bold. I like it.” I literally don’t need anything from the Valentine’s Day aisle, but I was walkin’ past
it and I was like hey, it matches my outfit, what a good place to pose for some B-roll. – I love your dress. – Oh, thank you! – The shoulders are amazing. – Thank you! I got a lot of weird looks, a lot of, uh, subtle head turns
as I walked by people being like what is that girl wearing, and one of the Target cashiers
really liked my dress, she even complimented me on it. Ya know, I’ve definitely
worn a lot of things that were worse for me
personally, in terms of my comfort level and like insecurities, but this is definitely the most like loud, look at me drawing attention to me thing I’ve ever worn for a video
or in my life whatsoever. Like when I wore that Fashion
Nova gray, tight jumpsuit for the outfits I Hate for a Week video, I hated that because I felt uncomfortable, but no one was looking at me,
like it wasn’t that unusual. This I feel okay in personally, but it’s definitely something
that commands attention. (swipe) It was pretty hilarious to watch back that footage of myself just like casually folding laundry in this dress. This dress is so ridiculous and I feel like the funniest part
is I honestly wouldn’t bat an eye if I saw like
some glamorous beauty guru wear this to a Youtube
event, or like a celebrity wear this on the red carpet. Like it’s weird but I could see someone wearing this over like
the Rainbow Fish jumpsuit. That being said though, living in a little suburban town,
this is not normal at all, and I got a lot of weird looks at Target. (swipe) So, let’s give a little
wrap up of the week. I think my favorite
outfit would actually be the Baby Needs Money graphic tee, which is like so weird to say. But just hear me out, like
it was soft, it was comfy, and I feel like of
everything in this video, I’ll probably get the
most use of this shirt, within the comfort of my own home that is. This one I’m not wearing
this one out in public again. (swipe) My least favorite outfit was
the Rainbow Fish jumpsuit a.k.a I think it was called
the Cloud Nine Jumpsuit. It was just so extra and so out there, and I’m pretty sure I lost like 100 scales throughout the day. (swipe) And my favorite outfit, like the way everything came together
would probably be day one, the Kim Possible ‘fit. The cargo pants were comfortable
and pretty flattering, and totally opened up my
eyes to a clothing item that I probably never would have tried if it wasn’t for this video. Like your girl’s lookin’
for some cargo pants now, like I am all about the jogger life, like those were super comfy. (swipe) And I want to thank the
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my channel and this video. You can get your first audiobook for free when you try Audible for 30 days. Just visit audible.com/sierraschultzzie or text sierrashultzzie to 500500. I’ve been using Audible for years now. I first got into it, because I wanted to listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks, and then I was hooked. So every month, Audible
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tweaking it a little bit in the coming weeks just to figure out exactly how I want it. But what do you think? Do you miss the old background,
do you like this one? I feel like this one is more mature, but still my style, my
favorite colors, very me. It seriously came out like
exactly what I envisioned in my head, so I’m
really excited about it, and I hope you guys like it too. Anyways, be confident, love your curves, and I will see you guys on
Tuesday with another new video. Bye! (up-beat outro music)


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