I Tried Styling Clothes From Unpopular Brands

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel, and today I’m going to be styling clothes from unpopular clothing stores. As trends and styles change, brands tend to come in
and out of fashion too. Like when I was in middle school, if you didn’t shop at
Aeropostale, you weren’t cool. And now like, who shops at Aeropostale? It’s just not really considered
a desirable store anymore, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t cute things to be found there, or maybe it does? I don’t know. We’re gonna find out. So I’m gonna go to three stores that aren’t considered
very popular right now, and try to find some items that I like, and then attempt, key word attempt, to style them in a way that I like, and that’s on trend right now. And this is not my original idea, I’ve seen two lovely women
here on YouTube do this video. Niki Demar, and Marla Catherine. So full credit to them,
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exclusive deal today at DollarShaveClub.com/Sierra All right, so now we’re clean. Now we’re shaven. Let’s go to the mall. I’m over here in the Walmart parking lot ready to head inside and find some deals. I did a video a few months ago, where I tried to put
an outfit together for a $100 at Walmart, and I didn’t really like the stuff there, I didn’t really find
that much great stuff, but I saw a ton of comments saying that that was just because it
was in between seasons and Walmart has actually
really been stepping up their style game. So today Walmart’s
getting a second chance. And we’ll see if I can
find some cute items. I know I’ll be able to
find some cheap items. The question is, can I find something that I think I can style in a way I would like? (rhythmic rock music) All right, in my first glance, my first like quick little
five minute walk through, I don’t see anything that catches my eye. I’m sure I’ll find something
while I do some more digging. These ones are definitely a no from me. It just looks like a much older style. Like, this looks very 2008 to me. This, I just, I wouldn’t wear. The print I fine but like
the structure of the top it’s just not, it’s not it. I’m trying to think if I can do something with any of these tank tops. Maybe I could like layer
it with a denim jacket. It’s just like, I want to like it so much. I want there to be good things, because the prices are so
low, and it’s so accessible, and so many of you guys seem to have more positive experiences in the comments of that Walmart versus Target video but, at least at my Walmart, I’m struggling. Like that, it’s a no from me, sis. I was thinking of going
for a pair of shorts, but they don’t really have any shorts that have like, more coverage. Most of their shorts are
like booty, booty shorts, which I think I prefer
something a little bit longer. Maybe I’ll go look in
the plus size section. Maybe they’ll have more shorts
with a little more coverage. Okay, so first thing I’m
trying, these shorts. They actually fit me
really well in the waist, and in the legs. They’re kind of loose
and stretchy in the legs, which I love, and then the shirt is just this boxy Lilo and Stitch t-shirt. I really wanted to like these shorts, because they’re a little bit longer, I like the pin stripe, but the rise is more of like a mid-rise, and it just, and I don’t like it. You guys know I’m a high-rise girl. And uh, they have really bad camel toe. Jump suit is a no, this fits me wrong in all the wrong places,
and fits me right, no where. So I guess my real options are
the first pair of the shorts that were a little too short for me, or the Lilo and Stitch t-shirt. I gotta go with at least one of ’em, and try to find a way to style it. Ah, Walmart, I really wanted
you to be better this time, but you just weren’t. The store was very clean, very well organized, very well laid out, there just wasn’t a ton of
clothing that was modern or really trendy at all. One thing I will praise Walmart
for though, is their sizing. They carry sizes from
like double zero up to 28. I think it’s awesome that they
make it a priority to have sizing for all bodies. That’s really great. That being said though, I had a really hard time finding anything on the racks that even
remotely fit my style. And as you guys saw, of
the few things I did find, a lot of them did not work for my figure. I did end up buying two items though. I got the Levi’s cut
off shorts in a size 14. These were $16.82, and then, I also got this Stitch shirt. I had to get this one
two sizes up in a 3XL because they only had it left
in a 3XL or an extra small. So, 3XL it is. This was nine eighty-eight, and my plan to style
this is make it for like, a Disney outfit. I also want to cut off the
bottom since it’s too big, and turn it into more of like a crop tee. Hopefully my DIY skills don’t fail me, but let’s, let’s take a
look at how I style these. Okay, so here is my styling
for the Walmart shorts. I actually really do like this outfit. I just have a black long
sleeve deep-v body neck tucked in obviously
because it’s a body suit, a brown belt, and then
these cut-off shorts. And I do think the outfit
looks really nice together, and the shorts like I said are super, super stretchy, and comfy. But they do ride up, so I know if I actually wore this outfit, I would be doing this dance all day. So looking at it, just like you know, posing in this outfit, I
think it’s really really cute, but the functionality of
the shorts isn’t great. I did have slim pickings at Walmart, so I think that considered,
this outfit is pretty good. And I like the way it looks. It just might not be
the best thing to wear when you’re like walking around all day. So, I’m gonna give this
item a six out of 10 because I think it is very comfortable, its very flattering. It’s just not like as
functional for long wear as some of the other pairs
of denim shorts I have. But the outfit as a whole… You know what, the outfit as a whole, I’m gonna give it an eight outta 10. I think the outfit came
together pretty well and its super super simple. That’s the thing with me styling these items, is I’m not
doing like anything crazy, over the top. I’m just showing you how
I would style this item if I was gonna wear it for a day. So this is my best take
at styling these shorts. And I actually think it
came out pretty well. OK. So, this outfit, I wouldn’t really say its like trendy. But its very Sierra and
I think it came together for like a perfect Disney day look. So I ended up cutting about 3 1/2 inches off of the bottom of the shirt, which I think makes it
so much more flattering. Especially with a pair of
high-waisted shorts like this. Its just kind of the perfect length. The reason I decided to get this shirt even though it was literally
just a plain blue t-shirt with Stitch on it, was because this blue is my favorite color. I actually think the design with the stripes is really cute. And the Disney element
is just less obvious, less in your face. Its a cute shirt. And the material is actually
super thin and light weight but its not see through. So, its perfect for like a
summer day at Disney Land. Which you guys know, I do way too much. I’ve put on my black and blue Mickey ears to match the shirt. And this little backpack from Kate Spade that I think also matches really well. And this is totally something that I actually would wear to Disney Land. And like not just wear to Disney Land, but I would take an Instagram picture at Disney Land in this outfit cause I think its that cute. So I really happy with this. The item itself, I’m gonna
give an eight out of 10 with my little like mini DYI, I think that made this kind of the perfect Disney park shirt for me. And then with the cut off
shorts and the backpack and the ears, I’m gonna
give the full outfit an eight out of 10, as well. I just think this is
a great Disney outfit. I mean, like, come on. Tell me this isn’t the perfect outfit for strollin’ down Main
Street on a summer day. I’m so ready. Alright. I’m here at stop number two, Aeropostale. Where is the sign? There it is. As I said at the beginning of this video, this is one of the stores
that like I grew up with. I remember going back-to-school shopping like every summer in middle
school and early high school, going to Aeropostale. Their graphic t-shirts. Their jeans. Like I loved Aeropostale. I’m trying to think when the
last time I shopped here was. Probably, my sophomore
year of high school. So, that would have been 2012. So, math… Seven years. Its been seven years since I’ve
set foot in an Aeropostale. SO, lets do it. Lets go inside. (up beat music) Whoa, this is a blast from the past. The graphic tees not
really my style anymore, but, I mean, I have found a few things that fit my current style. This is part of a two-piece set. I don’t know how much I like the skirt. But I could see myself wearing this top under like a denim jacket. Twelve bucks for shorts. But, cheeky is not the
word I usually go with when I’m looking for shorts. So, probably not gonna try these. These tops look very 2012 to me. This is like very Sierra in 8th grade. None of these are really for me. I love jumpsuits, but just this pattern is not super my style, at least right now. This is a cute little striped blouse. I like like the, more like
the pastel faded colors. And its like kind of a crop with the tight elastic at the bottom. So, this could be… This could fit my style. Some little boxy crop tops. That could work. I’m not a big fan of camo. Maybe the yellow. Oh, that’s a cute little embroidery too. This shirt I think is really cute. I like how its billowy but
that it has the elastic at the bottom. I feel like that makes
it really flattering. This ones a pretty good contender. I actually really like this shirt. This is like the perfect crop for me because my belly button is right here. So, it hits perfectly with
high-waisted jeans like this. I picked this blouse up on
my walk to the dressing room. I saw it. I thought it was cute. The tie feels a little bit awkward. Its supposed to be off the shoulder. I don’t really like off the shoulder. So, this ones gonna be a no. I like the colors. The material feels a little bit cheap. But I feel like it could be salvageable with like a denim jacket. But, I’m not like over the moon about it. But its an option. So, Aeropostale looked just about the same as it did the last time I went inside, seven years ago. Which isn’t a great sign for a store keeping up with the trends
and staying on top of things. I think its pretty clear why Aeropostale has kind of faded from
the general consciousness over the past few years. I did find some cute stuff. But overwhelmingly, the
items they were carrying felt very outdated. Like those embroidered
Aeropostale t-shirts and polos were like a blast from the past. The prices were super low, though. I remember Aeropostale always being like very budget conscious. But I don’t remember it being this cheap. Maybe that’s just in my
head because seven years ago I was a sophomore in high
school making minimum wage, trying to find a way to buy
cute clothes for school. Or maybe they actually have lowered their prices to stay competitive. But, either way, very very inexpensive. And the store was really
clean and really nice. And the employees were very helpful. But I was literally the
only person in the store at one o’clock on a Saturday. Yeah, not a great sign. But I did end up getting two items. So first, I got this yellow boxy crop tee and this was $10.60. And this striped button
front pastel blouse for $17.80. So lets go style these two shirts. I’m up for a challenge. Very simple. But here is my styling of this
little yellow boxy t-shirt from Aeropostale. I really like this outfit. So, I’ve just got my made well mom jeans. They are super super high-waisted and then a brown belt. And then my favorite
thing that I think ties the whole look together is this
little like yellow bandana, that I tied into a headband. I love the way that this
matches with the shirt. And I also just love the
way that bandanas look with denim always. Sometimes I’ll just even tie
a little bandana or scarf around my belt loop. Obviously, a very simple outfit. But I do think this shirt
brings a lot to the look. I love the little embroidery on the side. Super super small detail. But I think little things
are what make an outfit and make the look. Its not the most flattering
look in the world because the t-shirt is just kind of boxy and the material is also
very thick so it doesn’t lay over my chest in a way I usually like. I do love where it hits, though. And these jeans are super high-waisted so I think they pair well together. Its definitely an outfit I would wear. I’ll give the item a six outta… Lets do 5 1/2 outta 10. I just feel like there’s
not really anythingspecial or unique about it. I’m not a big fan of the material. And then the outfit as a whole I’ll give a seven out of 10. Because, even though its super basic, this is the kind of thing
I wear all the time. And, like I said, I think
the hair scarf makes it. So, it is a cute outfit. Its very simple but cute. And I think the same
look could do really well with denim shorts instead of jeans, if its a little bit hotter. So, Aeropostale on the first take, not bad. Lets try the second item. Okay. I don’t even know if this one really counts as styling because I’m just wearing the Aeropostale shirt with
white jeans that I was wearing when I went shopping. Because when I tried this
look on in the dressing room I was like that is so cute. Like this works so well together. The white jeans are super high-waisted and then the bottom of
the shirt has elastic so I feel like helps
give my waist definition. Even thought the top is
that like looser fitting, shapeless style, the
elastic at the bottom, I think, makes it super flattering. I also love the stripes. I love the print. I love the color and it
coordinates perfectly with the white jeans. So, I say this shirt is
a win for Aeropostale. Like I said, a lot of
the items in their store were a little outdated and
a little like 2010, I think. But this shirt, to me,
feels like something that I would buy and like made well. Except it was about $15. So I can’t complain. I really like it. I’m gonna give the shirt a nine out of 10. I really like it. Its lightweight. Its comfortable. Its breathable. Its flattering. Its cute. Its modern. Its everything. I love this shirt. And then the outfit I’m gonna
give an 8 1/2 out of 10. I think its really cute. There’s not like anything
super special about it. But it was easy to throw
on, easy to put together, and it looks very cute and very summery. So, I’m into it. All right, stop number three. Were going to TJ Max. I actually really love TJ Max. I don’t shop there a ton. But I’ve bought some luggage there. I’ve bought some clothes for Steven there. And everything always seems
to be very very fairly priced. The only bummer with TJ Max is those racks can take a long time to dig through. Unlike Walmart and Aeropostale, they don’t really have a
lot of things organized. Its very much a free for all. So, this one could take a while but I’m ready to do some diggin’ and find those deals. Lets go. (upbeat music) Alright, there was a
lot to go through here. This is a big TJ Max and there are so many racks
of women’s clothes. So, lets just get to it. Ohh, that could be kind of cute. Like if I tied it with a
pair of high-waisted denim. That could be pretty cute, I think. Ohh, you guys know, I’ve
been having an affinity for like tied dad shirt crop tops. That looks right up my alley. Alright, I just spent about 25 minutes going through five long racks of bottoms, like skirts, short,
pants, jeans, everything. And from that entire
section I found one item I’m even remotely interested in trying on. So, ohh, wow, this is gonna be a while. (up beat music) Just so much stuff to dig through. Oh, my gosh. TJ Max had so many clothes. Like I honestly could have spent my entire Saturday here. Thank goodness, I came to this store last. Otherwise, I definitely
would have spent up all the time I had to shop at only TJ Max. Because, Oh, my gosh! You could literally spend
an entire day there. And it seems a lot of people probably do. The demographic at TJ Max was a lot older than the first two stores. Most of the people there
seemed like they were women in their 40s or 50s or 60s. Just some people out for some
deal hunting on a Saturday. And there were some cute items
it was just really difficult to find them through the
mounds and mounds of stuff, that I didn’t personally like. Like the tops and the
bottoms and the dresses, all of it just felt really out dated to me Like at one point I got super excited cause I found a whole rack of kimonos. And I love kimonos, but when
I started looking closer I realized that the material,
the print, the color, the structure, everything
was just slightly off. Like it wasn’t ugly by any means. I think, any of these
kimonos could have been cute. They just weren’t quite it. So, I went through just about every rack in the women’s section. I did move quickly though
because I didn’t want to spend too much time. In the end, I spent about an hour looking through everything. And I found six items to try on. And then when I finally
decided what I was going to get and was ready to checkout,
that checkout line was so long. Oh, my gosh. I was not alone in my deal
hunting today, apparently. But anyways, here’s what I got. Oh, my gosh, I just realized
that I got two items that every store. I didn’t even plan that. But I did. So here’s what I got. So I got this striped, kind
of long dad lookin’ shirt for $14.99. Its got buttons in the front. I’m thinking I’m gonna tie
this into like a crop top. I’ve been really digging this look lately. I’ve been wearing it a lot. So, this is actually right up my alley. And this white pineapple
embroidered t-shirt for $14.99. So, lets go style these last two pieces. OK, so, here is my outfit
with the pineapple shirt. I actually went through
like three different outfits combinations before I decided on this one. My fist thought was that
this would look super cute with a pair of like
yellow or orange shorts because of the pineapple detail. And I have a pair like that but I searched through my dresser. I searched through my dirt laundry. I don’t know where they are. They’re probably somewhere like deep in the depths of my hamper. But I was like all right,
that’s not gonna work. And then I thought,
okay, maybe flowy pants and then I can layer a denim jacket over. But then I just couldn’t
get that outfit quite right. So I just decided to go more simple. Just a pair of high-waisted
loose fitting mom shorts and then I tied this. Usually I tie my shirts at the side. But I thought this one looked really cute tied in the middle. So, I did
a little knot in the font. And to finish the outfit, since this is kind of
like a summer beachy look, I added this big straw bag. And if you remember which
video I got this straw bag in, leave a comment down
below. It was like a month ago. So, let see how many of you guys actually remember that video. But yeah, I think this
outfit is really cute. The item itself, this
t-shrit, I actually love. Its super cute. Its light-weight. It feels high-quality. I love the embroidery and
the little pineapple detail. I easily would have paid
like maybe $30 for a shirt like this, at you know, Free
People or Urban Outfitters. And I got it for like half that at TJ Max. So, I’m happy with my find. That being said, though,
it took me so long to go through everything at TJ Max. I feel like TJ Max
definitely has cute stuff but you have to be
willing to invest the time and I’m glad I did cause
I found this cute shirt. I’m gonna give the shirt
an eight out of 10. I think for a basic tee,
it is very very cute. And the outfit as a whole, I’m
gonna give it seven out of 10 because I think its a
cute look, its flattering. I like the way I styled it. And it is on the simpler side. But its something I
could see myself wearing a lot this summer. Now, this is Sierra look,
if I’ve ever seen one. This looks like straight outta my closet. Like this is something
I would wear on any day and no one would bat an eye
because this is just very me. So, I have my made-well
jeans on the bottom. But, honestly, it doesn’t
really matter what kind of denim I’m wearing on the bottom
because this outfit is all about the top. I have this white stretchy,
like tube-top bando, and I hate tube-tops, you guys know that. But these stretchy ones
with the elastic work great as a little bando under
an open shirt like this. I love that look. So that’s what I’m sportin’ for this one. I’ve got the bando tube-top thing. And then I’ve unbuttoned all
the buttons on this shirt and tied it up to make
it a little crop top. And I think this my
favorite look for sure. Its just very me. I feel very comfortable and confident. I feel like it flatters my figure. I feel like it fits my ideal style. And it was form TJ Max. It took a lot of digging. But its really cute, really high-quality, and it was pretty inexpensive. So, I’m gonna give this shirt… Uh, I don’t want to be bias,
but like this whole video is just my own bias, so I might as well. I’m gonna give it a 9 1/2 out of 10 because I love this shirt. It is definitely my favorite. And the outfit as whole, I’m
gonna give it a nine out of 10, because I like it, and its cute, and its my style. So, that’s kind of what I
was going for in this video is how can I style items
from clothing stores that aren’t typically considered popular, in a way that I would think is cute and that is more modern and trendy. So I think that my favorite
outfit from the video is definitely this look. If I had to choose a favorite item, it would probably be either this one or the pineapple t-shirt. I think both of those items from TJ Max are really easy to style,
they fit into my wardrobe, and they are both items that I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of. So, I think TJ Max is probably the winner out of these three stores. Aeropostale actually did surprise me. It was better than I
thought it was gonna be. Yeah, there were some
more outdated things there but there were some cute stuff to be found if you dig a little deeper. So, what do you think? Do you think there’s a
reason that these stores aren’t considered trendy or popular? Or do you think they are
worth the second shot? Do you think I found some good items? Let me know in the comments. And if there was a favorite
outfit that I styled, let me know that too. I think my favorite has
to be that dad shirt, the striped one from TJ Max. I just love love love love that look. And if you are new to my channel, please, do, hit that subscribe button. Join the family. We are on the long road
to one million subscribers and I would love to have you here. But until next time, be confident, love your
body, and I’ll see ya later. Bye. (up beat music)

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