I tried the Dyson Airwrap for a Week (fail!) Is it Worth $550???

– Hey everyone, Kayley here, and today I am reviewing
the Dyson Airwrap. Yep, I am the last person on YouTube to make a video but it’s here. Let’s talk about it. So I bought this like first thing. As soon as it went live on Sephora I was like add to cart, purchase, spent my dollars on it because I was like this looks like heaven. I should sing like, never
in my videos, right? And I was so excited I was like, girl I am gonna do the
best, the most in depth, the workingest video of them all. And so I was like, I’m
gonna do seven days, I’m gonna test out each different tool, I’m gonna compare it to other tools, I like went full, investigative
journalist on this. I got very, very excited. And, things did not go as I planned. So I would like to take you on the journey that I took trying out the Dyson Airwrap. Let’s get into it.
(soft music) Day one, I will admit, a little boring. All I wanted to do was test out my normal routine to see how long it took so that I could compare
it to everything else. I didn’t put any products in my hair, or anything to help
out my hair in any way, because I felt like I
just wanted to see like, raw and untouched, what it was like. And then I was finally ready
for day two and some unboxing. This looks like something that a woman who has her life together would own. I do not qualify. And this is magnetic and we open it up. And then, we have the goods. Dun dun dun. This is really light, and
it feels like plastic, I think I was expecting metal, it is not. And then we have the base. Nice long cord, necessary. All right, this is not heavy at all. Although it is fairly long, I would say this is about 12 inches. It’s almost like three quarters the length of a normal curling iron. So, now I’m just gonna wet my hair down and get started with the pre styling tool. (hair dryer humming) Okay, my hair was already pretty dry so I’m gonna go ahead and stop there. I am noticing already
that it has the same kind of high pitched whirring
that the original dryer did, which is not my favorite, but it’s not an actual like real complaint it’s just a personal preference. Now, let’s get to the good stuff! Now this attachment is the
big draw of the Airwrap because it actually wraps your hair around this curling iron type base
using six different little fans that all create a circle of
wind around the curling iron. Dyson called this the Coanda effect and it was what was developed
for this specific tool. Okay, I think I just wanna test this on a piece of hair to get started. (whirring) Oh my God! Well that hasn’t, that’s not hard! I’m gonna try to move the hair down. Okay, are you kidding me? Okay, very bouncy, very bouncy. Much better bouncier than the curls I did with my curling iron. And, I think really pretty. The ends are so curled. I don’t like that it’s not curled up here but it is very curled down
here so that’s something that I would definitely want to work on. But, I am not upset. (soft upbeat music) And now we turn it off and we pull it out. Ha ha, that is a ringlet. I mean okay, I’m still
running into this look that I’m not loving where
it’s really loose up here and really tight down here. But the bounce and the volume
is really, really nice. I think what I wanna
do now is clip my hair so I can do the bottom
half and then the top half. And let’s just see how that goes. Over all my first impression
of the tool was that it was very easy for the
ends to wrap around it and then to like wind it up to my head. And, it went pretty
smoothly although I didn’t immediately remember that I needed to switch out the curling iron heads. I forgot I would need to switch this out. Or, you know what, I’m just
gonna hold it upside down. All right, yeah, if
you hold it upside down you don’t have to switch out the heads though you do have to hold
your arm at an awkward angle. Okay, now that this side’s
done let’s see how it looks. You can really see now, that whole like, straight and then curled situation. I feel like part of it is that this part of the hair is
going on the iron first so it’s probably taking
up most of the iron and then this hair isn’t really
getting on there to curl. So I’m wondering if maybe
I took smaller sections if I could get tighter
curls up at the top. Ugh, I don’t know, I don’t know. So, while the the easy
wind up is really nice you do kind of lose precision and an even curl which isn’t great. I’m gonna keep going with
even smaller sections to see if that would help. I’m getting a little bored at this point. I mean I know I’m almost done but like I’m really ready to be done. And then, 45 minutes later,
at about 45 seconds per curl I was finally able to
like take a step back and look at the results and that’s when it started going downhill. Okay, I think that side is done. And, I think, maybe did I miss pieces on this side or is it already straight ’cause that’s concerning. Look at that! Where did it go? I don’t understand, I’m
very confused and very sad. I spent time on that, where is my curl? That was the smallest curler too. Daggum it, where heck did my curls go? No Dyson, I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you. That was a less than successful
first try, wasn’t it? Ugh. So you know, ease of concept
was definitely there. You put the ends on, you wind
it up, you hold it there, use the cool shot button and take it off. What wasn’t there were the results. And it took such a long time. So I was kind of starting
to get discouraged but I thought, you know
what, I’ll come back, I’ll be even more detailed,
I’ll be even more careful and we’ll see how it goes, so
I moved on to the next day. Hello, welcome to day three. My last attempt with
drying and curling my hair with the Dyson Airwrap did
not go well whatsoever. So today I’m starting from
actually freshly showered and we’re gonna try the pre-styling tool and the curling tool again. And hopefully it’s gonna go
better, I’m really hoping. Gonna pop in my leave in conditioner. And then this time I’m also adding in a product that adds hold. This is the Bumble and Bumble
Great Body Blow Dry Creme. And now I’m gonna go back in
with the pre-styling tool. Okay the power on this little
head is very, very impressive. That dried my hair very quickly. I have to stop because it still needs to be wet to use the Airwrap. Let’s hope it works this time. And this time I’m going to use the smallest sections that I can and I’m not gonna touch
them until they’re cool. You know it seems like there’s a bit of a wind tunnel created
so all these little hairs are kind of like shot off from the curl and it’s not a giant problem for me but if I had curly hair
that would be a big problem. So that’s worrisome. Okay, all that done,
let’s see how this looks. Are you kidding me! I didn’t even touch ’em,
how are they already fallen? I’m so mad right now. I just did this. – What a waste of time.
– Right? Like, it has taken me 17 minutes so far. I could’ve dried my hair and
done my secret sauce waves and like changed my lip color by now. I’m very unimpressed. If this is only gonna give
me a barely there wave then I’m not gonna waste the time doing the whole like wind up thing. Like it’s a cute magic trick, but it’s not actually that much easier so I’m just gonna wrap on this side. Just see what the results are from that because we’ve already seen these results and I’m not impressed by them. And the thing is I’m not a YouTuber that enjoys doing negative
reviews, that’s not really me. I’m typically a, if you
can’t say something nice don’t say anything at
all kind of girl but. Also I call BS on the whole like, this doesn’t get very hot thing. Like, okay, compared to a 300
degree curling iron, sure. But like right next to my ear it gets really, uncomfortably hot. Just saying. Okay, that’s pretty, let’s enjoy it for the next minute of it’ lifetime. All right let’s just take like, the infinitesimallyest small pieces and leave them on just
a ridiculously long time and see if that changes anything. (whirring) Baby hair maker, not cute. Guys, I don’t know, this is a lot of work. And it’s not giving me, you know, any kind of better results than I would get with a curling iron. I don’t even feel like it’s less damaging because it’s blowing
the hair around so much and it’s causing tangles and all that. And it is still really getting hot. I’m just like, between all of those you are still causing
stress to the cuticle layer just in a slightly different way. I don’t think that it’s necessarily creating something better. Look at this, what do you think? Am I being a diva? – No.
– I’m not being a diva? Like, what even, that was, I’ve
been in here for 30 minutes. – [Sister] I know, you’ve
only done that much hair? – I know.
– What the heck is this? – Right, right, I look
like I’m a Chia Pet. And I was taking sections
like this big, like. – [Sister] Your hair is
never frizzy like that. – That’s true.
– It looks so dry. – Tea. Girl, yeah okay, good. I just, I felt like I was being a little bit of a drama
queen for a second there. – [Sister] No, really not,
what a waste of money. – Okay, I took a minute to do
some deep breathing exercises because I was, guys, like I
put in so much time and effort and this is what my hair
ended up looking like. And, not to toot my own
horn but I kind of know what I’m talking about
when it comes to hair. And, I kind of know what I’m doing. And I feel like it shouldn’t be this hard. It’s not that there isn’t any kind of shape to my hair, on this side. But, it looks dry, it’s not, you know, as shiny as I was led
to believe it would be. And these are frizzy and I just. Okay I am not happy but
I’m gonna soldier on and I’m just gonna keep doing the most that I can and see how this goes. I would just like to
interject that I was putting these sections on until
they felt 1000% dry and then I switched it
out to the cool button and left it on cool
until my hair felt cool. It easily took about a minute per section. Oh. Okay well, it looks like a curl. I mean all of this is cool so I should be able to run my fingers through it. Oh my God, tangles, how? We’re looking a little
better, I don’t, ugh. I keep feeling like, oh it’s good, and then, like oh it’s straight, and like, I just, ugh, ugh. I have a lot of feelings. I just need a break, I
need a break, I’ll be back. But, I didn’t come back. That was all I filmed that day and, honestly, I was just so discouraged. I had spent 40 minutes on my hair and before I even like,
finished half of my hair, the results had already fallen. And I just didn’t feel like I had anything more to give that day and I didn’t have anything more to give to try to get better results. I had done everything that I knew to do, and I was so discouraged and
that was it for that day. But I came back the next day ready to try a different attachment. All right, day four, here we go again. I’m gonna go ahead and switch
over to the brush attachment. The brush head seems pretty standard. It is pretty short like it’s
only about four inches wide so I can only take four
inch wide sections at a time which means, you know, I’m just gonna have to go a little bit slower. That’s not all that bad but I do feel like it would be easier to use,
especially for thicker hair, if it was a little longer. With that being said,
let’s put some products in. We’re gonna give the
Dyson a huge leg up today ’cause I’m using the Kerastase
L’incroyable Blowdry. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s supposed to be a heat protectant that adds hold and shine. To the pre-styler. I have to say the pre-styling
tool is very similar to the original Dyson
dryer, you don’t need both. So if you’re considering like, do I need to buy this
and the hair dryer, nah. I feel like this does
just as good of a job and I kind of like that
the handle’s this long ’cause then you don’t have to
reach your hand as far around to get to the back of your head. So for the blowout I’m gonna blow everything on top of my head, back away from my face,
everything on the sides is gonna go out to the
side, for extra volume. We’re gonna end up with probably like, a 1990s slash 70s starlet
blowout and I’m here for it. And I’m gonna clip up each section as I go because that’s what I would
do with the round brush. So for the sake of keeping it
consistent just gonna do that. Please, please, please be good. (whirring) Take it out. And, roll it up. The brush itself is a little harder to work with through all of the hair because it is a little smaller and just the way the
bristles hold the hair, that’s been a thing so far, but other than that we’re doing okay. You know what I’m realizing? I don’t have to clip these up to cool ’cause I’m cooling them
while they’re on the dryer. He, smart hair stylist. This is about as good
as the curl that I get from the curling iron attachment. Little bit of tea there. I do want to point out though all the hairs that are
blowing away from the dryer because that’s just the
way it’s drying your hair is to like, dry it out, so
I feel like if your hair had a natural curl or wave to it the hairs that are
drying out would just dry with at least a little bit
of that natural curl or wave which would then create, you
know, poofiness and frizz and contrast any smooth texture you’re able to create with the brush. Which would, overall, not look very good. Well, 30 minutes later we’re almost done. Wonderful. Takes me five minutes to blow dry my hair when I’m just doing it however I want. You know, I think that was the first time that I really handled the hair in the middle of this process. And, my hair is pretty hot. Like, hotter than I’d want it to be while it’s in the blow drying process and that is on the low heat setting so just not that like healthier
than a curling iron such. All right, it’s all in,
I’m gonna go take a chill while I give these last
couple sections a chance to finish setting and cooling down and then let’s see how it went. That was like 45 minutes, I’m assuming. I’ll put the correct title somewhere here. The moment of truth, oh hey girl. That’s pretty. Oh man, if this isn’t a 1980s
wing I don’t know what is. Okay. Okay, well it’s like, it’s
smooth but it’s not shiny. Like, it’s got shape, it’s got bounce, like you can’t deny the
shape and the bounce. But, it’s not all that, like,
special technology shiny. Listen, if I’m paying $500 dollars for it I want it to do everything. And it did not do everything. Oh yeah. I’m ready for my guest
appearance on Friends in 1995. Okay, I’ll be fair, I would
not get this much volume from a blow dryer and a curling
iron that is for darn sure. I like the results quite a bit, I like the volume, I like the fluff. I love being able to
have like a big blowout without actually having to
round brush my hair, love that. I don’t think that the results that I got were special to this tool. I think that if I just bought a similar one at the drugstore
I could do the same thing. And I’m saying that
because I’m seeing frizz, I’m seeing hairiness there and with my hair type that’s not good. My hair type tends toward being shiny more than it tends toward being frizzy. So for this to leave me with
somewhat frizzy results, it doesn’t bode well for it, you know. If I spend a whole lot of
money on like new technology and like special effects
and all that kind of stuff then I expect that it’s
gonna leave my hair shiny and I didn’t quite get that. Okay, I know that judgment seems harsh but look at this clip from an hour later. Like, the curl and bounce in
my hair had already fallen and it looks so dry and so thirsty. And that was the end of day four. I felt like, at this point, I had seen everything that I needed to see and I had tried everything
that I needed to try. So moving on to day five, which is today, I decided just to go
through my normal routine, so I could show you guys my point of reference this whole process. So, I rough dried my hair,
didn’t do anything to help it and it was already shinier that it was with the round brush
attachment on the Dyson. Then I used a curling iron
that was the same size as the curling attachment
that I used on the Dyson, and I decided to go in
the same size sections that I was using for the Dyson. So, I was using very small sections. I did three like, partitions of hair, which is more than the two I normally do and I did a technique that
I’m a little bit slower at just to like, slow myself
down as much as possible and get it as close as possible to what I was doing with the Dyson. Even so, even with of that, that entire routine took me 15 minutes. And just to drive the point home even more let’s look at what it was
like at the 15 minute mark on day two, and day three and day four. And then I waited an hour to
see how the curls would fall and this how they look now. Compare that to less than 20 minutes between when I did the curls and when they fell on
the curling attachment. So not only do I still have curls, which I didn’t with the Dyson, they’re significantly shinier, and silkier and healthy looking. Which, again, is what my hair tends toward but the fact that I couldn’t get that with the Dyson is not a good sign. And I wanted to do that
just to give you guys a really clear comparison
just so you could really see the difference between the two routines and why I’m so bothered by the Dyson, why I’m so bothered at the time that that it took and
the results that I got. And I think at this point I would like to contrast the
reality of what I experienced to the expectations that I had going in. I thought that this, technologically, was gonna be beyond anything that I’d ever experienced before. And I would give it like a
yes and a no on that one. Like, yes, there were some
things that were very, very cool. But for me it fell short in the length of the attachments, it really did not take
into account ease of use for people with long or thick hair. They’re very, very short and
you just don’t have the room that you need to style as
effectively as you could. And second, I thought that
it really could have used like six months to a year
more in R and D to iron out the issues that were
giving me crazy baby hairs when I don’t have crazy baby hairs. And, you know, the fact that I wasn’t really getting shine out of these results when my hair is naturally shiny. I think that those could have been fixed with more engineering. I wish that instead of charging us 500 bucks for something
that was almost there they had just gotten all the way there. And, like, one final urk that
I’ve had this whole time is, why do you have to buy all
of the attachments at once? Why is it a $500 price tag
for so many attachments when it could be buy the base and buy the attachments you want? Like, why did they not pull
a T3 and do it that way? So there are a lot of things that I really appreciate
about this product. I appreciate the amount of research and development that went into this. And I appreciate Dyson for
being willing to put in the time and amount of money
to do that amount of research and development because nobody else is. I fully want Dyson to keep going. I will still try the next thing. This is not like a
canceled moment whatsoever. I just thought it wasn’t for
me, it wasn’t for my hair type, I’m not gonna use it again, but good on you for doing your thing. Good on you for putting in
effort where nobody else is. I think y’all rock. Having settled that I think it’s important to remind you guys that
this is my experience and I only have my
experience to go off of. I went on Sephora today just
to double check some facts and there are a ton of positive reviews. People with really
thick hair that love it. People with curly hair that love it. That are getting results
they’ve never gotten before. And I was scrolling through that with my mouth just hanging open because I was like, this is so different than what I’ve experienced. This is so different than what you guys just watched me go through. So I don’t know if it’s
my hair type, maybe it is. But at the end of the day, like I said, I can only give you my experience and I can show you guys
what happened when I used it and I did not like it. You guys got to see a whole
lot of rage Kayley this time. It’s been a while since she
came out on the channel. So, you know, hope you
enjoyed that at least. Okay, but I think that’s it for today. This video is plenty long, I’m sure. If you made it to the
end, thank you so much. Leave a comment and tell me if you did. I wanna see how many of
you guys actually like, made it all the way to this point. But that is it for today. I will see you guys very
soon in my next video. We have some holiday videos
coming up and I’m so excited so I will see you again
very soon for those. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you are notified when I do. And, that’s it. I’ll see you in my next video. Muah, bye. And we’ve got a box inside of another box. And I mailed that box to myself. (mumbles)
(laughing) I’ll smash it with a hammer. I love Emperor’s New
Groove what can I say? Finally realized what
this makes me think of. It’s like the really long
mics from old game shows. That’s been the Price is
Right, I’m Bob Barker, please remember to spay
and neuter your pets. Stop the GFI can save, I
don’t know what that is. Something that could
save my life apparently. Bye.

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