I Want This Review Amazon Associate Affiliate Plugin – Spencer Coffman

Hey guys this is a review for the I want this
affiliate plugin I highly recommend this plugin it works very well it looks good it is very
nice to get started you just add the plug-in it’ s called I want this you can get it in
the link here if you have anything that you are selling on your website whether is an
affiliate site or not I want this plug-in is for you so once its installed you’ll see
a little side here called ad block what you’ll need to do is hit add new then you have the
option to create your ad block so we will say this is the test ad block because I’ m
showing it to you short code to use is right here your ad title is gonna be test you can
have an image if you want image is cool because then you can have a picture and then your
ad for now we’ re just gonna leave it be in fact I’ m even gonna leave this blank because
there are so many different options you can use if you put a title in there your title
will be showcased you put an image then your image will be showcased you put a description
your description will be showcased then the links will be underneath all that however
if you just want the links right here link title let’ s say that we are going to do eye
phones okay and you’ re gonna sell them on Amazon eBay Best Buy Walmart your linking
them all over the place so here we’ll do a link title can be Amazon you can add another
one can be eBay they have another one to be Best Buy and you can do as many as you want
then the link URL we’ll just do amazon.com give a calm and we’ll do Best Buy calm obviously
you would want to paste in your affiliate links to these so that you could capitalize
on this plug-in and the link using then you’ll just hit publish and there you go your ad
block is published it says you publish a post don’ t worry about that you can grab this
short code right here copy that and we’ re gonna go over and add a new page so you can
see exactly what the short code looks like so we’ll just paste it here that’ll be the
only thing on the page and we’ll do a test page publish it right now and we’ll go view
it so you can see exactly what it looks like and how cool this plugin is here it is this
is the I want this plug-in you can set all of these so if you want this to say something
other than I want this if you want this background to be white to match your theme if you want
this to be red you can do whatever you want to do look at here’ s the drop down here all
the links you can see amazon.com eBay calm Best Buy calm it’ s so cool it’ s so easy
it’ s so simple and it looks really good you could throw this short code within your Builder
under anything if you have your your own products featured you can throw the short code in a
sidebar you could throw it underneath your video throw it underneath your header you
could put two of them on the page if you want it it’ s an amazing little product and it’
s so easy to use that it’ s highly worth having I’ll just show you real quick if you want
to change some stuff around you can go to the settings you can choose the background
color you can choose the title color that would be the title that you specify above
the border color the button color and then the text so as you can see the I want this
affiliate plugin is very good it’ s easy to use and it works properly why wouldn’t’
t you want that on your site if you sell multiple things you have one little box with all your
links underneath it they’ re all index able it’ s right there it’ s easy to use so as
I said if you have the title element that would be up here the image would be here and
the description would be right here and then would all be above this so we’ll show you
what that looks like real quick we’ll just edit this I’ m not gonna throw an image in
there but we’ll do a add title will be test and we’ll say the description
there we go so now you can hide that description if you wanted I don’ t know why you’ d have
a description in the night and I guess that wouldn’t’ t make sense but you can update
that so now this short code will be the same because you’ve updated it every time you create
a new ad block it will give you a new short code to copy and paste into your post so now
we’ve updated this we will just refresh this page and you can see here’ s the test that’
s the title here is the description now if you had a picture the picture would show up
between the description and the title and then you have your button so you have different
options I personally use mine and like it with out the title or the description or picture
I just like using the button and the drop-down and that’ s it but you can do it however you
want because this plug-in works and if you have anything that you are selling on your
website or promoting anybody else’ s product get the I want this plug-in because it is
super easy to use and it looks really great it adds a lot of class to your site until
next time you


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