I Wore Disney Princess Swimsuits for a Week

– Hey guys! It’s Sierra, welcome back to my channel! And this week I am going to be wearing, Disney Princess swimsuits. (upbeat pop music) So if you guys saw that
video I did a few weeks ago, where my best friend Skylar picked out a bunch of swimsuits
for me for the summer. One of the swimsuits she chose for me, was a Meg from “Hercules” bikini, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. So I though it would be fun
to do some investigating on the internet, find some other like, Disney Princess inspired swimwear. And then wear those on my
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subscribe to this channel, and let’s get into it. So the first swimsuit
that I’m gonna be wearing is this Aurora swimsuit from a website called Enchanted Bikinis. I thought this one was really fun ’cause it had that like,
off-the-shoulder design, like Aurora’s dress, and it also came in pink and blue, which is like in her dress in the movie, it’s pink and blue, so I
thought that was super fun. I went with pink since that
is like the more iconic color. And the best part, that
I thought was so cool, is they had like different
options for the bottoms. They had like a low-waisted bikini, and then they had a swim skirt, which is the coolest thing. I love like swim rompers,
swim shorts, swim skirts. Anything that’s like a
little bit more unique. And I feel like since it’s like
a Disney Princess swimsuit, having it be a skirt is so cute ’cause it’s like more
similar to the dress. And let’s be real, if Aurora was like lounging
on the beach in Mexico, she would totally wear
a swim skirt like this. So I got both of those
pieces in an extra-large and they were pretty expensive. The skirt was $55 and the top was 85. So this whole swimsuit
together was really expensive. Let’s see how it held up. (subtle uplifting music) So here we have my Aurora
swimsuit, the first day. I actually feel really, really cute. I usually like more long line tops that go like that extra
few inches of fabric. So that’s the only thing I’m
not like super crazy about with this suit but I love
the high waisted skirt. I feel like it makes up for that, like I’m showing the same amount of skin. I love the swim skirt. I am definitely gonna get
a lot of use out of this with like other tops that I have. I feel like it definitely gives off the Princess Aurora vibe. I think the off the
shoulder is really cute, and there is a strap here
that gives more support. It’s a very thin strap though, and I had Steven tie it
like super, super tight. So it’s kind of digging into my neck but if I loosened it I would
not have enough support. Also the cups are not quite big enough. The band is like, perfect. If anything it’s like a little bit loose. I was worried that the top as a whole was gonna be too small but it really seems like it’s only the cups. Also I have pink, well
they’re kind of pink, they’re like a pale pink sunglasses, and I feel like it’s so
perfect with this swimsuit. Like literally it’s like if Aurora went on a tropical vacation with all the other Disney Princesses. Oh, it’s like if Aurora
went to visit Moana. This is totally what she would rock. So Steven obviously knows
what swimsuit this is, since I told him, but Dad, hi Dad.
– Hi. – This is my dad the professor. What outfit do you think I’m wearing? Like who am I dressing as today? – I got nothin’. – Nothing?
– No. – Really?
– No. – Think about the
off-the-shoulder, the pink. I’m a Disney Princess,
I’ll give you that hint. – I only know like maybe
two Disney Princesses. – Well maybe it’s one of them! – Cinderella? – No, it’s Aurora, “Sleeping Beauty”. – I was close. – [Sierra] Hello family! (group cheers) Okay Lexi, I have a question
for you, cause you would know. – [Lexi] Okay. – And Megan, Megan might know. Which Disney Princess do
you think I’m dressed as in this swim suit?
– Cinderella. – Cinderella, that’s what my dad said! – Aurora, you’re Sleeping Beauty. – [Sierra] Thank you, Lexi! Ding, ding, ding.
(bell rings) (Lexi laughs) – That’s what I meant. – I’m dressed as Sleeping Beauty. Do you guys think that
Sleeping Beauty drinks Tecate? – [Man] Not Tecate Light. (Sierra Laughs) (can opens) – Very princess like. Okay now, I was all excited
about the swim skirt before I got in the pool and now like, it’s kind
of giving me a wedgie. Like it really rides up. And the top is pretty comfortable but if I move around a lot I feel like I kind of need to cover myself. Okay, so. (sighs) Now that I’ve been in this
swim suit for a little while, honestly the swim skirt issue is a lot worse than I originally thought. It’s basically like a
thong, high-cut bikini underneath the skirt. So the second that I start like swimming around and the
skirt’s like, flowing, I’m showing way more
than I wanna be showing. So, man, I’m not super, super
stoked on this swimsuit. Originally I was but it
looks fine, it looks cute. I feel like it’s one
that’d be cute for a photo if you wanted to be in an
Aurora swimsuit but actually, as a functional bikini, not the best. (upbeat electronic music) Oh man, taking off this tie right here is the biggest relief because
it was digging into my neck just to give me any sort of support here. Like when I first put this on I was like, okay it’s not perfect,
there are some flaws, but it’s a pretty cute,
pretty supportive swim suit. I love feeling like a Disney Princess. But now after, what is that? Like five, six hours in the pool? I’m like, oh my gosh,
it is hurting my neck, I have no coverage on my butt. So will I wear this again? Probably not, it’s one
of those swim suits that, if your goal is to have a
Disney Princess swim suit, sure, it fits that. But if your goal is to be comfortable, to be supported, to be able to move, yup, nope, not gonna happen. The next swim suit is another one from the Enchanted Bikini’s website, and this is an Ariel swimsuit. So I got the bikini bottoms
in a high-waisted cut, these are in an extra large, and they were fifty-five dollars. And then, the top is in a large and it was eighty-five dollars. And one of the fun things
or I guess funny things about this website, and
a lot of the websites that sell like, Disney Princess swimsuits is most places don’t
actually license from Disney to create an Aurora swimsuit
or an Ariel swimsuit. So they can’t call it that, legally. So it’s not the Ariel swimsuit,
it’s the seashell swimsuit. It’s not the Aurora top,
it’s the endless dream top. And all of the princess
inspired swimsuits, have like names like that. And I understand this fully,
because actually in college, I worked as a birthday party princess, and all of those birthday
party princess companies are not licensed by Disney. So I didn’t play Ana, I
played, Snow Princess. I didn’t play Rapunzel, I played,
Enchanted blonde princess. I’m very familiar in the skating around the legality of calling
things Disney Princess. So that was just one
of the things I noticed when I was ordering on this site, but let’s see how the Ariel swimsuit went. Steven, I don’t know what to do! I can’t wear this suit. – [Steven] Why not? – Look at it, it is tiny! I know you don’t know a lot about clothes, but please tell me you can at least see. This is supposed to be an
extra-large, for reference. I tried to put it on, it literally doesn’t
even cover my nipples. Like, not even a little,
this is where it goes. Can we acknowledge this, please, someone? I mean Steven, I can’t
wear this in public, right? – No.
– This was the top that I thought was really
really small for an extra-large. Look at this comparison! This, is a normal sized, extra-large top. Can we, no, this, what? This is in fact a, oh it’s a large, not an extra-large but
still, no, no, no, no, no! This literally wouldn’t
even fit like a B-cup, like a A-cup and that’s it. Like I’m a D-cup. There, no, no. The bottoms are fine. The bottoms like, are
really cute actually. They’re like little
high-waisted mermaid bottoms. I think what I’m going to do, is I have the bathing
suit for the last day I actually only have a top for and no bottoms, and the
bottoms do kind of match. So I’m going to wear these
bottoms on the last day, and I’m just gonna skip this
suit, because I can’t wear it. So, sorry Ariel, I guess you don’t get to be a
part of this princess video. The next swimsuit I got is from Hot Topic and Hot Topic swimsuits are
actually licensed by Disney, so like it is the Meg
from “Hercules” swimsuit. And one of the other cool things about the Hot Topic
swimsuits is they actually have more like obscure Disney Princesses. So they didn’t just have
like, Snow White and Elsa. They have like, Kida from “Atlantis”, Lilo from “Lilo and Stitch”, obviously, Meg from “Hercules.” Which I think is so fun
because like personally, I’m a bigger fan of some of like the lesser-known Disney Princesses. Which is why, I got a swimsuit for the ultimate-snubbed Disney Princess. And that is Kida from
“Atlantis: The Lost Empire”, “Atlantis” is one of my
favorite Disney movies. And I know, nobody actually remembers it, but it was there, it
existed, it was great, Kida is a queen, or
actually, Kida is a princess. So I got both the top and the bottom in an extra-large and this swimsuit, the Hot Topic one, is way cheaper
than more of the boutique, un-licensed Princess swimsuits. Both the top and the
bottom were $21.52 each, so that’s like what $43.04? Pretty good, and I’m down to rock an obscure Disney Princess look. So, let’s see it! (rock music) Hey guys, so the audio on my camera was not working on this day,
but we went to Dos Ojos Cenote, to swim in a cave and it
was so freaking magical. It was perfect for this swimsuit, because it literally felt like I found the Lost City of Atlantis. Like it felt like that scene, when they find the magic crystal and Kida, like, flies
up in to the air, like that’s what it felt like,
oh my gosh, it was amazing. And I mean the camera can’t
even do this place justice. Like it couldn’t even pick
up on how beautiful it was, so go check out some of the
pictures from it on my Instagram where you get kind of a better
feel for what it looked like. In terms of the bathing suit, I really have no complaints. It was kind of perfect. Like it fit my body well, I felt very confident and comfortable, it was actually surprisingly supportive. And the back band was
really thick and stretchy, so that gave me a lot
of support in addition to like the neck strap, thing. I mean I was being like really active in this swimsuit and I
felt totally comfortable, like I was swimming
around, I was snorkeling, I like jumped off a
little bridge at one point and everything stayed in place and I felt really cute
and really confident. And I love the little crystal
detail on the top too, it was like the perfect
little touch of Atlantis. I just think this swimsuit is so cute, it’s my favorite colors. And the fact that it’s
Atlantis just makes it 10 times better, it’s so cute. And it was just a perfect suit
for a perfectly, magical day. And then, since we already bought the Meg from “Hercules” one, but I haven’t really had a
good opportunity to wear it. Of course, I wanted to
include it in this video. Skylar picked this one out
for the BFF swimsuits video, and I literally gave it
like a ten-out-of-ten, it is my absolute favorite. I love the cut, I love the look, I love that I’ll get to sing, Don’t say I’m in Love all day. So let’s see it. (pop music) ♪ No chance, no way, I
won’t say it, no, no ♪ Yes, I’m dressed like Meg from “Hercules,” I absolutely love the swimsuit as much as I loved the Kida swimsuit, I feel like this one might still beat it. Because yeah, that one was like blue, which is my favorite color, and I did really like the design but this one is still
high-waisted and it’s long-line. And this little drape spot is so cute and the support is like, real support. The Kida one, it had
that tie, it was enough, but this is like, I am locked in. This feels kind of like
a sports bra, honestly. I can run around, I
can do anything in this and I feel like a Greek
Goddess, so it’s a win-win. Today we are going to Cozumel which is, this very like, pristine, beautiful island with these white sandy beaches
and crystal clear waters. And I’m like so excited for that and so excited to wear this
because it is my favorite. Give it to Skylar, of course, to pick the one, that’s my favorite. Of all the swimsuits I got, the one that I didn’t choose
myself is my favorite. (pop music) Man, oh man, what a good day! And the perfect, literally
perfect, bathing suit. I have never found a swimsuit that I love as much as this one. I’m going to link this one, especially, I’ll try to link all the other ones, but I’ll for sure make
sure I link this one because it is literally the
perfect swimsuit for me. Like, I feel like I can jump
off a boat, I can dive under, I could do some poses on the
beach for my Instagram photos, like I can do anything in this. (pop music) Okay so, when we were looking
for Disney Princess swimsuits, I noticed that there
were a lot of other like, nerdy, niche things
and properties that had like bikinis and swimwear made after them. And I went down like a rabbit hole, I was trying to find like
all of the nerdy things that I like in swimsuit form. So, for the last two days,
I’m going to be wearing not-Disney-Princess-suits. But, other things, that I like. So, we’re starting off
with, A Harry Potter, Gryffindor Quidditch swimsuit
and I found this on Poshmark, so I’m actually not sure
what brand it’s from. I’m guessing it’s Hot Topic but I’m not totally sure, but either way, a Harry Potter Quidditch swimsuit! That is so cool. Also, I am a Gryffindor so this is fitting because it’s like a
Gryffindor Quidditch uniform but in like a one-piece-swimsuit. Comment down below, what
Harry Potter house you’re in. Skylar is, you’re a Hufflepuff right? – [Skylar] I’m a Hufflepuff. – She’s a Hufflepuff to the bone, I am a Gryffindor like, to a T! And so getting to wear that in a swimsuit is going to be so much fun. So I bought this one on
Poshmark, second-hand and it was an extra-extra-large
and I paid $30. (pop music) Now this is what I’m talking about! 10 points to Gryffindor! Steven said I looked like I was wearing a soccer jersey swimsuit. Dude, Steven, this is clearly a Quidditch uniform for Gryffindor. You gotta brush up on your
Harry Potter knowledge! So this is a one-piece, this is the only one-piece that I have, I think for the whole video? Yeah, yeah, this is the only one-piece. I like one-pieces especially
’cause I can just wear them with high-waisted shorts and
it looks like a little outfit, I don’t need to bring a top. I got this second-hand on Poshmark but it’s originally from Hot Topic. It feels really comfortable,
really high quality and it had the tags on it also
so it had never been worn, it even still had the lining in it. This is great! Like, I honestly think what I learned from this video is that, Hot Topic really has like some awesome, great, nerdy swimsuits. Like, Disney Princess and just like, other nerdy swimsuits. Which speaking of that, Steven, I wanted to get myself
a “Star Wars” swimsuit and I couldn’t find one. So, I have something for
you, let me take the camera. So you like “Star Wars”? – I do. – [Sierra] And I got this
for you, also from Hot Topic. – Floral pants with Yodas. – [Sierra] Yeah! I know you like those
like subtle nerdy touches. Like, Steven would
never want to wear like, a full “Star Wars” swimsuit, well maybe. But I feel like, it’s the subtleties, like Steven likes having
like a button-down with little polka-dots on
it, that also has R2D2. You like ’em? – Yeah and if you look really hard, you can see Yoda hiding in the bushes. – [Sierra] There he is, little Yoda. Well what do you think, okay. – I like them, I would
definitely wear them. These would be great for like casual hanging out with friends. – [Sierra] Mhm. – They’d be like ooh, wow. Look at your Yoda pants. (Sierra laughing) – I am the lone Gryffindor in my family, Austin over here, what house are you? – Hufflepuff. – Austin is the huff, you are the puffiest of all the Hufflepuffs. – Hufflepuff. – Hufflepuff. I’ve been showing everyone my swimsuit, very excitedly, and the
only one who appreciates its true beauty is my
brother’s girlfriend, Megan. She’s like, “that’s so cool.” – It’s so awesome. – Isn’t it, isn’t it? No one gets it, just me and Megan. As much as I love this swimsuit, I’m realizing that not everyone has the Harry Potter knowledge that I do and they don’t get it. Steven thought it was a soccer jersey, my mom thought it was
a Corona bathing suit. – Yes, I thought she looked like she was wearing a Mexican beer suit. – We’re on the ferry going
over to Cozumel again today, which was amazing yesterday
so I’m excited to do it again. And excited to wear my
Gryffindor swimsuit, which is a total conversation starter. Which usually would be a good thing ’cause I love talking to people but when everyone is trying
to sell you something and trying to find some
way to get your attention so they can sell you something, it might not be the best thing. I was walking onto the ship and every other person was like, “Hey, Gryffindor, 50%
only for Gryffindor!” So my swimsuit has definitely been a point of conversation today. I have very much enjoyed the fact that it’s a Harry Potter swimsuit. But, it is not nearly as
supportive or it gives me, it doesn’t give me enough coverage as I originally thought it in the morning. They have all these like, big, inflatable, like fun things to jump off on the beach. And like crawling up on them,
this starts to pull down and I definitely feel exposed so I’ve been doing a lot of this all day. But part of that might be my own fault because the swimsuit is an
XXL and I’m usually an XL but this was Poshmark so we
had to take what they had. I think if it was a size smaller, I wouldn’t have this gaping here and it might be a little
bit more supportive. Also, it’s just kind of
an unstructured one-piece and I struggle with that with one-pieces. I usually like bikinis because the tops tend to be more like a bra and one-pieces tend to be more just loosey-goosey, which is no bueno for me. So I really like the look and
the design of this swimsuit, I love that it’s Harry Potter,
I love that it’s a one-piece. I love that it’s a conversation starter, well, do I love that? Maybe, it’s good and bad. But if you’re jumping off
inflatable slides in the ocean, I could use a little bit
more support and coverage. (upbeat music) Okay, for the last one
I wanted to find one of the nerdy things that I like. Like we were literally Googling,
like “Star Wars” bikinis, Neopets bikinis, “Hamilton” bikinis. And, in the end, we found on Poshmark, this “Pokemon” covered swimsuit bando top. I have no idea who sold this originally and it also only came with the top so I’m just gonna wear like
a pair of colored bottoms that I already have. But I literally could
not say no to having, my swimsuit top covered in like, Pikachus and Squirtles and Charmanders, like how freaking cool! So this one is in an
extra-large, I got it for $15 let’s just see it because, you
guys know, I’m a Poke-queen. I’m level 39 on Pokemon-GO,
I’m almost to level 40. I’ll put my friend code
on the screen if you want to add me but my friend’s
list is pretty much full, I’m gonna delete some
people to clear some space. I’m sorry if I delete you. I just really love Pokemon, so here we go. (dance music) Fun fact, the summer between
my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, I tried to learn the entire Poke-rap. I know like 60% of it, and
I’m pretty proud of that. So, as you can see, rockin’
the Pokemon swimsuit. Right here there’s like a little tab where I could attach black straps and I think if I wear this again that’s definitely how I would do it. Because I’m showing some
under-boob right now and I know that look is
in where people wear like, the really high crop-tops. Or the really high swimsuits that show a little bit of under-boob,
I don’t mind the look. But in terms of like functionality, I feel like this is gonna fly right off if I jump in the pool. I just love the fact that it’s Pokemon! It’s the three-starters plus Pikachu, so we’ve got, Bulbasaur,
Charmander and Squirtle. Personally, I was always
a Charmander girl, I always go with the fire starter. Let me know down in the comments, Steven, my nerd is showing, I need to stop talking
about Pokemon so much. – [Steven] Oh boy. – Yep, Steven knows the full
extent of my Pokemon obsession, but, Steven is also
wearing a swimsuit today, the one we showed you guys yesterday, the “Star Wars” swimsuit. So the two of us are
gonna hit the pool today, in all of our nerdy glory. Let’s do it, oh, and I
have the Ariel bottoms! I’m like double-fandoming right now, I’ve got my princess suit and I’ve got my “Pokemon”
suit, I’m excited. ♪ I want to be the best, there ever was ♪ ♪ To beat all the rest,
yeah, that’s my cause ♪ I will stop now, I will stop. All right, Steven in the Yoda shorts! Oh, also, nice hat. – Yeah.
(Sierra laughs) – Unfiltered. – [Sierra] Where can you get it, Steven? – Click like and subscribe. – [Sierra] No, nope, where can you get, I mean yes, please, do that. But, where can you get it? – What is it, thecurvycrew.com? – There we go, yay! (celebratory music) Three, two, one! I really like the fact that it’s “Pokemon” but it really has no support and it totally almost flew off if I hadn’t done this
thing when I jumped in, so. I like it, ’cause it’s “Pokemon” but if it wasn’t “Pokemon”
it would be probably like, a two-out-of-ten. Yay, Mexico! So my mom is in the pool now, hi Mom. – Hey! – And she reminded me that in kindergarten when I was student-of-the-month and I had got to a little presentation and say what I wanted
to be when I grew up. I said I wanted to be a
“Pokemon” trainer when I grew up. Also, I made all the
kids in my neighborhood call me Misty for an entire month. Just gonna play some Pokemon GO! In my Pokemon swimsuit
with my Pokemon phone case! Oh, there’s a Corsola here! I caught two Corsolas and two
Heracrosses while I was here, maybe I can get a third one. I just hatched a Cyndaquil, there we go. All right you guys, I hope
you enjoyed this video. This was just so much fun for me to make and wearing them on vacation was just like an added layer of fun. So let me know down in the comments, which one of these
swimsuits was your favorite. And also, like I said earlier, let me know your Hogwart’s
house, I would love to know. Make sure you are
subscribed to my channel, I post new videos every
Tuesday and Friday, and you can check out my podcast, where I post new episodes every Monday. And, you can check out my vlog channel where I post new vlogs, all
the time, a few times a week. There’s lots to do down
in the description, just click all of the links! Thank you guys so much for watching! Be confident, love your body, and I’ll see you next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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