I Wrecked My CR125

Hey, what’s up everyone? I’ve got some bike work to do today, and I thought it would take you along for the ride Most of the work is on the 110, it’s been a while since I did some maintenance on it So I’m gonna clean it up It’s not really too dirty But I figured I just give it a wash anyways and then clean up the air filter, re-oil it and change out the engine oil Let’s get it The 110’s all cleaned up, and I figured while I have the pressure washer set up I’m gonna clean up the 125 as well I have not cleaned this thing up since I rode it last time which was like two weeks ago Kind of a bad deal. So the story behind this one is I went riding Like two or two and a half weeks ago at the local RV park just cruising around minding my own business going down a hill and Hit this hole at the bottom It was all overgrown weeds and grass and whatnot and I hit the hole didn’t expect it went over the handlebars nailed my head and Tweaked the front end up on the bike a little bit just twist it up maybe bent the bars or something so gotta clean up the bike do the air filter clean it up oil it and Straighten out that front end and that should be good to go This air filter is definitely in need of a cleaning My babies are all freshened up and ready for some air filter maintenance. First up is the 110 Right here, I’ve got a bucket of cleaning solvent. This is what I clean my air filters in does a really good job at Knocking all the dirt and oil off of these things Then I’ll wash out the solvent with water in the sink here For the 125 I keep a spare pre-filter and air filter just so I can cycle through them and Always, have a fresh air filter, and I don’t have to wait for the one I just washed to dry out Not quite there on the 110 yet, though Alright, let’s oil these things up Yeah, that’s the one thing I don’t like about grease when it’s cold it gets so thick and hard to spread especially on a filter like this Alright, we’ve got fresh filters ready to go back on the bikes In the last video I said I was gonna do giveaway for this kx250f piston this thing is really busted up But it would make a sweet decoration What I’m gonna do here is Pull something off this side of the 125 take a picture of it and post it on Instagram so you guys can guess away I’m just gonna pick a random guess for this one. You don’t have to be first or last I’m out here shooting pics of the 125 You guys gonna have to look really close to figure out what part I pulled off. Okay guys I just posted this picture of the 125 over on Instagram so head on over and put your guesses down in the comments My Instagram handle is the same as YouTube at Cameron Niemela same spelling and everything while you guys are over there You might as well follow the page to keep up on all the projects I’m working on so the winner will be picked by random in the next video coming up this Wednesday and Obviously the winner has to be able to identify the part. I pulled off good luck guys after I wash my bikes I always start them up and let the heat burn some of the water off and I wonder what a two-stroke and a four-stroke sound like running together Let’s see Okay 110’s all warmed up time to drain this oil out I went a little too long on this oil change. It’s pretty black All right, let’s get this drain plug back in and fill her up with oil I usually run Rotella oil in my bikes, but I had this random quart of Honda HP4 so I might as well use that up I’m just gonna start filling her up ’til I see oil coming to view through the sight window The oil level looks good right about there. They’re gonna put the fill cap back on and move on to adjusting the chain Chains looking a little bit floppy gonna have to readjust it first step loosen up the axle Then I’m gonna give each adjuster oh shit, I just noticed my swing arm is bent right here. I’m gonna have to fix that Still a little bit bent, but it’s better for sure all right like I was saying I’m gonna tighten down Go one turn on each of these chain adjusters For the chain slack on big bikes I’ll go three fingers, but since this is the smaller bike I’ll go about two and a half And then we’ll make sure the markings on the swing arm are equal on both sides so on this side I am two marks out from the back And over here is right about two as well okay now that I’ve got the chain where I want it It’s time to tighten up the axle Before I do that I’ve got to get the wheel all the way forward in the swing arm So by putting a rag between the chain sprocket and spinning the wheel back that will pull the wheel all the way forward to The adjusters here, and then one more thing What I’ll do I’ll spin the wheel back. This is gonna be hard. This only works on drum brakes This helps Center the pads inside the drum So spin the wheel back. Push the brake pedal down and put a wrench to lock the brake pedal down See if I can get in here Hammer coming in handy once again all right just need to tighten up this axle now And then of course you want to make sure the two nuts are locked against each other so they don’t come loose The 110 is all ready to rip. On to the 125 to figure out what’s up with the front end. You can kind of tell The tire and fender don’t really line up perfectly so what I’ll do here is loosen up the top, or the triple clamp bolts and Shift things around that usually straightens it off pretty good Once all the triple clamp bolts are loosened up. I’ll put the tire between my legs And kinda twist things around Give it where I need it to be and then I’ll get on the bike and Look at the front end and make sure it’s straight make sure everything lines up handlebars Triples and forks. The handlebars aren’t straightening out with the rest of the front End so I’m thinking one of the bar mounts has bent You can see this bar mount doesn’t really have a gap to the triple clamp Whereas this one does? So I’m thinking this right bar mount is bent Well thankfully these handlebar mounts are not bent, but I’m gonna have to check out the handlebars next. These handlebars check out fine So what I’m thinking? What happened is one of these handlebar mount dampeners on the right side got dislodged So I’m gonna put it back together Tighten everything up and see if I can get it to straighten out Everything looks straight now So it must have been that handlebar mount dampener on this side that got dislodged that was an easy fix now I’m just gonna tighten back up these triple clamp bolts and the last thing I have to do on this bike is lube the clutch cable It’s been a while since I did that To lube up the clutch cable I’ll have to pull it off at the lever and then down here where it connects to the engine underneath the flywheel cover To lube up the cable I’ll use this cable lubing tool Just clamps right over the cable like this and then inject some cable lube through the tool this goes in This hole right here So what I’ll do is. I’ll squirt lube in this tool a few times and in between each time I’ll work the cable up and down to work that lube into the end of the cable To set up my cable tension, I’ll go in and out with this adjuster until there’s about a quarter Width or the width of a quarter between the perch and the lever Right about there looks good Maybe a little bit tighter Yeah, that’s right where I like it And this clutch lever feels so good now from time to time I’ll pull this lever apart and clean the whole pivot out and re-grease it. It makes a huge difference how smooth the lever operates I hope you all enjoyed the video And thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to put in your guesses over on my Instagram I’ll actually put the link to my Instagram down in the description below. I’ll check in with you guys in a few days. See ya


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