iAmAttila. 6 online businesses. Top affiliate marketer. 500 000$ from a blog. Part 1

>>ROMAN: how did you get involved in affiliate
marketing actually,>>ATTILA:I take a look at on my
friend Konrad does on the internet he was working from home and making crazy
money>>ROMAN: how much did you invest at the start?>>ATTILA: I spent five hundred and I made
fifteen hundred I was shocked>>ROMAN: do you think two thousand
dollars is enough to start now in affiliate marketing?>>ROMAN: Was it decent income for you to
organize the kind of party>>ATTILA: In Serbia I lost. The amount of work that we put in it worked
out to around half a euro per hour. half a euro per hour! we pay the cleaner one
euro per hour!>>ATTILA: Basically what I’m willing to provide
is one hour consulting with me starts a $2,000. Where we look at what you’re doing where you’re
struggling and then together sit down
and come up with an action plan on what you can do to improve
and make more money probably they exist and maybe
they work like an especially on push traffic source>>ROMAN: What the push traffic exactly is
and how it works I am gonna show you right now – for that we go to megapu.sh – which
is the first push notification network with an incredible amount of traffic and I just
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will do Then you need to paste a link to your landing
page or an offer in my case it will be our interview on youtube
Title – that is how our notification message will be titled. Attila Interview in my case
A message goes after – I am putting continue to watch – that is mine call to action
Image – the main part of your notification, make sure to choose something that attracts
attention Icon – small picture next to your message
– good to put your logo So – targeting – I am in Jamaica right now,
so the cost per click is one-tenth of a cent here. Not too bad is not it? Devise – desktop, OS – MAC, you can also specify
a time range, IP range, etc So we are good to go pretty much – let’s
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approved, the good thing is that at Megapush they have moderation 24/7 so it usually approved
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looks like – And we continue to watch our interview
Hi I’m Roman from Zorba’s media and today we
are at Budapest to meet Attila Serial entrepreneur as well as super affiliate
and creator the most popular blog about affiliate marketing and>>ROMAN: Hi Attila. It’s pleasure to meet you>>ATTILA: Hi, Nice to meet you>>ROMAN: Thank you for joining us>>ATTILA: Thank you for coming to Budapest
let’s go see the city>>ROMAN: Yeah! Let’s do it! I’m super excited>>ROMAN: Just wanted to ask you what did
you want to be when you were a child>>ATTILA: I wanted it to be
like a business owner like my dad>>ROMAN: A-ha, so your dad was a businessman
as well>>ATTILA: yeah like when I was little he
owned like grocery store and grocery stores actually
because we lived in Serbia like I was born in Serbia and after that we
moved to Hungary and he owned to grocery stores there and later we emigrated to
Canada and in Canada when we moved there we didn’t even speak the language or
anything so he started working for somebody and later he opened his own
business too so that’s where I get the entrepreneurial spirit you know wanting
to be my own boss>>ROMAN: how old are you when you immigrate
to Canada>>ATTILA: 11 and a half years old>>ROMAN: Okay. Could you speak any English?>>ATTILA: I spoke very little just what we
learned in school but when I when we moved to
Canada I realised it’s that’s nothing you don’t like it’s zero English basically
I remember being super shy even just talking like saying thank you and stuff
like that like it was I was feeling super uncomfortable when I realize I
know nothing you know so I basically when I started school they threw me into
ESL classes I was basically only white guy among
Chinese people because you know like Vancouver has a heavy Asian population
and a lot of migrants from Asia like China and Hong Kong and Taiwan and stuff
so I quickly became friends with a lot of Asian kids you know like from all
over the place and this is how I discovered sushi like before before that
I never in my life ate sushi but one one time I remember at lunch they were
hanging out and one of my friends he brought these weird things I didn’t know what
the heck they are because I never seen These before and and then he told me sushi
and I tried it I was like this is amazing like it’s a brand new you know
like tastes like I never ever experienced it>>ROMAN: Do you still like sushi?>>ATTILA: oh yeah it’s one of our favorite
favorite foods so much so that when I Moved back to Serbia and I met my
wife I started making sushi at home because back then you couldn’t buy sushi
anywhere you know in Serbia and they didn’t know about it and everything so I
bought ingredients and it didn’t work out good then I found on ebay that you
can order. So I ordered from Japan
ingredient and I made sushi and and slowly they started loving it and they
kept asking like: “When are you gonna make Sushi?! what are you gonna make sushi?!”
and the entire like her entire family got hooked on
sushi and always wants to you know me to make it and stuff like that>>ROMAN: how often do you drink alcohol?>>ATTILA: not often enough I
just can’t because I have responsibilities especially the kids you
know you have to have them at home where like my son especially then give them
bath and my little girl and put them to bed and all that stuff and next I’m
taking them to school but we try you know have on the weekends especially wine>>ROMAN: so are you more of wine kind of
person?>>ATTILA: yeah more wine definitely
Definitely>>ATTILA: That was awesome>>ROMAN: How long did you live in Canada
and why did you decide to get back to Europe?>>ATTILA: oh I lived I think 11 or 12 years
or more wait a second
oh yeah 12 years and the reason why I moved back is because I
used to organize all night… all night dance parties in Canada and they were
licensed so you would go to the city apply for a license, have meeting discuss
you know fire and insurance and all this other stuff>>ROMAN: To many rules>>ATTILA: yeah but we were
always complained and then they decided due to too many complaints from the
from the residents that they don’t wanna allow legally
these events so I decided at that point that is so you know like I’m not gonna
do it Back Hat if you will you know
underground because those always got busted and they were dangerous and stuff
like that so we came to Serbia because my grandparents were living in Serbia
and stuff and we came to I came to Serbia and said let’s do a party here
and then the first time was 5,000 people that we organized and that’s how I met
Dora basically>>ROMAN: how did you meet her?>>ATTILA: Well, what happened was I came
from Canada and we were doing the party we already had
the Flyers and everything and I had a friend who started an online store which
was one of the first you know in Serbia and I asked him do you know any girls
who could help come promote the parties Yeah I know one you know she works for
like Benson & Hedges and like Johnnie Walker and these huge brands you know
like promoting them and stuff And I was like “Ok cool! Let’s call her, Let’s call her!
and I said: “Hey, I am Attila from Canada” you know
And do you want to come, you know, promote my party
8-32 and after>>ROMAN: Did you call her back or?>>ATTILA: No I never. Never. But after I heard you know later from her
That she said I am complete jork and Like you know: “Attila from Canada”
So Funny Anyways we moved on
and somehow her sister came to promote and her sisters girlfriends and then she
Heard from her sister that I’m actually a really cool guy not totally different
than the guys there and then Dora Said: “okay I can promote” and then the rest is
history basically we’ve been together since then>>ROMAN: Was it a decent income for
you to organize that kind of parties>>ATTILA: In Canada yes in Serbia I lost
everything on the first two events and then Dora
helped me organize the third one and then we made 10,000 euros profit which
isn’t a lot because the amount of work that we put in it worked out to around
half a euro per hour if you will to calculate it and we realize like
fuck you know like this half Euro per hour like that we paid a cleaner one euro per hour
like Jesus You know and then we decided ah ok that’s
we not gonna do any more events not
worse>>ROMAN: and when was your last time you
go to rave kind of party>>ATTILA: Well I never went to raves like
I didn’t like to rave I just like that kind of music I still
listen to it today like here in Budapest like you have a DJ called Nigel Stately
and he pays plays like deep house and progressive on music fm and I
usually listen to him while driving but I never really was the person who went
to a rave party to party like dance and get high on drugs I used to go because I
love the atmosphere you know the laser lights and the effects and the huge
speakers and the decorations and stuff like that so that’s the whole reason why
I actually started organizing you know all-night dance events so that I could
actually play with these things the controllers and program the laser shows
and all that stuff you know>>ROMAN: Cool! Would you consider yourself as a businessman
or an affiliate marketer what goes first>>ATTILA: well definitely business especially
as I grow older because when I was younger I
used to enjoy sitting there all day like I could sit 16 hours on the computer and
I would just get up just to go to the bathroom or to grab something to eat
quickly and and go back and just sit there all day and I would emerge myself
in the cyber world you know and and it was awesome but Now I’m getting bored
you know like it’s not the same like now I just enjoy you know like coming up
with ideas coming up with solutions and just calling a bunch of my you know
employees do this do this delegating and stuff like that
I still enjoy you know challenges new ones like now trying to make ecom working
in shitty GEO’s that usually don’t work and then writing down the lessons like I
published recently in this “How I blew $2,300 guide” you know>>ROMAN: That was your recent post I read
it>>ATTILA: Eah, Exactly>>ROMAN: So you’re still trying to
make e-commerce working because I read
in your blog in one of your post you didn’t really like it>>ATTILA: No I don’t like drop shipping from
China>>ROMAN: Uh-huh>>ATTILA: because I believe that for
e-commerce to work it has to work like my companies like my “Banners Landers”
for example we know that the you know the
lifetime customer value there and it’s not we don’t have to break even on the
front end if you will like so we can afford to spend way more on advertising
we can afford to you know test more and all that stuff because we know that
every client that we get is going to return and order more stuff and the
reason why that is is because we do you know really good work for super cheap
and super fast and affiliates need tons of Landers tons of banners and tons of
you know like safe sites for Back Hat and they cannot afford to work with up
for people because they’d be like: “Yeah I’ll give you a WordPress site for
five hundred dollars” and then what if you
need you know 1,000 per month then we’ll be like okay 50 bucks you know for one
and stuff like that so you know like if you’re order a large quantity then we give
insanely cheap price and it makes no sense for others to you know for for you
to try working with up-workers and build your own team because you know
like we take care of all the HR you know a lot of people get sick they want to
leave and you know like there’s so much pain in the ass work that goes on behind
the scene>>ROMAN: how many people work for Banners
and Landers now>>ATTILA: Well, we have over 50
scattered all over the place yeah>>ROMAN: 50?! Oh My God!>>ATTILA: Yeah>>ROMAN: That’s quite a lot and well I
presume that you have lots of customers and most of>>ATTILA: yeah we have over 4,700 customers>>ROMAN: Ok>>ATTILA: Yeah, we have a lot>>ROMAN: So your first tried Affiliate marketing
in like 96-97>>ATTILA: yes>>ROMAN: and that was like 23 years ago
Were your like 12 or 13?>>ATTILA: No, No, No. Not that early
I tried it in 1997-1998>>ROMAN: Ok>>ATTILA: I was 14 and 15 sites like that
was the>>ROMAN: Can you tell me a bit more about
that? How did that happen?>>ATTILA: Yeah! I used to build like warez sites
like that was day of GeoCities and like GeoCities And FortuneCity
and what you would do is you would get like 2 megabytes of
free storage space and on FortuneCity back then
you will get 10 megabytes so we would take you know different kind of
apps and we split them up into different RAR files upload them and then link them
from our sites and we placed banners on these sites and my first banner that
made me good money was CyberThrill casino like every time someone clicked
on it I got five cents>>ROMAN: Per click or per view?>>ATTILA: Per click
and another thing we ran was AllAdvantage>>ROMAN: What was it?>>ATTILA: Basically what it was is that you
got paid to have like an ad bar installed
on your computer so while you were on the internet you were looking at the ads
you were getting paid and then there was like you know like a hack kind of thing
on how to make it as if you were looking at the ads but in reality you weren’t
you know so>>ROMAN: And did you make
decent money?>>ATTILA: Well, for being you know so
young it was pretty good a couple of thousand dollars a month in high school>>ROMAN: And how long did it last?>>ATTILA: don’t know like eight nine months
something like that>>ROMAN: And why didn’t you proceed?>>ATTILA: I don’t know cuz I’m actually I
dunno first of all because I didn’t even know
That was affiliate market I had no idea what I was doing you know said I didn’t
know where to go from there and that’s when I
like met my first girlfriend and then you know it was all about her and stuff
and I lost interesting computers and all that stuff back than I remember>>ROMAN: That always happens to boys>>ATTILA: Yeah>>ROMAN: When they turn 16 or so
>>ATTILA: Yeah! So.. that was that>>ROMAN: So you didn’t know back then about
affiliate marketing?>>ATTILA: No. I have no clue>>ROMAN: How did that happen? They contacted your themself? Like that casino>>ATTILA: No my friend I was talking to other
kids on the net and then they said why don’t you
you know you can put some banners on your site and make money as like okay I put
in the banner that was it you know I wasn’t too smart in that regard it>>ROMAN: Was it your first money you ever
earned?>>ATTILA: No it wasn’t the first one because
I was building websites for others so building
websites and getting paid to make websites and I remember I published a
book for somebody where what I had to do is I use QuarkXPress
to manually format the book and write the page numbers and add pictures>>ROMAN: Cool! How old were you?>>ATTILA: think I was 15 years old>>ROMAN: ok>>ATTILA: Yeah>>ROMAN: And when did your build your first
website?>>ATTILA: at 14 years old I remember it
was called The Avengers site and I had it loaded with GIF animations you know
From The Simpsons and other funny ones I found you know back then it was a big
deal but today like you have kids that are like seven eight years old making
websites you know back then it’s like it was brand-new technology as you
know today it’s not a big deal if a 14 year old makes the web site back then
It was oh my god you know but now my son’s making a website and like flash presentation
Yeah. That’s Crazy>>ROMAN: It your sun tells you one day:
“Dad I want to be involved in affiliate marketing
I want to try it out” What would you feel?>>ATTILA: I would feel excited
I would teach him you know how to do it And I would introduce him right away to some
of the best In the industry
You know So he has to have start
Because one of the most important things in affiliate marketing like any other
industry is being you know well-connected and knowing the right people
So I would definitely help him with that You know, I tell him the technical stuff
I put him for the newbie guy to Charles NGO newbie guide
You know like to read it But in terms of connections and introducing
Like you wanna talk to this guy. You wanna like
Hey this mine sun you know>>ROMAN: Put him in Business like
>>ATTILA: Yeah>>ROMAN: would be funny>>ATTILA: Definitely>>ROMAN: Is he aware of what you’re doing
like How do you explain him your job?>>ATTILA: Oh he know that I’m working on
the computer>>ROMAN: Al right>>ATTILA: You know like doing stuff in Photoshop
and Ads and things like that Like he understands
Cos as we were talking earlier kids these
days are super smart like when you and me were younger we didn’t have computers
We didn’t have facebook We have nothing
But these kids they were born into it you know>>ROMAN: I got my first computer when I was
14 Before that I was just would go yo my friends
and You know>>ATTILA: Yeah I know I know like
That was golden Time You know older days Like internet cafe where you would go and
stuff like that>>ROMAN: I would spent
nights and internet cafes which is playing those kind of games like
Counter-strike>>ATTILA: yeah like those huge counter-strike
cafes but I never played you know like the only thing I used to
play this when I was in high school in the summers especially with my sister I
used to play Quake Weapons Factory that was captured a flag That was my favourite game
just have to run into enemy territory grab
the flag and then there were different rules like I was always a sniper and she
Was a gunner so I would go and grab the flag and she
Would be mine defence shooting everybody who tried to get me you know>>ROMAN: Nice, team work>>ATTILA: Team Work. It was good>>ROMAN: Do you play any computer games now?>>ATTILA: No, no time, you know
I’m lucky that I can finish a campaign before the little ones wanna play>>ROMAN: And how many hours do you normally
nowadays spend in front of your computer?>>ATTILA: I take my son to school
and after that I get home and I sit down and then until he I have to go pick him up
so definitely a good six hours during the day and another two three at night
so every day I put in eight to nine hours you know>>ROMAN: more or less normal work>>ATTILA: normal work spread out a little
bit a little interruptions here and there
How did you get involved in affiliate marketing actually? well like as we talked
about it before when we were driving around Budapest I used to organise
all-night dance events but they turn out to fail here right so we didn’t make any
money so it was a matter of okay we’re gonna move to Canada and I’m gonna get a
job you know and take Dora with me and live there or we’re gonna stay back in
Europe close to Dora’s family and do something so she suggested
that I take a look at on my friend Konrad does on the internet because he’s
a guy that I met in Canada and he lived in my city and everything we were
friends and he all of a sudden moved to Poland back to his home country and he
was working from home and making crazy money and it turns out that the guy
actually built an empire creating Tube scripts for adult porn sites basically
so he’s calling his Mechbunny media Konrad like a lot of people
actually know the guy so I looked on what Konrad does and I realized that
he’s you know like a programmer and I was like oh my god I can program nothing
you know like I at that stuff but I
found the industry that you can build websites SEO them rank them and then
make money you know promoting different kind of pay sites so that’s how I got
started I was writing the content making blocks for different niches and then
that’s how I got started>>ROMAN: So you started with SEO?>>ATTILA: I started with
yeah with adult and with SEO yes>>ROMAN: And when your first tried media
buying?>>ATTILA: well what
happened is I was doing really good in SEO for around four years five years and
then Google came out with like penguin Panda hummingbird so all of my sites died
out you know cuz it didn’t matter you couldn’t trade links anymore and
manipulate the SERPs and everything so what happened was I decided to join a
forum called IMGRIND like it’s not around around anymore like I read this
the mobile manifest over by a guy named Rock
it was like an old forum but that’s not around anymore and I got started on that
forum with mobile media buying and there was also a guy named Tuan Vu who used to
have a blog and stuff and he used to have like an affiliate network that I
worked with and I did adult dating then and I bought you know like on traffic
junkie and EXOclick and stuff like that ads and I created banners you know
for MILFS sites and stuff like that and then did SOI and DOI you
know dating lead generation but I didn’t like it so what happened is I was
researching and I came across STM Stack That Money forum which I believe is like
the number one forum on the internet for affiliate marketing still today like
there’s nothing better than STM in terms of affiliate marketing and I joined up
and I got introduced you know to app installs and things like that and I was
super happy because I was able to switch from adult to non adult and that’s what
we’ve been doing since then>>ROMAN: And when was it?>>ATTILA: when was media
buying like five years ago>>ROMAN: 5 years ago!>>ATTILA: Yeah>>ROMAN: and how how much did you did you
invest at the start>>ATTILA: well I remember I had
$2,000 on a like a prepaid card and I decide I told Dora like this is either
gonna work or it’s not gonna work you know like>>ROMAN: Was it your last money?>>ATTILA: no it wasn’t my last money but
I was like I’m gonna dedicate 2k to it it either works or it’s not gonna work
you know so I remember I at night like I was working until 10 o’clock I set up
a bunch of campaigns and crazy I saying I was like I started in Serbia
like I was promoting DU speed booster and clean master and I created a
bunch of campaigns like I remember or like the like the first campaign in
Serbia that I did for this utility app it was like “are you a fan of you know
the Serbian soccer teams Zwezda I you know if you like Zwezda the fans and use this
app to speed up their phones you know so that was one of my>>ROMAN: So that was not aggressive yet?>>ATTILA: no it was not
aggressive and so basically what happened is I was running non aggressive
angles like you know if you’re a fan of this soccer team you this is what the
tool that you need to speed up your phone and then I started spying cuz I
heard about Whatsrunwhere wich back then was a really good tool to actually
spy on GDN and like Google Display Network and mobile app installs and then
I looked up you know these apps are being promoted how, like the most popular
ways and I saw banners it like exclamation mark like stop signs you
know like your phone is slow install now And stuff like that I like okay I tried that
angle and as a Holy crap you know like 12% CR which is insane and that’s how I
started you know like making profit and the next day when I woke up I was like
holy whoa you know I was like shocked! this works you know
I was like Dora come see, holy crap>>ROMAN: How much that was? How much did you make?>>ATTILA: fifteen
hundred dollars you know>>ROMAN: Fifteen hundred dollars?>>ATTILA: Yeah>>ROMAN: Just in a one day?>>ATTILA: Yeah because I spent
five hundred and I made fifteen hundred I was
shocked you know>>ROMAN: All right! That was cool! And do you think that
two thousand dollars is enough to start now in affiliate marketing?>>ATTILA:
It could be like on Facebook no in e-commerce I
don’t think so because you need to spend at least $100 per product and
Fail fast but to 300 nowadays is even better especially in Q4 where the CPM rates are
too high but in pops maybe and low payout offers it could be but you would
have to know how to you know design and do everything yourself and spend all of
this money on traffic and know how to Block Bots and everything from the start>>ROMAN Do you know if these apps like Cleaners
and Boosters>>ATTILA: Probably they exist and
maybe they work like especially on push net push traffic source it’s a brand new
type of traffic source basically yeah>>ROMAN: Have your tried it so far?>>ATTILA: Yeah do have but I created my own
push traffic source basically so what that
means is that after you build the list it cost you nothing to send it you know
because you can get people to opt-in allow messages for>>ROMAN: So you have your own base?>>ATTILA: Yah we have our own database
And we can send it for free and on stuff like this you can basically run anything
because there’s no policy right now but I mean that’s the current state of the
market you know push>>ROMAN: And how big is your database?>>ATTILA:
it’s not that big right now we have like 5,000 people but it’s heavily
targeted for a hiche that I don’t want to talk about that we do right now but the
trick to it is being it’s like an email list>>ROMAN: But do you sell do you sell it as
a traffic or you monetize that database?>>ATTILA: No, no, no we monetize it. We send basically every day
three times a day a message you know like about skin about a special niche
that we run and some other things and then people click it’s basically your
own traffic source where you can click you know and there’s no policy so you
can run anything that you want like on Facebook you cannot use before-and-after
pictures are right away disapproved or in worst case gets your account banned but
on your traffic source there’s no rules right so you can do anything anything
aggressive in terms of shocking bizarre untrue misleading everything which is>>ROMAN: Do you have any plans to grow your
database?>>ATTILA: the problem is no I don’t really
want to go in that direction because I know that
push the push traffic source is gonna come to an end>>ROMAN: And how soon is going to happen?>>ATTILA: It depends on Google right
It depends on Android and iPhone like if a lot of people are gonna complain
that they’re flooded with spam messages all the time they’re gonna limit the
push where the effectiveness of it drops down like this is a cycle you know like
now it’s in its infancy stages and it’s going to come to mature you know it’s
gonna rise up and then die out anything like with any kind of affiliate
marketing but I’m sick of that roller coaster ride basically so I’m not
focusing on that is that I’m focusing on own brands like my banners and Landers
TRANSEY Angle iAmAttila you know>>ROMAN: Yeah we will talk about it
I know that you have started having the team from
the very first day>>ATTILA: exactly>>ROMAN: Is that true?>>ATTILA: that’s true>>ROMAN: And what I wanted to ask you how
big your team now I mean the team that is
dedicated to traffic arbitrage>>ATTILA:
well now my team is surprisingly smaller than it
used to be and the reason why is because of automation like now we use bots and
scripts and automation so I have a guy that I know and when we need some kind
of repetitive tasks automated I talked to he writes the scripts for like a
50 to 100$ and done it’s like having a full-time employee>>ROMAN: okay>>ATTILA: you know and
they’re never sick they never call him with excuses on why the work is not done
and nothing so that’s that’s it so now I work only with seven people were really
really good you know>>ROMAN: And what is your role within>>ATTILA: my role is the
vision and the creativity in which direction to go>>ROMAN: so you come up with.. like>>ATTILA: Like I want to run this
I think like you know what kind of angles and you know what kind of ways
which traffic sources and I hand it off I say okay set up the campaign our
Facebook set up on Google you know set up on this push notification>>ROMAN: so all those seven people are doing
media buying right>>ATTILA: not really no they
basically do it suddenly like my extension
I don’t like to do repetitive stuff I hate signing up campaigns I hate editing
videos you know all these kind of things so I just say okay I need this
translated for example I need this video created make me banners you know like
for Facebook like in this size that has this on it you know>>ROMAN: So you’re the brain and they are
your hands kind of thing?>>ATTILA: Yeah that’s the way it’s going
you know>>ROMAN: and can you tell me how are you
find right people to hire?>>ATTILA: I start them off as monkey workers
basically so they do really simple tasks and I notice you
know like people jump out who are really good who ask questions you know who
demonstrates some kind of their own ideas you know they will tell me oh I
have a better way and how we can do it and things like that so that’s how like
it takes a while to get to know people especially in this way bring closer to
work with me like I see you know Talent and then I harness the talent like one
of my employees Nicky like when she started with me she was just clicking a bunch of
buttons you know and over time she came because she become really good with
Photoshop so now when I need banners that it did she can do it better than me
you know so for example like there’s a picture with some text in it or some
person she can take them out put some new text in it and I said okay just swap
the CTA on these change the look and feel stuff like that if she doesn’t and
sends it back and that’s it that she learned on her own right so she’s
getting more of that work>>ROMAN: cool yeah and do have this point
this question for your candidates what your parents did
and why does it matter for you>>ATTILA: well we
did in the past but it didn’t work out good>>ROMAN: okay>>ATTILA: you know why because like I’ve
been doing this for 10 years now like I had
like in SEO I started so it’s been ten years now and in the beginning
we used to ask that you know like what did your parents do because I believed
if their parents worked hard or they had their own business then they appreciated
work I think more but that created problem because we got this maverick
onto the team who taught that you they’re worth more than the salary and
they should be paid more so they created politics and all kinds of negative vibes
in the company and that wasn’t good for me like there was one time that I had an
employee who did a good job but his parents on some company too
so he was like a good leader and stuff like that and he knew how to run a team
but he started going around and telling people at oh I’m underpaid and all this
and all these workers these worker bees started saying like oh I’m not getting
paid good and they were getting paid two and a half times the average salary in
Serbia you know>>ROMAN: okay>>ATTILA: and and then one
time I got really pissed you know and I came in and I said I called everybody
and I said that this guy seems like he’s a genius I don’t need your help anymore
I appreciate you know that you work with me you guys go and work with the guy you
know and I fired everybody at once>>ROMAN: Everybody?>>ATTILA: Yeah
because you know like negative he brought
negative vibes and after someone has that fire in them you cannot extinguish it>>ROMAN: So you changed the Team?>>ATTILA: Yeah exactly I changed it because
you know know like it’s like a virus it
comes in and you gotta get rid of it fast so>>ROMAN: so what kind of questions do you
ask now then>>ATTILA:
Well it depends on what you hairing for right you don’t really ask
questions we do a test assignment and if they do good then we give them more
assignments and time will tell but for programmers then we assign you know like
a complicated task and first we see are they gonna do it for you know to show us
what they know for free or do they say well you have to pay me for this test
you know and if they say that oh you’re gonna pay me for this tiny you know like
n-line code you know and how to demonstrate that they do know how to do
that and I’m like oh I don’t need you you know like show me that you’re
willing to step up kind of thing and you know deliver the work and later we can
talk about you know compensation and stuff like that so>>ROMAN: in your speech that
you gave and In Berlin I think that was in 2016 I Guess
You told that in May 2014 you hit 1 million revenue
I just wanted to ask about those numbers what do they really mean was it your
monthly revenue or revenue to date or>>ATTILA: I think it was revenue to date
on one of the networks because we were doing a lot
of nutro like in in was in Nordic countries like that’s my favourite you
know like like Norway Sweden Finland>>ROMAN: have you ever had 1 million plus
revenue monthly?>>ATTILA: no no no>>ROMAN: No, Never hit that?>>ATTILA: No>>ROMAN: what was your biggest revenue monthly?>>ATTILA: like three hundred
seventy thousand>>ROMAN: that was your record?>>ATTILA: yeah>>ROMAN: And when was it?>>ATTILA:
I think three years ago something like that>>ROMAN: three years ago?>>ATTILA: Yes>>ROMAN: Do you run any blackhat campaigns
now?>>ATTILA: yeah
we do still>>ROMAN: okay and can you give me a
definition of blackhat how you understand it?>>ATTILA: black hat is basically anytime
like a policy is dialled up to too hard meaning
that they disapprove your ads for stupid reasons and you find them workaround
then you’re doing black hat so when you are defining the rules of the traffic
source you’re running black hat because until the traffic source allows it it’s
not necessarily black you know it turns black when you have to do sneaky things
like cloaking to get it approved so that’s my definition>>ROMAN: you do also white hat?>>ATTILA: yes we do white at mostly these
days>>ROMAN: mostly yeah that what I wanted to
ask you like what is a percentage of black hat
in your revenue?>>ATTILA: like sixty percent>>ROMAN: is a black hat?>>ATTILA: yeah>>ROMAN: and does it
take more time than white hat?>>ATTILA: it’s more
repetitive let’s just say like we have to constantly reset up the accounts cuz
you cannot get a lot of spend out of the accounts these days like seven to ten
thousand dollars and then it bans you know>>ROMAN: And where do you get your Facebook
accounts? Do you farm them or you buy?>>ATTILA: Well we have our
own ways and I can’t really tell you unfortunately well>>ROMAN: We don’t need to get into details
of course>>ARRILA: We work
with suppliers of course and we also get our own like we make our own basically
because you never know which one will last is so random like there’s no
pattern you know>>ROMAN: and so how many
accounts do you use every day?>>ATTILA:
It’s random and it goes down my team will just launch again you know so we try and
keep consistent flow of you know running accounts like ten accounts that they
always spending money at least>>ATTILA: What I’m willing to provide
is our consulting with me where we look at what you’re already doing when you’re
where you’re struggling and then together sit down and come up with an
action plan on what you can do to improve and make more money starts at
$2,000 so I was thinking that for the person that tells me their story you
know and you know about their life how they started in internet marketing you
know why they want to continue in internet marketing and how what they’re
doing is actually helping their friends and their family I would be willing to
select one person from all the stories that are submitted and work with them>>ROMAN: Should they just comment on this
video on YouTube and you will select the one>>ATTILA: yeah I think
they should comment yes>>ROMAN: cool>>ATTILA: yeah and
then we can work something for that>>ROMAN: and
that thing that is a great opportunity>>ROMAN: five businesses let’s run them by
profitability the first one obviously that is your arbitrage business>>ATTILA: that is
the top 80%>>ATTILA: honestly there’s nothing as
sweet as blackhat money>>ROMAN: okay I wanted to talk about your
block a little bit in details does your block
generate you more than $100,000 profit Annually>>ATTILA: oh yes>>ROMAN: more than $300,000>>ATTILA: yes>>ROMAN: can you say it’s
close to 1 million>>ATTILA: that’s my super
successful I guess why I own three houses and I have nice cars and we
travel anywhere we want to go I meant>>ATTILA: I went from eighty six bucks to
twenty thousand per Bitcoin so I mind a ton
of Bitcoin>>ROMAN: and have you sold them or>>ATTILA:
sold them at twenty thousand I still have some>>ROMAN: OH, NO WAY!>>ROMAN: I’m just wondering who died in your
headlines [laughing]


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