iAmAttila. 6 online businesses. Top affiliate marketer. 500 000$ from a blog. Part 2

>>ROMAN: how did you get involved in affiliate marketing?>>ROMAN: actually how much did you did you invest at the start>>ROMAN: do you think it $2,000 is enough to start now>>ROMAN: would you consider yourself as a businessman or an affiliate marketer? what goes first?>>ROMAN: five businesses let’s run them by profitability, the first one obviously that is your arbitrage business.>>ATTILA: that is the top 80%>>ATTILA: honestly there’s nothing as sweet as Black Hat money>>ROMAN: does your blog generate you more than $100,000 profit annually?>>ATTILA: oh yes>>ROMAN: more than $300,000?>>ATTILA: yes more than that>>ROMAN: Can we say it’s close to 1 million?>>ATTILA: That’s why I’m super successful that’s why I own three houses
and I have nice cars and we travel anywhere we want to go>>ATTILA: so I mined tons of Bitcoin and>>ROMAN: have you sold them?>>ATTILA: oh I saw them at
20,000 but I still have some>>ROMAN: Oh, no way!>>ATTILA: basically what I’m willing to provide is one hour consulting with me starts at $2,000>>ROMAN: for
example to build a push Network like a push notification traffic source you run staff
like What the push traffic exactly is and how it
works I am gonna show you right now – for that we go to megapu.sh – which is the first
push notification network with an incredible amount of traffic and I just show you how
to set up a campaign there. It’s very simple. First campaign name – just test in my case
will do Then you need to paste a link to your landing
page or an offer in my case it will be our interview on youtube
Title – that is how our notification message will be titled. Attila Interview in my case
A message goes after – I am putting continue to watch – that is mine call to action
Image – the main part of your notification, make sure to choose something that attracts
attention Icon – small picture next to your message
– good to put your logo So – targeting – I am in Jamaica right now,
so the cost per click is one-tenth of a cent here. Not too bad is not it?
Devise – desktop, OS – MAC, you can also specify a time range, IP range, etc
So we are good to go pretty much – let’s just have a look of what we’ve got here.
Pretty simple, pretty straight forward. Now we are waiting our notification to be approved,
the good thing is that at Megapush they have moderation 24/7 so it usually approved very
fast try it out – as Megapush also gives 15% bonus
on your first top up which means simply free traffic.
Here you go – that how our push notification looks like – And we continue to watch our
interview>>ROMAN: what do you like the
most about affiliate marketing?>>ATTILA: I like the freedom you know the freedom of being able to work from anywhere in the world you know like especially with what’s going on now with the employees too that you know people are moving all over the place especially here in Europe you cannot find enough talented people in one city so you hire online so you have your team members all over the place which means that you’re not even tied down to an office where you have to go in to have a meeting with them you can just have a call up on Skype you know
or whatever on Telegram and see what’s up>>R: Yeah That’s is cool. That’s a thing
about affiliate marketing>>A: Yeah like we went to Lego Land
You know And lego Land would open at 10
o’clock in the morning just now we were there in Germany and I wake up you know at 7:00 usually I wouldn’t jump on the laptop check you know stats and what’s going on delegate work and then I would be free after that and if there was some urgent mattered and I checked my phone and then I reply you know>>R: Make some calls>>A: that’s affiliate marketing you can be free you know plus you can make lots of money of course [Music]>>R: In one of your resent post you wrote
For us bizarre and shocking has always worked best that’s why if you do off marketing things like oh my god she died or killing it and I’m just wondering who died in your headlines>>A: well always the popular celebrities die you know in the particular country I don’t know who they are because my team does it but basically what we do is we find who the popular celebs are and then we split test them you know like the step one what we do is we go on google and we type in their name with quotation marks and we see how many search results they have and we pick based on that criteria and after that we run a test you know with the tracker we split test different Landers and angles and see which one gets the most buzz you know and then we go with that so that’s how we pick>>R: and what happens next someone died and what the flow?>>A: well, the flow you just get the cheap click and then someone dies you know and then their family’s in shock and stuff like that like there’s different angles depending on the country you know like there’s no per se what you’re going for is the shocking value to get the cheap click and it depends on the offer like if you’re running different kind of offers sometimes all you need is the click like for example to build a push network like a push notification traffic source you run stuff like she died because you run the cheap to be super click and for it to go viral you know because the more people share it and comment and like on Facebook the more you know engagement it has and the lower the CPC is going to be you know because there’s gonna be a lot of organic>>R: and to do that what kind of cloker do you use? do you have in house solution or>>A: well what we use is I worked with NoIpFraud you guys probably heard about it and before that we used to work with JustCloakIt and now there’s a new guy on the blog which is really good it has because NoIpFraud and JustCloakIt have different features and this LeadCloak the newest one we started using
a couple of months ago actually has all of those features in one at a better price so>>R: What is it called again?>>A: It’s called LeadCloak>>R: is it like wildly available or that’s
a private solution?>>A: No.No. It’s brand it’s a brand new solution a guy in India created actually based on the feedback you know and how do you say the weaknesses of these are there two so it’s actually a really good solution and a lot of the>>R: How much does it cost monthly?>>A: I have no Idea I have a special deal>>R: the pricing is based on volume?>>A: yeah definitely based on volume>>R: Ok, let’s talk white hat a little bit.
I know that you mostly now work with Lead generation kind of thing>>A: That’s right, yes>>R: like can you give me an example what
kind leads do you generate? 88 Like for example Flight delay insurance,
educational leads for universities we were doing solar pretty good like solar lead generation a solar was really awesome because there was a trick to making it work like you had to use zip ranges in the different countries I mean the different states in the U.S. sorry to make it work because if you targeted broad and all that stuff didn’t have cover it so even though you know people wanted it you couldn’t get the lead because there was nobody to install it so that was one of the tricks unfortunately when Sun City or whatever the Tesla company for solar installed cut the marketing budget then Solar like payouts went down so the Fun ended but there’s always endless opportunities for lead gen>>R: what is average pray out for this kind
of a first like for solar panels>>A: fifteen to thirty seven dollars per lead basically>>R: and what ROI do you see in the average on those kind offers>>A: well on volume in white hat like fifty percent>>R: fifty percent>>A: Yeah, nothing like black hat but that’s life you know you don’t have to worry about being banned so it works for us>>R: and how many leads do you generate daily approximately>>A: well it depends right like I don’t know
like a couple of hundred like expensive leads and stuff like that sometimes it does and it depends what the buyers can you know take because when you do lead generation is different from black hat like they have you know like quote of know how much they need to fill or how much they can service or how much they can take or they want per day you cannot send them unlimited leaves because let’s say that you flood them with leads Leads are only good when they’re warm so if I send them 1000 leads of some person that wants to buy I don’t know like a new swimming pool or something like that they’re not gonna get around to calling them and if you call them a day later then the leads are gonna lose interest you know>>R: But are you capable of generating one
thousand leads?>>A: of course if there’s a buyer we can generate unlimited leads basically as long as we’re making money like that’s how it works right>>R: Are there any affiliate networks focusing on this kind of offers how do you find offers?>>A: how do we find offers usually like I’m always hit up with affiliate you know managers every single day wanting us to run their stuff and that’s how we find offers but one of the best ways to evaluate if there are any offers for a vertical is to go and offerworld.com or oddiger.com like these two sites is what I was always using what we still use to get a feel for a market you know to jump up and see if there’s any cool offers also when you do lead gen you’re grabbing their emails so what you can do is you can follow up with email sequences and do email marketing because it’s free and for that Clickbank and jvzoo and stuff like that works really good to include an email you know like info products and stuff like that so we like to do that as well>>R: so do still do you know any affiliate network which is focusing on lead gen kind of refers>>A: no I don’t know no no>>R: okay and what about accounts do you still get them banned or>>A: they ban you even for a white hat sadly you know like the problem is that Facebook is so sensitive and ever since they had that you know that hearing by the government that investigation they seem to have dialed up their sensitiveness like even higher and Google was always crazy like banning crazy and it doesn’t matter even if you don’t ban something like I had an account banned for a gardener you know like a gardening company that cuts someone’s lawn you know like and they said that we don’t support your business model we also had one of our own accounts banned for like my other company which is wholesale WordPress sites and they told me we don’t support your business model I’m like what you don’t support you know design companies like no we don’t support your business model like they keep cut and pasting the same canned message over and over and It’s so annoying you know the worst thing>>R: if you had to start everything again from the scratch would you go black hat or white hat now>>A: oh man honestly there’s nothing as sweet as black hat money and it allows you to make tons of money fast but the problem is today you need lots more money to make black hat work just because accounts cost a lot you get banned really fast so you lose all the money that you invest to worm an account so if I wish to start today at 35 years old I would probably make an agency or just make some kind of educational course because as sad as it is today and the reason why there’s so many gurus popping up you know it fake screenshots and everything is because now everybody wants to get into affiliate marketing and they notice so you know they see bunch of Lambos and they see nice watches and they see you know like like big screenshots with huge revenues and right away like teach me each we teach me and then these people say okay five thousand ten thousand fifteen thousand dollars give me the money now teach you and then what they do is they take a course by a legendary internet marketer that knows what they what they are doing and they watch the course and an hour later they contact okay this is how you set up a campaign you know so this basically rehash and reteach what they learn and charge people for its>>R: do you personally coach people?>>A: I don’t coach I really don’t like to coach and have like classroom and tell everybody the same thing because affiliate marketing and it’s so personalized like that you cannot teach the same working stuff to like 100 or 200 500 people because it’s gonna die overnight so what I like to do is work one-on-one with people and do consulting and that’s when they come to me and they say okay I’m struggling with black hat I’m sick of it I don’t want to do it anymore what can I do you know to progress>>R: and can you tell me how much is your personal one-to-one coaching>>A: well it depends on what they want to do you know like it starts at $2,000 per hour basically for one or one coaching but usually people take $5,000 a package and then I work with them but for one hour but I work with them for like you know usually five to ten hours to get something going but even then if people you know talk to me talking is just one thing they have to take action they have to decide and you know like write it in stone okay I’m gonna change my path I’m gonna do e-com and that’s all I’m gonna focus on I’m gonna build a brand that Attila’s gonna help me and that I help them and if they don’t do any of the stuff we discussed then they’re not gonna get from one to two you know they’re gonna be stuck at nothing so it’s pointless it all depends on them you know like what I’m there for is like a partner who doesn’t take a cut of the profits they pay me a fee and then I help them and guide them and if they’re stuck then I offer another perspective which a lot of times I wish I personally had but sadly you know not a lot of people do this kind of consulting most of them just teach you to scale or how to do e-com based on stuff that they read and not actual stuff that can help you make more money for real you know just bullshit concepts>>R: do you think if there is any course out there worth taking for affiliate marketing>>A: well for courses all course is good but it all depends on the level of your knowledge right so I believe that from every kind of course there’s gonna be a few take of is so there’s no such thing as bad a course you know what I mean like there’s always a good course but people expect that if they take a course then they’re gonna make a million dollars and it’s not like that you know so>>A: we took the tour with my son and my dad like a couple of months ago and it was amazing like did you know that they have actually cigar holders inside>>R: Sigar hall? For the parlamentares?>>A: yeah like next to every meeting room you come out and there’s huge stacks of cigar holders Wow because and what and they’re numbered rights because they weren’t allowed to smoke inside so they have to leave their cigars outside and it’s made of gold like all the sugar holders there’s so many rocks of cigar holders everywhere that was the most amazing thing>>R: I Read that that is one of the biggest power men in the world is that true?>>A: I don’t know>>R: One of the biggest building>>A: I am affiliate marketer, not a tour
guide>>R: that’s huge anyway, ok let’s move forward.>>A: there’s nice building up there
you see I was showing you that and there’s a lookout right there and you can see the Parliament from the other side direct like is really amazing like when we decided last minute to move to Hungary first we have to come to the school to audition we came to audition he had to he came to audition my son at the school to see they’ll you know pick like accept him into the school and we had to sleep here overnight because they didn’t give the results right away but the next so we booked a room right there in the hotel like one of the executive suites and I had a picture of me you know working I have my feet up and I had the Parliament in my window and that’s taken from right there from the Hilton Hotel and here’s the Parliament the most amazing views you know that place>>R: that what affiliate marketing allows you to do>>A: Yeah, exactly, work from anywhere>>R: So, Attila, two years ago you moved
to Budapest, am I correct?>>A: that’s right yes>>R: all right and just tell me why Budapest I presume that you can live in any place>>A: one of the reasons is because of Hungarian heritage so my wife and I even though we were born in Serbia we’re Hungarian because the part in Serbia where we were born and almost part of Vojvodina that’s like the territory of Serbia used to be part of Astro-Hungary which was a massive country and during the Trianon Pact they move back the border so we became part of Yugoslavia Back then and now it’s Serbia today so when we were picking where to move we wanted a place where we can you know enjoy our culture Hungarian and also provide our kids the option to speak and learn English and grow up so that they speak to language>>R: is it easier here than and so they’re like do you learn English
in Serbia?>>A: you could but you’d have to move to Belgrade then we were living in a tiny town you know so they didn’t have any international schools plus the focus there speaking Serbian you know and I would prefer that my kids speak English and Hungarian>>R: so what languages can you speak?>>A: well I can speak Hungarian Serbian and Croatian and English obviously>>R: good four languages That’s good for you. And what makes this city
cool for you?>>A: Oh what I love about Budapest is you can get anything you want anytime you know it’s really like American city in that everything is available and you can hop on an airplane and be anywhere really fast and for pretty cheap to you like all over Europe or you can go direct the direct flights to Asia and things like that and also to America so it’s really central to a lot of things plus it’s really a good place for kids to grow up because there’s a lot of cultures here you know it’s extremely multicultural here in Budapest so you can you know try Japanese food or you can try Russian food you can try Mongolian food anything basically>>R: what is the population of Budapest?>>A: I have no idea Wikipedia knows>>R: Well, it looks to be>>A: I don’t know let’s check>>R: It looks to be 2 million>>A: I’m going to goole very quickly
I am not a tour guide of the city so let’s see Budapest population population all right 1.75>>R: that’s big enough>>A: million yeah Vienna’s 1.8 million in Prague is 1.2>>R: so and do you know if an affiliate community
big here is any?>>A: nowhere no no there’s only a couple
guys but they’re not really you know here in there>>R: All right and in Serbia? Is not bigger?>>A: I know more affiliates in Serbia than in Hungary actually>>R: you host kind of what was it it not a conference but mastermind>>A: yeah we hosted a mastermind here and we had one Hungarian guy attend and the 30 other people they came from all over the world you know it’s really funny>>R: So there were only 2 Hungarians including
you>>A: a ctually my bad we had two Hungarians plus me and Dorra attended so we had total four Hungarians like we had FB queen and myself>>R: Is she also Hungarian?>>A: Yes She also Hungarian Facebook Queen>>R:
I didn’t know thatch lives in States, right?>>A: yeah she’s in LA right now but she’s a good friend of my wife’s and awvrything>>A: and your wife is also a like kind of affiliate?>>A: yeah yeah she’s out yeah>>R: and what is your favorite place in Budapest where Would you like to go>>A: my favorite place>>R: yeah you know just work with your kids and so on>>A: we like to go to the zoo which is right here actually that way like it’s really close by we love to go to the zoo because it’s super awesome way to spend time with the kids and there’s also you know a lot of festivals and stuff where they close the Korzo shoot down and they put out like these little boots and stuff and their performance and everything so this thing is all closed down and you can walk through the whole town>>R: Yeah! I guess it’s beautiful during
Christmas time>>A: Christmas Festival that’s in the center on veras market it’s gonna be opening soon if it didn’t yet winter time is awesome to go drink like mulled wine which is amazing>>R: yes I like it. Do you like vine in general?>>A: Yes, I am vote guy, beer is is secondary>>R: What about wine in Hungary I also heard
that you have some goos ones>>A: Yea they are huge like from Agar yeah>>R: Will we potbelly try it tonight?>>A: yeah, we should>>R: Cheers
>>A: Cheers>>R: Cheers man>>R: okay let’s talk business now Let’s run all
your or your well let’s first list all your existing businesses I’m gonna name you those that I’m aware of so you have Banners and Landers
>>R: that’s right
>>A: you also have angel>>R: Angel Source your arbitrage team>>A: yes>>R: then what that’s it>>A: no no I also have Transey.com>>R: what oh your blog I forgot to mention>>A: and my
Blog afcourse>>R: yeah and the one that you mentioned
what is that>>A: trancey.com T R A N C E Y>>R: can tell me why more because
>>A: it’s a translation service by native speakers basically so we have contracts with speakers from the top>>R: you wrote about it in your you recommended it in you recent post And I sent it over to guys yes>>A: yes so it’s 50% cheaper than on onehourtranslation it’s still in beta like it’s been in beta for a year now or two years and we just do good work and native translations that are 100% accorate>>R: so five businesses so let’s rank them by profitability the first one obviously that is your arbitrage business>>A: that is the top 80%>>R: 80% of our income is generated>>A:
yes>>R: okay and what would be the second>>A: Banners and Landers>>R: and what is their monthly revenue that you see>>A: on Banners and Landers we have a little over
a hundred thousand>>R: one hundred thousands revenue>>A: yeah like it’s a million dollar company and I never imagined it would be>>R: and the third one>>A: the third one is gonna be my blog which is growing at an exponential rate like really fast so it might you know be bigger than banner and Landers>>R: Yeah we’re going to talk a little bit
more about your blog so but now I want to focus on business can you remember how many businesses have you had in your life overall>>A: well the good news is that I didn’t have a million like a lot of businesses instead I just stock by many you know like when I was 15 years old I own the Wilike New Media like a web design company and after that I owned like an event planning company called Evolve Events and after that I started my copywriting company Content Pimp which is still alive today but it doesn’t have that many clients because I started that when I just got into SEO an adult blog building and people saw you know like how I write and yes like can you write for me you know and then I started like balloon you know at the top of the the peak of it’s success I had 54 or full-time writers you know it was a lot and on average every single one was writing 3,000 words per day so that’s if we just bulky that’s 50 150 thousand words per day being written you know every single day and I was able to build my first house in Serbia from my writing company you know and from SEO traffic oh yeah>>R: and that still exists>>A: it still does but we still have some clients who’ve been around forever but most of the guys that used to order don’t order because they can’t make blogs anymore they can’t rank them anymore you know so things changed>>R: that’s another business that makes it six total>>R:
yeah but it’s such a tiny speck these days that I don’t even counted but that’s how it went yeah and then I you know then I was doing SEO and then I got into a paid and I created Banners and Landers and then I created Angle Source and then I created Transey because I saw a need you know people are complaining like oh my god One hour translation charges 10 cents per per word to translate text I was like and I looked around and I saw you know there’s an opportunity I was like we can do it for half you know so that’s how that one was born Angle Sourse was because I had to hire really creative people to help me with different perspectives or campaigns because usually when I start a campaign you know I come up with the idea and then I ask them like okay how would you promote this product and then they come off with an idea and then I had these extra people and to run lean like there’s a kick-ass book that I read called the Lean Startup and that one taught me basically that no matter what I do try and run it lean so that runs itself so>>R: that book is a cool really cool book>>A: yeah it’s a really good book it’s from my and I practice what they preach basically like it goes back to what I said earlier that if you don’t follow tips and take action nothing’s going to change and in this book it said you know it got some great lessons on how to run lean and I implemented it and that’s why I have Banners Landers you know to pay for the salaries of my design staff and my coders and all that stuff and Angel
Sores to pay for my creative people and I have Transey to pay for our translators you know>>R: and that those businesses are not only paying but they are also profitable>>A: exactly when I started I started them with not the goal to profit you know my blog wasn’t like my blog wasn’t created as a long sales funnel to an eventual course that I’m gonna drop at a trade show you know like at a conference that I have a course by it my blog was created for me to remember you know what I’m doing and writing notes and my opinions cuz if you read the first post it’s like damn I hate this it sucks you know I can’t believe it you know and it’s true like it’s me you know it’s a hundred percent and the same thing with my business I started them to you know to take care of the salaries of people and in the process a lot of people loved what we do and it grew and it grew you know and it’s making tons of money you know so>>R: and what was your most unsuccessful business>>A: most like doing rave parties in Serbia for sure>>R: I also read that you had plans to launch kind of customer service company for those who doing e-commerce can
you tell me a little bit about>>A:
I wanted to>>R: I really liked the idea>>A: yeah the idea was good but it hit a roadblock for some reason people are so overly sensitive about their e-commerce stores like oh my god he’s gonna know who our customers are or what that there was very little interest for me to continue and build out the company like we did test marketing you know>>R: did you invest in that?>>A: not really like I had you know two to three CS reps who were doing it for me when I was trying Shopify and playing with it and again Leave startup mentality came into play like you know let’s try and get someone else to pay their salary not me so for me they work for free you know and that’s why I made CS rap and it didn’t work out because a lot of people you know don’t want to get you involved in their store because they’re paranoid that oh my god I’m gonna steal their campaigns like they don’t understand that I cannot do everything and I focus on few things and that’s why I’m successful is because I don’t jump around and that’s a key to success not jumping around>>R: but that customer part of the business that that part when you had to deal with customers that what we didn’t like about E-commerce right?>>A: yeah like the worst thing I didn’t okay e-commerce is good if you have your own product a branded product and you have the product in the country that the customer is are very close to it if your drop shipping from China and your customers in the US you’re gonna have problem from day one because the customers are so spoiled in the US thanks to Amazon and these big players that’s when they odered they’re expected overnight or in two or three days and that’s it you don’t wanna make 3-4 weeks you know like Aliexpress said that over epacket you know rest in peace with a epacket you can have it in two weeks that is too much you know and add on top of the prep like they take five days to take and package the thing and get it out like usually on on Aliexpress it’s too much so you cannot build a brand that way because of the rising CPM costs unfortunately you cannot make money on the front end it has to be all the back end but if you have pissed-off customers from the beginning there’s no way in hell you can build up the back end so that’s why drop shipping from China Aliexpress that is long dead you know like it was burning tons of bad experiences not how you build and all that>>R: So you’re not going to experiment?>>A: No, I don’t like that method not absolutely not>>R: I wanted to talk about your blog a little bit in details>>A: okay>>R: can you tell me why do you really write it now you already mentioned that you started to just to remember things but now it’s more like a business and>>A: why do I write it still?>>R: yeah is it for money now or That is till>>A: no that’s just a side effect like if I look at all my businesses money is always the side effect I never had a plan to make money and I guess that’s why I’m super successful that’s why
I own three houses and I have nice cars and we travel anywhere we want to go is because I never chased the money I just
chase the passion and the fun like I enjoy like I love writing you know like it’s a hobbies relaxing like if I write it down then I feel like I did something good and I have a way you know to be accountable to myself and people like ok you know you wrote this what do you think you know so I cannot make stuff up because if you lie and people ask you then you’re not gonna know what the heck you said you know so I’m countable that’s why my blog is a hundred percent honest you know it’s not made up fancy-shmancy and filler crap it’s honest of how it is what I think in that moment that’s why it’ll be that you know like a year ago I thought this but then something happened and it changed me people ask me why you wrote that back then and now it changed I’ll say I am a I’m changing my opinion because of this it’s normal how it is people can change their opinion you know the same thing a lot of gurus or celebrities or well-known figures in internet marketing do not or they’re ashamed to admit that they don’t know everything because of people when you you get up on the pedestal so to say they expect you to know everything and people ask me do you know there’s something I have no problem saying no I don’t you know because I hate bullshitting I hate when people make shit up like it angers me so much when someone has no clue tries to be an expert in something like oh my god I’d rather much say like fuck I don’t know that you know like ask somebody else>>R: can you tell me how you actually monetize your blog you obviously sell ads what’s else?
>>A: don’t really sell ads like how it works the blog and the blog again I had no idea how to monetize it and I didn’t start to monetize it I would link up referral because I knew that you as an affiliate marketer you make money with referrals and I was running an article and then after a while those companies saw you know like my article about them like WhatRunsWhere
and they say why the hell don’t you join our referral I’m just put in the link and you’ll make free money you know and even today I log into some places that I recommended ages ago and I have a couple of thousand dollars you know from like two dollars here three dollars they like on Amazon like I did these like reviews of books that I read like the Lean Startup and all the couple cents like every time someone buys it you get 50 cents or 80 cents or something but so many people bought it through the link that it ended up like 800 bucks from one book you know like that’s a mini vacation for a weekend with the family you know so that’s how the blog works and then eventually networks started reaching out and asking like can we put a article on your blog and I know that stuff value because I have tons of readers and when I go to shows lots of people come and say they loved it and I said okay you can and then this is how much so sponsored content you know whether I introduced their service product well>>R: I heard that promotion post in your blog costs around $2,000>>A: yeah exactly that starting price the most effective way to advertise on my blog is for you to pay me to write a lengthy case study because this is gonna give value and>>R: how much for the case study>>A: like it’s five thousand dollars and another five thousand for traffic so that’s ten thousand dollars yeah and it’s the best are life for any network in any you know like traffic source and any kind of SAS tool because I’m gonna go in like very long like like four five six thousand words of actual knowledge that that gurus that not necessarily even known what
they talking about even know what the hell they’re talking about are gonna charge you know five ten thousand dollars in a classroom setting to teach it to I don’t know 20 30 people you know so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take that knowledge that they teach give it out for free using that product or a brand that the case that is about you know so they’re gonna reap all that benefit you know like everyone’s gonna buy their – everyone’s gonna sign up on their traffic source or on their network to run their offers so>>R: and do you do you often refuse to advertise certain you know services or affiliate networks>>A: all the time>>R: all the time
>>A: like I probably turned away 80% because there’s so many shady was I some guy who has let’s say 2k could go up it has offers and just register an account and make his own CPN network and broker deals I mean like hey come promote my network I pay you to can he would get affiliates and he would collect all the Commission’s never paid him in CPN like there’s tons of shady people so we always wet like if some wants to advertise we find out who the heck they are you know we look up do we have you know like mutual you know contacts and stuff like that and we really wet them like we don’t I don’t just allow anybody you know to advertise and I prefer to work with the well-known brands that are actually really good and>>R: does your blog generate you more than $100,000 profit annually>>A: oh yes definitely yeah>>R: yeah more than $300,000>>A: yes more>>R: even that>>A: yeah that’s insane I can’t believe it>>R: can we say it’s close to 1 million>>A: No it’s close to 500,000 so>>R: profit>>A: yeah that’s crazy yeah it’s crazy considering that I did not started to make money but>>R: very very nice I also wanted to briefly you know touch crypto like six months ago six months ago nearly all your post in facebook it was about Crypto and that very seem to me that you are very like passioned and was interested are you still?>>A: No No No That was actually
inside joke that ran for like seven months with my really good friend Mark Stratton>>R: No way tell me more about>>A: yeah he wrote a really really cool book just google his name and you’ll see but him and I knew that’s hype that’s fueling the you know the drive behind creepto like things going up like everybody like construction workers talking about it and he thought it was a total joke so we decided that which is gonna play winter joke you know Hoodoo and it was all these stupid words that people are throwing around left right and center and then then Mcafee the dude that made the virus scanner he just said that oh my god july 17th it’s gonna hit a hundred thousand you know and then we decided just to roll it you know and we started
it again a little bit cuz they started you know talking crypto and stuff>>R: did you actually invest in that well>>A: I started with crypto in 2013 where’s $86 per one Bitcoin and again I didn’t get into creep though to make money okay that’s that’s I think a pattern with me I don’t do things for money you know I do it for fun and I was always a computer nerd and back then I thought when I learned about how you can use like crazy video cards like seven nine nine zero video cards and videos you know like Radeon crazy video cards then I went that I bought eight of them first and the computer like this was back when we were still living this in Serbia and the computer guy at the computer stores like why do you need so many video cards are you opening like an internet cafe and I’m like no I need for money is like what’s that and he’s like oh my god that’s crazy why would you spend so much money you know so I got my cards and I got these cheap shells for like 20 bucks you know those metal ones that you that like the hardware store and I like duct-taped like metal rods and I put my cards like you know like in a row like tuk-tuk-tuk it
risers from that came up and I had Riggs making you know maining like I was
maining Litehcoin and I’m trading it for Bitcoin so I mind a ton of Bitcoin>>R: have you sold them?>>A: I saw them at 20,000 but I still have some>>R: Oh no Way! Really?>>A: So I went
I went from 86 bucks to 20,000 per Bitcoin and I had a nice amount>>R: can I ask you if you had more than 1,000 Bitcoins?>>A: no I didn’t I’m have more than 1,000>>R: okay yeah more than 100? well it was nice amount>>A: Decent amount>>R: what do you think is going to happen next year crypto?>>A: a Bitcoin sucks okay bitcoin is slow like you can never ever adapt it into the into the real world because when you pay with Bitcoin it takes many many minutes to confirm the transaction so imagine>>R: It took me three days to buy my first Bitcoin I swear to god it took three days to buy my first Bitcoin and I was like I just wanted to try it out and I was like that is the currency of the future>>A: yeah I imagine you go to the gas station you fill up your car and then they say sorry you can’t leave until it confirms and then you’re just sitting there for two hours just waiting for it to arrive you know like it’s ancient like the the speed like now people expect everything now you know that’s why video demand video on demand is so popular you know like they want movies now like you turn on the TV select the movie that you want played on no none of the old-school stuff where you actually have to go to the video store you know drive there spend time browsing and stuff like no you want it right now click same thing you know for payments that’s like credit cards are good especially like more and more people are using the touch credit card you know and I heard that in Sweden you don’t even have credit cards you just have some kind of app on your phone like Samsung pay and then you just hold your phone>>R: yeah that’s the way I use it like Apple
pay>>A: yeah exactly see what I mean like>>R: what other coins do you do you have>>A: I have lots of altcoins you know and
still I do because I bought them I always buy like it’s sort of like investing in venture capital>>R: have you ever participated>>A: in ICOS? no no because ICOS are just money grabs in our like total bullshit you know>>R: what what is your favorite project what is your favorite coin?>>R: Tron was my favorite coin>>R: why was it>>A: cuz he was like nerdy you know like it’s a movie called Tron And Neo or was my second one>>R: cool>>A: Matrix>>R: that is interesting story okay you know what I am thinking about well they’re usually the way it goes in the end of every interview we give kind of bonus>>A: okay>>R: our viewers yeah and I was thinking if it possible to get your personal kind of one-hour coaching>>A: yeah of course so basically what I’m willing to provide is one hour consulting with me where we look at what you’re already doing where you’re struggling and then together sit down and come up with an action plan on what you can do to improve and make more money starts at $2,000 so I was thinking that for the person that tells me their story you know and you know about their life how they started in internet marketing you know why they want to continue in internet marketing and how what they’re doing is actually helping their friends and their family I would be willing to select one person from all the stories that are submitted and work with them>>R: do should they just comment on this video on YouTube and you will select the one>>A: yeah I think they should come and yes>>R: cool>>A: yeah and then we can work something
>>R: So you’ve heard it and I think that is a great opportunity for everyone so comment on this video tell your story and you might be the one who will receive but like private coach from Attila one of the top best affiliates around now>>R: okay Attila thank you very much>>A: thank you was a pleasure>>R: For all the knowledge that you share with us there was very interesting conversation personally for me and I hope that will be for everyone who watch this>>A: I hope so>>R: make sure that you turn on all the notifications including that Bell sign subscribe to our channel because we always have the great stuff about affiliate marketing see you next time>>A: Cheers>>R: Cheers man Yes it’s going to be epic [Music]


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