If Kids Were In Charge!

– If kids ruled the world, I’d
have cupcake hair every day. Wa-bow! – If kids ruled the
world, I’d wear my pajamas every single day. – Say what. – Today’s going to be interesting. (soft music) – In today’s vlog, Mom and
Dad say yes to everything but before we get started
give us a big thumb’s up and subscribe to our channel. – If kids ruled the world, I’d
have cupcake hair every day. Wa-bow! – If kids ruled the world, I would eat gum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. – If kids ruled the world, I’d ride an Elsa scooter everywhere. ♪ Let it go, let it go
can’t hold it back anymore ♪ – If kids ruled the
world, I’d wear my pajamas every single day. – Say what! – Today’s going to be interesting. – [Everyone] It’s Yes Day! – So exactly a year ago, about, we did a similar video to
this because guess what guys? The kids at school has an
awesome day once a year. – And it’s called Yes Day. – For Yes Day, the kids
get to do a bunch of things that normally they’re not allowed to do. – I chewed gum at school. – Well, I ran for the walls. – For the walls?
(laughing) – Did that hurt? – I went through the halls. – I rode my scooter on school property. – I wear pajamas and have crazy hair. – The school day is over but
we thought that it would be fun to let the kids continue
Yes Day and be able to do anything that they want at home. – This sounds like a terrible idea. – Can I eat upstairs in front of the TV? – Go ahead! – [Kids] Thanks, Mom! – How many hours do we
have ’til the end of today? I’m nervous. Aren’t you guys so lucky? – Yep.
– I love Yes Day. – Before these kids went upstairs, they kind of made a cheese
and chip mess on my floor and now that Blake is mobile,
she’s super excited about it. But Blake, I’m gonna have to say no. You can’t eat the cheese off the ground. She’s growing up right before my eyes. First, I’m going to sweep
up this messy floor. Second, we are going to
try and find something fun for these kids to
do for their Yes Day. Because after today, I’m
saying no to everything. Just joking. So the girls asked if
they could play outside with a friend and guess what I said. – Yes. – There they are, playing
away with some friends. And guess what Steven is doing on Yes Day. – Cleaning up the girls’ mess. – [Mom] Thanks, Steven. – You’re welcome, I better
get a reward from this. – [Mom] What do you want a reward to be? – Play Fortnite. – Sure. – Finally! I love Yes Day. – All right guys, so as
usual we are running late. Taylor has a soccer game
right now so we weren’t able to go and do some of our
fun, exciting things. We will have to be doing
that after the game. Let’s do this! (kids yelling) Parker’s starting to lose it. Get the headphones on
her and turn on a movie. – Done. – [Mom] Parker, I say yes to a movie. – Thank you, Mom. Soccer game. (kids chattering) – Go Taylor! – It is two to one. And Taylor’s winning, they’re the two. And by the way, they’re blue. – The other team just
scored so it’s two to two. Come on, Taylor, you can do it! – Go, Taylor. – She doesn’t care she’s
just watching my phone. – I’m getting my back scratched. – This game is intense,
it’s four to three. – [Mom] And who’s winning? – Taylor! – We are. This is so suspenseful,
we are up by one goal and the game is almost over. C’mon Taylor, you can do it. (cheering) – We just won the game. – Goal, surge, goal, surge,
goal goal goal goal goal, goal! – Good job, Taylor. Taylor’s game is over, they did awesome. What should we do now guys? You have a few more hours left of Yes Day? – I want ice cream. – I scream. – You scream. – I scream? – [All] We all scream for ice cream. (mellow music) – All right, after driving
around the entire town for a good 20 minutes,
we settled on something that we are going to want. – Chick-fil-A frosted lemonades. – Guys, if you haven’t tried the Chick-fil-A frosted
lemonades, you need to. I think it’s healthier than
just regular ice cream, which is good, and it’s
mixed with lemonade and a little bit of ice cream and they’re delicious and refreshing especially when summer’s coming. – Can I get six small frosted lemonades? – [Cashier] Is that six? – Yeah. – So we all get small lemonades
and Dad gets a large one? – Are you kidding me? – [Mom] Holy moly, I have a
lap full of frosted lemonades. Who wants some? – [Kids] Me! – This definitely hit the
spot, who agrees with me? – [Kid] Me. – [Kid] What? – All right, so we are back home. We had a lot of fun and it is late and we need to end our vlog
but before we end our vlog and we officially end Yes Day, every kid gets to choose one
thing that they want to do and I have to say yes to it. – Mom, can I hold and
dance around with Blake? – Jordan always asks to hold Blake and so I’m going to say, yes. As long as she’s careful. Aww. – Can I jump on your bed. – Sure? – We never get to do this! – Ever. (playful exciting music) – Hey, Dad, can I play
a game on your phone? – Yes. – I dominate at this game. Give us a thumb’s up if you
played Slither iO before. – I got one for you, Mom. I drink milk out of the carton? – Oh man, oh man. – You have to say yes, it’s Yes Day. – Yes, but you have to drink
your dad’s almond milk. And not mine. That was torture. I can’t wait for Yes Day to be over! – Wait, Mom, can I vlog? – That would be a yes. – Yes! I’m vlogging, I’m vlogging, I’m vlogging. I’m vlogging! Comment below if you think I should have my own YouTube channel. – [Mom] We’re just
practicing our cartwheels before we go to bed, let’s see it. – Okay, I need to get a running start. – A running start, that sounds dangerous. – My gosh, okay, I got this. (Mom cheering) (whimsical music) – None of them are in
gymnastics or tumbling but maybe they should be. – Yeah. Mom, does this day have to end? – Yes. – Our musically shout out is Jadasocks. And our Instagram shout out is Alec. – The question of the day is: what would you do if kids ruled the world? – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you
guys on the next video. – [All] Bye! (soft music)

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