Ilish Bhapa Shorshe Diye—Bengali Recipe of Steamed Hilsa in Mustard-Coconut Paste—Easy Ilish Recipe

Ilish Bhaape (hilsa fish steamed in mustard) 250g (4 pcs) ilish machh, 3cm thick pieces; fish without roe (eggs) is fattier and ideal for this recipe if your fish has eggs remove them, as they may not cook fully when steamed 40g mustard seeds, soaked in water for 2 hours strain green chillies 4 pcs salt 22g water 100g grind mustard until completely smooth:
the smoother the paste, the better, so take your time you should see only tiny flecks fresh coconut 40g (shave off the skin) chop roughly add to grinder jar blend until coconut pieces have broken down yoghurt 25g (beat until uniform) steel tiffin box with tight-fitting lid mustard, chillies, salt, coconut paste beaten yoghurt sugar 1/4 tsp, turmeric 1/2 tsp mustard oil 20g coat each piece of ilish with mustard paste don’t forget the cavities REMEMBER: If your ilish has eggs, remove them. You can add them to your ilish bhaja (fry) or jhol (curry) slit 4 more green chillies one for each ilish 🙂 fasten the lid you can also cover your dish
with thick aluminium foil allow the fish to marinate for 15 minutes place a stand (this came with our pressure cooker) pour hot water: it should not reach above half the height of your container; there ís a danger of water seeping in wait for it to come to a boil cover and steam on medium heat for 15 minutes; don’t overcook the fish! rest, with lid on for 5 minutes


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