Impacted vs Ingrown Big Toenail Removed for Pain Relief ♥ Pedicure ♥

thanks for joining my impacted toe nail tutorial today I’m going to show you how to remove the impact of material and that there is a difference between an impacted toenail and ingrown toenail there is also another longer video on the ingrown toenail so be sure to watch that one next we had an unexpected dogsitting situation today meet our special guest Oliver who got to spend a few hours with us we were really tempted to dies tail blue but we did it and you get to meet my husband Bruce and his problematic big toenails I wasn’t really planning on doing a tutorial but i decided to take a few pictures and then a short video clip when I saw how impacted his toenails have gotten can you see the discoloration on the top left hand side of his toenail this discoloration is an indication that there is something stuck underneath and in the nail wall i have soaked his feet and trim to the nails and I’m lifting up the edge of the toenail so you can see it the edge of estonia shaped like a backwards L people who get ingrown toenails have one more little extension on the edge of their nail and it is shaped more like a backwards see on the left side of the nail plate there is a video clip of the other toenail coming up next so stay tuned but here i have pulled out the impacted material so you can see it and I try to angle the toe so you can see how his toenail does grow straight down into his nail wall the left toe nail so you can see the discoloration again and some dead skin buildup on the tip of his nail wall the dead skin on the tip of his nail wall needs to be removed and the impacted material needs to be removed his second little toe there you can see it starting to curl it starting to turn into a trumpet toenail you can see a thin layer of dead skin that the body has created to protect the nail grew from the pressure of the nail plate and this needs to be removed when layer after layer of that material is created by the body that is what creates that impacted material the layer gets thicker and the nail group gets irritated at the body creates another layer and it just snowballs from there and you’re really going to need to get under there to pull it all out just ask the client to let you know if you’re causing any discomfort file that dead skin off the top of the nail grew and then file the free edge on there are some pictures to follow up before and after i hope you learned how to care for an impacted toenail and be sure to watch the video on the ingrown toenail because there is a big difference


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