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Hi! I am Paul from In Motion team. I would like to show you new video series on our youtube channel. There will be some old affiliate team members and some new faces, some new parkoru clothing, new videos, new experience and we will kickstart our YouTube again This is all. I cant do anything more Hi, I am Jarda Hrubeš and i am 22 years old. I cooperate with In Motion team from the beginning of the affiliates. Its about 5 year ago. You want me to say more, right… Flips or parkour? I do not prevent one, but i always like parkour more. Because i started with easy vaults And the flips was always just a addition So I’m trying to keep it now develop mainly parkour, the flips are good too but i prefer parkour Hi, I am Hasha. Im team member of In Motion Affiliate team. and.. B, C, D… So for me parkour is lifestyle But because i love adrenaline and i like everything what is flipping. So i love motorbikes, bikes, snowboard With all these stuff i did a flip. And I would add some other things Hi, I am Petr Hubka and im from Olomouc city. I won IMACoN last 2 years, which surprised me. I fell in the first year, and I did not even believe I was going to the final And somehow i win. Now im focused on the competition parkour style. Get to Red Bull Art of Motion, Air Wipp Thats my dreams, which i would like to fulfill i dont want to be some champion every year But for one time be there with that people compete with them and be part of it Hello, I am Mikeš and im from Prague I come here 7 years ago I start with parkour after i saw some awesome In Motion video What i love on parkour? I could talk about it for an hour And overall, I love the joy of moving Our team is not full? We were 5 people We are no longer 5 We get this 2 this one has an injured foot, the other play the phone What we will do with that? We have to find somebody We did it like before So we need some video and short cv And then we choose somebody Film some video Show us the biggest jump you can do Then send it Tell something short about you All info is in the description (for czech only this time) And you can join us! parkour of flips? all parkoru with flips flips Who is your ideal? you… your favourite quote? I can not say, it is not yet after 10 o’clock are you for or against abortion? I dont know, and you?


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