Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Revenues

Are you interested in easily creating another “Passive” income source for your online business?” If so, come inside and check out this easy
to implement money making idea. Welcome – here is my quick online business tip to help you earn more Amazon affiliate revenues. First, you need to setup your Amazon affiliate account to get your Amazon affiliate ID and link to send people to Amazon to shop using your ID tag. Next, in the description area of YouTube videos that you upload, enter this Amazon link and ask people to support your content creation efforts by shopping on Amazon through the link You can also put this link, by the way, in
other online locations you have that you feel you can get people to support you. You might even consider including it in your e-mail marketing campaigns. As people use this link to shop the Amazon
site for products, your “ID-tag” goes with them and if they make a purchase while on Amazon, this will generate commission revenues for you no matter what they purchase. Over time, this may become a great additional “passive” income source for your business. I hope you liked this tip. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more of these tips as I publish them. Also, if you are interested in learning even
more ways to improve your online business success, start by taking one of my online
business training courses for FREE through my FREE COURSE Link button found on this page. I hope to see you on the inside. Thank you for watching this video, Bye for

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