Incredible KX500 Build You Have To See!

all right what’s up guys so behind me
here is a 2003 KX 500 absolute beast of a bike so this is actually my buddy
Josh’s bike and we’re gonna be going through and tricking this thing out
should be a fun little project and I’m looking forward to taking you guys along
for the ride this bikes actually in really good shape
already so we’re not going to be doing a whole lot of clean-up on it looks like
it’s all stock with the exception of the pipe and silencer
so basically what we’re doing here is a Honda front end swap so different Forks
wheel and brakes also going to be swapping out the tank for something
different new wheels and tires some powder coat seracote work new graphics
and seat cover kind of changing up the color scheme and then maybe a few other
odds and ends as well like radiator hoses little billet aluminum pieces and
whatnot so I should turn out pretty sweet for the front end swap
we’ll be using a set of Olins kit forks for a Honda so of course we’ll need to
use a Honda front wheel and hone the front brakes as well alright first thing
we’re going to be doing here is ripping this thing down so at this point we’ve got the bike
broken down pretty good lots of stuff ready to go for powder
coating and seracote will be doing the triple clamps shock body some of the
power valve covers water pump cover and we’re actually going to try Sarah
coating some plastic stuff too so we’re gonna go with a burnt bronze for the
head water pump cover and the power valve cover as well all right so for the
wheels we’re going to go with black rims and a powder coat the hubs and anodized
blue similar to what I did with the cr250 wheels over here crust we’ve got the wheels completely apart
just gotta yank the bearings out of the hubs and they’ll be ready for powder
coat and that next step will be removing the
lower steering stem bearing get that triple clamp ready for seracote and then
pulling apart the shock to rebuild it and seracote that as well shit you know about that damn so that’s
it for day one got the bike torn down to where we need it just gotta order up
some parts and some seracote in powder coat materials then it’s on to doing
some coatings and then the assembly process starts from there so this is
everything that’s going to be powder coated and setter coated the first step
is to clean it in parts washer here this is the heated parts washer that I built
a while back so this is before all the cleaning has been done and this is after so all the parts are sandblasted and
ready to go for powder coat and seracote and for the shock spring I believe that
was powder coated so we’re actually removing the paint with the Scots wet
wheel over on the buffer how’d this get here what’s up Mary curb
the shit out of your wheel oh shit I do that freaks me every time the hint
I seize it was just like bear you alright guys that is gonna wrap the kx5
hundred bills we had a ton of fun with this project and I hope you guys enjoyed
it as well if we get this video to 10,000 likes we’re gonna shoot an epic
writing video with this beast right here so right now I want you to go down below
smash that like button let’s go make it happen and I’ll see you guys in that
writing video thanks for watching as many of you guys know right now I’m
going through cancer treatment about three weeks ago I was diagnosed with
leukemia so spent a couple weeks in the hospital now I’m back home for two weeks
before I head back in for more treatment so I just want to say a huge thank you
to everyone that’s showing support lately
sending me messages letters in the mail donating on the website it is all
appreciated so much so to help out with all the medical bills I’m facing I’ve
set up a donation page over on my website primum XCOM so as little as you
want to donate or to send your thoughts and prayers this way it is all
appreciated so so much so I’ll have the link to that donation page down below in
the description box so that is gonna be it for this video hope you guys enjoyed
this one I had a ton of fun making it this whole video was shot and the two or
three weeks leading up until I was diagnosed with cancer and actually like
two days before I went in we just finished up this build so knocked it out
just in time kind of crazy deal but a project turned
out really good thanks a bunch for following along with this project and I
appreciate your patience it took forever to get this video out alright guys I’ll
see you in a future project keep it Prime you


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