Indoor Walking Workout | Low Impact!

today we’re going to do a 15-minute
full-body walking workout for mature women over 50 the entire workout is
standing up and it’s so much fun you’re going to burn some fat and tone your
muscles and we don’t need to be athletes now we’re over 50 but we do need to do
some form of physical exercise every single day and if you do this you are
going to be so so happy with yourself let’s get started let’s start walking shake everything off that you’re holding
on to and for these 15 minutes it’s all about you working on you just for you
we’re going to do 30 seconds of walking followed by 30 seconds of exercises to
target your whole body it’ll go really fast trust me because you’re going to
have fun place your hands at the side of your
head elbows out and stretch your shoulders to release all that tension
bring the elbows in in out keep your abs really tight and smile start walking with really strong arms
this is a pretend rest actually but your body’s still working
hard and that’s what makes this 15-minute workout so doable strong arms out crisscross in front and
back out again we carry the whole world on our shoulders so right now we’re
releasing some of that weight and we’re replacing it with joy how good does that
feel another 30 seconds of walking you can
walk around the room or dance or jog or do whatever makes you happy
conserve a bit of your energy though because you’re going to need it straight arms fully engaged fingers
pointing up do these with purpose and focus on releasing all that tension and
building strength keep going you’re amazing walking exercise raises your heart rate
and burns fat so keep going and put all of your energy into it lateral pull downs are going to work our
shoulders and our back we strengthen our backs because our backs represents
support for life so it’s super important to physically support our back with
stretches and toning exercises indoor walking just like this helps
activate our life force and it gives us vitality keep going you’re doing great we’re going in to fly Jack’s now use the
version that suits your fitness level best both choices will give you great
results stick with it though it only takes 30
seconds you’re really going to need this walking
break get your breath back walk around the room take some deep breaths doing these knee raises is going to work
our abdominal muscles which support our whole body hold your abs in tight
straight back and pull down lift your knees great job thirty seconds of walking stay with me
you’re going to feel amazing when this is finished
take some deep breaths stand up straight arms out
bend over and touch the opposite toe up back down and touch the other toe keep
your abs engaged and your back straight the abdominal area is where we hold on
to all of our fears so working on this area helps release all of that stuff you’re doing great walking walking take
your breath back we’re going to start working on our legs
now and this particular exercise is going to strengthen our legs and build
our balance two vital things that we need to master as we’re growing older
hold on to your core tight body straight and point the toe thirty seconds of walking are you having
fun yet keep moving keep going dance if you feel
like it cross over to the other leg working on
strength and balance as we get older is going to help us live younger longer it
just takes a little bit of practice every day put as much energy as you can into
walking from here on in strong arms strong legs hold your core in tight we’re going into side squats now and did
you know squats are now being praised as one of the most important longevity
exercises women can do so we’ve got to learn to love them keep your knees
turned outwards you should be feeling pretty happy with
yourself by now because exercise makes you feel good
keep going you are amazing take your legs wide go into the squat
position and choose whichever version you enjoy the most
keep your torso upright and pretend you’re sitting on a chair as you go down
don’t let your knees roll in strong walking now there’s only a few
more to go start imagining yourself with a ton of energy for the rest of the day choose the lunges which best suit your
ability and you can change between the two if you like either way keep your
core in tight head up high and squeeze your glutes walking around now back and forth
your legs are going to thank you tomorrow I promise change legs lunges and squats are so
good for us because they’re anti-gravity exercises and longevity scientists are
now saying that this type of movement will keep us younger longer thirty seconds of walking you know it
doesn’t matter who you are today it matters who you want to become
tomorrow and that’s what you have control over with what you’re doing
right now we’re opening up our shoulders and hips
now choose the exercise that you feel most comfortable with and squeeze your
arms and shoulders and make sure that your legs are held strong walking or dancing get your breath back
feel all that energy flowing through your body you’ve been going nonstop like
a champion how good do you feel cross your hands over your body keep
your torso straight and twist feel your hands on your shoulder hold on tight and
believe that the older I get the better I get and the better I get the more I
can experience and the more I can experience the more I can thrive go out
and have the time of your life Ya! we’re finished your amazing well
done if you enjoyed this workout please subscribe and give a thumbs up and save
the video to a playlist so you remember where it is next time thank you so much
for watching and have a beautiful day


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