Insane New Method Made $101,315 In 5 Months! (Affiliate Marketing Free Course)

what’s going on guys in today’s video
I’m gonna take you through an affiliate marketing case study where I made
$100,000 online and around about five months I’m going to show you the
strategies and here’s some of the income on the screen guys 101,000 being paid
nearly 80-thousand already and makes around about 300 to 500 per day on
average we just took over today so this is not this is at zero and sometimes we
get around about a thousand and I’ve even had up to a $2,000 date before with
this particular stuff so I’m gonna take you through guys everything you need to
know on how to do this and here’s some more stats down here as well from this
program now what I want to kind of note in this video guys is I’m going to be
going through three strategies that I used now I did use more strategies but
we’re going to cover three in this video the ones that made me the most money and
you’re going to want to stay tuned guys because this is stuff that nobody else
is showing online this method that I’ve done there’s no one else doing this
online right now so I’m going to take you through these three strategies and
make sure you subscribe for my next videos to find out some of the other
strategies that I use to do this particular method and make this money
with affiliate marketing so if you don’t know how to make money with affiliate
marketing guys this is the video for you now Before we jump in there’s one thing
I want to cover is why I did this so I like to do things differently to
everybody else I wanted to be different this these strategies that I’m showing
you no one was doing them so I had no data to go off I had I literally had
nothing to really go off and I just had to do a lot of testing myself and that’s
what I like to do when I do the stuff so I like to be different and I like to
test a lot of things and I also want to show you what worked and I also want to
show you what didn’t work when I was doing this I’m still doing this today as
well now what I was promoting guys and how I make my money doing this is a
program called click funnels where people create marketing funnels webinars
courses and stuff like that and you get 38 dollars per month Commission 118
dollars per month Commission depending on what plan they go on you can also get
around about $400 as well if people purchase via their webinar that they
have but that’s what I was promoting so let’s jump into method 1 guys and this
is probably my favorites and fought for a lot of
reasons and we’ll go into some data and stuff so method number one guys is
simple running Google ads and let me just show you the ads real quick and
before we get into the data this is a refresh here will refresh this this is
today April the 22nd on the New Zealand so so you probably haven’t seen April
and Sweeney second yet this is today my cost per conversion is quite high today
for some reason it could just be an off day there was a holiday here so you know
people probably not online or not interested in things yesterday this
particular campaign did a lot better for dollars for dollar conversions so that
means that I got an email for four dollars I’m spinning around about 300
dollars per day on this particular advert to go and get commissions for
click funnels so let’s kind of break it down a little bit guys this is this is
running right now I’m running you might even see an ad on this video so let’s go
and break that down right now for you so what I’m doing guys is I’m giving
away a free course and we will get into that deep those details in a second I’m
giving away a free course via a lead magnets on collecting an email for this
particular campaign I spent twenty five thousand New Zealand dollars which
equals around about sixteen thousand four hundred US dollars on the back end
guys I sold eighty courses around about eighty courses probably a lot more
actually because Tracking’s a bit off and one hundred ninety seven dollars
each so made back fifteen thousand dollars I clicked six thousand leads so
essentially all my click funnels trials were completely free and I am profitable
unless I do know that I have actually made more money with other course sales
and other affiliate marketing programs so my click funnels trials were free
with this method and this right now is by far one of the most as the best
method that I’m doing I’m just running these ads so yeah these are the kind of
stats 16 now you’re really thinking sixteen thousand dollars it’s a lot of
money to spend but you’ve got to remember that with this thing guys I’ve
made back a hundred thousand now obviously I don’t know the kind of how
many time I haven’t how much money I made with this particular ad with the
try it’s hard to track all of that stuff but
I know that I’ve spent sixteen thousand I’ve made over a hundred thousand I know
that a huge chunk of that is from these ads so even even then these ads I’m
making I’ve made back the money on course sales and I’m getting free leads
so I’m getting free trials anyway so I know that this ad is benefiting me
and my average cost per conversion so for every email I get I’m paying around
about $4 New Zealand which is like $3 of $2 80 American and I’ve spent around
about 25,000 New Zealand dollars with this thing and what I’m doing guys is
I’m running a ad on YouTube that’s around about 2 minutes and 13 seconds
long it is not a very long ad it works extremely well it is converting at an
insane rate so that’s the number one method but you kind of might you know a
lot of people that are new to this video might be trying to figure out what am i
doing how much you’re making this money what is this how does this work so this
is Method number one guys a YouTube video but if we go down a little bit
I’ll explain how this actually all works Before we jump into the other two
methods so you get an understanding what I’m doing guys I’m going out and clicked
in traffic so I’m getting people to go to a forum to give me their email once I
get their email I send them a series of emails the first email is an
introduction to click funnels what it is how it can help them how they can build
memberships how they can do all that sort of stuff it’s a simple video on
click funnels that’s it right so I send out an email to Joe over here and he
gets it instantly the second day guys I explained how they can how they can make
money with click bundles as they like once again it-it’s automatic and it
sends out this email on day 3 I send them a training helping them set up
click funnels okay so I’m educating these guys on click funnels and sort of
stuff and what happens is I get a trial or return because these guys go and sign
up to click funnels but the way I’ve structured this guys is as I get I get
these guys on trials for a really long time I’ve structured this this plan so
they stay on for a very long time then on day 4 guys I give away my free
funnels to use then what I do is I give it a one-week break I say I send no
emails for one week once again this is all
medic I’m not actually sitting out these emails one by one I give it a one-week
break just to give everybody kind of like you know a little bit of a break so
they can figure out how to use clickfunnels
seen everything cup and all that sort of stuff then and around about five days
I’m sorry sorry once the weeks kind of over I send out a five-day course email
promotion so I send out my course on affiliate marketing and stuff like that
and how they can promote click funnels or how they can make money on the click
funnels and inside that course is also training on how they can use click
funnels on their own business so I send out this course or as well
now the courses has a price of 197 so that comes back to this is the course is
there to pay for ads and so I get all my trials for free that’s the point of the
course if I didn’t have the course in the backend I wouldn’t really be making
any money I’ll be making money from the trials and stuff later on but I want to
try and make as much money as I can so I can pay for my advertising cost okay so
that kind of comes down to this here the next slide my goal was to get trials
here okay get trials here get trials here get
trials here get trials here and then at this point put something in there to pay
for ads but what most people do is they they don’t they don’t they don’t see any
money here $0 zero dollars zero dollars and they get impatient and they stop
that’s the difference between the professional market online and one that
doesn’t know what they’re doing because they don’t see any profit and then they
like this sucks but they little do they know they probably would have started
making money a month down the track or two months down the track and it starts
to build up and snowball from that point so that’s kind of how this all works
guys that’s the structure I’m getting people into my email series so I can
educate them on using clickfunnels and then even if I don’t even if they
don’t buy the course they still get on the trial and I potentially can make
money if they stay on the trial or by other clickfunnels
product now one thing I do want to note guys is I kind of like before I start
all this I dialed down my stuff really well I optimized quite well so the stats
stats it and the very for a lot of people and what I mean is the people I
have a 76 percent conversion rate optimum page and I collect an email list
send a hundred people there guys 76 of those people give me their email these
standard in this kind of industry is 20% so I’ve optimized my page a lot of you
guys have probably seen my page I’ve optimized it to convert extremely well
so that’s probably why this has done so well for me but even at a 30% 40% 50%
conversion rate it would still do well as well but that’s just a bit of a side
note that I’m getting extremely good conversion rates with this particular
model that I’m doing now another thing I do want to note with method number one
is quite important as the keywords so I’m not going obviously going to give
away the keywords that I’m using right now in fact my most profitable campaign
which is this one right here that I showed you is just one keyword so I
basically went through and tried all of these different keywords and one keyword
was making me the best money and getting me the lowest conversion rate so I’ve
tried things like click battles trial click bundles free click bundles review
click funnels bonus and these do well guys and this one is a click funnels
keyword as well but these ones kind of didn’t do too well they did okay but
then then they died off these ones down here so you really got to go through and
just test a whole bunch of keywords and see which ones which ones work obviously
you’re not going to jump straight into this make a bunch of money and you know
that’s not how it works you’ve got to test a lot of keywords but once you find
that one keyword that works you can scale it up guys
so kind of scaled it up slowly over those those that five-month period it’s
been quite slow but I’m now spending three hundred dollars per day what I
mean by scale is not just increased the price I scoured by testing keywords and
finding what one works and then I increased the bidding and stuff like
that right so that’s quite important the keywords are extremely important when
doing this stuff but what’s even more important guys is understanding the
metrics so there’s one important metric that is more important than any metric
it’s more important than the lead cost and Facebook care costs anything like
that as understanding cost per trial which is what I call C P T okay you want
to understand the cost per trial and what that means is you want to get the
lowest cost per trial you can and ultimately you want the trial that’s
supposed to say trials you want your trials to be free if you can what that
means is you want something in the back end or something else making money so
your trials are completely free now the the average everyone seems to be paying
is a hundred dollars per trial that’s extremely expensive guys and this is why
I did this method because I didn’t want to pay that much so what I do is I aim
for a cost per trial of fifty dollars or less
ultimately I want them to be free like they are and they’re advertising that
I’ve done but sometimes you’re not going to get them for free because your ad
costs might be expensive or just you might not get them for free so you want
your cost per trial to be fifty dollars or less on some of my ads that I was
running I was running at a fifty dollar cost per trial and I was profitable so
what that meant is a few months later my ads were still running and I was getting
trials and then it was starting to become profitable
once the trials started to stick so just to take away from this slide guys to
make sure your cost per trial is fifty dollars or less and a quick tip as I
started a Facebook group as well so when people actually came and got the trial
and stuff like that I invited them to the Facebook group so I could educate
them more so create a Facebook group and stuff like that so you can educate
people on how to use click funnels into affiliate marketing and that’s what I
did to get more trials and get people to stick on the trials and by the way you
can check out a link below if you want to join this group as well so method
number two is one of my favorites because essentially it’s free you’re
getting free trials what I did is I went out and I have a blog and I created blog
posts based on click funnels and other other things so I basically compared to
Sam car with click funnels I compared get response with the click funnels I
did a click funnels review and what happens is they go and rank and Google
and I get traffic and then they go and click on the buttons and sign up and I
get trials that way this is probably the best way to do it for beginners if you
don’t want to miss with ads and this is a great way to do it get lots of trials
doing it this way and you may be thinking well how does it actually work
well I compared the products guys and then I
call-to-actions down here on my on the blogs where people click and they can go
and get the trial and start and all of that sort of good stuff and the best
thing is the traffic’s completely free you only need to spend money on having
your website running which is around about two to three dollars per month
depending on what hosting platform you go to so that’s another method that I
used guys but I want to cover a couple of things that made this successful and
makes my stuff different from everybody else is how I got the how I get the
traffic so I want to rank on pages and Google for the traffic that’s the
ultimate goal but I drank for heaps of the low searched following keywords so
what most people do is they’ll go out there and try and rank for click funnels
or click funnels reviewable to the right tried to rank for as well but instead I
went for things like bit click bundles reviews well I just went for really long
tail keywords or keywords with like 50 search volume or less but I went and
tried to rank for hundreds of them so it all accumulates and adds up and that’s
the strategy I used and that’s the strategy that’s worked extremely well
and I structure the page so Google knows what’s it about all of those that stuff
I showed you guys I did not send any backlinks to those pages they just
started ranking because I structured the page correctly and told Google what it’s
about and people liked the page and they stay on the page so Google ranks it and
another thing that’s quite important is I don’t always rank first I don’t even
try to rank first in most cases I just try to go on the front page that’s it I
don’t care if it’s seventh sixth fifth I just want to get on the front page
because I don’t know if you know this but the first position in Google will
only get to about 30% of traffic that 70% that gets distributed out to the
rest of the pages on that first page so you only need like a little bit of
traffic to start making this method work now myth number three is another
favorite of mine and it is free I paid to get this done but it is free to do if
you want to do this yourself this is going to question sites like eurocom and
what I did guys is that when I’m paid somebody to go and find questions based
on click funnels and then post a and you know post it has a lot of information
and it educating people on click funnels and having a link to my trial
this works well people say hey that doesn’t work you get banned you have to
do it properly you have to do a proper post that’s informative and it’s a good
guide and people will click on your link and start to get trials so I paid
somebody to do this guy’s I pay someone around about $250 per week to do this
and so take that out of 100k as well but you can do this for free you can do this
for free so that’s the another method I use guys was going out and going on to
question sites and answering questions giving people information and saying hey
do you want to get it clicked on this trial click this link or if you want
some training on click panels click this link so they have a free course on
clickfunnels as well so that all helped towards all of this as well 100k so
let’s curate calm it’s really simple guys you go to the website you find
people that and asking questions about click panels look we have some here that
we did this is the report that the guys send me one of the reports we go and
answer those questions with some good information and people are ok I’m gonna
go get our trial on Frank’s or this guy’s name because he gave me some good
information that’s how that one works now this is how you do it right guys it
once cruises up um I’m providing value by training people and educating them on
click funnels I’m providing the tools they need by giving them free funnels
that I created by doing this they stay long-term and I’ve educated them but
what most people do is they go and they go onto a You Tube video like this and
say click my link it doesn’t work it’s a scam Frank so if you’re doing it that
way you’re definitely not going to ever make money with affiliate marketing
because it doesn’t work and it’s just not the right way to go about doing
affiliate marketing guys but my most lucrative way to door right now is
definitely method 1 because with method 1 I’m not only getting trials guys I’m
making course sales to pay for the ads but more importantly I’m building up a
big email list so I can promote stuff to these guys later and in fact I do that
every week I send an email to these guys and they’re making money on other
particular affiliate marketing programs as well so I’ve made well over I’ve made
well over 16 thousand US dollars from this and so I’m I’m profitable 100%
profitable where all of the stuff is free
for me so number one is my favorite is to go out and do some ads whether it be
Google Facebook or anything like that because but but you need to have you
need to do this right so let me kind of explain how to do it right all right
before we kind of go any further you need a good structure so first you need
a product to promote which I recommend software programs because you can
educate people on how to use them then craft an angle around that product so
here’s an example right let’s say you want to promote something like get
response which is in an email marketing platform right you want to go and
educate people on email marketing so your aim so your angle is education and
educating them next you want to you want to work on a hook so why should they
listen to you why should they get get response to trial through you because
you are going to give them a free course or book teaching them how to do email
marketing that’s the hook they need to be hooked on to what you’re going to
give them you don’t just say hey get click on my link and get my trial that’s
not how it works guys you have to give them something in return so they get
hooked free course free book right that’s what I do I give them a free four
day training session on click funnels all right and the hook is the free free
is the hook so remember that the word of this video is free it needs to be free
and then you be like I don’t anybody stuff for free you have to give away
something for free guys to get them to give you their email okay now the next
do you want to start building the pages and then you you need to start thinking
about the traffic so for the pages guys I’m gonna have some links blogs some
pre-made pages that I have that you can use if you want to do this but yeah you
need to do the pages and then start thinking about the traffic the kind of
traffic you can use guys is YouTube blogs question websites Facebook groups
solo ads paid ads go to Google and search all that stuff if you don’t know
what that means but that’s the kind of traffic you can go and get the goal of
creating long-term passive income for yourself and to do that you need to put
in the work and get your structure right you can’t just go around spamming links
there’s really nobody cares it just doesn’t work right it’s also important
to because not everything is going to work
every time so that what that means guys is this ad this one ad that’s winning I
tested a lot of ads before this I tested a lot of keywords before this so I did
spend quite a bit of money on testing to get this particular ad to work for me
all right not a lot of maybe like a couple of
thousand dollars it’s a lot to some people but you know it is a lot of money
to go out and test and they could scare a lot of people off but I’m now making
back thousands and so that $2,000 looks like really nothing on the testing the
tit decide okay I’d spend their money on testing but I’ve made back a lot of
money now what didn’t work for me guys with this method was Facebook Ads now
what I mean by that is I did I did have another Facebook ad that worked well and
I will talk about that strategy in another video but for this funnel the
Facebook ads didn’t work but I was slack I didn’t really put much effort into
that trying to target big keywords did not work for me because there’s a lot of
competition I concentrated on too many things so now I’m only focusing on what
works and I had complicated opt-in pages so as soon as I got rid of my
complicated opt-in pages guys I started to get these crazy good conversion rates
and opt-in sorry opt-in rates on my opt-in pages so that my friends is how I
went out and made $100,000 with affiliate marketing and we’re about five
months there’s nothing stopping you from doing the exact same in fact if you
click one of the videos on this screen you’ll be taken to more affiliate
marketing videos and a playlist teaching you exactly how you can do it after
layer marketing I’ll also leave a link to my course doing some more advanced
training I’ll see you guys in the next video


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