– It’s the best deal I may have ever seen on a $15 free T.V. box. Pay once, with a coupon code I found, and you won’t believe the
free T.V. you can watch. (gentle music) – It’s magic, it’s awesome, it’s this. Hello, I should probably
hold things properly by now. Been doing this awhile, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I find the biggest deals on the planet, all of which, if you expand
the video description box right under me, are available. I’m very excited about two things. First, this is one of my
first sponsored videos, which means I get some extra cash to pay for diapers in edition
to the affiliate links that I am proudly using on this channel to help support what I do and then second, that
might have been two things, second I’m sharing a deal with you, tied to a secret that a
lot of people don’t know, is there are coupon codes that
exist on different platforms where you may not have ever known a coupon code was available. I’m gonna show you how to score that, and then how to lower the
price of what could be a $100 list price tied to this
free T.V. box down to $15. I’m gonna take you through the process, but more importantly, if
you’ve never seen me before, this is what I do all the time. So please feel free to
subscribe to this channel. If you do like this
deal, leave me a comment. Feel free to give me the feedback I need so I can continue to fuel that frugality. With that being said, think
about how much you pay for your cable or satellite provider. What do you pay per month
for the 10,000 channels you don’t watch to get the
five channels you need? The average cost of a
cable or satellite bill is somewhere between $150 and $300. So you’ve heard of Apple T.V.,
you’ve heard of Chromecast. There is something called the
Free T.V. Android T.V. Box. These retail anywhere between $50, $60, $80, sometimes $100. It’s a 4K T.V. box. I’m gonna show you how it works, but then after I show you how this works, I’m gonna tell you how to get this for just $15 one time only. Welcome to my empty basement. Just show you the components of the box. You’ve the T.V. box itself. It includes the HDMI
connector which is great to have these cables included, and, of course, the power adapter. The remote control, which
I have in my back pocket, requires two AAA batteries,
which are not included. Let’s get the box hooked up. All right, power adapter
is right under the TV, actually I’m gonna have to
adjust this, here we go, let’s put that adapter there, this here. I’m gonna put the HK1 box right here. That’s plugged in, you
can see the LED light just indicating that there
is power running through it. And here’s the HDMI port. If you do not have wifi,
I should also mention, there’s an ethernet port
so you can hard wire your internet connection into here. There is an AV out right here, and then you also have
two additional USB ports, if you do need to hook
this up to a hard drive. You also have, kind of amazing
to see, a TF card reader. So if you need additional storage, that would be a phenomenal
way to get it done. I’m gonna put this into the
HDMI 1 port, right there, and then for the sake
of this demonstration, I’m not gonna do a good job mounting this, I’m just gonna kinda
balance it on the back of the T.V. stand for now, the remote control will pick that up and hopefully nothing
will fall, there we go. Let’s talk about access to legal
free movies and T.V. shows. If you guys are not aware
there is a lot of phenomenal ad supported content
available on the internet, which you can then connect
tho through this box, and more importantly I want to show you a service brought to you by Sony. You’re gonna see some new
movies, some old movies, some favorites, and some classics, but if you look on a
particular movie or T.V. show, let’s actually go to Movies for a second, you will note that all
of the movies on here are usually preceded by one ad, and sometimes there’s a second ad, maximum usually three ads, that actually appear within
the programming itself. It’s legal though, so for three ads, you get to enjoy some
really awesome content. If we were to talk about a movie, let’s go to Air Force
One just as an example, I know this is an older movie, but just gonna see if
I can pull up for you what I’m trying to explain. Okay, in this case the
movie actually starts without an ad, that’s awesome, very cool. Some of the movies on here though are brought to you by specific brands and other than seeing
that and dealing with that you are getting some great
live content delivered to you and this is how
I would recommend using a box like the HK1. On something like the Oath, which is a Sony Crackle Original, you can see it’s brought to you by Lexus, so you can still watch the
show, enjoy the programming, there’s zero subscription fees, and this would be an example of a service, where you can see right now, they’re advertising for themselves, but you are paying nothing
to enjoy this programming. Great for date nights and many
other occasions in your life. In a moment I’m gonna
screen share with you so you can see how to get this for $15, but what I do wanna mention in addition to that coupon code is that
this is one of those products where I have to say use it responsibly. You could use this box
to potentially unlock all sorts of free illegal
movies and T.V. shows, that’s not what this
box is supposed to do. Use it responsibly with the
apps to get that curated content that we should all be watching, or pay. Okay, disclaimer out of the way, this is what you need to do. So for as long as I can remember, if you’re an Ebay shopper, coupon codes are not readily accepted, or at least not in a visible way. Using the link under this video screen, you are gonna end up on an Ebay page, where I’m gonna show you coupon
code could actually work, even though Ebay typically
doesn’t actually accept coupons. Now this is tied to the specific seller, and why I’m excited about this is even if the coupon
code is not being accepted at the time you watch this video, which could be months after I record it, and you see a price of $19.97
off an 80% list price of $99, this is unbelievable and worth scoring, but I am going to show you
how to get this for $15. Don’t click Buy It Now,
don’t click Add to Cart, go to where it says Make Offer. And this is what I want you to do. Now this is not some regular bid where only one person is gonna get it. You are all able to get this at the time this video was recorded. Enter a price of $15. Quantity, whatever you want. My case I’m gonna do one. And then, add message to seller. See where it says, “Hide Message”, Get rid of hide message,
you lose the coupon box. Add message to seller and type
in all lowercase, summer2019. You can put a space, that
will work too, like this, fine, whatever, summer2019. Get it in, click review offer, and the second you click Submit offer, you will be able to score this for $15 plus any applicable shipping
to get it to wherever you are in the United States. For me, $5.99 shipping, still awesome. It could be $3, it could be $12, it depends where you are in
this country, but unbelievable, and again, if you don’t use that method and you’re watching this after the fact as I said, $19.97 for the Live
Box TV, absolutely amazing. That’s it, that’s how you
score this item for $15 plus any applicable shipping fee. You could pay anywhere between $3, $6, $9, it depends where you’re shipping this. For me, in my case, this
could ship to me for $4.99, depends on where you are in the U.S. They may even have international shipping, I’m not sure, but this deal right now, $15 plus any type of shipping fee, is the lowest price you
will ever see for this. I should also mention, this is the authentic
HK1 Android Smart TV Box. There are knock-offs. I do all of my work
here to check the stock and ensure that the
items you are purchasing and the items I am
featuring are actually tied to reputable merchants
and I should also mention this being a Live open box item, it may not actually be open box. Some of these items are brand new, some of them they’ve just put them into regular cardboard
boxes to expedite shipping but they do work brand new. I’ve tested now three or four of these and I even purchased one
of these back in January when I featured this item
and then the year before. Great grabs, fill up
your house with these, lower your cable or satellite bill, and of course, lower your Ebay bill. I’m going to be doing feature pieces on how to save cash on Ebay, really interesting auction
techniques that you can use, but more importantly just expand that video description box right now and you will get hooked up. I’d like to thank you for watching. If you want more hookups
from this channel, very easy thing you can do. Click on my oversized head right here. That will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications so you never miss a future
deal from me, click here. Last big deal I featured, right over here.


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