Inside Out: Solo super affiliate and STM moderator Erik Gyepes

>>ERIK: High TV in like something like a morning
show and there was even the guy for the people who do not hear so he was showing
about my landing page>>ROMAN: what pills too..
>>ERIK: To.. large breast>>ROMAN: Yeah! I got it. Tits
>>ERIK: Tits>>ROMAN: what was your biggest
profit in a month
>>ERIK: six figures>>ROMAN: WOW was more than $100,000>>ERIK: Around that>>ROMAN: if you sell all your cryptocurrencies now would it be enough
to buy a nice house in Thailand?>>ERIK: yes>>ROMAN: is it paid job
>>ERIK: it’s actually a paid
job>>ROMAN: is it possible to live with that kind of salary Europe>>ERIK: here in Slovakia I think yes>>ERIK: it was from Charls NGO>>ROMAN: Oh My God>>ERIK: Yeah! In Singapore>>ROMAN: Maybe we should offer them your
personal coaching over Skype what do you think about it let’s say two hours of
your time>>ERIK: okay sure why not>>ROMAN: H i I’m Roman from Zorba’s media and
today we are in Bratislava to meet Erik a super affiliate who has been in the
business for five years and really made it
he also motivates the STM F orum the biggest affiliate community in the world
and hi Erik>>ERIK: Hi Roman, nice to meet you>>R: can you show me the city first
>>E: sure Let’s go>>R:
that’s such a big pleasure to finally meet you I may go my way up
here from Vienna>>E: you are quite lucky because I’m just here in Slovakia for a
short visit
>>R: and where are you going back>>E: I’m going back to Thailand tomorrow
You are in a good luck>>R: So I am>>R: is affiliate community big in Slovakia?>>E: It’s not really big. But it’s a bit different then affiliates outside like the global community
because here most of the affiliates like doing doing it the old way like SEO so
they are building on magazines and websites they’re trying to rank so they
are not really doing media buying like we do>>R: Ok and do you know many affiliates here?>>E: Yes yes>>R: Is there any like local forum or chat or anything like that? Do you gather?>>E: There’s a big affiliate network local one called Dognet and they are making events for affiliates>>R: Have you ever visit any of those?>>E: I was on a smaller meeting couple of weeks ago. There were only Top affiliates attended from Slovakia>>R: Top affiliates? How many TOP afffiliates?>>E: it was around
maybe 10 12 people small group>>R: Do you think it’s important to have a community around>>E: yes sure
because you need to meet people and get together discuss>>R: and do you share some knowledge with those people as well?>>E: Yes I’m showing them what stuff I’m doing they share their stuff but and we can
actually share it because it’s not crossing together they are not doing
the mediabuying and I’m not doing the stuff they are doing so ZorbasMedia InsideOut>>R: Erik what was your
profit for yesterday>>E: oh well I think it was around breakeven and let me describe
how this work I run mostly the cash on delivery offers and the flow there
is like there is a call centre in between the customer and me so the call centre
call some leads and as I’m running traffic through all night even
in the time the call center is closed that makes the profit going down
because of course they are not approved at the time>>R: what is your usual approval rate?>>E: that’s depend from the country so let’s say in Asia like Thailand Vietnam can be
around 60% not if you run GEO like India it’s a very low 15 20 percent>>R: 20 percent?>>E: Yes>>R: what is your average day working day
consist of what is your like daily routine>>E : just the work
it’s from it like analyzing the campaign’s the results from the previous
day optimizing campaigns and also launching new campaigns>>R: how many campaigns do
you normally launch every day? sometimes zero some time I launch tens of campaigns so it’s like mostly in some like bunches like more campaigns at
a time so when I sit down let’s say four 2-3 hours I lunch 10 20 campaigns
and then let them run for a few days to see how it goes>>R: Erik if I ask you to
name one single thing that contributes the most to the success in affiliate
marketing what would it be?>>E: I can definitely say it’s persistence like
don’t not giving up and going for it because the results are not immediate it
takes some time>>R: well persistence is very thing about you I read all your threats
on the STM Forum . and it seems to me that you are very passionate about
affiliate marketing and can you tell me how did you get involved in affiliate
marketing and when that exactly happened>>E: I think it started at the end of 2013
when I first learned about Stack That Money or at the time it was called Stack That Money
now it’s called STM Forum but I cannot say it was such a successful actually
I failed and I left the full room and it left the forum and it took one more year to come back and
start over and that was when I started>>R: what kind of offers did you
tackle first can you remember>>E: so when I got back in
end of 2014 the mobile was like very hot this was starting growing and I started
with app installs mobile app installs offers like utility>>R: how long did it take you to to get a green>>E: could take around two to three
months at first of course there are some like I mean to stable profit at the start there were like some red dates and green days small profits but then it
grow>>R: so you have been involved in affiliate marketing for almost five years>>E: yes>>R: and I’m just wondering what really keeps you motivated to stay in the
business all these years>>E: you know for me it’s like a never-ending challenge like
there is every day something new coming up and I like to wake up and see the
numbers and analyze them and see how the campaign’s did yesterday and
optimize them constantly and it’s some time not even about the numbers about
the profit but building up the skills and learning new stuff>>R: based on your
experience how has affiliate marketing changed since you started>>E: I will not say
like affiliate marketing has changed but maybe some of the offers of type
of offers change like for example mobile content offers we hit quite a lot in the
last maybe 12 or 18 months because mobile carriers regulated the market
over like all around the world so it’s hard like it’s harder to convict the
offers before they have a lot of one click to click offers and now the flow
changed so it takes more steps for the visitor for the user to convert>>R: do you feel that it’s harder in general to make money through affiliate
marketing>>E: well a lot of efforts actually did the mobile offers it was they
took this ride for like three years including me and as this change happened
then only I would say strongest will survive so what most of
us have to do is to look for new floors new verticals>>R: to adapt>>E: yes>>R: so that is slightly harder or it is>>E: I think you mean you maybe have to work more
than before like before you call this lunch campaign and maybe have one finger
in nose and making profits but now you have to work really hard for that>>R: back
in the day do you remember your most aggressive angle the most aggressive
thing that you did>>E: well there was a lot of aggressive stuff because when we run like
antivirus offers you mostly it’s about like scarcity scaring the users like a
virus you should delete it immediately and download this app or subscribe to this>>R: yeah everyone did this>>E: everyone did it>>R: but what about that story about Thai TV can you tell us
briefly>>E: sure so what happened I was running like a mobile subscription offer
in Thailand and I had a pretty good angle because I know the local customs
and I know what apps local people used and I had this angle about the LINE
application it’s like messenger it’s like chat communication application
widely used in Asia and it’s like the main thing in Thailand and I
use this angle like you got a new message from someone and when they like
open the message and they they were redirected to offer not exactly
remember language to be honest but what happened after that like it was in the
social media and it also got to the Thai TV in like something like a morning show
and there was even the guy for the people who do not hear so he was showing
about my landing page so they don’t like call my name Just my landing a screenshot actually I got shootage of that
so they show the landing page if they talk like be careful this is like a
scam or something like that>>R: So you killed the offer I presume>>E: Well I got a call from I am AM it was evening there and it was already happening you
just told me like shut it down and what was happened was that the
shortcode for the offer for advertiser was shut down it happened actually a lot
of times my offers came up and went down>>R: was it converting good? did you>>E: that was
that was doing very well I think it was doing like four figures per
day for a quite long time>>R: Wow single offer>>E: single scale multiple to traffic
sources mostly pop traffic redirect traffic>>R: and that was in Thailand only?>>E: yes this was only one country one offer so it was like a perfect combo>>R: great
well let’s move to present days can you tell me a little bit about what you run
right now what verticals are you involved?>>E: so I as the mobile
stuff went down I was looking for something different but I still wanted
to stay close to the similar nature of traffic many of the pop pop traffic was
coming from adult sites when the popups were happening so I I switch to adult
traffic sources and mostly running now in the adult verticals like male
enhancement and woman enhancements I went this way because like the adult is
always like one step ahead on the Internet
in general>>R: yes that’s right>>E: and there is like a lot of volume there be never like problem
with the volume with the traffic so I thought like yes but try this and have it
what>>R: what kind of traffic do you run to those offers>>E: so mostly like banners for
display windows and outsides and also some I’m
doing also some like retargeting that’s also pop traffic>>R: it’s commonly said that
under traffic is under pressure nowadays and is about to die would>>E: I don’t really
think it’s going to die at like like die hundred percent but Google Google
Chrome is strongly pushing against it and trying to make the browser like
block the ads right now they are also going to show like a warning
it just happened right now in the Chrome 70 like there will be a warning when you
land on the offer web you need to fill out your name or like do a payment
like the subscribe and mobile offer for example so they warn user like make
sure you know what are you doing because this my site my charge you>>R: okay>>E: so this
my hit mobile offers even harder if it happens>>R: Does pop under also convert for this kind
of offers like male enhancement stuff so on target>>E: yes it does but what i am
doing i mostly retarget so everyone who somehow interacts with my lending page
through the display banner first because they click to the banner on the landing
page and i have pixel there and then I retarget to pops so the pops is not
showing to everyone but only to those who already know my offer they
basically target it so>>R: and can you give me idea where you buy a pup under of traffic? what what works best for you>>E: for the adult It mostly Exoclick TrafficStars TrafficFactory all traditional adult networks>>R: I am really curious to know your flow better how how does it
look like so you start with banners right>>E: yeah user clicks on the banner
first day of browsing through some site they see the banner they click if it
interests them the land on the landing page and the
landing page prewarm them for the offer so make them ready
basically to convert if they are interested and from the landing page
then you have to go to the offer where there is even more information about the
offer and there is also the forum to like submit their name and phone number
and then the call centre comes in and they call up the lead>>R: to confirm it>>E: to confirm it once it confirmed you have a conversion>>R: okay and now what is
the average payout for this kind of offers>>E: Depends from the GEO it
can be anywhere from like I don’t know $8 to $20 so like only in Europe but
also in Thailand for example we have higher payouts
GEO like India is the lower>>R: okay can you share any of your angle the exact way>>E: there is nothing unusual you know>>R: Let put this way what
kind of banners and what how do you prewarm people in your pre lending any of yourcase>>E: I’m not sure if we should talk about this it’s adult so you can imagine what what
is on the banner>>R: yeah>>E: you want to have something bigger better stronger>>R: so this kind of
stuff>>E: this kind of stuff some muscle>>R: so another you usually see like huge
cock right>>E: basically and>>R: what is on prelender then?>>E: yes so there is some
kind of mostly that what works is some kind of story like story of some one who
had success with the product so they are talking how they used it or it can be
also angle from the side of the woman like the woman wanted like she
ordered this for her husband and it works very well>>R: and regarding
two women in enhancement kind of offers how does
that work is it like what pills to>>E: to large breast>>R: yeah I got it. Tits>>E: Tits. Yes that’s
mostly it works pretty well with adult traffic also because you target the men who
order it for their wives>>R: Wow very reasonable I guess and how many leads do
you normally generate daily>>E: it’s hundred up leads like leads that are on
hold so then the conversion depends from approval rate>>R: and overall approval rate
would be more than fifty percent or>>E: around that around 40-50 percent
depends from traffic source from GEO so in average it can be
on 50 percent>>R: do you come up with creatives all on your own?>>E: I use a lot
of spy tools actually one spy tool but I mean I use it a lot and I kind of get
some basic idea from there right what’s working and then I try to switch it up
change the picture text colors>>R: you do it all on your own?>>E: yes>>R: do you have
any work outsourced at all or you just do everything>>E: sometimes I do but most of
the stuff over the years I did myself>>R: and I presume if you works solo you have lots of things automated tell me about the system>>E: yes that might be my
advantage that I have a tech background so I know a bit of coding programming and I have some tools that help me to optimize my campaigns so that basically replace
the team so I have>>R: this very interesting let’d talk about it>>E: so instead of having five people to
go in through each campaign every day and looking and optimizing it I have a
tool that basically does it for me so it>>R: what does it it runs every few minutes
on the server and take the data from the tracker and
from the traffic source and it connects together so I have the numbers correct
so I have correct numbers>>R: okay>>E: because the cost in tracker are never
correct there is always some discrepancies on click lost and also if
you run on CPM you pay for the views for the banner
>>R: that’s right>>E: but when you get
click it’s it’s less so the tracker cannot track the impressions>>R:on your system
you can see exact>>E: so I see that it’s exact spend I see the conversions and
the profits and I collect that numbers and then I can make a optimization based
on that>>R: automatically?>>E : yes so I can see which banner is the best which placement
and I can set up rules I just I have a system where I can set up the rules and
they basically block the best placements I can make also whitelist blacklist
and all this kind of stuff>>R: WOW! Thats cool>>E: so imagine you have I don’t know 20
50 campaigns running and you usually will do it manually you will go through
each campaign and do all this stuff you can spend a lot
of time but here I’ve basically just what it done by itself and go through
all the campaigns every every few minutes it’s constantly optimizing>>R: have
you develop that system yourself as well>>E: yes>>R: how long did it take it?>>E: it took me
around 1 to 2 months the first the like the rules was the hardest thing to make
because I have like as I said whitelist blacklist also like some
collection of reason many stuff and I’m improving it over the time so if there
is something I want to add>>R: Fantastic! Have you ever thought to probably sell this kind of system as a subscription>>E: I made it mostly for myself I knew
there are some other systems that I’m doing this mostly for like native
traffic sources so that were I wouldn’t my inspiration
and I made it for for the traffic sources I work with but not really not
really thought about selling this It’s basically my advantage>>R: Crypto. that is something that can
really be missed out and I wanted to ask you if you if you have been involved in
creature>>E: I’ve been involved quite a long time I first invested in crypto
in 2013>>R: Wow>>E: so it was at that time just to get in the picture the big plans for
one Bitcoin was $72>>R: $72 many did you buy?>>E: I cannot say that of
course but actually I sold all those bitcoins at the time when the MT Gox went down and when was the big house>>R: and what was the price back then?>>E: when I sold?
>>R: Yes>>E: I actually just try to save my back I try to get back what I
invested because it was like going rapidly down and then up again so basically maybe I made like 30% on top of that>>R: 30%>>E: on that time but then I like okay that’s not for me I left it for under 3 years and 2016 I invested again>>R: and what was the price 2016 can you remember?>>A: 2016 it was around
thousand something thousand five hundred or around thousand>>R: and have you sold since>>E: no
something yes I also invested in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and some other Monero I actually have a portfolio maybe a couple
of tens of currencies>>R: okay and what is TOP-5 in your list>>E: TOP-5>>R: Yes. In terms of volume>>E: For sure it’s Bitcoin Ethereum I got also a lot of
Ripple OMG that’s like four Monero for sure I got a bit of all I got also NEO
and tens of others>>R: Are you optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies>>E: yes I
think that like this year is maybe not not the best for crypto if you thought if
you compare it at the end of the last year because many new people jump in
expected ever began bigger gains but like I’m personally still okay because I
bought when it was much cheaper so I’m keep holding>>R: do you believe that we
come to the world when these cryptocurrencies spread used and you can
basically pay groceries for example with cryptocurrency?>>E : definitely I expect there
will be something coming don’t know how fast it will happen but like there is
now I think Europe soon they don’t want to evaluate cache they initiate you so yes I think in crypto is so universal also anomymous that the main advantage>>R: Well I’m not asking about how
much you have but let’s put it this way if you sell all your cryptocurrencies
now would it be enough to buy a nice house in thailand>>E : yes>>R: let’s talk a little bit about your food future plans I wanted to ask
you what are you planning to try in the next year in terms of traffic do you
have any particular plans to try probably new traffic sources or new kind
of offers anything in your mind?>>E: I definitely want to try also like
something outside of affiliate marketing to diversify>>R: that’s a great
strategy what would you like to try for example?>>E: at the moment I am
building some sites like content sites driving traffic from search engines
for example so SEO and this year I also plan to work
more with the leads I already good because I also building up my own
database of leads I want to remonitaze them again and
squeeze out more of the because I already paid for those leads once I got
them so now I’m working I find I’m looking for effective ways how to
squeeze more>>R: great so you keep all the leads in your data bace?>>E: yes I know
anything about them I know their names and details where they’re from what form>>R: so you’re going to upsales?
>>E: yes I can basically do upsales actually
trying something I can see some potential there>>R: do you need to cloak any of your
creatives working with that kind of offers?>>E: almost not really because it’s
it’s the nature of the adult you cannot do anything more aggressive there I think but still still have some options but most of the time not really .>>R: what tracker do you use?>>E: I’m still using Volume I started with it and I have money
tools connected to it but I’m switching soon to Binom next month>>R: volume is getting more
expensive now as far as>>E : it got expensive few months ago and also it’s kind of
staying behind Binom I could say more oriented toward affiliates while Volume I feel it’s more like towards agencies or big brands>>R: and this year the year of
2018 what was your monthly record in terms of
profit>>E: I almost don’t remember I don’t remember this year very well>>R: Yeah Tell me>>E: Last year I remember because it was still some of the mobile stuff and it was like 6,4K I think in one day>>R: Oh nearly 7K per day>>E: and also one offer>>R: one over seven thousand
dollars a day profit. Great>>E: yes 6-7K>>R: and what was your biggest profit in a month>>E: in a month I think it was six figures>>R: Wow! So it what was more than $100,000>>E: Yes around that>>R: do you think it’s possible to make it nowadays working on your own>>E: I think it still also know
about it it’s harder definitely and much harder when you work solo ask me so>>R: do you have any plans to to create a team>>E : I had in the past actually but it always
was that I like the the freedom traveling around and not managing the
team so that’s why I chose the way I talked before like creating my own
systems let’s talk a little bit about the STM Forum when did you become moderator>>E: it was like two years ago in the end of 2016 but I was member a long
time before as I said in the starting from 2013 at 14 I learned the Forum
after that time after two or three years I was approached by some of the
moderators in the forum
and he offered me this job>>R: and is it job?>>E: it’s actually a job>>R: and like what do
you need to do what are you obligations?>>E: My main thing is to help the new
affiliates newbies answer them their questions and help them grow so also to publish some articles or interesting case studies or tutorials what’s going
on in there>>R: how does how many posts do you need to write daily>>E: it’s not really said it depends
it and there is no like you have to do this and this amount>>R: is it possible to
make a good living just with that kind of job?>>E: it’s still job it’s not it’s not like it’s a job it’s not any when you compare it to a affiliate marketing you can of course money but I like to be
back to the community where I grew because STM was one of the places where all started for me so for me something that I learned there a lot of
things and I like to give that back I look at it from that point even if it
not makes much money on but anywhere a visit
forms for myself because you find all the net traffic sources all the buzz
what’s happening in the industry beside the conference is of course but here you
can read between the lines so I go there anyway like bonus I also love the people>>R: and as a bonus you have a salary as well>>E: as a bonus salary>>R: and there if you don’t
run any campaign is it possible to live with that kind of salary in Asia>>E: in Asia yes I think it’s>>R: in Europe ?>>L: here in Slovakia I think yes>>R: yeah conferences do you visit conference is quite often do you?>>E: Yes but usually I go just one or two
times per year I try to limit it somewhat go like every there are so
many conferences that I could go back every week somewhere but I like to go
like mostly to the Affiliate World Conference in Bangkok>>R: what is your point to go
there>>E: it’s about meeting people and managers and other affiliates and
learning and talking and having fun>>R: well can you give me an example of real value
of attending a conference>>E: I think it started when I went first time
to STM London 2015 and I met a group of
affiliates and we did something like a mastermind while we were on
the conference we were launching campaigns
so it was like launching campaigns during the day and then went to the
speeches and come back and reviewed it and that day was actually like we made
some profits just thanks to being there and working together and also I learned
it was in the beginning of the my affiliate carrer I also learned about the cloaking
and all these basic setups>>R: so we think that it’s beneficial to
attend the conferences>>E: yes for sure it’s I
highly recommend it to everyone to meet people to talk don’t be shy go to your
affiliate managers talk to them talk to other affiliates also attend the
parties in the evenings you can meet a lot of similar people like you like
other affiliates and they are very open to share anything>>R: so in terms of
masterminds and kind of affiliate courses have you ever taken any of this>>E: yes once can>>R: you tell me more>>E: It was from Charls
NGO>>R: oh my god>>E: In Singapore it was also the time and when I did the mobile I was
already making profits so it wasn’t like I really need it but I wanted to prove
to myself that I really know everything so I just went to this mastermind
course or how to call it and I just made sure like I will really everything about
this vertical I will know how other people are doing>>R: was that useful really>>E: as I said I already knew many many things so maybe for me not as much but I
know for many people it was like they were newbies so it bring them something>>R: I heard that it costs like $10,000 is that true?>>E: 8 to 10>>R: $8,000>>E: yes>>R: for how many days>>E: three days like full days like>>R: is it face to face coaching or>>E: yes yes it was like a group of small small group of people like 20 30
people in one room we also had some tasks like come up with
angles and Charly helped us to review>>R: Erik how do you explain your job to your
parents do they understand what you’re doing? ->>E: I they know I
promote some kind of products but they don’t know the details
it’s I so I just say it’s a affiliate marketing or internet marketing mess with them with the details>>R: okay and when you first started to
earn some good money or add a surprise>>E: they always I told them that like
I have to use money first to make money and they were like you shouldn’t do it
like you will lose money when they actual is so like yeah it’s working then
okay maybe you know what are you doing>>R: Do you want to play some pool>>E: oh let’s try it>>R: okay Eric can you tell me what you like to do when you have
some free time>>E: so I like a traveling a lot also play a guitar I just bought an
acoustic one this year How many countries have you visited so far>>E: oh I have stopped to count it but I’m traveling like every three months as I’m in Thailand and I’m doing the visa run>>R: Ok, TOP-3 countries>>E: TOP-3
definitely Singapore Hong Kong Thailand of course as I’m living there so yeah>>R: nice one and what did you do before affiliate marketing>>E: I was coding websites
like from PSD from Photoshop file to WordPress files was actually making them life>>R: uh-huh have you ever worked for someone into your life for a company>>E : yes for two weeks>>R: two weeks only in your life in your entire life and you’re 30 years old now>>E: yes before entering University it was two weeks and they wanted me a full
time but I was going to university so I just said No when to study>>R: That was a good
shot now it’s your turn>>R: Erik what do you
enjoy the most in affiliate marketing>>E: profits of course>>R: and besides money>>E: I like the process of always improving and launching of stuff and seeing the
results it’s like a never ending game>>R: so you’re a player>>У: yeah>>R: Erik you know what I thought of maybe we should do some kind of competition
amongst our viewers and offer them your personal coaching over Skype what do you
think about it let’s say two hours of your time when you can share some of
your experience and your knowledge>>E: ok sure why not>> R: so then the rules are pretty simple if you just comment on this video why we
should give the personal coaching from Erik to you we will choose the best
comment and the most motivated person we will choose it together will we?>>E: for sure>>R: and the most motivated person will receive it 2 hours of personal
coaching over Skype where you can ask all your questions and Erik will share
all the knowledge he has and mark my words it worth it that was ZorbasMedia subscribe to our channel turn off the notifications on including that Bell
button just to stay updated we are going to have some nice stuff soon enough Bye now>>E: Bye Bye>>R: can you tell me what the Galuski exactly is>>E: Galuski it’s a dumplings with the special sheep cheese and on top we have some bacon.
It’s traditional>>R: I really enjoy it
>>E: It’s National food>>R: how many Galuslis
you would normally eat?>>E: it’s just like one dish>>R: is it possible to find it in Thailand?>>E: This one I actually cannot because it’s a special cheese from a sheep let’s produce mostly
over here>>R: are you hungry>>E: yes>>R: Cheers then>>E: Cheers man you


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