Inside the Dressing Room at Madewell, Urban & Target!

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra! Welcome back to my channel! I literally just walked into the door, sat down to film, I just
finished my shopping and we’re gonna go through all the things that I tried on, the good,
the bad, the ugly, all of it. I really like doing these
inside the dressing room videos when I go shopping, instead of a haul because its just more realistic. Like when I go shopping, not
everything instantly fits and has that magical uh-huh moment, there are a lot of no’s along the way. So I like getting to
show you guys what worked and what didn’t and its
fun getting to talk through all of the reasons that I liked pieces or didn’t like them, its a good time. If you’re new to my channel,
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Inside The Dressing Room. So the first store I went to was Madewell and Madewell had a lot of cute stuff. I didn’t end up getting to
go there on Black Friday so I was really excited to finally try on their holiday collection. Everything in this store was 20% off and then if you spent over $200, your whole purchase was 30% off. I found a lot of cute clothes
to try on and a ton of velvet. This was basically like velvet central. Seriously, like the first five items that I tried on, are all velvet. So, lets get into it. The first thing I tried on,
is this gray, velvet blouse in a size 12 and I found
this on the sale rack but I thought I just got lucky because it looked so cute on the hanger but once I tried it on, I realized exactly why this was on the sale rack. This is not a typical size 12. It was tight on my arms and I couldn’t even get it
close to going over my boobs. It was a no, next. Take two for something velvet, I tried on this pink, velvet blouse with a little bit of a V-neck. I tried this one in a large and the fit was just much,
much better than the first one. This top had a lot of really cute and unique design elements. I love the split sleeves and the V-neck was the
perfect length for me like it doesn’t show too much cleavage. I thought the ruffle on the
bottom was cute at first, but as I was posing, it
started to flip out on one side which was a little bit annoying. Overall, it was pretty
cute but just not perfect and I pulled so many other
velvet blouse options, I decided to put this one in the no pile. Next, I tried another pink, velvet top but this one was kind of a wrap style so I decided to size up and
grab it in an extra large. Sometimes things that are wrap style tend to be a little bit too tight or just show a little
bit too much cleavage so I thought having some extra material to wrap around would be nice. And I like the idea of this top, but it just kind of fit me weird. I can’t even like put my finger on what looks weird about it, but it just looked a
little bit awkward on me. Maybe it was the length, or the size, I don’t really know but it was just a no. So next was this blue, velvet sweater and I absolutely love the look
of this sweater on the rack but they only had it
left in an extra small or an extra large and I’m usually a large. So I sized up, I grabbed the extra large and you could definitely tell that it was a little bit too big for me, like I love the design of
this because it kind of looks like a normal crew neck sweatshirt but it has those more dressy elements with the velvet material
and the unique sleeves. Like it’s a really, really
cute sweater but you tell that it was just a little
bit too big for me, it was kind of swallowing me
up and I needed a smaller size. And they did have that same
sweater in a smaller size but in a different color. So then I tried it on
in the brown in a large. And the large fit me so much better, it still had that like
loose, comfy, relaxed fit but it didn’t swallow up my body the way the extra large did. I just, I love that blue
color so much though so I decided to pass because
even though it was super cute, I just didn’t love it the
way I loved the blue one. So I actually thought about
having them order it in a large because they said they
would be able to do that but I found something later in the video that kind of filled that void
but you’ll see that later. Okay, the last velvet top, I promise. I tried on this green, velvety, more simple top than the other blouses. I tried this one on in a large and it ended up by far being my favorite and I definitely didn’t expect that. Sometimes simpler is just better. This structure of this
top was really flattering, it was loose but not too boxey. I loved the length and it went
up a little bit on the sides so it didn’t cover up my hips. I could totally see
myself like pairing this with dark jeans and
heels for a holiday party or even like a black pencil
skirt I think would be cute. Plus I feel like dark green like this isn’t usually a color I usually go for so it’s really unique to the other items that I already have in my wardrobe. Totally gonna wear this on Christmas and probably Christmas Eve and probably to a Christmas party. I just, I really love this, it was a yes. The last top from Madewell I tried on this thick, corded, turtle
neck sweater in a large. I kind of expected this
top to be too thick for me. I kind of went in expecting not to like it but I was like whatever,
I’ll just try it anyways and it actually fit me really well. The length of the crop was
perfect, it wasn’t too short but it still didn’t cover up my hips. The turtle neck was loose and relaxed and the sweater just had like that perfect amount of slouchiness. And I loved the color, maroon is like one of my favorite colors but with all that said, I still didn’t end up
getting it and heres why. I live in Southern California where winter means maybe
60 degrees on a cold day and this sweater was just
too thick, too hot, too warm. I was already getting a little bit sweaty just trying it on in the dressing room so I knew that even though I
loved the look of this sweater, I probably wouldn’t get
a lot of wear out of it but if you’re looking at cold climate, 10 out of 10, recommend this sweater. It’s great, just not great
for San Diego weather. Now onto the bottoms, I tried on this plaid, zip-front
miniskirt in a size 12 and oh my gosh, its so
frickin cute, I love this. This totally fits me like a glove. The waist was only slightly too big but that didn’t bother me because it fit my hips
and my butt perfectly and a lot of the times, I
have to kind of like work to get a zipper over my hips and then it fits my waist comfortably but this one actually had
enough room for the hips. It is a little bit
shorter than I usually go but it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, it was just kind of pushing
that line a little bit but if I ever did wanna show a little bit less skin with this skirt,
I could just pair it with black tights and it’d be super cute. Also, like how cute does it look paired with that green velvet top? I just love the look of all of this. So cute, so my style. Incase you couldn’t tell,
this skirt was a yes. Next up were these red,
velvet, flowy pants. I told you, Madewell was
all about the velvet. So I liked the look of these on the rack and I love the idea of
like flowy Christmas pants but these just fit me a little bit weird. The length was good but they
were too tight on my thighs and they just kinda clung to me all over and just fit me right in weird places and wrong in weird places,
they just weren’t for me. But I did get one little extra surprise as I was walking out of the store, I had already tried everything on. I saw that they had a rack with that velvet, green shirt that I liked but in different colors. And one of the colors
they had, was the blue that I liked so much in that
first sweater that was too big. They only had mediums and
extra larges out on the rack but the sales associate
went and checked the back and they ended up having
a large in the back so I got this shirt in two
colors, the green and the blue. I’m really, really happy with the purchases I made at Madewell. I think all three of those
items are really unique and things that I’m gonna
get a lot of wear out of. And the next store I went
to was Urban Outfitters. Urban had a few separate sales, like they had 30% off sweaters and I think there was
like 20% off accessories but they didn’t have like a big, overall discount like Madewell did. Normally, I love the
dresses at Urban Outfitters, like that’s my favorite
thing to get at Urban and I was really disappointed with the dress selection they had. Like pretty much every dress that I saw didn’t fit my personal style and a lot of them didn’t
look very flattering. Just not what I usually
expect from Urban Outfitters. I was a little disappointed
but I did end up finding two things that I wanted to try on and one of those was a dress. So I thought this red, sparkly dress would be really great for holiday parties and I tried it on in a large. Overall, I really like
the idea of this dress and there wasn’t anything
like incredibly wrong with it. I think it looks pretty cute on me and even though this dress wasn’t fitted, like it kind of looks
like a shapeless dress, it did have a little
bit of structure to it where it came in in the
waist, just a little bit. The length was good,
the color was gorgeous. I love mock necks. But there were a few weird things that kept me from buying it. First, it was just a really
weird fit in the arms. It was like super,
super tight on my biceps and then had a weird thing where it had a ton of extra fabric under my armpit. Also, it was really itchy and
I don’t like itchy things. So this one was a no. Second thing I tried on was a sweater. Of course I had to grab a
sweater since they were 30% off. It’s this warm, toned, rainbow, turtle neck sweater in a large. So even though this sweater was kind of that oversized, comfy fit,
the material was lighter and thinner than like a
typical corded sweater. So it wouldn’t be too warm or bulky for the California climate. And it has that length
where I could pull it down and wear it with leggings and the sweater would
totally cover my butt. And I can also wear it
with jeans like this and just kind of like bunch it up to show off my hips a little bit still. So even though I really
liked a lot of things about this sweater, it
just wasn’t quite perfect and even with the 30% off, it
still would’ve been 50 bucks. Also I think the color was just a little bit too much for my taste so, I passed on this. Nothing from Urban
Outfitters, now onto Target. I have been loving Target’s style lately. Seriously, I feel like
they have stepped up their clothing game in
the past couple of years. I’ve gotten so many cute
items from Target recently. I saw this corduroy jacket on a mannequin and I thought it looked so cute, I was like “I want that jacket!” But when I finally found it on a rack, they only had one left and
it was a small, sad day. I did find four things that
I liked though, in my size. I tried on two jackets
and two pairs of pants. Starting off with this
brown, leather jacket. I’m usually a size large but they only have this left in an XL and I have really been wanting a brown, leather jacket lately. So I decided to try it anyways and you can definitely tell
that it wasn’t quite my size. I really didn’t mind the body
of the jacket being loose but the arms were so long that it literally looked like I had no hands. And the shoulders also
had way too much room where it made me look like
I had padded shoulders like in the 80’s or something. I love brown leather jackets
but this one was a no. I’m still on the lookout for one so if you guys have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments. Next was this big, red, soft, fluffy coat and I just love like how
luxurious this looks, I feel like I could wear it
with more dressy outfits too. And as soon as I put this
on, it was an instant yes. Oh my gosh, I just love, I love this. Yeah, it’s pretty extra,
it’s kind of over the top but like that’s me, so. It fits, it hits right at my hips and the jacket also has that
cute little clasp at the top so I can wear it open or closed. And it has pockets! We love things that have pockets! This jacket is definitely a little bit outside of my typical style but I think it’s really
fun and really different, so it was a yes. I thought these green jogger style pants might be cute for more casual days. So I grabbed them in a large
and these were just too tight in some weird places like
they weren’t tight all over they had that comfy elastic
waist that fit great but the thighs and the butt
were just way too tight for me and the fabric was also like kinda clingy. I think a size up totally would’ve worked because of that elastic
waist like I think the waist still would’ve been a good fit a size up. But they didn’t have a
size up, they were all out. So, this one was a no. And last but not least these
maroon, velvety corduroy pants. I’ve seen pants like this a lot lately and I’ve really been wanting to try them and no better place than target because if I love them, I don’t have to worry about them being overpriced. They have a really flattering high waist and its a little bit loose but a belt would fix that really easily. I thought they were cute and flattering and I really liked the
color and the texture but they do that weird
thing that some jeans do when they wrinkle a lot
as you move your legs. I’m not sure why that happens, if its because the jeans
were a little too big or if its just the material. I don’t really know why that happens. But it really annoyed me so
I decided to pass on these. If anyone has a pair of
like velvet corduroy pants like this that you love,
let me know in the comments. I’m on a hunt for a good pair that’s gonna fit my curvy body well and not do that weird wrinkle thing. So let me know if you
have any recommendations. A big thank you to this
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soon with another new video. Bye! (upbeat electronic music)


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