Inspirational Video Interviews: Stay in School

we live in a world where people are
losing hope and it’s exhausting and it’s tiring and to know that our youth are
feeling this sense of hopelessness when you’re in just in the prime of your life
and you’re still trying to figure out who you are
we need inspiration we need people who are going to inspire and I think people
who go from trials to triumph you know we all have these her stories and
histories and stories and lives and people don’t see that from the outside
I’ve been gone through so much mostly all my life you know it’s either
something’s always off in the house my mom doesn’t have food to feed us I just
feel like there’s no ending because it’s still going on my mom is still
struggling like right now our water is off think it’s just like no end like
this just keeps going and going and going because nothing’s hash tasted for
me as someone who likes were always game at all
water was always getting cut off sometimes the work or just the gas is
cut off so then you got to take a cold shower
yes can’t take shower at all you go boil water yeah yeah our and it’s like I feel
like a lot of people don’t understand what that struggle is right there are
steps that we can take in the future now think about not going to school and
slam it makes me nervous thinking you might decide not to finish your clicker
year I need you to promise me that you’re going to New Year because you
know how difficult it is reason to get a minimum wage they all I dropped that
great right what do you think that there’s nothing because now it’s like
you need a high school diploma for everything now so it’s like it’s nothing
out there if I just Holly go back I’m gonna be following up with people over
here make sure to choose anything that’s important to me I want to make sure that
you finish school and I can where get back from it’s now even if all you have
is a high school diploma you have a high school diploma to go and try to find
there right or you have a high school diploma and if you don’t take some
Community College classes do you email you say I can I’m graduating from high
school and you come well I will come to your graduation when you help people
know that they matter you can see this shine and this ability and so for me
personally that’s why I work with youth is because everybody everybody there’s
not one person that doesn’t deserve opportunities not one person not one
person that’s not capable not one person doesn’t have a dream or wish whatever I
really believe that if we just as people let people know that they matter there’s
so much they can accomplish that was powerful you came out and they showed
you how much they okay yes I know for me one of the most powerful interactions
that I had you know as Kimberly Kaman was holding
back tears and was letting me know that I’m going to promise you that I’ll go
back and that you know like I was telling you it doesn’t matter if there
were five kids here fifty kids or five hundred kids
even if there were five hundred Keith there was still that one Kimberley
moment they any dollar I fly home with a smile on my absolutely home so happy
with it she’s going to graduate graduate from isolation you get a diploma and
that became a reality for her in that month you know and I think when you give
that to them on a regular basis you know and so it’s just so awesome to be able
to be here and be part of that experience and knowing it even just
changing one kid’s life it’s very powerful can I say this I
literally Noll I had a dream that I was bringing you to Buffalo Wow
and I had the dream that I was bringing you to Buffalo because you were going to
inspire hope and my dream came true and you and blue when you said that there
was that Kimberley and that story behind it and that she is now going to follow
something that she didn’t think she could do before that’s exactly what I
wanted to happen and I can’t I’m going to cry but I can cannot say thank you
enough for coming and I think you know it’s important that we do follow our
purpose and your your purpose your message or story or everything just
often just your character really made a difference in so many lives too and
those slides that we don’t even know you know but they’re going home and like
rethinking something and that’s that’s that’s powerful just is not so thank you
thank you thank you thank you do you think hey wait I need a picture with
hugs cool


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