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[Andrew] When you’re ready we’re rolling [Nathanial] Rolling? – Yeah. – Are you ready? [Yen] Ready to rock and roll… Nervous as shit. – (Andrew laughs) Yeah, good. (upbeat rock music) – I was particularly impressed with what you’re doing on Instagram. So, just explain to us a
little bit about your strategy you’ve got a few profiles, haven’t you? – I’ve got more, yeah,
quite a few profiles, probably about a million following altogether. So, for, so what we did was, it’s about giving value. I feel like, when you have another account, that
gives a lot of value. So, because my product is
in the beauty industry, I would go and create a
make-up account, so that, you know, you’re helping
influencers to grow their following and also grow your own. Like, build credibility
for your own business, as well as giving them value and encouraging other influencers to work with other influencers. So, that’s @makeupxyx, so you guys can check it out. – Check it out, yeah. It’s a great example of how you can grow an Instagram
and add a lot of value. I was very impressed, you
know, when I had a look at what you’re doing on
Instagram in particular. Even (mumbles) I mean,
some of the search phrases that you’re showing up for. – So, Rihanna eye color, Kylie Jenner, so we’re always on top. Um, again, it’s like giving constant information and educating people. Not just exchanging one
for one, like money, and then money, time for
money, but we give value, a lot of value. Over deliver the value, I think. – And you’ve done a huge
amount of personal development as well, I know you do
a lot of John Demartini. What other personal development
programs you’ve done. You’ve seen GaryVee, what else? – I feel like with business, you need to, you get so overwhelmed with everything, like you stress out
over the little things. You can’t miss out. Say, if you’re really good at marketing, you really enjoy it and
you put all your time in marketing, you’re like
oh I forgot my numbers. So then, you got to really cover all bases and know where your flaws are. And when you know where your
flaws are, and being aware, being self-aware is really good. Knowing what you’re good
at, and what you suck at, and then figuring it out,
how to find solutions to cover that base, yeah. – Yeah, we were talking to
Jules about this the other day from Tribe and he was telling
us, it’s all about knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are and playing to your strengths. – And being aware, like,
being, I think, so, I love learning about
John Demartini’s work, I think it’s amazing. I managed to overcome anxiety, stress, and you know, like, you get so clouded and you get so worn out, but
to be able to master your mind, I think that’s a powerful
thing for everything. In business, for me, determination is the biggest one for me. Determination gets your through anything, so my, I would say, motto,
is I’ll figure it out. Like, if an obstacle or
challenges arises, I’ll be like you know what, I can figure this out, and having that attitude,
like no matter what, you could figure a way,
you’ll always find a way. And when you say that to
yourself, when you say oh, I can figure this out. How can I do it? So, the questions that you ask
yourself, is the answer that is going to go back at you. If you’re going to sit there and go oh, I wonder why this ain’t working You know, well, because
you’re asking the question. So then, people, life will throw you the reasons why you’re not
working, why it’s not working. So, um, where you focus your energy, what questions you ask
yourself and being aware, and picking up, like hey, it’s okay to suck at something. But you can keep working on it and improving every single time. You know what, yesterday, I’m better than yesterday,
you know, and I think starting from that base, having that mentality really, yeah, just gets you
through a lot of things. – Talk to me about the
future and digital marketing. – Um, so, I think for, I’m really excited
about digital marketing, ’cause you’re able to reach
millions and millions of people in the comfort of your
own home, or in an office. And that’s really
exciting, in a sense where, if you’re running a business
now, you have that as a tool. You can reach Google and
the algorithm on Facebook. Like, they can target so
specifically on the action that you do online. So, like, every action is monitored through Facebook, through WhatsApp, so they have so much
data that you have that as a tool of marketing and to
your advantage in business. So, I’m quite excited about that. And you get to, like,
connect with celebrities, like, we get to work with
really high-end bloggers that you see in makeup,
like the models, you go oh, I’ve worked with her before! And then you get to, like,
work with celebrities, which is pretty fun. – That is insane. – Yeah. – Yen, if you could be a superhero, who would you be, and why? – So, I thought about
this question actually. So I don’t watch TV, cause I
spend so much time working. If I was to be a superhero, I would be the best version of myself,
because that’s all I have. And so, Super Yen with a cape. – (laughs) That’s an awesome answer. Yen, it’s been a pleasure
to have you on the series. If you enjoyed watching the
episode, don’t forget to like, comment, share, follow Yen. – @yenjapney on Instagram. – On Instagram, and on LinkedIn. Don’t know if you’re as active on LinkedIn as you are on Instagram. – Oh I only did that one video, yeah. – I love that video, by the way. Maybe we’ll drop the link in the comments. – Okay, see ya.
– See you next week. (upbeat rock music)

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