Internet Marketing Business: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

INTRODUCTION TO AFFILIATE MARKETING Vivek Kumar WHAT WILL WE LEARN TODAY 1. What is affiliate marketing 2. Why is it good for your business 3. How to set up an affiliate program 4. Rule setting 5. Do’s and Don’ts 6. Finding affiliates 7. How to grow a network that collectively prospers 8. The tools and the technologies involved iProspect: Driving Digital Performance. THE BASICS iProspect: Driving Digital Performance. WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING “ Affiliate marketing is a type of performancebased marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer THE KEY PLAYERS • The Merchant – The brand or retailer • The Network – A middle man between the affiliate and the brand. Often a software solution provider. • The Affiliate / Publisher – The guy driving the traffic that he wishes to be paid for • The Customer – The unsuspecting customer who the affiliate attracts to the brand  • The Technology – The technology provider that is implemented to track affiliate performance, manage creative, offers, outreach and automated payments THE MERCHANTS Brands, Retailers THE NETWORKS Affiliate and Advertising Networks THE AFFILIATES Network Affiliates | Aggregators | Direct Publishers Networks Aggregators Publishers Anyone


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