Interview With Top Clickfunnels Affiliate Spencer Mecham: How To Promote TODAY!

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hashtag replay we are here with Spencer Meachem thanks for hopping on yeah we
got some good stuff to go over because I know in your group you go over like
specifics and really you teach us really cool things about email marketing and
segmentation and SEO and like oh like the tech things and I was thinking on
this we can kind of do more of an overview general overview of how people
can succeed with the click funnels affiliate program even if they are like
brand-new or not um but we should probably wait till some people get on
here so in the meantime how’s your week been what have you been working on well
what kind of things I mean I always wanted to know what’s it like in the
life of Spencer cuz you’re not working all the time you’re not always in the
basement right I’m like this year when I quit my job I committed to the first
year just like maintaining the exact same schedule so I work 9:00 to 5:00 in
my basement or blimey or upstairs in my guest room no difference at all really
yeah I’ll probably take like two or three weeks of vacation and I’m going to
Iceland in three weeks that’s pretty cool so we just use Rewards points to
buy tickets to Iceland I’m stoked about that rather than that like pretty
relatively low-key life for the next year I saw about the rewards points so
you make sure that all your like ad spend is on a special credit card yeah
so I used to chase Inc card and ad spend is three to one so you get three points
per dollar instead of one point per dollar and so you know you spend and I
spend significant chunks on ads and so yeah we finally yeah like we got up to
like we gotta collect 800,000 Rewards points there’s like alright we gotta do
something with them yeah Iceland it is sweet and then you
can probably get an affiliate link for certain credit cards and promote
typically don’t like ah if you’re on my Commission Junction or so in those big
places where you’d expect those guys to be the credit card companies are a
little more particular I think I imagine they’re regulated or something cuz like
I’ve struggled to get a single credit card affiliate they all have like like
the chasing calves like some referral bonus you know like yeah 50 bucks for
referring but yeah yeah you want the affiliate Commission hey Kenan hey James
hey Mark as well we got some top affiliate marketers on here so maybe we
don’t want to be too too beginner here but well let’s start off a little
beginner and then we’ll we’ll move on to maybe some more advanced questions so
when when you go out outside spencer to hang out with you know people your
friends and stuff and meet people around town and they say what do you so what do
you do how do you take care of your family
oh look I always wonder what do you tell them I say I peter around online and do
whatever makes money that day but if they like press which they
usually do like I say I just I I make connections with software companies and
then I refer people to them and get paid monthly based on the number of referrals
that are first so I just call like referral marketing it makes more sense
to people cuz we’ve all like signed up for some like referral program before I
would like to sign up for air B&B and like a shared on Facebook 25 or some so
I kind of just compare it to that and say I just do that a mass scale
that’s good it’s better than when I tell people that I make money online teaching
people to make money online they call me a scammer yeah really where I do a lot of it but
yeah Marcus says just tell them you’re in
off where and then they’ll just not ask anything I know it is and and it’s like
this industry is so open for more people to join in and start doing online
marketing and referral marketing and affiliate marketing and sales funnels
there’s so much opportunity yeah and I wish people would see it the right way
like when what we really do right as we teach people online marketing oh I can
hear myself there is their feedback on your it no okay
um we teach online marketing and we do it for free right like I except for my
course we’d all be selling this year then I’ll probably be done selling any
courses ever again we just like give away like I just teach people all kinds
of stuff for free and then make money from companies right so like we’re
actually like the most value-added people on the planet who just we spend
days just giving out free stuff all day long free teachings and free trainings
and then you know make money from the companies that we refer to it if it’s
done right you’re you’re really the nicest person on earth just step away
all day long exactly exactly how come when you will
you will be done with for selling your course one day I really like so there’s
a you know what EECOM Empires is the Facebook group know it’s a big Facebook
group he just he created this like massive really cool quality course about
drop shipping and then he he’s got affiliate links in there for click
funnels and Shopify and a couple other things you know that he uses in his
finish store and he just crushes it and I love that model and so I want to go
away from there after I do like a final teaching where I just start I mean I
guess it’s kind of and it’s an influencer model where it’s just pumping
out tons of free content and Facebook groups on YouTube on Instagram and you
just you know you just build this huge following and you just make tons of
money from companies and you never really have to deal with anything as far
as like the support side the awful side about my marketing again and it’s like
his I’m kind of steering towards his model of just providing free content
home world the rest of my life and by the end of this year I should be able to
financially handle that right like so even if the first few months or whatever
I’m not making a ton of money I’ll be fine because of the stuff that’s been
set up this year sweet yeah I even have like a free
mini-course but really within it is a bunch of affiliate links tied to the
free teachings in there and with Facebook groups now too you can have the
unit section and kind of design that like a course that’s gonna be a huge
part of it like I next year I want to go to huge into the unit sections and just
have like massive trainings and things like that like quality trainings I was
I’m looking to start like paying people like paying people to create courses
within my unit section and all this plug-in affiliate links and it over the
years you know Facebook groups are so cool right now like there’s explode so
you know get next year you get 50 60 thousand people in a group and it’s so
easy to make money from the flip marketing with that that large number of
people that are all having similar goals and things like that and often times
like with courses the information can just get out people get it for free
anyway it’s like music people used to buy music and now they could get it for
free and it’s not that you shouldn’t invest in education but I feel like
coaching and group coaching and support is a model that is like what people are
looking for – yeah and I yeah I agree with that I just struggle with the time
commitment there’s you know I’m all about the passive automated seven it’s
really hard to coach and support and stuff when you’re when you’re not in
there as much so I really like I don’t know if you saw that the 10 day
challenge that I did the live challenge in my group but it was all run for
messenger BOTS and it worked pretty well we got we got we got 15 to 20 people
that were actively every day participating in it and they were
posting lives in the group and and it was all done you know it was all managed
to messenger by giving him prompts and talking about like you know mark meet
his complete things like that it was a good it was like really cool and I could
go that model in the future as well like yes I offer like it’s not coaching per
se but it’s a program a daily program that gets you on the right steps and
it’s just run for BOTS so one year and four months one year and
four months yep okay so when you first started what
strategy did you take and what do you learn from that did you go the wrong
strategy the right strategy I think it with the right strategy like I kind of
lucked out and like hit a home run grab one so I first started right when they
were doing the expert secrets launch like literally that like within a month
that I think and so they were like hyping up for that I was like oh I’m
gonna get really big into this and things like that and so that’s like
right when I dove into it and they were having a contest in things and I
literally I used Adwords and personal like just my own my own connections I
don’t know if you remember that contest and I do think they were offering 20
bucks if you could sell an $8 book right anyone that put in time to that like all
I needed was time could make money like every single I just needed to go talk to
people individually and say hey here’s ten bucks go buy this eight dollar book
and you get booked for free and I still make ten back sure I would let you like
it was just so easy but most people this didn’t they didn’t see it that way and I
didn’t invest the time because to me that was like the biggest no-brainer
week affiliate marketing ever like hey I remember my roommate was like Rachel
can you ask your parents for their address I will buy the book for them I
just need somewhere to send it to different credit cards different
addresses I thought the rule but yeah I don’t remember but I was like sure I
probably got a couple hundred just from my facebook profiles I about I tell us a
lot how I went to my college my college that’s close by here and just went to
the business school and like sat outside saying like hey I’ll do the pointing
back to Facebook 20 bucks people ha I’m like it’s a no-brainer you know lunch on
me plus a book basically it was a good book yeah so I did that and then I ran a
ton of AdWords and really owned the AdWords for that whole week as well
where people search people what were people searching for it were they
searching for experts secrets or kind of thing Decker secrets russell brunson not
so people like just search russell brunson all the time anyway but
searching russell brunson and this new book pops up right you get you
get people out I don’t really know the surgeon cuts it so extra seeketh russell
brunson yeah I think I even ran something just like any any keyword that
be related to quick final just because a lot of people you know and if you can
tie it in like quick bombs founder new book extra secrets right searching for
quick policies that and goes for it so just owned the Adwords and and then the
personal touch and so like I came away from that I was like the 13th highest
affiliate right and I joined click funnels like a month ago so I like it’s
nobody yeah credible and so then it kind of that’s what got me rolling with
everything like I’ve been doing a slate marketing before but nothing and people
know everyone knows like how the expert secrets funnel works but it’s like a
free plus shipping model so you don’t really make much from the actual book
but then from the other upsells on the other pages is when your profits start
coming right yes so typically like during the launch it was this $20 flat
for anybody that bought the book and then but the rest of the time it’s you
get like $1 when someone buys the book you get like $18 when someone buys the
next package which is like the book and a few more things for like 50 bucks and
it kind of goes up from there you get 40% of whatever people buy down that
entire funnel but during the launch it was just here you get $20 for every book
you sell no matter what happens and the books were only eight bucks right so you
can sell a book for $8 and get 20 bucks I mean have you ever seen it like
anything that easy yeah so this is that strategy work now
or does everyone have expert secrets as expert secrets irrelevant there’s a
strategy still works somewhat I mean there’s still people searching for you
know extra secrets related words that particular strategy doesn’t work as well
because cliff phones was not for 20 bucks anymore so you’ll but you what we
probably won’t make that’s unless your friends are all like really an online
marketing going through the whole funnel you’re probably not going to make 20
bucks off each one of them so like that particular strategy is more of like a
launch strategy like you know it was a it was a one-time like yeah you need it
people needed to take advantage of anyone could have done it but
so if someone is let’s say they’re just getting started or whatever whatever and
it is June 21st 2018 after this call what would you suggest is like some of
the best things that people can do depending on if they got more time or
more money or whatever so I still think that YouTube and Instagram are the
easiest places right now to make money YouTube I feel like I say this a lot
that I feel like people YouTube was really hard a while back and then people
kind of went elsewhere like we had so many social media channels pop up that
people like you know got this though like it’s the word for it shiny object
syndrome they all headed off to these new places in YouTube suddenly I’m like
able to rank these YouTube videos way easier than I’ve ever been able to
and I think that’s what’s happened there and so and that and then there’s always
this barrier to entry to people on YouTube because they don’t feel
comfortable on a camera they feel like they need this backdrop right here like
this – don’t really in the beginning you know like my first YouTube first like 10
YouTube videos were just a screen share no pictures of me and my voice sounded
like this didn’t literally so you really don’t need like via an expert to get
started on YouTube and see anything that’s Instagram like it’s really really
pretty easy to build a quick following on Instagram right now if you if you do
the right things and you don’t screw up and fake fake it I guess so um I think
starting on you what picking one of those two they’re very different routes
like the Instagram route is more like a interruption kind of marketing base from
building up an influence and things like that words and YouTube route is more of
a search based marketing where we especially we click bones right we find
you find click forms related keywords or we find people searching for problems
that we can solve with funnels and we present solutions so that would be
Spencer’s tips for if you guys are to maybe master that or maybe not even
master but get started on that and get going on that once people are
comfortable with that and feel like they have a system for that or they get to a
point where okay I’m making consistent videos
I got some VA is running my Instagram and they’re ready for next level what
would be the next thing maybe some other type of SEO next level so so yeah but I
would say get a system with YouTube and a video a day which for a lot of people
is like all they can all they can handle like it takes a while I get the video
video like they rip it out you know so I guess for me the next level personally
was was to start going into paid traffic and for me it was once again certs like
search just makes a lot more sense to me you know taking somebody from Facebook
and getting them into clickfunnels they’re so cold right they’re they’re so
cold and so you’ve got to like you’ve got to do this crazy warm-up thing where
you’re getting them to understand what clickfunnels is and getting them to
believe that they need click funnels and then getting them to succeed it click
photos once they sign ups they don’t cancel like it’s a lot more work then
search based marketing where somebody is looking for click funnels or they have a
problem like I need to figure out those sales funnel but I can’t do it in
WordPress or whatever you know and you can solve it you don’t have a finger
like especially people just looking for click files that’s like the easiest a
finger but even like problems and things like that and so once you start making
money off of youtube what I did is just reinvest that like I said don’t don’t
quit your job don’t bring like that crazy just keep reinvesting that money
into either YouTube or in my case lots and lots of AdWords build landing pages
run tests continue to do that and when something works then keep that and pump
as much money as average to let you pump into that one and move on to another one
huh and you just keep doing that cuz pay traffic is much more scalable right then
organic much faster you can get a lot faster and so I would say keep your
organic moving but organic is always gonna be slow so keep your YouTube or
your Instagram whatever it is just steadily plugging on you’re building
that like little digital Empire of real estate online and then and then you
start putting that money back into ads and ads and ads and systems and things
like that and and then eventually get to the point where ok I have enough to
spend on all my business stuff that I need ads and all that and I have enough
where I’m making money and then you can put your job and it’s just wait for me
you know it’s just this nice safe transition
hard work up until that point but but zero stress and and now I can put all my
time business and and that’s it their stress
about like I’ve got to make money this month red you know and I’m gonna take on
two or three clients or something like that yeah yeah do into it’s fun for you
because I think we have a lot of resistance when things are just maybe
not really fun different things I love filming I love doing stuff like this
like lives I love doing YouTube videos didn’t use to but I do now and and so
yeah I can do that like all day now I and you know I can have a month where I
don’t make any money because I’m going underground or the last two months in my
case I’m just I’m feeling forces it’s fine because I set up all the organic
stuff you know over a heard of a year and the ads and so it runs and I can
focus on that for now and and not be freaking out about I’ve noticed like
when I get signups for clickfunnels or when people get signed up cert
clickfunnels great you got a trial great they signed up maybe they paid a couple
months but then they might drop off and stop paying their clickfunnels if they
only have one funnel in there or limited trainings and they don’t have reasons to
stay on so what are some ways that you empower people with like more funnels in
their account so they say they stay they stick so I think almost all affiliates
give away bonuses right you’ve got bonuses I’ve got bonuses everyone’s got
their they’re like stack of bonuses which usually consist of like a course
on how to get going with things some free funnels maybe a 30-minute
consultation calling things like that but but none of that really like you
guys when someone freshly arrives at clickfunnels right and you give them you
just drop like hey I’m giving you all my successful funnel if you drop five
funnels on their account they’re like okay like I die I don’t even know what
to do with this really and I don’t a lot of times that people’s biggest struggle
is applying click funnels to their own situation their own business or things
like that that they can see what you did and how that worked for you but they
can’t quite comprehend how it worked how it would work for them and then like
their particular business model and so in the beginning like it was time like
these the people the new people just need time any time to like be taught
one-on-one of you and just understanding exactly how it all will apply to them
and given a roadmap on how they can run it that you know cuz that’s why shared
funnels just very few people end up doing anything with them they they they
typically don’t totally apply to their business and they just kind of like end
up leaving them in their account I’ve got like 20 shared final sitting in my
account that I’ve never been once you know so they need one funnel and they
need a good funnel that’s totally applicable to what they’re trying to do
with quick funnels and the only way to do that is to attach some one-on-one
time and that’s kind of in the beginning like I don’t offer one-on-one time at
all anymore even for even for payment so I’ve gone to the route now where I refer
them to people so I’ll send them to upwards and see like hey you can get a
pretty good funnel bill for pretty cheap and I’ll send up work which is two good
things one they invest more took more money and the click funnels the more you
invest the more likely you are to stay with something right they invest more
and there really aren’t good people and upward like there’s three or four like
really highly rated some of those enough work so I’ll do that or I have two
people that I’ve kind of connected with online that have good rates and things
like that and I’ll say hey go here I’m gonna refer you to this guy he’s gonna
he can help you build like a really good funnel if you’re willing to invest a
little bit and as serious people are and the people that aren’t willing to mess a
little bit you know they’re gonna struggle no matter what you do no matter
what you give them anything like that yeah I guess like a big thing is to get
them to invest more in it like actually invest in their click funnels and then
and then they start to see success one and they’ve already invested a little
bit so they they feel the need to like really succeed with them well heck yeah
so with Google AdWords it’s kind of late in the game now with the click funnels
search term to just use click funnels or click funnels pricing or click funnels
it’s a battle trial but there’s still ways around it by sending people maybe
to other offers and other landing pages yeah so so one you can still compete
unlike the regular keywords by building your own landing pages and and and being
a little creative like that the funniest thing I feel like about a lot of
entrepreneurs is we want systems we want just like we’ll just tell me what to do
like that’s not you know no one ever succeeded by being told what to do
that’s what jobs are for being creative and thinking about things
like thinking about keywords that are kind of like not just run-of-the-mill
keywords that click bombs trials pricing you know there’s plenty of it or
searches going on out there that you could creatively take someone and lead
them down a path of well this is you need click files huh and so there’s that
and then like I mean they’re still you know I’m a search something thank you so
much making up stuff okay so I just searched clickfunnels review and the
first tab that showed up is instapage calm okay and they have some crap the
next one that showed up is ontraport calm I’ve heard of that one the next one
that showed up is someone running an ad directly to click false calm so so if
you’re looking for click funnels review right if you’re look you’re googling
click mom’s review how likely are you to click on something that says instapage
comm start a free 14-day trial or ontraport 90-day risk-free trial or
click finals but it’s actually just going to click phones calm you might
click it but you’re probably just going back at it anyways click you would click
the one that said clickfunnels review check out my review and check out my
bonuses and check out my training and zero of these ads do that so like
there’s a like that I’ve said that a few times I did I did reason I thought of
this is I just was filming a section of my course and as I’m filming I was doing
examples and I looked in here and I was like what that like the people are like
no one is answering these searchers questions yeah review a good quality
review of clickfunnels make some comparisons you don’t put some time into
it and then you can make an ad that is actually relevant to these people and
one your ad cost is going to be a lot cheaper because Google takes that you
know it’s a huge part of what Google takes into account as far as how much it
charges you is how relevant is the stuff you’re showing to people actually
compared to what they’re searching for I did who will really needs you to stay
relevant or people stopped using Google and so Google cares a ton that what
you’re the ad you’re running matches the thing people are searching and so I can
tell you right now if you build a page and you build that really high quality
high quality ad that was it was really all this gear around that one search
term then you could really get cheap click because the rest of these guys
aren’t doing anything like that and not if you get cheap clicks but they’re
looking for a quick funnels review so you’re catching these people that are
very interested in you know these are the people that like
your bonuses would have the most application I’ve seen people going group
saying or they’ll request they’ll look around the internet like
I’m looking for the best bonus because I’m gonna buy it and I just want the
best bonus okay well I’m gonna be putting up some of those ads so if
anyone else if anyone else says we could mastermind and stuff about that so I had
a some other okay so as far as because I see that you’re doing also some more
advanced SEO it’s not just a matter of creating a video doing you know I’m
putting the keywords in a good description and publishing it there’s a
lot of off-site SEO that can be done – as far as link building and I’m in your
course and I’ve seen I’ve gone through some of this stuff and I know you’re
updating stuff – about like off-site SEO and little gigs you can buy and
different like link building so what’s working kind of summer summer 18 as far
as link building and techniques for that and maybe software’s to help with that I’m trying to figure out what’s you say
here yeah whatever you’re okay with sharing versus whatever we could find
out in your course or just the course to say no no of course not you don’t have
to say like what software but like how did it work like because people will say
Oh continent it’s all about content you need to come to any iu- but really yes okay but the way I’ve always thought
about this and so I like I’ve never really in the beginning I never really
bought a YouTube course or anything I was like a Google SEO guy and I was like
I’m gonna try YouTube out and and I never went out and I bought a course or
anything I’m it was more of us sit down Mike i sat him I thought about things
and which is the same way Google works so you’ve got to think of things from
YouTube’s perspective like what does YouTube want like YouTube is a business
they’re trying to make money what brings the money well one they want like user
experience like they need their users have a good experience that keeps them 1
on the platform and keeps them coming back and keeps them watching movies cuz
the longer people watch the more money you tube makes right
you see that’s in that perspective you want YouTube needs its users to like
YouTube it needs its users to stay on YouTube longer and these users to like
watch the videos longer because the longer they watch a video the more money
today and so taking that into perspective is what is what I did and an
understanding that that part of the algorithm the other on-site SEO stuff so
I like the description and the tags and all that fun stuff that people do all
that’s really doing it’s not helping you rank it’s just telling you to what you
want to rank for if they make sense so you’re just saying hey YouTube this is
what my videos about this is what I want to rank for
but me and 500 other people also want to rank for that right so it’s a whole
different side of the algorithm besides well now that I know I’ve got 500 pages
that have all shown me that they want to rank for something who’s who’s going to
rank you know and that’s when YouTube you know looks inside and says you know
what’s gonna work out best for us what’s gonna work out best for us is videos
that have a long watch time right they have they’re being watched a lot like
90% way through verses videos that’ll watch 10 percent of the way through and
so you can either go and you one you make a high quality video and two you
can I always talk about like boosts you can you can purchase booths like that
make that happen you’ll force that to have a good watch time treat if your
video sucks in the end you’ll always go in the bottom because you can’t fight
yeah you know the natural order of things but to get there you can do that
same thing with like likes I get a video has no likes or it has a ton of dislikes
then it’s gonna get booted because you says our users don’t like this we need
our users to like our platform so they’re gonna Bob that out same thing
with like social shares I think that like YouTube loves to see its video gets
shared on Facebook because that means people are gonna watch it and then come
into come from Facebook to YouTube write something okay that’s why they have and
YouTube loves that because now it’s sucking people into YouTube and they’re
making money and so it loves seeing things get shared across platforms and
you can work with you can work with people that have big Facebook pages you
can find them on all kinds of websites and things you can work with them and
get yourself shared you know on these big pages and things like that and get
natural clicks coming in and and once again YouTube’s loving that they love
seeing people come to come to YouTube and leave Facebook and so that’s kind of
the mindset I’ve always had a little drink videos really well I think
using that mindset of kind of like thinking about what YouTube would want
the Albert YouTube whole algorithm is built around that that concept right
it’s gonna rank videos that are gonna fit maybe someone watches that video and
then watches two more videos so now they’ve got three videos but someone at
least watches like a huge chunk of that video like a vast majority of it it’s
gonna rank videos that people are sharing on social and they’re bringing
in traffic to YouTube and keeping it on YouTube right like that’s what YouTube
wants and so if you focus on that idea it’s also gonna rank videos like high
click-through rates I like so if your if your thumbnail sucks the picture do you
like doing this or this or something like that yeah no one’s gonna click on
so quality quality thumbnails like that aiiow trade you if you don’t screen
share because it will break the livestream I’ve done it so my goal this
year has been to rank in the top three for the keyword clickfunnels in YouTube
Strait keyword you know it’s got a lot of volume I’m still having spot three
right now but I’ve been having fighting hard for – yeah yeah the thumbnail is so
it’s a good thumbnail people click because the question they’re looking for
it’s very big and bold and right there on the thumbnail and so I get a high
click-through rate I think in and that and that YouTube says ok a lot of people
are clicking into this video and a lot of people are staying and watching this
video and that’s a YouTube like that’s good like we want that like or clearly
not only are people clicking in which means like the video seems to answer the
question they have they’re also staying between the video is answering the
questions they have so yeah I mean they value their what you said content
content is somewhat keen like quality content yeah once it gets to the top is
gonna stay there crappy content which is you might be able to fight your you know
SEO your way up to the top what are you gonna stay for a few days and then my
natural things are gonna happen yeah so quality content combined the quality SEO
will get you to the top and then you’ll stay at the top so as far as like per
video investing money and because we talk about like pain versus organic but
organic is still you pay before you put in the time where you put and you pay to
get one else at a lower rate to do the labor
per video what’s a good budget to invest like on the little boosts and stuff the
whatever gigs you’re buying between five and ten dollars yeah I don’t spend more
than five or ten dollars like I ranked I ranked number one for how to buy Bitcoin
all of last year with a ten dollar budget and so you don’t need a huge
budget for that that’s why I love organic and say for beginners to head
over there because yeah you really don’t need a ton of money are you holding your
Bitcoin I wondering I invested in a Bitcoin fund in Australia that required
at least a year so uh okay just curious um so what about so we’re talking about
YouTube and stuff but are you doing much with also like blogging like WordPress
blogging and SEO for that just now starting to get into it so I just hired
a rider that’s like a lot harder because you can’t outsource it quite as easily
like a good riders like Moo be hard to find I have a good rider but even then
like even like good riders a lot of them lack like the personality that I want my
channel to show you know like some good like seeing you can show in your videos
and stuff so I can sit down make a ten minute video I can show my personality I
can show like a lot and I get excited and things like that and then one thinks
me ten minutes that might be a handles it from there but if when I when I have
something else for my blog post it doesn’t show like the personality and
the branding as well okay a hundred bucks for that you know it’s like me
blogging and ring from the blog post it’s like way harder than drinking you
tell you even inside of Google if I can rank I can rank videos inside of Google
all day long and it’s you know where where other people are spending months
and months and months getting their blog posts rank so I do do it because it’s
part of my like future goals but like you’ve got to understand if you’re going
for like the WordPress SEO blog it’s a long-term game it’s a long game man
unless you’re building like these little niche sites you know which has never
been me like I’ve never I that don’t like I like a lot of people love to
build like 20 YouTube channels right really niche and all of them and they
and they just like go crazy with SEO tactics and things like that they get
banned every once in a while on things like that but I don’t care because
there’s got these little niche sites they’ve been doing I much
prefer like the long term like build yourself a brand don’t get super risky
and what you’re doing as far as SEO things and in the long run you’ll be a
lot better off right you’ll not be constantly fighting Google and YouTube
would be bad then that’s me personally like they’re people that make great
money yeah different things fun whatever’s fun for you and aligned to
you exactly like the blog the blog route doesn’t work for me as well because I
have one website and I really want that website to succeed and so it’ll be years
before that website gets clout and authority to rank for what I wanted to
rank for mm-hmm what I’m curious what is like your nine-to-five kind of like what
I can like an average day maybe your average week yeah I’m in the middle of
like a really focused week and because I got a lot going on in the next two weeks
or I like needed to get some stuff done this week but it’s really like wake up
between 7:30 and 8:00 and I’m on a health binge for this week like I’m
trying to test and see if health actually even if eating healthy really I’m doing that this week I’ll do like a
healthy smoothie and stuff for breakfast and all the stuff that Russell Brunson
talks about and then and then I yeah I literally walk into the guest room like
our house guest room which is where I work I have a standing desk in there and
I’ll work till lunch and I’ll usually do that that’s like it’s like two hours of
at this point I really need another BA it’s like two hours of support and
answering like 50 Facebook messages and going through my group and right and
responding everything’s playing on there just getting all that stuff out of the
way you know and then oh you do like an hour of planning and stuff and then I’ll
go to lunch and after lunch I go downstairs and people want to see here
I’ll show you yeah what’s behind the is that a real wooden wall or is that he’s
not I knew it so I’ll curl down and I go down a ladder to get down here oh hey no one can disturb you
it looks just like Disturbia that’s the perfect comparison no I mean no one can
disturb you until you have a daughter it’s about your daughter right yeah
until she starts climbing down the ladder so yeah that’s my current office
until we move out of here that’s where I do all the filming and I’ll do that for
like two hours and then I’ll spend like an hour get everything uploaded and
links and stuff sent to my VA and cool well it’ll be interesting to see how
when you do get a new VA how productivity increases from there yeah
yeah yeah I might go and start doing like an hour of racquetball or something
in the morning to get more that stuff so I really like your funnels like I have
my own funnels whatever and make affiliate commissions but I noticed that
Spencer’s funnels that he has for a couple things the click funnels
affiliate grabber software he has converts well and then he has a 10k case
study like a little mini course training that converts really well and what I
mean by converts really well you guys is all I do
I do it I had my assistant you get some emails ready or my marketing assistant
get write up some emails schedule them out to my email sequence and then we run
the list through that and just by doing that without even any segmenting or much
strategy in a week what did i do $1,300 in affiliate commissions because people
were I wasn’t even selling of course I’m like hey guys go get the free case study
and then just naturally because of his strong funnel Spencer strong funnel and
his email follow-up combined as my email follow-up must have sold what five
copies of the course at a $500 price point which is a $250 Commission plus
there’s a little like down cells and stuff so that works so that’s like okay
let me optimize that even more I’ll share with you
in the comments my affiliate link to the case study so you can check it out
when did you create that case study it’s how you made your first $10,000 and probably like last day or right when I
was first kind of starting with it on so it’s actually pretty old we talked about
how I’m revamping my course 2.0 version that’s coming out in like two weeks and
that will come with a totally new funnel and the more different case study and
things like that yeah that was literally like a few months after I first made
that ten thousand dollars so many people were like who is this guy they just came
out of nowhere you know like how did you do it so I made a case study and I
didn’t have any sale after that I stopped but then I you know and then I
got the final case study part of the funnel and stuff so in the case study
you guys can see learn more about how he did the first 10k what’s the next video
how I did the first million now and I know that a lot of like your students I
have gone through your course they see they became really good success stories
like Dan frigo and some other people what are some changes that are happening
in the 2.0 vs. the 1.0 so a big part of it is I’m broadening what it teaches so
it at 1.0 basically focused on quick files affiliates that were already
trying to succeed with quick loans affiliate program and kind of take them
from there but 2.0 is gonna take step back and one it’s gonna not focus it’s
gonna teach everything it’s all about quick Falls but it’s also gonna teach a
much broader like affiliate marketing in general right like you don’t have to
just do click funnels there are other great opportunities out there with great
affiliate programs you know that may be a little less competitive right now than
the foot bones play program so it takes a step back as far as like what
affiliate programs you want to shoot for like just split marketing in general and
then it takes a step back as far as work we’re taking you from the beginning so
like I wanted it to be able to appeal like I wanted my the people that bought
my course to be able to share with all kinds of people and have them come in
and not be like I don’t even know you’re talking yeah right yeah because it’s the
first version of it was like that it assumed you were already into the world
of affiliate marketing trying to succeed now I’m going to assume that you just
heard about affiliate marketing you don’t really know
but you know that your buddies making good money off of it and so he’s like
hey check out this course and it takes you from like that point all the way up
and so there’s a lot more content because it takes you from I know nothing
to like what is it you know an overview of how it all works and then I have a
whole nother section on like the deep dive stuff like these are like the
secrets right the affiliates secrets the stress like highly successful fluids are
doing so that’s why there’s just me a lot more content actually ended up
having I was building out all these modules and I thought my gosh and so I
ended up creating two separate courses one is like a full course on a fluid
marketing and it’s got all the stuff I’m like taking products and doing your
email sequences and building your funnels and stuff and then a whole
nother course and you just get access to both when you buy a whole it of course
on traffic so of course on Adwords of course on YouTube currently doing a
course on SEO of course on Instagram and so they’re like because they’re all like
separate courses it was just like so big inside of one then it made more sense to
split it’s a learning marketing and then learn how to drive traffic to your
affiliate stuff so you’re gonna have multiple courses or it’s all in the to
plan it will be to set you’ll you’ll get access to two separate courses one like
this say different marketing and then one it’s going to be it’s basically all
this stuff about traffic just because as I was building traffic into it it just
made the course so huge it was like no learn how to do a flip marketing learn
how to book your foot funnels learn how to build your you know build your email
sequences out and things like that and then once that’s done you can loop over
here and pick a traffic source and start learning how to drive traffic to the
stuff that you set up so that’s why I built it that way yeah I cuz a lot of
people like they’ll join in a program and the information is there but they
also want like the roadmap of what steps do I take first or like in what order
yeah there’s much more of a roadmap so if people are in the 1.0 do they become
a dick I like to call them I do they become a grandpa they get grandfathered
into the 2.0 yes they do so I’ll send out an email to put of launches they’ll
all get totally free access a 2.0 with the same email address which is good
because they’ll be getting a cheaper than the two points yeah
so you guys I got Spencer scores maybe about two months ago and I was like I
should maybe wait maybe I’ll wait but then I’m like well I don’t know how long
he’s gonna take and I’m sure there’s still information in there that we’ll
all learn from in funnels and there totally is
totally was so I’m also going to share with you guys in the comments here and
in the description my affiliate link for the program right now it’s 497 right yes
yeah okay if I want I opened up that one link and
it might say something else but when you guys go to the actual order form its 497
I mean you guys can wait two weeks and spend a 997 in a couple weeks and wait
for the other stuff but I would say get in now start going through that content
and then in two weeks you’ll be ready for the other content I know there’s
other people that promote it and I just you know I got a sweeten up the deal for
you guys so my bonus is for that I’ll do a one-on-one coaching call with you to
share with you my favorite parts of the course and what I feel is relevant I did
a coaching call with Spencer so I learned I got to ask him some even extra
things so I’ll give you guys a coaching call on not only is what I learned to
make more like affiliate commissions from software’s from things I’ve learned
from Spencer but also tips and tricks that I do to actually make commissions
from his course oh so I knew like just by joining the course I would make my
money back very quick because I would be better at promoting it and then my other
bonus is I will give you my email sequence that I use to promote his
course and it just runs on autopilot you just sticking your affiliate links and
it’s like so Oh make money while you sleep and you know it’s true yeah saying
that people are like oh you’re such a I know that’s why I’m making that’s what
I’m making comedy videos now about like making fun of the thing
that make money online people say because it’s simple but it’s not get
rich quick not get rich quick overnight you got to put in the word you ought to
study I’m gonna put course meal so if you guys get it through this link email
me so I know so I can get you the bonuses so I’m gonna put that in there
William says he’s excited to see what’s gonna happen in the 2.0 Kenna’s giving
us support here so is there any other you guys it’s hard to get spessart on
this call because he likes to hang out in the basement and but make a lot of
videos of this stuff so we got our chance here to ask him any questions I
had someone actually that couldn’t make it and he’s asked well you’re on there
can you ask Spencer what he thinks about I don’t know if you even got the ratio
between anchored links and what do you know about anchored links too messy oh
it’s like for an SEO person okay I mean it’s like are you doing anything with
that as far as your YouTube videos or that’s what I used to be like SEO was
like my I had a job that’s what I did uh-huh so what do I think about that
yeah I wouldn’t say that’s like my special personally I’ve seen sites as
high as like 80% do just fine uh-huh and not get in trouble but you’re running
the risk of getting in trouble so it depends on your risk tolerance me
personally I’ll let me go like 20 to 25 percent like exact match any of this
makes sense to you yes and then I’ll go like another 25 to 30 percent kind of
like diverse you know not exact match but close match and then another like 40
percent will be just like my website name here and like things like that
uh-huh try to keep it what I consider as
natural as possible yeah that’s a very specific well yeah I know it is and it’s
in its more advanced and you guys in spencer’s course like
I’ve gone through it and there’s gonna be even more stuff in there and it’s
more beginners such as getting the right funnels to promote and ranking your
YouTube videos properly and you have a Google AdWords section in there but it’s
not like follow exactly what I’m doing it’s you gotta do your own testing and
and be creative and you gotta get your your Google Ads up there’s no you can’t
just watch a video and expect to get the results you actually have to implement
so the biggest thing I feel like my success hasn’t been me being a genius or
anything like that it’s been I just try things and they don’t work and I try
other things and I feel just as much as anybody else is there any other piece of
advice you can maybe we can just tie it back into the question of like what’s
working today for clickfunnels affiliate program any final thoughts or if like
anything you want to preach to the people I would just say focus on one
thing so I see a lot of people that like it’s like it’s obviously not bad I’d
like to be crushed be doing well on Instagram and YouTube and like a
Facebook group you got going but I see too many people did they’re not
succeeding at anything you know they’ve got a Facebook group that’s like small
and they’ve got this Instagram they’re pushing as well and that small and then
they’ve got this YouTube channel its small and in the beginning I was all it
was YouTube for me like that’s all I did until I had a couple thousand
subscribers and so picked like especially on the traffic side of things
pick something and master that and eventually you know once you’re actually
mastering that you know you could systemize that and then you know it’s
running on its own pretty well and then you can find other things but but too
many of us are are you know trying to hit every traffic source at once and
we’re succeeding at none of them and I a lot of people I’ll talk to you like it
like I’ve been doing everything marketing for like two years and I’ve
you know I still like almost no success how big is like your your Instagram
following dogs like pretty small how big is your email list that’s pretty small
you have a bot following know give you two following know and I’ll say like
well you’ve been doing it for two years what if for that two years you would
just pick one channel like Instagram and YouTube or Facebook and you would just
like super consistently posted couple hundred bags consistent consistent both
like well yeah I’d be a lot further along like just choosing one thing and
focusing on it and yeah maybe in the day to day you’re not seeing results but I
can hear from now you’re gonna look back to my flow I’ve got 3000 people that
like me on YouTube you like that’s crazy and so just just hone in on something in
the beginning build out your funnel and your affiliate stuff like that and then
just choose a traffic source and just pound that traffic stores and don’t get
sidetracked I like that I like that and it’s you know it’s affiliate marketing
we want traffic leads and sales but so in the beginning you want lots of
traffic and build the leaves which is your audience and then you get to a
point where you realize hey I have enough traffic coming in now organically
I have enough leads so many now organically let me work on optimizing
the sales part of it and your funnels and your emails and making the most out
of the current audience that you already have yeah yeah cool well you guys um
maybe later I’ll try to convince Messer to come on make this this live stream
again sometime but at this point we have you we gave you plenty of stuff to take
action on I hope you know everything I don’t want anyone to be wondering what
they’re doing for the day there’s always plenty to do so whether that is you guys
digging through his case studies content or getting a starting to dig in and his
course start creating YouTube videos there’s plenty to do for you to make
daily freaking Commission’s breaking daily commissions yeah yeah well thanks
so much for coming on absolutely thanks ok I’m going to end a lot of stream
thanks everyone for watching and Candice and Pete and Kevin


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