iPhone 8 speaker replacement

To disassemble the iPhone 8 you need the following
tools: • Screwdriver set
• Tweezers and opening plastic tool • Plastic mediator
• Suction cup for removing display • Hairdryer
In the description of this video, I left links to the necessary tools and parts for replacement. Before disassembling, turn off the iPhone
and remove the sim card tray. Unscrew two screws near the lightning port. Display glued around perimeter of iPhone and
we need to heat the surface of iPhone for open it. Apply the suction cup near to the “home”
button and pull up on the ring. Next, push the plastic mediator between the
display and iPhone case. From this position, evenly and slowly, open
the display around the perimeter of the phone. The iPhone case opens like a book, open the
display to the right. Next, using a Phillips PH00 screwdriver, unscrew
the 4 screws and remove the metal panel. First, disconnect the battery cable from the
mainboard. After that, remove the 2 display cables. Next, unscrew the 3 screws and remove the
metal panel in the upper case of the iPhone. Disconnect the front camera cable from the
mainboard. Unscrew the 3 screws and remove the metal
panel Next, unscrew the 2 screws and remove the
speaker Remove the old glue from the iPhone case. Also, remove the adhesive from the display
module. After that, wipe the surface of iPhone case
and display module. Now take adhesive tape and apply to the case
of the iPhone. With this tape, you save waterproof resistance
of the iPhone. Also, I left link to this adhesive tape in
description. Connect two display cables and front camera
cable to the mainboard of iPhone. Install the metal panels and fasten
the screws. Now close the iPhone case … and press down
the display around the perimeter. Fasten the two screws near the lightning port. Now you can turn on the iPhone and use it.

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