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I have earned more than $40,000 in the IQ
Option affiliate program over the past 30 days.
I have earned about $150,000 for all the time in the IQ Option affiliate program.
How does the IQ Option affiliate program work? IQ Option is a binary options broker. You
attract traders to trade binary options. What are conditions in the IQ Option affiliate
program? You get 45% to 50% of the broker profits.
The trader is yours forever. However much the trader trades, you will always get 45-50%.
There’s no hold. Payments are made twice a month – on the
1st and 15th. Why the IQ Option affiliate program?
The IQ Option affiliate program is seriously engaged in the conversion of all registered
users. I have experience of working with other affiliate programs of binary options, but
their conversion is much worse. 10 times worse. A person attracted through your link registers
either a real or a demo account. It all depends on whether he or she wants to try a hand on
a demo account or wants to make a deposit right away. In this case, the demo account
is a full-fledged account, and it is easily converted into deposits. According to my estimates, a trader is converted
from the registration to deposit in 3 weeks on average.
My statistics will help you see how much a click costs, how much a registration costs,
how much money one trader brings. But of course, it all depends on traffic quality. Target audience is men 25-40 years old. Such
countries as Great Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands,
Austria, Spain, UAE and Brazil are converted the best.
I will show my top traders now. I have 1,682 registered active traders; they are traders
who have made a deposit. Now let’s see who was the last to register with me. That is
a visual demonstration of which countries the registrations are received from. It’s
pretty much the whole world. Traffic is not accepted from the United States, Japan, and
a few more countries. And these are traders who brought the most
profit. Great Britain is well converted, and it’s a pretty obvious example. You will certainly ask the most important
question: where does my traffic come from? I can only share my source of traffic with
my referrals. So please sign up through my referral link, which is listed in the description
below the video, and go to the website shown in the video to submit an application. I will
send you a manual on my source of traffic within a couple of days. This is a very interesting
source, probably the most successful one, because I currently am in the top 10 partners.
Competition is fierce in the top 10, so sometimes I get kicked out of it. There are very serious
guys who make decent money every month. So let’s summarize. If you have your own
marketplaces, sites, forums and traffic sources, then virtually all traffic is converted for
you here. Anyone who wants to try but does not know where to start, please register through
my referral link and submit the application on my website, and I will send you a manual.
Put likes, share with colleagues and subscribe. Bye.


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