Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

hi everyone I’m Kimberly Thibodeaux and I
am so happy you’re here today and I think you’ll be happy too you’re here
because I told you there was one thing I did that helped me finally start making
real money with affiliate marketing without feeling overworked and
overwhelmed I also made the bold rather controversial assertion the traditional
affiliate marketing as we knew it is dead but don’t worry because I’m also
going to tell you what to do about it so what is the traditional way of doing
affiliate marketing anyway well for a long time traditional affiliate
marketing was done by going to a marketplace like Clickbank finding a
product we like to promote most likely that’s sold for under 10 or 20 dollars
promoting the heck out of it and then hopefully making a nice profit that was
the golden era of affiliate marketing where clicks could be purchased for
pennies I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty easy to make a profit selling a
twenty dollar product when you’re able to buy clicks for a penny there are a
lot of people out there today that still tell you that you can make a lot of
money promoting these low-priced products but I’m here to tell you that
they are dead wrong that way is the traditional model of affiliate marketing
in that model I’m sorry to tell you is dead as well why is it dead why is it
that almost everyone that tries to do affiliate marketing fails to make a
significant income as an affiliate our goal is to make a profit right and to do
that we must consider a couple of things the cost of traffic to the offer meaning
getting people to see the offer in the first place
and secondly the amount of Commission’s we receive for the sales we generate
just like everything else in our economy prices for clicks have gone up and up
and up it is impossible to buy good targeted clicks these days for pennies
in fact you’ll be paying a lot more should you decide to use pay traffic as
the cost of traffic is increasing every year if you don’t want to use
pay traffic no you can certainly use free methods of obtaining traffic but
you’ll still pay for it with your valuable time it also takes a lot longer
to get attention to promotions if you only use free traffic getting back to
paid traffic if you’re lucky you might spend a dollar to get a visitor but if
you’re promoting a product that only costs $10 it doesn’t take long before
you’re spending a thousand dollars to make $300 do the percentage of
conversions I know because I’ve been there so what’s an affiliate marketer to
do during our hands and despair curse the affiliate marketing gods for leaving
us down this path in the first place just give up no because now is the time
I tell you the one thing I did and the one thing you can do to to start making
real money promoting affiliate offers that one thing is really very simple do
not waste your precious time in dollars promoting small potato offers that only
give you commissions on the front end of their funnel the secret is this promote
high ticket affiliate offers it takes the same amount of time in the same
amount of advertising dollars to promote high ticket offers as it does the small
ones but instead of making 10 or 20 dollars at a time you stand to make a
thousand two thousand or even twenty thousand dollars for the offers you
decide to represent and I want to be very clear about this I am NOT talking
about MLM multi-level marketing well I have nothing against MLM per se it can
be very difficult to really make the higher commissions with these programs
because so many of them require you to purchase their highest ticket products
some of them are upwards of $50,000 in order to claim the Commission’s if you
can’t afford that you get passed right by with their Commission structure you
want to promote high ticket offers that are reputable fair and ones that offer
coaching support to the people who spend the big bucks to join you also want to
promote ethical offers that don’t turn around and take your customers that you
found for them and market other affiliate products
for their own financial gain even though they were your customers so now that you
know that affiliate marketing is most people know it is dead and you
understand the reason for that it’s that businesses offer affiliate Commission’s
have failed to adapt with the changing times
traffic and advertising costs have gone up and will always increase combine that
with low commissions and you have a recipe for disaster and failure I’m here
to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way you can change your life and
your family’s life forever believe me I’ve done it and you can do it too you
just need to know where to go and what to sell I’d like to be the person to
help you achieve your goals I’m passionate about helping people achieve
the financial freedom they so richly deserve if you’d like to learn more
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you much better moving forward let’s start


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