Is Amazon Prime a Good Deal?

– Let’s see if we can help
you answer the question today. And that question is, is
Amazon Prime worth it? Is it worth me buying Amazon Prime? We will try and answer
that today on Dotto Tech. (upbeat music) Steve Dotto here, how the
heck you doing this fine day? And I thought we would
take a look at the benefits of Amazon Prime today
because there are a lot. There’s some that are really evident and there’s some that
are not quite so evident, that might make a
difference whether or not you decide that Amazon Prime
is worth the investment. But before we dive, in full disclosure, I am an Amazon Prime user. I use it here in Canada
and some of the benefits might be a little bit different than they are in your country. So you’ll just have to
verify the benefits yourself before you choose to purchase. The other thing is if you do decide to sign up for Amazon Prime
and you click through using the link that
included in the description, then I will be compensated
as an Amazon affiliate for you signing up. Just in the spirit of full disclosure. Now Amazon Prime, as you know, is primarily a club that
allows you to get some extra benefits from Amazon, and
the most relevant benefits are the free and fast shipping. When you go shopping on Amazon you’ll see that little Prime badge next to a variety of different products. And for people who are Prime members, we typically look for that badge because it means A, you get free shipping, B, you get fast shipping and C, its probably a product that has a fairly good
track record with Amazon in order for them to be
part of the Prime program. Now Amazon doesn’t sell all
of their products themselves, they’re a marketplace where
there are thousands of companies selling their products
through Amazon’s website. And the quality of those
vendors can vary from excellent to not so excellent. But overall you can expect
that you’re gonna get reasonable support, reasonable service and reasonable quality, if you’re buying Amazon Prime product. There’s a certain peace
of mind that’s attached to purchasing something with Amazon Prime, plus you get it super fast. I think that the free shipping, the one and two day free shipping, is probably the reason most
of us are initially drawn to Amazon Prime. I know its the reason
that I was first drawn to purchase Amazon Prime
because I hated tryna figure out how much it was gonna cost me to ship it. ‘Cause the shipping varied
so much on different products that I would order, that the peace of mind of knowing that its going to be included, that made the Prime
membership, kind of something, that I really was drawn
to right at the beginning. But after I bought the
membership I discovered all of the additional benefits, of which there are so many. One that probably has been
the most delightful to me is the Amazon Prime video service, which is called Prime Video. Now you can download the app
on your smartphone or tablet or on your computer,
very similar to Netflix, with of course a completely different mix of content available. Amazon licenses a lot of existing content and I don’t think that
their licensed content quite compares with the value that you might get on a Netflix, which is far more aggressive
as far as that’s concerned. But Amazon does have some Prime
properties they do license, as well, they have a
lot of original series that they create themselves, which are proving to be very entertaining. They’re winning all sorts of awards for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for example. If we take a look at the
Amazon originals here, if we go through the list here. Let me scroll down and take a
look at the original series. Look at what they’ve got. They’ve got the Jack Ryan
series, the Tom Clancy series. The Man in the High Castle, which is a very popular
series, which is now and its, what it’s, fourth or fifth season. That they’ve got, available of that. As I mentioned they have
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. They have the somewhat
controversial Good Omens series, which is doing quite well. So they’ve got a lot of
series that they’ve released and they’re creating themselves. And you got to recognize the fact that Amazon is committed
to this delivery platform and they’re gonna continue to invest. There’s gonna be lots of
competition in the space. Apples getting into the space, of course, Netflix, Hulu, there’s lots
of other streaming services. But Amazon is a player, and having it included with
your Prime membership for free, effectively, is a big bonus. As is Amazon’s music service, especially if you use Alexa
as your smart home device. Amazon Music, is again, a
very good collection of music. There’s no complete music collection, they’ve licensed a lot of songs. So for background music,
enjoying listening to songs, Amazon Music is another option for you that’s incorporated in the
cost of your Prime membership. And every one of these
things that we add on layers some additional value
to your Amazon membership. Now I think those are the
kind of the top level things that most people think about,
shipping, video and music, as the main benefits that they get with the Prime membership. But the stuff that’s kind
of pleasant surprises, that’s also included,
Amazon Prime Reading, which i think is so cool. This one surprised the heck out of me. Amazon allows us to get access
to quite a broad selection of best-selling books and
good quality books for free. It’s called Prime Reading
and you can download a Kindle app onto your
smartphone, onto your tablet, or if you have a Kindle reader
you can use that of course. So it’s pretty much device independent as far as reading these books. But if you take a look,
as you scroll over, this is what books that
they have available. But you see the price? It’s $0 for Prime. The original Harry Potter,
Michael Crichton book. We can go through and we can
see non-fiction, fiction, science fiction and fantasy. French books, if you want,
mysteries and thrillers. We’ve got a pretty broad
selection of books. Now I will let you know right off the top, that most of this series of books, you’ll often get the
first book of a series of three or five or seven books. When they got multiple
books in this series, you’ll often get the first
book in this series for free, seldom will you find all of the books in the series for free. For example you don’t get
all seven Harry Potter books, you only get the first book for free. But having said that its
still great to decide whether or not you’re
interested in the book, and there’s lots of standalone
books available as well. Amazon Prime Reading, a really pleasant surprise from Amazon. The last benefit that I’m going
to talk about in this video is one that, frankly, I’m surprised more people don’t talk about
or are not more aware of, and that is Amazon Photos. Amazon includes Amazon Photos
in your Prime membership and the big difference
between Amazon Photos, which is for backing up and
storing and sharing your photos. The big difference between
Amazon Photos and Google Photos, which is of course a very
popular photo app, is this, unlimited, full resolution,
photo storage with Prime. You don’t have to compress your photos, they are the full resolution photos that you’re backing up and it’s unlimited. You have all of the
ability to create albums, to share them, to create automatic syncing and have apps for your smartphone
or your desktop computer. All of that is built into Amazon Photos as you would expect, but the key is it’s full resolution. You don’t have to compromise
the quality of your photos at all in, so this is especially valuable for more serious photographers out there. Now before I wrap things up, depending on what geography you’re in, you might have some additional benefits that are included in your Prime membership that I don’t have access to. But as far as I’m concerned the
benefits that I’ve outlined, the free and fast shipping, the extra deals, the extra pricing deals, the video, music, photos. I know I’m missing, oh, the reading. All of that combined to make Amazon Prime, as far as I’m concerned, great value. But you can decide for yourself, and now I think you know
a little bit better. Would love to hear your thoughts. Are you using Amazon Prime? Did I miss your favorite
feature in Amazon Prime? Let me know in the comments below and until next time Steve Dotto. Have fun storming a castle.


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