Is Audible Worth It? (Pros and Cons Review 2019)

I get a lot of questions asking if
audible’s worth it or not so in today’s video I want to talk about the pros the
cons and then I really want to mainly focus on how to take full advantage of
audible so that you can tell if it’s worth it for yourself or not because
honestly audible isn’t for everyone but at least by the end of this video you
should know a lot more about it now if you just found this channel I’m Jason
with honest finance and I make a lot of videos on different topics that’ll give
your life and your finances more value so feel free to subscribe if you want to
but now let’s start talking about audible I’ve been using audible for
about four years now and I love it for the type of reading that I do because I
mostly read a lot of nonfiction books that are generally pretty expensive and
I don’t have a lot of time to read so audiobooks are extremely useful to me
audible is the main source of audiobooks for me but I do buy audiobooks on iTunes
as well and I’ll explain why I do that in a minute I’ll quickly cover the
pricing right now but just know that I’m mainly going to be talking about how to
get the most out of audible so just hang tight now you’ve got to understand that
audible is a subscription-based platform for audiobooks but it’s not unlimited
like Spotify music is how audible works is that you just pay a monthly
subscription fee and then they give you book credits that you can redeem for any
audiobooks on their platform and the cool thing is that every single book
that they offer only requires one credit and then they’re yours to keep forever
even if you cancel with audible and that’s a big deal because a lot of these
subscriptions just let you borrow content and then when you cancel it’s
gone forever because even if you had a Spotify account for 15 years as soon as
you cancel nothing is yours anymore now the most basic plan from audible is 15
dollars a month and that will get you one book credit per month and then
you’ll get all the other benefits as well as long as you’re still subscribed
they’ve also got yearly plans as well which are the best value so if you do
read a lot then I would definitely look into those because as of right now you
can actually get credits for less than 10 bucks a piece and I do have another
video that’s mostly an audible review so if you guys want more information on
pricing and stuff like that then definitely check out that video as well
now in my opinion I’d say the audible is 100% worth it if you at least read one
book a month but if you’re a new member I would give them a try right now
because they’ll give you two free audiobooks just for signing up and that
is freaking awesome so if you are new to
audible then at least get your two free books because they’re yours to keep even
if you cancel I’ve got an affiliate link for the two free books in the
description below so go ahead and click on that and I can earn a small
commission but it is just a way that you guys can help support my channel so that
I can keep making in-depth videos like this one now I’ll cover the pros and the
cons of audible so that you can tell for yourself if it’s gonna be worth it for
you or not the main benefit of being an audible member is just the fact that you
get the book credits for a great price but they have a lot of other cool perks
too so as long as you’re paying for a current audible subscription they will
give you two free audible original books every month and that’s out of six that
are gonna rotate every single month so that you can pick different ones audible
originals also stay on your account if you cancel so those are gonna be yours
to keep as well I’ll be honest that most of the titles haven’t really interested
me that much because I mostly read self-help books and finance books which
are never really an option for the audible originals but if you are open to
reading a variety of different types of books then definitely check out audible
originals when you’re subscribed because even I’ve found a few that are worth
keeping now the best perk in my opinion for being an audible subscriber is the
fact that you’re gonna get a 30% discount on all of their cover price
books which is such a good deal so basically if you don’t have any credits
left over and you don’t want to buy any new ones or wait for them then you can
always just get 30% off right from their bookstore for being a member and that is
a very good deal and sometimes the books will even be cheaper than your credits
worth so in that case just buy the book for a cheaper amount of money and then
save your credit for a more expensive book later down the road because if the
book you want to buy is only eight bucks but your credits worth fifteen then
obviously just buy it for eight bucks and save the credit for later and as a
member they’ll also give you access to their daily deals so they’re always
gonna have a really good book for a really good price every single day and
then on top of that they also have monthly deals as well and then just keep
in mind that all of those deals that I’ve been talking about our only four
subscribed members so you’re only gonna get those types of perks if you’re
paying for audible another really cool thing about audible is they’ll actually
let you return books which is such a good customer service feature the current return policy lets you
return a book within 365 days which in my opinion is plenty of time to return
any book for whatever reason because if the book just sucks or the narrator
drives you crazy then just return it through audibles desktop site and I’m
sure they’ll be able to help you out just remember that returns only work if
you’re actively subscribed with them so it’s not like you can just take
advantage and return your books if you’re not paying for a subscription the
audible app is pretty cool too because you’re gonna have access to all of your
books through their cloud and it’s a really easy to use you can also sync up
audiobooks from other bookstores so that the audible app is the only one that you
ever have to use I’ve got an iPhone so all of the audio books that I bought
through iTunes will actually sync directly to the audible app and it’s
always easy to do so overall if you like to read then I’d say the audible is
definitely worth it especially with all of their extra perks but you do have to
be subscribed to have access to those perks if you’re not subscribed you are
gonna lose access to all of the perks but just keep in mind like I said
earlier the ebooks are yours to keep forever even if you’re cancelled they’ll
also be stored in the cloud as well so anytime you need one of your books you
can always find them even if you’re not a subscriber now there’s only a few cons
of audible in my opinion but they’re really not that big of a deal and if
you’ve made it this far into the video can you please comment down below and
just say I’m still watching that way I can still see who’s interested in the
video Thanks the first problem that I’ll mention is that your credits do roll
over if you don’t use them but eventually they’re gonna start to expire
and that’s kind of stupid basically you can roll over up to 6 credits per
billing cycle before they’ll start to expire so if you had the one credit plan
and you never redeemed any of your books for about 6 months then around that time
you’re gonna start to lose one credit per month because 6 is your limit
honestly though that doesn’t concern me much because I’m always going to use up
my credits before they expire and I’m sure they’re gonna send you an email if
they’re gonna do something like that you’ll also lose any unused credits that
you have with audible when you cancel with them so just make sure to use up
your credits before you cancel but honestly that’s pretty obvious now if
you’re an iPhone user like I am you’ll notice that you can’t buy any books
through the audible app which is so annoying because of the stupid contract
disagreements so even though it’s annoying that you can’t buy books
directly through the app you can always just hop online right on your phone and
buy them through however I think that only has to do with iPhone so
if you’re using a different brand of phone then you probably don’t have to
deal with the same issues and I’ve also noticed on the audible app that you have
to download all the books so just make sure that you have a little bit of space
on your phone because audiobooks are not the smallest files I have a huge hard
drive on my phone so I could care less but I just want you guys to be aware
that I haven’t found a way to stream any of the books and even if I did find a
way to stream the books I still would want to download them anyways because I
like to just be able to read wherever I am and if I’m wrong about any of this
kind of stuff just comment down below and tell us how to fix it because this
is just based on me using an iPhone and then the audible app now the biggest con
of audible in my opinion is that sometimes their prices aren’t as good as
some of their competition but usually they are because sometimes I’ll just end
up finding a book on iTunes that ends up being cheaper than audibles prices even
if you’re using a credit this definitely doesn’t happen very often but I always
take a quick look at what the competition is offering and you should
too because sometimes you’re gonna find better prices also I know this sounds
crazy but you should check amazon’s prices too because sometimes they’re
gonna have a kindle version that you can buy and then you can upgrade it to an
audible version that’s gonna end up being a better price overall it doesn’t
happen very often but sometimes you can get both versions of the book on Amazon
for a cheaper price than audible and if you’re not subscribed to audible I would
definitely check out the other bookstores prices because if you’re not
getting the 30 percent discount for being a member then a lot of the time
their books aren’t really that great of prices and if you ever want to buy a
book that cost more than $15 but you’re not subscribed then just recibir best
deal that you can get on any platform there are plenty of books out there that
easily cost 30 or 40 bucks and so that’s where audible makes the most sense I
don’t really care who a buy the audiobooks from and they’re cheap but
I’m always gonna use audible 100% of the time for the more expensive books
because that is always gonna be the best value audible doesn’t have a contract so
a lot of the time I’ll just unsubscribe to catch up on my reading and then I’ll
Reese absque Ribe whenever I need more books and I’ve also noticed while I’m
unsubscribed that audible will send out periodic emails with big discounts to
try to get me to re sign up it’s not worth cancelling just to try to get
better deals but just keep in mind that they are gonna periodically send you out
email to try to get you to Reese absque ribe
for example I was just on their homepage and I saw an ad that said that they had
$8 a month for three months if you re subscribe and that’s a really good deal
if they’re trying to get you back so when I saw the ad I was actually taking
a break at the time but I actually took advantage of the offer because it was
worth it for the next three months of books because overall in my opinion I
think the audible is totally worth it because for just 15 bucks a month you’re
gonna get any book that you want and it doesn’t matter how expensive it is plus
you’ll get the two free audible originals every month and then you’ll
get the thirty percent off at their book store just for being subscribed now the
only reason audible is not worth it is if you can’t justify at least one book a
month but in that case I just take breaks like I do and then remember as of
right now if you’re a new member you’re gonna get the two free audiobooks and
they’re yours to keep forever even if you cancel the membership now I
would recommend reading how to win friends and influence people and Rich
Dad Poor Dad if you want to start out with two books that can definitely
change your life and once again I’m Jason with honest finance and if you
guys do want to watch the other audible video that talks more about different
pricing and stuff like that then check out that video right there and go ahead
and subscribe if you’re into this kind of information but that’s all for now

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