Is It Good For Vlogging? Canon EOS Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D) | 2019 Reupload

Today we take a look at the canon eos
1300D AKA Canon Rebel T6 as known in the States. Is it good for vlogging or
for a YouTube channel especially as a beginner. Some of you may be having a
deja vu right now so yes this is in fact an improved shortened re-upload of a
2017 video as the previous one was unnecessarily longer that it needed but
more importantly it dragged on before getting to the main point at 5 minutes
and 42 seconds so a very late apology and more details in the next video check
out the link below and the card above. Want to find out more, roll the intro. Hey nametags
welcome this is Ash from HealMyTech helping you go from newbie to techie. If your interest is in photography rather than videography then I can definitely
recommend this Canon EOS 1300D or rebel t6 for any beginner photographer and you
can completely ignore this video tutorial as it would not be applicable
to you but if you want to stay and find out about videography in terms of this
camera then feel free to stay. Okay now here are the four main features which
are lacking in this camera which in my opinion makes it a not suitable camera
for a vlogging or YouTube channel feature number one the lack of an
articulated or flip out screen. Now this screen here is a fixed screen, it also
doesn’t have a touchscreen function but that’s not a problem for me. The ability
to see yourself or to see the subject you’re recording especially as a one-man
crew is prime. So many times when I was filming I was out of frame or the
subject was out of frame or there was a problem with the focus or the exposure
or the lighting and I wasn’t aware of that until I saw the footage afterwards
and had to do so many re-shoots just because of that; complete waste of time.
Even to start a video to place yourself in front of the camera and the proper
framing and the proper height and distance and the focus is a pain in the
butt. Okay if you do have a camera person behind it that may not be a problem or
if you are able to set the camera and a tripod in a fixed position and you can
set yourself in a fixed permanent marked position
then we only have to set the settings once and forget about it you’re done.
However if you do need to relocate yourself or the subject all you need to
move the camera then you’re in for headache and vlogging especially on the
go is out of the question. There are other ways to see yourself while you’re
recording like you can connect the camera to an external monitor and in
this case you have a mini HDMI port here and you can use a mini HDMI to HDMI
cable and connect it to an external monitor like maybe a 10 inch external
monitor which can mount on top of here with a horse shoe mount or you can mount
it on the tripod somehow like on a frame for camera; there are many ways. Apart
from that there are also other ways that you can actually see yourself without an
external monitor by connecting through a computer etc; so if you guys want to know
how to see yourself or focus on yourself if you’re one-man crew then let me know
in the comments below and I’m going to do a tutorial on that. The second feature
that’s lacking is the auto focus during video recording. You can manually focus
during video if you’re filming yourself there is a button you can switch from
auto focus to manual focus. So if you’re filming yourself you will constantly
need to readjust, you know, go to the camera and if you have a kind of person
they will have to constantly need to readjust when you’re focusing on
specific subjects. It will be easier if you have a camera person but it’s going
to be a pain in the butt either way especially if you’re a
one-man crew. The third feature which is lacking in my opinion is a mic input for
an external microphone. Sure there is an internal mic but like with most DSLR
cams or most other types of cameras the on-board microphone and the audio
quality you get from there absolutely sucks.
Of course it’s best practice to record your audio separately and then you can
sync it in post using the onboard mic of the camera. You can record from an
external recorder like this zoom h1 recorder and you can use an external mic
like this Boya BY M1 one microphone and that’s gonna give you a lot more clean
and professional audio. However there are occasions when you gonna have a deadline
and you’re going to need to film, edit, and upload a video as an emergency, and if there’s
an input mic on a camera like this, you can actually use an external microphone
and you will be able to film something very quickly and upload without doing
any post editing to anything, and it will be acceptable quality. And number four,
last but not least, is the lack of long or continuous video shooting. What I mean
is this; after about 12 minutes this camera shuts off and you can restart it,
and I’m told because of the heat or overheating, at 1080p recording at 30fps
and I get about 12 minutes also video recording and it just shuts down now.
There is also an issue with the type of SD card you use. Currently I’m using a
SanDisk SD card class 10 at 80 Mbps. If you use any other type of lower class
card or the transfer rate is less, you may have an issue because initially I
was using a card I wasn’t aware of the full features or specifications, I was
getting only about one minute of footage and I didn’t know the reasons for it. I
looked it up, turns out you do need to use a card with high transfer rates.
Now I’m not well-informed enough to be able to tell you exactly what type of SD
card you need to look for your specific camera so please do some research. Now
you might think it’s not too bad if you get about 12 minutes of video footage
then you could time yourself maybe you know like blocks of ten minutes and then
manually stop it and start again. Well in theory you’d be correct but in practice
you’ll be a fool; unless there is a technique that I’m not aware o,f please
feel free to school me. So these were the four main features lacking in this
camera which makes it not a suitable camera for vlogging or for a starter
youtube channel. Although this canon eos 1300 D has very
good recording video abilities at 1080p, it does like some features which makes
vlogging and running a YouTube channel a lot more difficult that it needs to be,
especially as a one-person crew. You will get the job done
but you will be working hard rather than smart. On the topic of video this is
capable of 1080p at 30fps Full HD recording. You can get 720p 60FPS but if you’re looking for above 1080p like 4k or above 30 FPS like
60 fps and above then you should be looking elsewhere. Well you don’t need a
DSLR for vlogging or for YouTube. There are cheaper and easier options out there. Any camera in the hands of a skilled professional will produce excellent
quality footage, whether it’s a picture or a video. Saying that I am going to
hopefully include some pictures which I took early on as an amateur mainly on
auto function and the first one is going to be a kind of flat dull picture of my
back garden. However when I went up close and personal there was a completely
different picture painted with a unique story in each picture, enjoy! So I bought
this exactly one year ago in September 2016 from Amazon for about 300 pounds
for $400 including the kit lens. That was bought as an emergency because the next
day I was actually travelling abroad so I thought I would get a camera as I was
already looking into DSLR and I would learn to use it while I was abroad.
Unfortunately because of the emergency I bought it under misinformation and lack
of proper research. The reason I was looking to DSLR was as an upgrade from
my iPhone that I was using for my youtube channel, but when I went there abroad I
did not get a chance to learn and use the camera, and when I came back to UK it was
so overwhelming, including we had this family health issue so I left it aside
and continued to use my iPhone 5 and webcam for most of the tutorials up until
recently. And lastly even if you had a camera person I would still not
recommend this 1300D and I think the reasons should be pretty obvious if
you’ve watched this video till now, but think in terms of, let’s say, your camera
person was not available, or they were available but they could actually just
set you up, and because you would have a different camera with auto-focus for
video recording and the ability to see yourself and longer continuous shooting,
then you would be able to carry on the filming and they could be doing
something else and you’ll be independent of them, and that would be
very helpful in terms of time management. So you should really look for a camera,
any make, any model, that’s got these features as the minimum, the ones we’ve
talked about in the video, and call it a day.
In conclusion this canon eos 1300d or rebel t6 is an excellent entry-level
photography camera that I would recommend if you’re considering doing
photography as an amateur. Although it has a decent 1080p video recording it
has all these limitations which we talked about, ie no ability to see
yourself, the lack of video auto focus training shooting, no external mic input,
and it shuts off after about 12 minutes of recording. And those make this camera
not suitable for vlogging or for a YouTube channel. Please look for cameras
for these features in any other make and model. This is my opinion; I bought this
with my own money and I’m not being sponsored by Canon or by anyone else.
I’ve actually recently bought another camera which I’m using to film this
episode, that’s why I’m filming on. The choice I went for might actually
surprise you. If you want a guide on which camera to start with as a
first-time youtuber or vlogger, especially if you’re considering a DSLR,
then let me know in the comment section below I will do a tutorial on what I
would recommend as a first camera. That’s the end of today’s video. Any affiliate
link to sites like Amazon or Ebay is clearly identified, and if you click them
and follow through with the purchase it will not cost you anything extra and you
will help the channel with a small kickback, so it’s a win-win for everyone.
One more thing; if you want to ask a question, please be as specific as
possible, including all the relevant details. You
can check out this video which I did called the art of asking the wrong
question where I address this very common problem so we can help each other
out without getting frustrated and wasting time. That’s it for today folks
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