Is It Possible To Cerakote Plastic?

one thing I’ve always been curious about
is if it’s possible the seracote something plastic so I’m gonna pull a
plastic part off the 125 and try coating it this should be interesting
these are easy candidates right here the caliper and rotor guard will be perfect
parts that test on and they will look so much better in black these guards are
getting pretty beat-up and yellowed but I should be able to revive him with some
coating here so what I’m gonna do is clean them up with degreaser wipe them
down with acetone since I’m not really sure if they would hold up to it soaked
in acetone then bead blast them and then see if they would take some heat through
the oven I’m not quite sure if sandblasting is
safe for plastic or not I mean it definitely Ruffins up the material which
is great for preparation for a coating but it kind of impregnates a plastic
with little beads of sand so I’m gonna wipe these parts down with acetone and
then see if they can take some heat through the oven so I ended up cutting down the hanging
wire is pretty short so that way the parts are farther away from the heating
element definitely don’t want to store it or melt them at all so seracote
recommends curing plastic parts at 150 degrees for two hours so I’m gonna try
these parts in the oven at 150 for like 20 minutes see if this type of plastic
will hold up or not so why seracote instead of something
like spray-paint well first off spray-paint usually
doesn’t hold up very well on plastic and in my experience seracote or ceramic
coating is a much more durable finish but I’m not quite sure how it’ll hold up
on something like these plastic guards which are pretty flexible and they get
bent and beat around quite a bit on the bike so what I’ll probably do is finish
up the coating mount them up on the bike do a few rides and report back with how
they’re holding up so I’ve had this stuff in the oven for about 20 minutes
now hopefully there’s not a pool of plastic on the bottom of the oven no
looks like they’re holding up pretty well so I’m gonna pull them out and
shoot them with seracote so it’s been a full two hours of this
stuff in the oven I really hope it turned out good Hey look at that not too
bad at all so I’ve looked the seracote cooled down
and hardened up for a few hours and this finish actually looks pretty good
although it’s still a bit scraped up from before so I’m really hoping that
this type of coating holds up one thing I was curious about with the seracote is
if it can withstand the flexing of plastic this rotor guard gets a ton of
abuse when on the bike so it’ll be interesting to see if it can withstand
that so right now I’m just gonna bend the guard around kind of twist it up see
if that seracote cracks at all looks like it’s holding up pretty well but now
the real test will be running these parts on the bike I would have to say that looks a whole
lot better than white now I could have just gone out and spent 30 or 40 bucks
on new guards from Honda that are already black but you know what I’m
gonna do it yourself type and this is a fun little project and it was more of a
test for a future project you guys will be seeing soon so I’m gonna do a few
rides on these guards and report back to see how they fare it’s a few weeks later
never in the bike a couple times just finished washing it up so let’s take a
look at these rotor and caliper guards so far I don’t see any white showing
through there’s a few scuffs here and there but pretty impressive results for
just spraying a coating on some plastic house I put more hours on these parts
I’ll post a little update over on Instagram with how they’re holding up so
go find that page it’s at Cameron Imola same spelling as here on YouTube hope
you guys enjoyed this little experiment it’s really fun to do and I’ve got a lot
more of these coming your way so stay tuned thanks for watching and keep it
prime everyone you


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