Is ONLY Using FREE Traffic Profitable In Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be answering the question is only using free traffic profitable
and how profitable is it really especially we’re comparing it to using
actual paid advertising pay traffic methods
I’m answering the question in this video by diving into my computer going over
some of the key points and just covering the overall topic of how to use free
traffic how to do it the best I had to get actual results doing it with that
being said guys I’m gonna dive into my computer in just a minute start this
video off but before we do that guys if you’re brand new to the channel this is
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day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so
I can start this video off all right guys we’re now my computer as you can
see on my whiteboard is only using free traffic profitable so guys I have seven
kind of key points down the side right there I have the box covering the mall
of course because I’m gonna pull the Box down a little by little explain each
point go over it a little bit and then talk about it kind of as I go through
with that being said I’m not gonna waste any more time let’s get to my first
point the guys with using free traffic it is gonna be more of a long-term game
especially when you’re comparing it to using paid math into paid methods and
paid traffic whereas the reason that is most times you’re actually using free
traffic honestly it’s probably gonna be on social media using social media
platforms like Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter things like that are
definitely gonna be like the number one way actually generate free traffic
generate some free leads and because of that kind of like goal when you’re
actually using these platforms is to build up a little bit of an audience
build up a little bit of a following as the the bigger your audience is the
bigger following is more leading in and generate the more leads you generate the
more sales you’re gonna make it’s pretty much just that simple if you look at it
like that what guys to actually build a back following build about audience it’s
gonna be a lot more of a long-term game it can take weeks months if not years to
build up a really huge following an audience that actually trust you and
Trust to buy from you consistently over and over again
whereas a paid advertising you can kind of just like kind of like shotgun method
it or you can just like advertise to anybody and everybody and if you just
advertise enough you’ll make sure you get enough people on your list we’re
going to know if leads actually make sales where I was like I
keep saying guys sup with social media it takes a long time to actually build
up a following but it’s nothing gonna meet a lot more of a long-term game so
it’s it’s completely fine guys using free traffic is definitely profitable
you have to understand going into it that you might have to uh I’m gonna have
to wait like three to six months where you really make any serious profit and
unfortunately it’s just how it is guys but again using free traffic you can’t
really expect that much that much more with that being said I’m gonna pull down
the box some more it’s my next point I kind of already explained this guys
which is you have to be leveraging social media platforms that’s like I
keep saying is like social media is definitely like in my opinion at least
number one way to actually generate free traffic I really do not know any other
better ways very free traffic in 2018 when you have all these social media
platforms with millions of people on them every single day 24/7 little media
is definitely gonna be the way you want to go so guys every just kind of getting
started into flight marketing I would definitely try to get started on either
Facebook youtuber Instagram just because I feel like those are kind of like the
top tier social media platforms for affiliate marketing right now of course
there’s some other great ones like Twitter and stuff like that but for me
those like my top 3 with that being said lurkers you don’t have to get on all
three of them you guys can definitely just pick one
maybe two if you really want to do that but with that being said social media is
gonna be huge in your affiliate marketing career if
you want to use just free traffic I forgot a third point here is that when
you’re using social media and on your all knees platforms you have to be
putting out quality content regularly it’s not enough just make these accounts
and just kind of leave in there that I was gonna gain followers I’m just gonna
grow a following like that you guys have to be putting out quality content on the
regular I would say guys probably daily but that’s well that’s on Instagram and
Facebook or YouTube you putting out videos pictures whatever it is I would
just shut put as much quality content as you can because every picture you put
out every video it’s just another chance if you do go viral another chance for
some some potential customers to find you and to follow you and this was some
more chances to grow your audience and your following but guys I would
definitely be putting out content I mean I would say if you can on the daily if
you can’t every other day at least like yeah at least like once a week
it’s like YouTube and you’re putting out like a really high-quality video every
single week you can do that but I still recommend drawing for like the daily
method or just uploading as much as you possibly can
life like that will give you the best results that’s at least how it’s been in
my experience using social media platforms like YouTube Instagram and on
Facebook of course I’ve seen some other people just put out like videos once a
week again guys those are really high quality video so if you’re doing that
don’t just do that because like oh I’m putting so much work into this one video
if you’re actually putting like a whole week of work into this video that’s
completely fine guys don’t just say you are when you’re only really putting like
an hour or two into each video and uploading once a week
alright guys moving on to my next point which send me point number four we’re
just gonna be interacting with fans leads and customers this something you
guys are definitely gonna have to do again on social media I’m gonna be
interacting with your fans your leads and then I got your potential customers
and hopefully your actual customers I’m gonna come down the line guys this is
one of the biggest thing section growing your audience growing your following and
this is huge for actually building up trust and building up a relationship
with your phone and with your audience that way they actually trust you it’s
more of like a friendship type relationship and you’re not really
coming off as a sales person that’s the kind of waste you’re gonna be building
on social media with your following you want to come off as more of a friend
just trying to help them out and help them reach their overall goal not as a
sales person just tryna sell a lawyer crap not how you want to come across
your eyes gonna be so much more successful if you take the approach of
coming off as a friend trying to really help them out give them some genuine
value and help them achieve their goals they’re gonna appreciate that way more
and they can be way more likely to buy from you if you come off like that as
opposed to like this like the slimy salesperson just to tell them to buy all
your crap all the time they’re not gonna appreciate that you know they’re not
gonna buy from you and it’s definitely gonna affect your overall long-term
success with that being said the guy’s on to the fifth point which is gonna be
using free traffic and using free methods it’s gonna be a lot harder to
scale up quickly versus paid advertising because of course with paid advertising
guys if you’re spending like $10 a day on your budget and it’s going pretty
well how do you scale up you just go up to $20 you double it
now you’re scaled up a hundred percent you doubled your actual ad spend so in
turn you should hopefully double your profits in revenue of course that’s not
always true that’s not a guarantee driver that’s like the general that’s
like the general rule thumb for that but when you’re using a free traffic and
free methods and you’re utilizing a social meeting you’re leveraging YouTube
and Instagram it’s like how do you realistically scale up there are
definite things you could do like putting out more content
more regularly but that’s not necessarily gonna be like a very hard
method to scale up and it’s you know again you’re also gonna have to maintain
that that new like schedule of uploading more frequently consistently if you guys
upload like every single day for a week that isn’t really good enough you guys
again want to play the long-term game uploading like every single day for like
30 days or 50 days maybe even a hundred if you even want to take it to that
level but again guys you want to be playing that long-term game of
consistency upload a video every single day for a week and take two weeks off
and then do it again that’s gonna that’s how it’s gonna be guys take it instead
of just doing that upload like every three days and said that way it’s way
more consistent your fans are gonna weigh more accustomed to that schedule
having a very random schedule like that is not gonna help you out and it’s not
gonna help your long-term game especially when you’re trying to build
up an audience and a fanbase with that being said that’s kind of why it’s
harder to scale quickly using free methods as opposed to paid ads and paid
methods it’s gonna be something you kinda have to accept and then do your
best to work around it and work with you but you have guys this is something that
just kind of comes with using free methods after guys I’m gonna go on to
point number six which is gonna mean that you should probably try to test
using pads after you have your initial cash flow built up what I mean by that
is you guys after you’re using free track being using all your free methods
and you started to build up a little bit of like a monthly income you’re making a
few sales making a few sales passively you have a few hundred dollars coming at
me every single month and you can actually afford to use some paid
advertising I would definitely test it out a little
bit I’m not saying go blowing all of your money or hundreds of dollars on
like Facebook ads but I would definitely try to like test that a little bit maybe
throw five dollars in there five dollars in there just kind of test it out see
what kind results you can get because guys with that if you just kind of test
it out a little bit and you get some great results back again that’s where
you can actually take all your paid advertising it’s when you can actually
scale your business that much more and advertising is definitely gonna be the
number one way to actually scale up your business you get from like $1,000 a
month to like $5,000 a month just like that with that being so there guys if
you have the cash flow if you have the money to do that
then I recommend testing it out if you don’t you guys can keep using free
traffic methods until you do until you make enough sales you have enough income
coming in you can comfortably do that don’t go wasting all your money on paid
advertising and don’t go blowing your entire business budget on advertising if
you don’t have it guys it’s completely fine
instead again guys very profitable to use free traffic methods there were just
some pros and cons to it and I’m just kind of explaining them in this video
with that being said the guys the last point that I have my number 7 which is
maybe to take action today do not wait and the reason this one is so so
important guys is number one nothing works
unless you do so if you don’t have to take action on any of his information he
was kind of brushed it off and you kind of ignore it all and you never take
action then you’re never gonna get the results that you want and of course guys
that’s not the goal of course you want results you have to work actively
towards those goals and you’ll eventually reach them I can point that
arises again social media and using free traffic methods is a long-term game but
the longer you wait the longer it’s gonna take guys you put it off for a
month that’s just another month it’s gonna
take you to actually reach that ideal audience that ideal that ideal audience
size of having a bunch of leads and a bunch of sales the longer you wait guys
longer it’s going to take which is why I recommend starting today or as soon as
you can guys really get on your grind open up an Instagram account a Facebook
account YouTube account whatever it is you actually want to do and this guy’s
just start working guys get active and take action today well I stopped being
said uh pretty much wraps up this video guys yes free traffic is very profitable
it’s not gonna be as profitable in the short term as paid advertising it’s
gonna be a lot harder to scale it up quickly versus paid advertising because
it can be just as profitable in the long term if you play that long-term game
correctly and you guys leverage social media platforms are a way to build an
audience all about a huge following you guys definitely see success you’re a
definitely gonna see some sort of results hopefully again I can’t
guarantee anything but that pretty much wraps up this video guys if you enjoyed
it just had a little bit of value out of it and definitely drop a like on it if
you guys really enjoyed the video and definitely make sure to subscribe right
now for brand new videos just like this one every single day
and with that I’ll say guys my name is Anthony Villa I’ll see you in the next
one I am out yes you

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