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This week on TGC News, Big Bores from Savage,
Slightly small bores from Mossberg, Things to go down the bore from Federal, Revolving
things from Colt, and other stuff, yes even other stuff! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. A couple quick things before we look at new
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out! Phew, lots of TGC stuff going on! Now how about some news. There is surprisingly a lot going on this
week, so Izzy, if you wouldn’t mind, FIRE UP THE MINI GUN! Savage, fresh off the heels of getting new
ownership, has announced 2 new rifle packages in the 110 series, in a big bore variant. The 110 Apex Hunter XP and the 110 Engage
Hunter XP are fairly simple rifles. Both come with 22 inch barrels, The standard
accutrigger, a muzzle brake for the big bore, and because its a package deal, they come
with optics. The Apex comes with a Vortex Crossfire 2 3-9
and the Engage comes with a Bushnell Engage 3-9. The cartridge? Good ol’ 450 bushmaster. They claim that these will shoot farther and
more accurately than a slug gun. The Apex has an MSRP of 773 and the Engage
comes in at 519. Consider they come with optics, that’s not
a bad deal. And speaking of bolt guns, Mossberg has expanded
their line up of Patriot Predator rifles with 2 new models chambered in 6.5 PRC. For those unaware, the PRC was brought to
life by Hornady and is sort of the big brother to the 6.5 creedmoor. The new Predator rifles are fairly similar
in features. 24 inch, fluted and threaded barrels with
a 1 in 8 twist and they both weigh in at 7 pounds on the scale. The difference is that there is a black barreled
action in a flat dark earth stock OR a cerakoted barreled action in a strata camo stock. Pricing on those is 455 for the plain jane
and 540 for the fancier camo version. And as far as I’ve seen, that’s one of the
most affordable ways to get into the PRC cartridge. Federal has dropped 2 new types of ammunition. First up, a new version of their plastic coated
bullets called Syntech PCC. These are loaded specifically for pistol caliber
carbines and is supposedly optimized for longer barrel lengths which means slower burning
powders and then a bullet shape that is supposed to help with feeding in a carbine. Typically pistol caliber carbines don’t have
any feed ramp like handguns do so that’s a good thing. The initial offering is a 130 grain 9mm and
that leaves the bore at about 1130 feet per second. Also new from Federal ammo are a few 224 Valkyrie
offerings. Done rolling your eyes? Okay. They center around 3 different bullets. A 60 grain hornady vmax intended for varmint
hunting, a 78 grain Barnes TSX intended for medium game hunting and then a 80.5 grain
Gold Medal Berger bullet designed for long range target shooting. Given my experience with the Valkyrie, I will
not hold my breath for the performance being up to par on these. That being said, the 60’s come in at an affordable
17 bucks a box while the higher end 78’s and 80.5’s come in at 33 and 36 bucks a box, MSRP
of course. Colt has a new wheel gun hitting the market. They’ve been sort of resurrecting guns that
were prior wins for them and this new King Cobra target is another attempt at that. It’s a 4.5 inch barrel 357 magnum with an
adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front and nice set of wood grips. I find it kind of weird that they chose a
4.5 inch version to their target model instead of something like a 6 or even an 8 inch barrel
but whatever, as long as Colt is on the path to fixing itself I guess we should consider
this a win right? Pricing on the King Cobra Target is 999 msrp. CZ has a new semi auto 12 gauge hitting the
scene. It’s called the 1012 and there are 5 different
versions. They all are virtually the same except for
appearances so lets cover the specs. At the core is the inertia driven action with
28 inch barrels chambered to take up a 3 inch shell. The mag tubes hold 4 shells plus one in the
chamber. The difference between these guns and CZ’s
older semi autos is that they are inertia driven, previously CZ was using gas operation. They claim that this new system allows for
a wider variety of shells to cycle reliably. The 5 different models like I said are just
differences in colors. You have the wood furniture versions with
Black, bronze or gray receivers, then you have an all black synthetic version or a synthetic
version sporting mossy oak blades camo. All of these come in at 659 bucks MSRP except
the camo version which is an additional hundred bucks. If these things run well, that’s really good
value for money. Good semi autos are often not cheap and this
puts it right in the middle of the pack when compared to other offerings. Also in the news this week. ADM otherwise known as American Defense Manufacturing has come out with a new red dot optic. It seems like everyone is has found a manufacturer
overseas and is now offering affordable red dots. I’ll keep this as short as possible. They’re called Spek, and they have 12 brightness
settings, 10 day and 2 night. They have a 20mm tube and have an auto shut
off feature after 16 hours, with a total battery life using a triple A battery of 5 years. That is pretty damn solid. ADM also makes 2 different magnifiers to live
behind the Spek called the flik and they come in 3x or 5x variants. Pricing on the red dots starts at 369 and
goes up depending on the mount you use and the flik 3x goes for 369 while the 5x goes
for 475. It’s certainly not a bad thing to have another
option when it comes to affordable optics but I start to wonder when the market will
be complete saturated by every rifle company offering their own version of a VERY similar
product. I’m sure you guys will tell me what you think
in the comments. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory. This is a segment where I grab one of my personal
guns and tell you guys about it. This bad boy is a Ruger Redhawk chambered
in 44 mag. Now this one doesn’t have some emotional story
attached, it’s actually one I got for a smoking deal. So this is chambered in 44 mag has a 7 3/8
inch barrel I believe it’s got these in a classic wood grips on here this is a neat
gun. I’ve always wanted a long Barrel 44 mag for
Smith & Wesson but this popped into a shop while I was standing there a customer came
into the shop said hey I’ve got this Ruger, and I only want 50 bucks for it, II don’t
know what it is, I just wanna get rid of it. And oh my God I said to the guy behind the
counter and I’ll give you a hundred right now if you take it for 50 and a significant
amount more, the blueing is in really good shape it’s only been a few times including
me shooting it and I love it. 44 mag is a fantastic cartridge and this is
a really really neat wheel gun to have in the collection. If you guys want to see more of my guns, let
me know in the comments. This time our questions are coming from our
new Subscribestar supporters! I think the concept is pretty cool, however
I have some questions that are still unanswered in regards to performance and actual design. Not to mention the fact that winchester has
done a piss poor job of promoting the round. It seems like they just said HERE IT IS back
at SHOT and then haven’t done much since. As of right now, I think there might be better
options but we shall see. I think a lot of manufacturers will end up
doing it. Its smart because it gives the consumer or
end user an opportunity to tune the gun to their specific needs. Just like AR15, and in that same way, we may
see a standard set up start to appear but it’s too early in the life cycle to know. I think it might be funny to see a non-modular
pistol being looked at as archaic. Well first off all, nothing is inevitable. Except Thanos. Trump won the presidency and everyone thought
Clinton was going to take the seat. But in terms of what you said, we need to
be doing a couple things. Getting involved in the fight in some capacity
is key but also stock up on ammo and guns while you still can. Both things are smart to do in case stuff
goes sideways. Ever heard the dylan thomas quote, do not
go gently into that good night? Yea step up and fight before things get REALLY
bad. and if you
want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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