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Are we about to finally crack the mobile marketing
code? Hey everybody, it’s Jay Baer with another
Jay Today, where I give you a piece of my mind three minutes at a time. Back home in
Indiana today sporting the Hoosiers cap. Big game tonight, Indiana Hoosiers versus Wisconsin
Badgers at Wisconsin. By the time you see this video, it is entirely possible that the
Hoosiers will have lost that game by 25 points or so, but I’m hoping for the best. Read some really interesting information today
about mobile marketing, a really terrific idea. You may have heard of the concept of
iBeacons. The way an iBeacon works is that a store, a retailer, a hospitality hotel resort,
that kind of thing has a little device that sends out offers to your smartphone if you
have the appropriate app installed. So when you walk by the spa, for example, on your
phone an offer for a massage pops up. Fantastic, right? Hyper relevant, real-time relevancy,
which I’m always talking about. In fact, McDonald’s has tested iBeacon technology
recently with a company called Piper. They did a 26 store test in South Carolina, I believe
it was, and found about an 8% lift in chicken nugget sales just due to that program. As
you were driving by a McDonald’s or walking by a McDonald’s, if you had the Piper app,
it would say, “Hey, come on in for a discount on chicken nuggets.” Who doesn’t want a chicken
nuggets discount? That seemed to work pretty great. Here’s the challenge, and this has always
been the challenge for mobile. Like, do you really want to download an app, and do you
want to download a different app for different retailers? Piper is doing great, but they’re
by no means the standard. So to some degree, what happens is you are preaching to the converted.
If you are at McDonald’s and you see the sticker in the window or the sign on the table to
download the Piper app, you’re like, “Yeah I’ll get the app.” Then, all you’re doing
is giving discounts to people who already love you or already are coming into your store,
which is okay, but it’s certainly not the Holy Grail of marketing. Now, however, there is a new potential solution,
which I think is brilliant. You are probably familiar with Shazam. Shazam is the app that
you probably have on your phone that allows you to listen to a song, and it will tell
you what the song is, and then it allows you to purchase the song with just one click.
Shazam is used by approximately 100 million different people every 30 days. It is enormously
popular, because it just works. It is magical. Shazam is now starting to partner with retailers,
restaurants, and hospitality brands to use Shazam technology as essentially iBeacon technology.
Imagine you’re walking by that same spa that I talked about a moment ago, but that spa
is playing a particular song or a particular tone or a particular something that your phone,
which has Shazam turned on, recognizes and says oh that equals this offer for a massage.
It allows you to get to those real-time relevant offers without having to download a specialized
app. Now this technology is just in its infancy,
but I think it is tremendously interesting and important, because it will allow us to
access those kind of relevant mobile offers without having to go through the hassle of
getting this whole array and collection of apps on our phone. Good luck to you, Shazam.
I hope this really works out. I’ll be watching. Today’s Sprout Social Shout ut is for my friend
Michael Port. I got a chance to hang out with Michael in Puerto Rico a couple of days ago.
Fantastic. He was down there doing some speaking for a different event. We just happened to
be in Puerto Rico at the same time. He’s got a new book coming out this fall, October I
believe it is, called “Steal the Show,” all about how to deliver an amazing performance
everywhere in your life and everywhere in your business. Be watching for that when it
comes out. I’ll tell you more down the road. “Steal the Show” from Michael Port. You should
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