Hey guys it’s Lauren welcome my channel
or welcome back to my channel in today’s video we’re doing something a little bit
different we are doing a commentary style video and we’re gonna be talking
about the dodgy Westbrook and James Charles scandal if you will the major
situation going on in the beauty community right now even if you are not
very up-to-date on the beauty community I’m sure you’ve heard about this so many
people that have talked to you either within the past like 24 hours have heard
about this it’s a big deal and so I just really wanted to give you a rundown
situation kind of talk about each side and where they’re at and share my
opinion on everything so that is basically today’s video it’s gonna be a
little bit longer so let’s go ahead and jump right into it so if you guys don’t
know James Charles is a beauty youtuber he has about 16 million subscribers or
at least he did before this entire scandal went down as all this is coming
to light his subscribers are dropping a lot like I just checked a minute ago
before I filmed this video and there’s like 15 million who knows how low it’ll
be by the time I actually get this video uploaded but his subscribers are
dropping and we’ll get to why in a little bit but he is a 19 year old boy
and makeup he was the first male covergirl which is a major big deal but
Tati is a beauty influencer who has been in the YouTube space for I believe eight
years and she along with many others like the original Beauty youtubers
they’re known for really paving the way creating this whole entire community and
you know there are so many people to thank for that and myself a me youtuber
in the beauty space really does have to thank those people for that and James is
in a situation where he not only she not only created this community so people
like him could make a living off doing their makeup making a living off you
know filming their self and talking to a camera which is amazing but also she
helped him very much directly um when James was started out when he first
reached out to talk to he was 17 years old
and I hate saying this but he was he was essentially a nobody nobody had really
ever heard of him and he was just trying to get noticed and Tati was so helpful
she was a larger youtuber at that time still is but when there weren’t as many
bigger youtubers so her you know putting him on her channel is so helpful and you
know increasing his views increasing his why
subscribers everything like she I don’t say made him but she significantly
helped him get to where he is today she put him on her channel she permitted his
social media platforms she even invited him to her wedding she paid for his
ticket because it was a destination wedding and he’s just the kid he was
just starting out so that does make sense but to invite him to her wedding
have him do her wedding makeup and she used footage of him doing her makeup and
her wedding video which is hosted on YouTube still today has millions of
views so she is a very influential person in his life and essentially got
him to the point to where he is today so taki has her own kind of brand it is
hallo Beauty and the hair skin nail vitamin she actually has two different
types now but what’s interesting about this is you know James has very rarely
promoted her brand on his social media platforms he’s never dedicated an entire
video to it on his channel he’s not very supportive of totty in return despite
her basically getting him to the point where he is today which i find kind of
interesting and she is constantly promoting I mean she did an entire
dedicated video to his palette that he came out with morphe it was an eyeshadow
palette it came out in the fall and it is still a big deal it’s a brand that’s
carried in Altos so it is a bigger brand and taught to dedicate an entire video
to and she even said like I am gonna be a little bit biased like this is like my
son we’re talking about like she was very much just supportive of him and he
actually has an affiliate code with morphe where he makes money anytime
someone uses his code when they check out they get a certain discount off he
gets a certain percentage of their purchase and he makes money off it and
she doesn’t have a code with him she doesn’t ever really work with morphe but
she does give out his code she tells her followers use code James for whatever
percent off that they can get I don’t know what his person off is but I just
find that like she doesn’t have to do that she gets nothing out of that um and
she just recently made her first appearance just a few months ago on his
YouTube channel and it looks like who’s gonna be her last appearance on it but I
mean they’ve been friends for at least two years I mean very close friends and
she has put her channel him on her channel very many times like
I remember really the only reason I ever heard of James is a couple years ago the
first time she put him in her video I remember it and I remember him kind of
popping up in a couple of her videos over time a lot of her videos over time
and I watched them but I’m not the biggest fan of James like that is no
secret I feel like I’ve touched on it in videos if you follow my Twitter account
you would know that I’ve never been his biggest fan and so I would still watch
the videos but they definitely weren’t my favorites so James has been involved
in a lot of different scandals very recently but we’re going to start off
with one involving Tati which has to do with him promoting
another beauty vitamin which is like a direct competitor it’s probably her
biggest competitor and it’s called a sugar bear hair so during the first
weekend of Coachella or I think it was like right after he got back he posted a
sponsored ad on his Instagram story for this brand sugar bear hair I’m saying
how much he loved the product and he even had hashtag out like he was just
closing that he was receiving some sort of monetary payment or monetary reward
for posting this on his Instagram story and this brand they’re kind of notorious
for being a scam people just kind of know that they pay people a lot of money
to promote it it’s kind of like skinny tea people just kind of know that it’s
not gonna work um I can’t really don’t they don’t necessarily do because you
know cancer 99 everyone wants to think that this vitamin is gonna help them
sleep better and help with their stress this yummy vitamin but that’s not the
case obviously and you know that as you get older but his demographic is mostly
preteens and teens which is interesting so then talk to you that same day that
he posted his Instagram story Tati took to her Instagram story and began talking
about a youtuber one of her friends who had betrayed her she didn’t name any
names but it was very easy to figure out that she’s talking about James um so
then James later that day he actually posted an Instagram story another one
apologizing for hurting talk to you but what’s interesting about it is he did
not delete his ad that he had for the other brand which I mean I don’t know if
he really could because he was probably under some contractual agreement with
sugar by your hair I mean if it says hashtag add and you know I don’t think
you shut up but he knew he knew what he was
doing and well who will I promise talk more about my opinions but I’m trying to
just you know give you the real information first so talking kept pretty
quiet about this entire situation first man of like at least a week um after she
had posted that initial Instagram store and he kind of called him out um but not
my name she’s done kind of subtweeting but very recently just the other day she
posted a youtube video entitled my sister which is like I don’t know I
guess it’s kind of his brand what he calls his subscribers I don’t really
know I’m not like I said a James watcher um I don’t really know what it is but he
tried he can get a trademark like it is his thing of course he couldn’t get a
trademark cuz you can’t really trademark a word like that but she begins the
video by explaining kind of her headspace when she posted that initial
Instagram story and how she just you know felt betrayed and she doesn’t
regret it post and she said she was like that was how I was feeling I wanted you
guys to see you know a different side of me like it wasn’t there to just kind of
go on camera and be all smiley like she wanted people to see that you know she
gets upset to you and it’s reasonable for her to get upset about something
like this even if you know at that point we didn’t know very much about the
situation and so some people could look petty to me I really didn’t see that but
I could see how other people couldn’t see it being petty
um and so she posted the video the Instagram story right after she had
received a text from James talking about the sponsorship for that other brand and
I just went off on his Instagram story and she was like I felt betrayed I felt
lied to I felt used um not just because of halo but many other things like this
goes so much deeper and she kind of alluded to the fact that you know it was
just kind of what’s the word like the tip of the iceberg it was just the final
straw for her and she said that she needs to talk about this publicly
because of her Jurassic change and opinion regarding James like you know
when you talk about how much you love someone how much you support someone how
much you think that everyone else should go out and support them and then your
opinion on that just changes so I mean just so drastically you have to make a
statement about it and you have to explain why you know your opinion
has completely changed I totally understand that so she touches on her
relationship with Gabriel Zamora someone another beauty youtuber he’s not as big
as Tati or James but he’s been putting out his two cents on the entire
situation since talking James first posted their initial Instagram stories
he’s been doing it through YouTube videos snapchat stories Instagram
stories saying things like you know that she shouldn’t be crying because there
are worse things going on bigger things going on than just vitamins I mean he
was very diminishing of her feelings and no one has the right and she talks about
this to just say get over it like it’s her feelings and you can’t tell her that
those aren’t valid and I totally agree with that and she sounds like their
relationship is essentially not a non-existent like they’ll be cordial
with each other in events they’ll say hi they’ll give each other hugs but other
than that she’s only really hung out with him when she’s been with James like
their connection is James Charles and she talks about the main reason she had
to put it out it’s because he was dragging her the reason that this you
know feud the reason that she needed to post this video is not just because you
know that she wanted to talk about her Jurassic change and opinion about James
but she also wanted to kind of defend herself and you know this situation was
already out because of Gabriel and his whole opinion on it that he has made
very public so then she starts talking about the deeper reasons behind why
their friendship is over she’s like this is so much more than vitamins this is so
much more than money like this is about our friendship and things that are going
on behind the scenes that you guys don’t know about and I kind of felt like it
was more in the Instagram story like I was kind of like this is not like just
about vitamins like talk to you like there’s more going on than we know and I
didn’t think we were ever gonna really figure it out until she posted this
video like when she posted I was like I know like she’s not on the team like
here it comes and she’s talks about how she’s known
him since he was 17 years old she’s always kind of blamed his entitled
behavior on his age I mean he was only 17 he wasn’t very mature and who is like
I’m literally 17 and like I know that I am constantly making mistakes and I I’m
gonna learn and I’m gonna grow up and I’m gonna turn I think that’s what she
expected of him so she continued to give him all the support and love
and she talks about she has tried like even today when he is 19 years old to
give him advice because there is a lot going on right now and she talks about
on the sheet all of his scandals there’s a lot that she doesn’t support that he
does and he’ll try you know with all these scandals to kind of you know
defend himself but she she finds it hard cube because she doesn’t agree
suburban drama kind of started to arise after he posted his sponsored ad talk to
talks about hook he was texting her and he was kind of going all PR on her um
and it proved to her that he cared more about his image than her feelings and I
mean that’s just awful she talked about she was like I was ready to get in the
car I was ready to go and talk it out with him but then when I found out that
he was giving his side to a drama channels to kind of like do damage
control she was like it just doesn’t make me feel cared about and I don’t
want to try and think something that seems to be pretty broken um
she talks about their history how she was such a mentor to him and I don’t
think that it’s like gloating or whatever or giving herself too much
credit like I think she really was and mentor to him and such a helped him and
I don’t think he would be anywhere near to you know the fame the power and the
money that he has CJ without her and without her husband um and she’s just
like I was such a mentor to him and now he’s treating me awful like I don’t
deserve to be treated this way and not that she talks about how she expected
nothing in return for you know the things that she was doing for him she
was just trying to help and be a friend like that she thought they were friends
and she wanted to help someone he was trying to make it big in the industry
because you know chances are she didn’t talk about this but I’m sure that you
know she wishes that someone could have been there to help her so not only did
Tati help him but her husband he was also named James he was the VP of motion
pictures for a while he has a lot of connections and he would help James
Charles by making deals and all legal things that you know we don’t really see
but they’re very important so he also with the legal side of things they
helped him get a management team they helped him to change his ad sense like
the management team was able to change his absence from $90 to 2500
were able to make that change by getting him the correct management team they are
literally the reason that James has so much of the money that he does and James
never apologize James Charles never apologized to James Don T’s husband um
which taught he was like I’m so offended by like you need to apologize to him too
because this is not just about me we have helped you in so many different
ways she may have even called us mom and dad on multiple occasions like she was
very very annoyed and they even were able to help negotiate a better deal for
him when I was talking about before his collaboration I should have helped with
that brand Morphy they were able to help him get so much more money out of the
deal his percentage from all the pallets being sold they were able to you know
help him make even more off of that so that’s money going directly into his
pocket again they are the reason for that so she talks about a mini falling
out that her and James had in the summer during the Jacqueline Hill vault she
came out with a ball collection with Morphy that same brand they do a lot of
collabs with influencers but she came out with a bunch of different pallets
they had a launch party for it and after talking and a few of her friends
including James went back to her house and um they had a conversation and
talked he said that conversation she heard things that just discussed her
that she can’t unhear and they had pretty much of all hang out and James
ended up apologizing to her talking forgave him and I don’t blame her
because it’s hard I mean people are gonna make mistakes and you’re gonna
have to forgive them you can’t just you know think that everyone’s gonna be
perfect but I do feel like I don’t I don’t know it you know he sat her they
said but I have a feeling that after that their friendship was probably never
the same so she talks about after you know they became friends again how James
had this whole idea to create a docu-series exposing the beauty
community he had this idea after Marlene Estelle someone who has been in the
beauty community for a while she was a beauty and blooms her for a while she
doesn’t really post on YouTube anymore she was kind of oh geez kind of like
would talk to you back then but then she came out with her own brand so she has a
really interesting perspective on it and there were talks with Netflix I don’t
know whether they’re following through with that but with her Annette looks to
create a series kind of exposing Beauty community and that’s where he got
his idea and tought he was just shocked she was like you think that like you
know you can talk about how tough your life as being a beauty and balloons her
like and she convinced him not to do it luckily for his own career because she
knew that he’d ruin it by doing that and I mean he’s a part of the beauty
community he is no better than anyone else in it he’s probably the epitome she
doesn’t say this but I do he’s probably the epitome of a beauty youtuber um and
you know all the things wrong with the beauty community and she just talks
about how wrong it was he was shaming Marlena like publicly um how like how
could she tell her truth and you know she is one of the biggest you know
biggest I don’t think biggest but she was one of the biggest when it all began
youtubers she helped pave the way the same way talk to you did she was one of
the original youtubers first big beauty influencers and she helped create this
ability for him to have the life that he has so how dare he you know disgrace
someone who a woman who has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is
today she was very offended by that I think the biggest problem that Tati
house with James it just seems to be that this is the biggest thing for her
was that he seems to talk about a lot of inappropriate things on multiple social
media platforms many Instagram Twitter YouTube you name it he’s probably saying
something he shouldn’t be on there greater than his audience is
predominantly preteens and teens like he has a very young audience and these are
he’s a role model like these kids want to be James Ross they want to be like
him they want to do everything that he does so it’s very important the way that
he upholds his image um and being that he is a beauty influencer he’s not known
for being vulgar necessarily this is not his brand like he doesn’t need to do
that um he’s had a lot of scandals and a lot
of scandals recently regarding him trying to trick straight men into
thinking they’re gay by manipulating their sexuality using his fame as wealth
which is first off incredibly gross but another really gross thing about it is
that he’s been coming up with jokes and memes and all this stuff about her knee
straightening gay and it’s just wrong it’s just wrong she said I said
pretty much anyone is gonna say it and she talks about what she told him this
she told him this in person she was at his kitchen table and Gabriel’s
somewhere I was there too and that’s which is what’s interesting
because he has the standpoint they does knowing all of this knowing that she
caught him out on it knowing that James does this and that is
what is so just wrong on Gabriel’s part and she also talks about how her
birthday dinner she had a couple months ago I believe it was in like February
she went out to Seattle and he was there too and he made inappropriate comments
about the waiter um and she lied about it and she was like you can’t be doing
this like he’s straight like it’s not okay for you to just talk about that in
front of everyone I’m like it’s kind of gross and I mean I don’t know word for
word what she said I’m just kind of you know making things up but his response
was that he was a celebrity and it didn’t matter
it didn’t matter this he was a celebrity which is terrible like that’s not okay
and it just kind of shows that sense of entitlement and he he set this in front
of her friends and her family and so she talks up on the next day she had to call
him all up apologize for his behavior because she was so she couldn’t believe
how disrespectful he was and how that’s just so not okay um and that’s a very
big reason while right why I do you think that he will end up his career
will I think that’s a little reason his career is just you know kind of going
down the toilet right now um I think that he has very much messed up with
this whole sexualizing straight man like it’s very very just he needs to clean up
his whole attitude his whole anger this is me saying yeah I think that he needs
to grow up I think he needs to stop talking about such vulgar and
appropriate things especially because he’s a role model he even said that in
his apology video like he is a role model to all these kids and he does not
need to be saying things like that so Tasha connoisseur goes back into the
kind of coach incident and she does not how strange it
was that sugar bear hair magically had this contract um that had many expensive
like artist passes ready when he needed safety from his fans who were attacking
him and I mean let’s just be real um let’s keep it a hundred as Gabriel
would say this had to have been planned she says that I say it like this past
event planned um he was willing to sell out in order to get artists houses at
Coachella and to be backstage with famous musicians and receive even more
special treatment that he was already receiving in the first place I mean most
people when they go to Coachella they are not staying in and Phyllis they are
not getting to be at the front of every concert they’re being pushed back
because people like him are in the front you know um and they’re staying in tents
you know they’re you know in gross conditions but he hits me all Instagram
and glam and so many other people but that’s a whole nother thing um he was
well I miss a lot for this and she said she doesn’t think that there was any way
he was in a dangerous situation I mean first off he knows what festivals
are like so if he thinks that he was going to be in one he has plenty of
money and he boasts about his money and his wealth
constantly so she knows he had the means to hire security if he thought that he
would need it but he also could have left she was like very you know
matter-of-fact like if he felt like he was in a dangerous situation why didn’t
you just leave like that’s always an option too and I feel like she has the
kind of place to say that because she’s not okay she didn’t go and I’m sure she
had plenty of opportunities to go um but she didn’t and I think that that kind of
gives her a you know she’s not speaking to the levels of other Beauty youtubers
and youtubers in general where they’re selling out in order to go to this big
music festival she is staying true to herself and probably enjoying herself
more because it really does seem like influencers don’t love Coachella all
that much so now we’re kind of getting into my thoughts on the entire situation
and the first thing I want to touch on is that people are talking saying things
like you know why didn’t she get him to the side when she realized that he was
like a slimy person in the first place like why didn’t she just leave like stop
being friends with him and I I think that is because they were very close
like you know she considered him like a son he considered
like a mom if they had a very strong friendship and I think I mean I’ve been
in situations before where it’s just hard to feel like you’re like disposing
of a person that you care about and you want the best for it and you end up
letting their questionable actions slide so honestly I understand why she didn’t
you know talk about this sooner why she didn’t stop being friends with him
sooner I think what hurt Tati so bad is back with drama again and went down with
all of the scandals when everyone was kind of telling their truth about the
beanie community and her videos she talked about her video like my truth um
she talked about how hurt she was when meeting influencers would posts you know
with her that were her friends these beauty employed search for her suppose
and prints and they would post with her biggest competitor sugar bear hair and
she talks about the James you know drag those influencers said that they are
just liars and they’re not true friends and how he doesn’t even like sugar
barrier just totally I mean kind of being a hypocrite when you look back on
and now definitely definitely being a hypocrite and she admits like she felt
embarrassed and betrayed and there’s no discounting her feelings for that like
she should you know she has the right to feel embarrassed and betrayed by someone
who would do this who would do exactly something that he knows would hurt her
like he is not stupid and this doesn’t and my opinions seem to be about the
money whatsoever like at all I don’t think talked to his brand is
really about the money because I think if she wanted to just you know make easy
money she would come out with a makeup brand like that would be the smartest
thing for her to do financially but I think that’s something that she’s
passionate about and it she cares about and how someone just like not even see
her and just completely hurt her feelings someone who she loves she says
even now she still cares about him so deeply um and I think James is just so
concerned with his image which is something I’ve noticed about him from
basically the first time I saw him I could I was actually the night before
that talkie his video came out I was talking to my mom and I was you know
telling her that I was possibly thinking about doing a video talking about to in
Charles sharing my thoughts and I said to her I said I was like he’s a smart
kid but he knows what he’s doing he didn’t just magically become famous and
a very like a span of like less than a year
without knowing how to work the system and how to do all of this PR like he’s
smart and then the very next day Tati posted in her video she said you know
they basically the exact same thing that he knows what he’s doing he knows how to
work the system and that is how he got to the level where he is today like it
was like exactly what I had said it kind of just confirmed any suspicions that I
had about him in her video like I was very much like that seems accurate that
seems accurate because that I’ve always felt that way um and when I first saw
that talk to you posted her video I was kind of worried because she I definitely
didn’t want her to skip to the levels of some other beauty influencers who have
gone on their YouTube channel when someone you know it’s kind of calling
them out or someone did something wrong to them don’t go on and just bash the
person and she did share some things that could be considered bashing him but
a lot of the things that she said I think really needed to be brought to
light and I don’t think they needed to be downplayed either like I think people
needed to hear her expose Dame Charles for who he really is and of course I
don’t know him you know I don’t know who he is I can’t say that he’s an awful
person but some of the things that he’s doing are like that’s just I think it
really helped to get her point across and explain where she’s coming from and
of course her video is getting a great response what when she originally posted
it there was no way for her to know that the sister squad or whatever he calls
them weren’t gonna come and just bash her and essentially destroy her career
like she really put her career out on the line to tell her fans and her
subscribers and everyone the truth about someone who was truly just a slimy
person like that was the only way to describe it
I’ve tried to think about words but it’s just slimy it’s weird it’s just not good
behavior and I think that it takes a lot of courage to you know put her career on
the line like that and I think you know her but he was so empowering to me like
I think that she really owned who she is in her confidence and I love that I
thought her video was so just inspiring and I mean she really I’m sure that took
a ton of courage to you know put all of that out there um and I kind of just to
me just confirmed everything I thought about
her and spoke to her integrity and why she has always been just my favorite
beauty to her she is someone I can constantly trust and she’s one of the
only bigger youtubers that I’m just like yeah like she’s trustworthy all by
whatever she says I believe whatever she says because she is just I mean an
honest person and again I don’t know her but she has not given me through her
actions her actions have proven that she is someone I can trust so as far as you
know Gabriel Samora goes before I get in kind of my James Charles feel I wanted
to touch on this because I feel like he is always just inserting him into drama
which really doesn’t involve him I just feel like he is constantly rearing his
head into situations that are so like not they don’t involve but I would not
be surprised if he changes his opinion on the James Charles situation that I I
feel like will turn on James Charles win on the backlash comes to him for
supporting someone who is clearly a phony like he talked he said it like
you’re a phony like he knows what he’s doing and I think that his said his
opinion on the situation will change because he doesn’t want to be looked at
on James Charles side now that things are kind of going south for James and
I’m not I’m not a fan of canceled culture I’m just not and I wanted to do
a whole video on that in the future and I probably will stand culture canceled
culture exciting it’s really interesting but as far as James Charles goes I had
been as you can tell I’ve mentioned a lot but I’ve been fed up with him for a
long time I mean he seems to have a span it was just every day of the week
whether it be about you know his TED prizes or harassing people are betraying
his friends like I just think there is a lot of icky stuff going on behind the
scenes with James Charles and I’m just I’m sick of it
I feel that he’s just a slimy person seeking money fame and power like that’s
it and I think that we as you know subscribers as you know viewers we have
the opportunity to decide who is at the top I’ve heard multiple people say this
but I think it is so true now than ever and we don’t have to see people like
James being put up on this pedestal if we don’t
them up there they’re not going to be the top influencers like we can change
the influencers that are on the top to the truly good and genuine people and I
really think that we just need to do that and if you want suggestions on who
I really think are just honest youtubers I will have them all linked down below
because I think that James is getting exactly what he deserves
through this backlash through his subscribers just completely dropping and
as far as his apology video goes I don’t want to touch on it very much because I
don’t think that it was genuine I think it was Marley’s apology video part two I
was just shocked that he came out with it so fast honestly I thought that he
was gonna have something more PR plan but everything you said in the video was
very much like you could tell he had a game plan he knew what he was gonna say
by saying I’m totally in the wrong you know Todd he’s an amazing woman trying
to take you to the higher road I had a feeling he’d do that I just thought he’d
wait a couple days so that’s where I stand on this entire situation I hope
that you guys enjoyed this video despite it being a little different I really
appreciate you coming out to my channel and watching I know this one was a
little bit different is a little bit controversial I would love to hear your
thoughts on everything and down below please leave them in the comment section
and if you know you guys would like to subscribe now that you I mean if you’re
at this point in the video you know you want to so go ahead and hit the
subscribe button if you have not already and I hope that you guys have a great
couple of days until I post my next video and I will see you then bye


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